T 132 . THE CADET.
and that is, that they are attempting to walk in our footsteps. If, per- _
chance, fortune is so kind as to enable them to do this, then we are
_ sure of their success. O fate! grant them this boon ! .
This number of the STATE Conmaen CADET is designed to reach the
youth of Kentucky, who are probable students. We send copies to
_ every county superintendent in the State, and to as many newspapers,
periodicals, etc., as possible. We hope to receive aid from all who
have a chance to help us in our undertaking to increase our number of
· `students next year. `
Do you ask what prompted us to take this method of making
T known the superior advantage offered by State college? It is because
we love our State and want her to receive all the benefits possible from
her splendid institution of learning—there is no better in the South,
and if you will come and matriculate, then apply yourself as you should,
_ you, too, will sing the praises of dear ofd A. and M.
g This journal is a college monthly devoted to the interest of State
T College and her students. Students edit and manage it, and this is
, purely a student movement to set before those contemplating entering a
7 good school, the inducements offered by the best school in the State.
, We want you to know what your own State offers you; what a rich
y legacy you have inherited by being a Kentuckian, if you will only em- ‘
T brace the opportunity.
C Sonic of the advantages offered are free tuition, traveling expenses
to and from college, and, if you room in the dormitory, you get in ad-
. dition to the above, room rent, fuel and lights.
Virtually, the college is brought to your door by paying your
traveling expenses to and from college, but this is notpall. \Vhen you
are at State College you are at one of the most healthy places in the
State; besides, the school is better equipped than any other in the
State. There are mechanical laboratories, chemical laboratories and a
physical laboratory, all well supplied with modern apparatus. The
instructors are specialists, and are therefore better able to give you
thorough instruction, than one man who proposes to teach half a dozen
To receive free tuition, traveling expenses and etc., it is necessary
that you have an appointment to the college. Sec your county super-
intendent and have him to give you an appointment. He will tell you
when the examination (competitive) for selecting appointees will be
held. In some counties no examination is held, because nobody ap-
  C . C T _