- 4 -

was thus, in Professor Bratt's opinion, sending a very negative
message to women faculty, administrators, staff and students about the
value assigned to women and their work. She said that she also
believed that the University had been depriving itself of the services
of a group of highly talented and able individuals merely because of
gender, totally unrelated to ability.

       Professor Bratt stated that Dr. Juanita Fleming's recent
appointment as Special Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs
was a step in the right direction. Dr. Lee Magid's appointment as
Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies and Dr. Lauretta
Byars' appointment as Vice Chancellor for Minority Affairs, that is
later on the agenda, continues that momentum. These appointments
demonstrate that, contrary to the opinions of some, there are well
qualified and talented women who have both the credentials and the
ability to serve in the very highest levels of university

       She stated that Dr. Magid was selected because she possesses
the combination of scientific credibility and administrative vision
which predicts that she will ably and successfully lead the
University's research and graduate education efforts. Dr. Byars'
selection is predicted on both education and experience. She
possesses all of the skills and talents necessary for success as Vice
Chancellor for Minority Affairs. These appointments clearly establish
that women with outstanding credentials can be found and successfully
recruited because President Wethington took the time and the energy to
find them.

       On behalf of the faculty, the Senate Council, and the Ad Hoc
Committee on the Status of Women, Professor Bratt welcomed Dr. Magid's
and Dr. Byars' appointments. She offered them her assistance as they
undertake their new positions at the University.

       The motion that Dr. Linda J. (Lee) Magid be appointed Vice
President for Research and Graduate Studies unanimously passed. Dr.
Magid was asked to stand and be recognized, following which she
received a round of applause. (See PR 3C at the end of the Minutes.)

       H.    Appointment of Vice President for Adminiistration (PR 3D)

       President Wethington recommended that Dr. Donald B. Clapp be
appointed Vice President for Administration, effective May 1, 1991.
He stated that he had reviewed 67 applications and clearly determined
that no one has the background, qualifications, and actual experience
in Kentucky to fill the position as does Dr. Clapp. Following a brief
review of Dr. Clapp's credentials, he expressed pleasure in
recommending the appointment of Dr. Clapp.

       Mr. Sturgill remarked that it had been his pleasure to have the
opportunity to work with Dr. Clapp when he previously occupied the
position. lie stated that Dr. Clapp will bring to the University the
expertise, the knowledge, and the dedication that is needed. He moved
that Dr. Clapp be appointed Vice President for Administration. His
motion, seconded by Mr. Rose, passed. (See PR 3D at the end of the
Minutes. )