L ‘
THE CADET. 133  
plies for an appointment. If you live in 011e of these counties and  
have no competition, this year all you have to do is to stand a creditable 1
examination and you will receive an appointment. I  
· This year each county in the State will be entitled to se11d four i
students to the college proper, and four to the normal department of  
the college, thus making eight i11 all.  
Appointments to the college proper, viz: the agricultural, mechani-  
cal engineering, civil engineering, scientiiic, classical, a11d four years’ 5
normal courses, are good for four years, or for the time necessary to  
complete a course. Appointments to the college proper must be made  
between the iirst day of June and the iirst day of August, &l1(l certified l
. at once to the President ot the college. I
All persons are eligible between the ages of fourteen and twenty- 5.
four, who have completed the common school course.   .
Any person not an appointee may enter the college 011 payment of
fees, but does 11ot receive traveling expenses.
Appointments to the normal department are good for 0116 ycar
only, and must be made between the iirst day of July and the thirty- V
first of December, and certified to the President ofthe college, as i11 the i
case of appointments to the college proper. l
We have been rather elaborate i11 speaking of appointees 2lU(l ap- ;
pointmcnts, but we have a reason for it. Vile i111agine we can see some i
county superintendent smile at the simpleness of our explanation, but I
we have see11 superintendents with the school law in tl1ei1· hands, 4
which is plain in meaning, yet did not know how to make an appoint-
me11t. Of course, such is 11ot the case i11 your county nor with you, if  
you are a county superintendent, but there are Otl1€1` counties, you know. l
_ If you want any further information send for catalogue or write ’
tl1e President.
Now herc`s to old Kentucky, l -
The best, the fairest land,  
WVhere freedom is inherent · l
*‘ In all th.e folks around. ¤
Her plains, her dales and templed hills,
Touched by nature’s artistic hand;
Alike, her laughing brooks and rills,
Alford the fittest l1o111e for man. y
lVhen visions sweet shall come to me,  
As o’er the world I roam,  
I then shall dream of 11one but thee,   ‘
_My old Kentucky home. I
.  V