- 2 -

       4.    Eighteen central Kentucky school systems, which serve
             approximately 60,000 students, have formed a cooperative
             as recommended in Kentucky's new education reform act and
             have headquartered it at the University of Kentucky.

       5.    The College of Pharmacy received official notification
             that its baccalaureate and doctor of pharmacy programs
             have been reaccredited for six years by the American
             Council on Pharmaceutical Education.

       6.    Bernard Shaw, principal Washington anchor for Cable News
             Network, was on campus March 26 to deliver the 1991 Joe
             Creason Lecture.

       President Wethington asked the members to read the other items
in the report at their leisure. He called upon Mr. Lohman to comment
on Item 2 in his report, Chinese Student to Speak at University Day.

       Mr. Lohman reported that University Day is the beginning of a
new tradition. It will be a day sponsored by the senior class each
year to show its support for the University. He stated that the theme
for the class of 1991 is Tiananmen Square. Chai Ling, who was quoted
as the goddess of freedom in China and who led the students at
Tiananmen Square, will be the featured speaker at University Day. He
reviewed the list of festivities for the new tradition and invited the
Trustees to attend.

       He reported that the class of 1991 is creating a student
endowment fund as part of the library's fund raising effort. Seniors
are being asked to donate $35 which will be used to purchase a book
for the library. The book will have a plaque with the student's name
and the class of 1991 inscribed in it. This effort will help students
create ties with the University.

       President Wethington commended Mr. Lohman and the students for
starting a new, worthwhile tradition at the University. He also
commended them for their choice of theme and for their support of the
University's library.

       D.    Personnel Actions  PR 2)

       President Wethington recommended that approval be given to the
appointments, actions and/or other staff changes which require Board
action, and that the report relative to appointments and/or changes
already approved by the administration be accepted. Professor Rhoads
so moved. The motion, seconded by Mr. Stricker, passed. (See PR 2 at
the end of the Minutes.)

       E.    Statement of University Purpose and Mission (PR 3A)

       President Wethington reported that the Statement of University
Purpose and Mission is a part of the University's self-study and needs
to come before the Board. He noted that the Senate Council, however,
has not officially reviewed the statement. It is, therefore, being
withdrawn from the agenda. He noted that the statement will be
brought back to the Board at the April 30, 1991 meeting. Without
objection, PR 3A was withdrawn from the agenda.