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Must need

Last drop

Drop it. l said drop it
now. That ”W" on your
transcript will look bet-
ter then that ".“E So, if
an "E" is imminent.
withdraw from the class.
Today is the last day.
Call Ult VIP at 257-7000.

Savings time

An extra
hour on

This Sunday, it is
time to fall back. Day
Light savings time ex-
pires so do not forget to
turn your clocks back an
hour before you go to
sleep on Saturday night.

The Vitals


Stay up too late last

Go to Richmond?
Watch ER before doing
your homework?

Here are some
excuses if you get
caught snoozing during a
fun filled class.

“They told me at the
blood bank this might

“l was testing the
desk for its drool

"Whew! l must of left
the top off the liquid
paper again."

“This is in exchange
for the six hours last
night when I dreamed
about school!”

"The mailman flipped
out and pulled a gun, so
I was playing dead to
avoid getting shot."

"Ah, the unique and
unpredictable circadian
rhythms of the school-

“Darn! Why did you
interrupt me? I had
almost figured out a
solution to (society's.
this calculus, this
thermodynamics, etc.)

”I wasn't sleeping. I
was trying to pick up my
contact lens without my

"I am really near
sighted and forgot my

- Adapted from Wendy
Cook's submission

Historic facts

Did you

“Kemo Sabe" means
“soggy shrub" in Navajo.


THE 411


as 3;!

Mostly sunny today.
tomorrow. Sunday.

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October 23, I998



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UK starter charged with assault

By Jessica Coy

UK defensive lineman Mark
Jacobs will appear in Fayette
County Court on Jan. 11 to face
charges of fourth‘degree assault.

Jaison Steiner. a political
science senior. filed the charges
stating Jacobs hit him “with his
fist several times.“ leaving
Steiner with “bruised eyes. a
chipped tooth and bruised fore-

Steiner filed the complaint
against Jacobs on Aug. 23. Jacobs
has appeared in court two times
on the charges. and each time

prosecution was deferred.

If Jacobs is found guilty of

the charges, he could face up to 12
months in the Fayette County jail
or up to $500 in fines.

According to the complaint
filed against Jacobs. Steiner was
leaving a party on Clay Avenue
at 1 am. on Sunday. Aug. 23.
when an unidentified person
pushed him. Steiner then
pushed the unidentified person
away. and was immediately hit
by Jacobs.

"1 was leaving the party with
some friends when I heard some

one accuse me of stealing their

Bud Light poster." Steiner said.

“Then I was blindsided."

Steiner said five peo-
ple attacked him. includ-
ing Jacobs. who was iden-
tified by witnesses. [.‘K
tight end James Haley
was also originally
named as one of the at-

Steiner filed a com
plaint against Haley. who
pleaded not guilty to unre-
lated hit‘andvrun charges on
Wednesday, at the same time he
filed the complaint against .Ja~

Asked about the incident. Ha-
ley said. “That happened a long



time ago. That was
There was not enough
evidence to file charges
against Haley. Fayette
County Attorney Mar-
garet Kannensohn said.
UK Sports Information
Director Tony Neely said
he is certain head football
coach Hal Mumme has al
ready dealt with the issue.
“When Mumme hears that
something has happened. he deals
with it right away." Neely said.
Neely added that although
Mumme does not make his dis
ciplinary actions public. the






N’Ut i'“-jl



“Mannie ls definitely wry favorite coach, and these last (two) teams have been the most exciting teams we have ever had,"
said Ken Fiser (above). who has not missed a UK football game in 30 years.

Feline fanatic

Stadium-size dedication: Through good and bad,
Cat fan stays steady for UK 30 years running


Ken Fiser has not missed a
home UK football game in 30
straight years. and this retired
state employee has the season tick-
et stubs and the memories to
prove it.

The 30-year streak is possibly
the longest among UK football
fans. said Tony Neely. sports infor-
mation director for UK Athletics.

The majority of Fiser's streak
took place during the “dark years."
when UK football consistently got
burned by strong SEC opponents.
Nevertheless. Fiser remained a fan
through it all; losing season after

losing season. defeat after defeat.

Now. with the UK football
phoenix rising from the ashes of
those dark years. Fiser is thrilled
to finally witness some spinetin»
gling. high-scoring games.

Ask Fiser if he is excited about
Hal Mumme's Air Raid. and his
face sparkles with pride.

“Mumme is definitely my fa-
vorite coach. and these (last) two
teams have been the most exciting
teams we have ever had," Fiser
said. “Even if they don't win. they
are still the most exciting."

Ken recalls his first UK game
vividly: He had to show up three
hours before it began. As a recent
transfer from Murray State in

1958. Fiser had joined a fraternity.
Because he was a pledge. part of
his duties were to rope off seats for
active members. The games were
played on Stoll Field across from
Memorial Coliseum

“Back then it was first come.
first serve as far as seating was
concerned." Fiser said. “There was
no designated student section. I
had to reserve sections for the ac
tive members of my fraternity."

The next year Fiser took advan
tage ofhis active status in the fratcr
nity he was one of the guys who
had his seat l‘i‘Sf‘l‘VHl. After that hc
rarely missed a game as a student.
an that was how it all got started.

There was a three-year gap fol
lowing graduation from l'K when
Fiser traveled around the country
working. But in 19m Fiser and his

See FANS on 2 n)

. ' - i

.‘,, ”(can)“ 4,,Q'wq‘ew-‘5. .. ~.

fact that he takes action is evi-
dent in the dismissal of four
football players from the team
so far this year.

Neely said Mumme stresses
to the players every day how im-
portant it is for them to handle
themselves well off the field.

Steiner said even if nothing
comes of his charges against Ja—
cobs. he knows that what goes
around. comes around.

“Something bigger than this
is eventually gonna bite him in
the ass." Steiner said.

Neither Jacobs nor his attor-
ney James Lowry could be
reached for comment.

on women

New study looks at ways for females
to achieve equality in workplace, politics

By Chris Clements


In a report released yes-
terday by the Institute for
Women's Policy Research.
Kentucky‘s women rank near
the bottom of the nation in
employment. earnings. politi»
cal participation and other in
dicators of overall wellbeing.

The "Status of Women in
Kentucky" report was re-
leased in a new conference for-
mat at noon yesterday in the
lobby of the Lexingtonl‘ayette

Ifrban (‘ounty Government
This particular study

ranked Kentucky against the
rest of the United States on is-
sues such as education. equi»
ty. economic security. pover-
ty. gender-based wage gap.
health and reproductive

According to its findings.
Kentucky consistently ranked
low on most composite indica-

tors. Kentucky ranked ioth in
the nation in political particr
pain and representation.
Ht‘v‘. .o the nation in employ-
ment and earnings. 48m in the
nation in economic rights and
list in the nation in reproduc
tive rights.

But as Alzyne 1.. White.
director of the Institute on
Women and Substance Abuse.
said. "Although this report is
intended to provide an
overview relation to issues
that are comparable nation
wide. it is important to note
that Kentucky‘s unique char»
acteristics contribute signifi»
cantly to the bleak conditions
that exist for women in this

Alzyne L. White said she
was referring to characteris-
tics such as horse farms. the
coal industry and tobacco
farming. which have always
had a masculine stereotype.

See WOMEN on 3

UK makes AIDS
info worldwide

By Ellzabeth_i5_arofalo


[K is taking initiatives.
both locally and nationally. to
solve the growing problems of

['K researchers are help»
ing South Africa and other im.
poyerished nations fight this
epidemic by using an educar
tioii model of HIV AIDS
awareness used at l'K.

According to the Kentucky
AIDS 'l‘raining and Education
Center. almost :23 percent of
the population of South Africa
is infected with HIV or AIDS.

l'K (‘ollegc of Social Work
Professor Holly Riffe; Laura
Kaplan. coordinator of the
Kentucky AIDS Education
and Training (‘cnteit and Pro
fessor Vincent (iallicchio. l'K
associate dean of Allied
Health are collaborating with
Rolf Hcckcr. professor of bio
chemistry at the University of
the North in South Africa. to
train students and profession
als in methods of awareness
and prevcntion.

“liducation and prevention
are combined with training
and research methods." Kaplan
said. "to teach communities
more about HIV and AIDS and
how they are transmitted."

The i‘iltlt‘:lll('ill methods
also include risk assessment.
psychosocial information and
treatment methods. The pro.

gram is taught not only to
graduate students and profes
sionals. but also in basic [K
101 classes as well.

"I feel the program
worked well in 1K 101 classes
and look forward to expanding
ii to more classes in the fu-
ture." Laura Kaplan said. The
program is also going to be
taught through peer groups
and trained volunteers.

The HIV education llllllél'
tivc also uses email and
\ ltli‘o exthanges to communi-
catc with students in South

"The e-mail exchange has
been incredible." Riffc said. E
mail has helped Riffc and col
leagues exchange large
amounts of information quick
IV and efficiently.

Riffc will travel to Africa
in November to promote edu-
cation efforts, Then South
African students will travel to
l'K to continue their mlucation
and learn advanced methods of
prevention they can take back
to their communities.

“The overall goal of the
program is HIV education and
prevention." RilTe said. “This
is achieved through a joint of-
fort of many different people."

“One basic goal of the pro-
gram is to form alliances with
other nations." Kaplan said.
"To bring education into their
existing communities It is a
real collalmrative effort "







.. -.‘o»oW-O~n o o. .. -




eermtmnml mm


The Low-down

Black churches make up one fourth
of all church burnings, statistics say

WASHINGTON — Two years after Southern



.. as» y < .j
'1. or" ”P all? a


Ken has acquired quite a collection of UK
football and sports paraphernalia. He has
almost every stadium cup for the entire 30
year span, including the years when cup
designs changed every game. On those
cups, usually a star player's image was
printed on one side of the cup and the
player‘s stats on the other side. His collec-
tion is so large he cannot display it in his
basement with his other UK icons.

"He is a huge UK fan, and his entire
downstairs is decorated with UK sports
stuff." Cindy Fiser Thomas said. "And

black churches were the most visible targets in a Christmas presents are easy.” said her
i startling national rash of church burnings. these husband Chris, who had bought Ken a UK

. - Churches still account for about onefourth of those lithograph just last Christmas.
* attacked. according to statistics released yesterday. Neely called Fiser, and other consis-
. ‘ . ti. “Right now we have found no evidence of a tent fans, the bedrock of the sports pro-
“ . R national conspiracy" based on race or anti-reli- gram. He said UK truly appreciates those
”1* : gious motives, said Bill Lann Lee. acting assis- fans by working hard to put a team on the

fit. - it tant attorney general for civil rights. In some field that will reward such commitment.
. 3 cases, clusters of church attacks revealed “local “It is amazing to have that kind of con-
? coordination" among arsonists. Lee said. sistency," Neely said.
. f . A national task force tracks arson attacks on The routine Fiser goes through on game
‘ , _- , “I: GAMBLE. churches and the investigations and arrests re- 1 day has also been a constant throughout the
. ’ _ ' P” star lated to those attacks since 1995. The task force *' years. He gets up early and gets ready for the
‘ - . 5km he was created after some highly-reported attacks JomrmtSI KENNEL 5”" (ml/h packijrgg folotd arlild drink for tailligating
8 S on black churches in the South. including three " wi rien an am‘ y prior to kick .
a '- ‘ expressed an in Boligee. Ala.. occurred in a span of three 59““ WWW" ”"9““ “W M “M "W "H “h“ “'5 “the bedrock °' W athletics. He parks as close to the same space as
‘ interest In weeks between December 1995 and January 1996. he can get, to be with his fellow group of
buying the Les FANS But fellow fans are also a part of what fans. findbhte leaykes 1Eerkhit; seats exactly 30
V s casino keeps Fiser coming back to the games. With mm 88 9 ore e 10 0 .
‘ ~ 53'...“ Cocaine ems” “use of lo" I0 , seats in the upper section, one might have “And if you are late to his house for
mm; m WASHINGTON 1 Ex osure to cocaine be- Contlnued from 9399‘ expected Fiser to get closer to the field after th? “(19m the game, you W111 be 18ft." Bart
Resorts. f b'rth t d t . hp'ld l' htl l w . . all those years. said. On game days. you can set your
ore 1 en 5 ogive ac l a S lg y 0 er m “We have had the same seats for all WHtCh by hlm-

telligence score and a more pronounced deficit in
language skills. a new study said.

Researchers at Brown University analyzed
studies involving more than 800 elementary-age
children and found that those exposed to cocaine
before birth had IQ scores about 3.26 points lower
than children born to mothers who did not use
cocaine while pregnant.

Barry Lester. Brown researcher and cow-
thor of the study in the journal Science. said yes-
terday that the finding was actually good news.

“Ten or 15 years ago. it was thought that
these kids were almost beyond hope." Lester
said. “But we find that the level of deficit can be
corrected with a proper intervention.“

He said special training for children born to
cocaine-using mothers could compensate for both
the intellectual and language loss.

Jackson, developer seek casino

NEW YORK --- Michael Jackson and a De-
troit developer are interested ill buying a Las Ve-
gas hotel and casino from Starwood Hotels & Re
sorts for about $375 million. sources familiar
with the situation told Reuters yesterday. A
meeting. between Jackson. his business partner
Don Barden and Starwood Chief Executive Barry
Sternlicht. could take place as early as next
week, sources said. Jackson and Barden have
been looking to build or buy an entertainment re-
sort. Earlier this year. the pair lost out to MGM
Grand Inc. in a bid to win a casino franchise in

Compiled from wire reports.



new wife moved back to Lexington and be-
gan to regularly attend the UK football
games together.

“Back then we really dressed up for
the games." Ann Fiser recalled. “Skirts
and heels. and the guys were bowties."

Ken and Anti went that season and the
next two. through 1965. without missing
any games. Ken became dedicated enough
in 1966 to buy season tickets. but he couldn't
use his first year of season tickets. He was
in North Carolina at graduate school. so he
sold the tickets to friends. The next season
he and Ann finally returned to Lexington to

During the ‘67 season he didn't miss a
game. But on Oct. 12. 1968. he missed the
third home game that year so he could vis-
it his mother in Hopkinsville. It was a
close game that Saturday; UK beat Oregon
State 35-34. and Fiser will never forget it
because it was the last game he missed.

"That day (Oct. 12) was the only day I
could go and see her. and so I missed that

With that game lodged in his memory
forever. Fiser never gave up on Big Blue
football. “But I did considered it a couple
of times." he said jokingly. "Mostly when
we had to suffer through a last-second de-
feat or a missed scoring opportunity __, the
cold and rain don't help either."

Fiser credits part of the 30-year streak
to watching so many losing games.

“I was afraid if I wasn‘t there at the
game UK would pull a big upset. or I
would miss a big comeback." he said.

these years, and we have never put any-
thing on our (season ticket) seat requests.
because of the people we sit around." Fiser
said. “When we show up at the beginning of
the season its like a homecoming, everyone
greets one another just like family. asking
about the kids and grandkids.“

On the 25th anniversary of Fiser‘s
streak. fellow fans Mike and Jodie Dennis
made and brought him an anniversary cake.
The Dennises have sat beside the Fisers for
21 years. Fiser likes to joke that the Dennis-
es have been there “almost as long as him."

“He was so surprised to see that big.
blue cake. that I thought he would fall
from his seat." said Jodie Dennis, “We
have shared so much over the years. We
have tight-knit group of fans up there.”

That tight-knit group of dedicated fans
also includes some other members of the Fis-
er family. Ken‘s son Bart and his wife Jean-
nie, and Ken‘s daughter Cindy Fiser Thomas
and her husband Chris. The family recalls
Ken's dedication with humor and pride.

“It has been an ongoing jab for the last
10 years that the home games take prece-
dence over most everything that occurs on
Saturdays." Bart said.

“My wife and I are expecting. and our
baby is supposed to be born around the
University of Tennessee game. If it wasn‘t
an away game. I would just assume he
would miss the birth." Bart said. “Luckily
it is an away game, but I find it endearing
that he is so committed."

As a result of such an undertaking.

With so much UK football under his belt.
Fiser says the recent years have been the
most exciting, but his favorite play of all time
came from the from the 1959 season in a
game against Mississippi, ranked sixth in the
nation at the time when UK was unranked.

“It was a fake punt. We were actually
leading the game. and so you would think—
just punt it away and be conservative. I don’t
even think the coach called the play. they
just snapped it to him. nobody rushed him,
and he ran for 48 yards and a touchdown.”

But Fiser was quick to add “that these
last two years had also been exciting. with
all the fake punts and Yeast kick returns."

Nonetheless there were also the disap-
pointing years, too many to count.

Fiser recalled one game against Alaba-
ma. UK was not supposed to even have a
shot at beating the Crimson Tide, but sur-
prisingly UK was leading 140 at halftime.
Fiser remembers how sore his throat was
from yelling that first half. At the beginning
of the second half on the kickoff return, Al—
abama scored and went on to beat UK 2814.
“That was typical," Fiser said. but his wife
Ann said. “It was fun for a half."

Bart said he is proud his father stayed
optimistic about UK after such games.

“It is a nice symbol as a UK fan be-
cause it‘s not a bandwagon issue." Bart
said. “Good game or bad. he always cheers
and stays positive. looking for a way for
UK to win. He has never booed a UK team,
never called for a coach to be fired — no
matter how bad it got."





Cheer On Your Favorite Team
And Your Favorite Horse.

Keencland is playing host to two great events on Saturday — ninc live thoroughbred races plus televised

coverage of the Kentucky - (ieorgia game. There's more room. more televisions than ever to watch

football while enjoying the best in thoroughbred racing.

.\’o matter the weather. Kcencland's enclosed grandstand areas will kccp fans warm
and dry. Our new enclosed west end of the grandstand fcaturcs an

expanded sports bar. new concession areas and plenty of 'IV

monitors and betting windows.

Saturday. come and celebrate two of Kentucky
finest traditions — thoroughbred racing and

college football to be shown on many of our

more than ()0!) televisions throughout the

grandstand and clubhouse and two big

screen "IVs in the infield. Post time 1:10 pm.

\XL‘dnesday through Sunday.


’I‘IIR(‘)IJ(EII ()(Z’I‘()I3ER 3 l

I'lws (CI 1‘ )Z/IG'Z/

W()l{ LI).












4 e ‘ 0
- . -. .-b. - "‘ .. -¢ 09“. .-.., W caer-ooqo-—-ro gay-a» ,_
W"‘ ' 7" j“‘,‘ ‘-‘.‘ .5 "“WM".‘.‘. . .. . . "7' ~ ‘_.‘ .. 3 ., v ”‘7’ .~ .. . 5‘ -. u
' .. Z .. ' nag» .‘,.."“. ;. .. ‘. .. e ‘e‘,'._‘.~.a,‘":_.~.w;»‘~ ,3'; >~..“'Y"",O. ., g“..- . i. ». . . t’
'» a -. c‘t. . \ I. . t' -' ' '. - ' - . . t . v . . .. 1-, »
v e . . , . v , 1 , , . a . j ‘_e [a . . s o , .
"3'..’ _.t u, '”"‘«i
Will Willi ‘4


+,. an a; . .3

iii li1l'\‘|ill


Topp 2’s Restaurant & Bar





120 8. Upper {806.255.9588

Delicious American Food 0 Home of the Topp Burger
Happy Hour 4*? and All Day on Sunday




Come fly with me

Students may be able to reap benefits
of new airline policies on vacant seats

f r o m
N e w
York to
P i t t s -
t h i 5
end on
my way back to good ole Lex-
ington. I became curious as to
why the plane seemed so

I began conversing with
some neighbors and much to
my avail. learned that the lone-
ly Sunday evening flight. be-
cause of lack of interest. was al-
most taken off the schedule.

Leisurely flying seems to
have almost dropped off the

With the mini-liquor bot-
tles flowing and the peanuts
munching the conversation
group grew larger when a
man. two rows up. began stat-
ing that he purchased his tickv
et 20 minutes before. at the
gate, for a mere $75.

This was incredible con-
sidering I had thought my
$200 ticket was one hell of a

With some quick investi-
gation. I learned that recently

Quint Tatro


a new rule at certain airports
allows gate workers to sell va-
cant or unclaimed seats. They
even have the right to sell the
seats of passengers who
haven't showed up.

Different from the previ-
ous rule. where you paid top
dollar at the gate for only unre-
served seats. it now means
anyone can walk up to a gate
moments before departure. in-
quire on seating and then be-
gin to haggle over a price.

What an incredible con-

It breaks down like this: a
plane will take off regardless
of empty seating or no shows.
These empty seats are lost

Allowing the gate workers
to bid off vacant seats only mo-
ments before departure will
cut losses incredibly. This
wise business tactic is a great
way to save a few extra dollars
for both the airline and the im-
promptu traveler. and at the
same time frustrating the
broke but responsible college

Someone. if they are flexi-
ble. should try this method of
travel. You might get lucky
and be at the beach for cheap-

er than it would cost to drive.

It seems everywhere air-
lines are trying to save a buck.

Browsing around at
httpz//www.priceline.com. I
found people could actually go
through a process of bidding
on seats and naming their
price. The application asks
your departure city. your des-
tination and flexible dates and
times you are willing to fly. If
they can get you to your desti-
nation at the price you want.
everyone is happy.

Using the Internet to cut
out the middlemen can be very
beneficial yet risky.

Although pricelinecom
is original it what they do
there are thousands of de-
vices on the web that search
flight schedules and prices
that can fit your calendar and
your budget. If you have the
patience to investigate you
will find some incredible

Always remember that a
seat on an airplane is not a
tangible purchase. it is only a
rental agreement and there-
fore can be negotiable. No
airfare is set in stone. If it's
empty let the bidding begin.
If you are looking to fly. are
flexible and have a low bud-
get. take the time to do the re-
search and I guarantee you
can find a price that is right
for you.




Continued from page]


Other keynote speakers at
the news conference event in-
cluded: Vice Mayor Teresa Is-
sac: Jannet Holloway. state
director of Small Business De-
velopment Center: Brigid De-
Vries. associate commission-
er of the Kentucky High
School Athletic Commission:
Mildred Bailey. UK staff
member in Minority Affairs:
and Claudia J. Peck-Heath. as-
sociate dean of Research and
Graduate Studies at the Col-
lege of Human Environmental

UK employee Mildred Bai-
ley said “Currently we have
race relations dialogue ses-
sions, but maybe it‘s time for
Kentuckians to start having
male/ female relations dialogue

Other special attendants
included: State Rep. Kathy
Stein. State Sen. Ernesto Scor-
sone, Council at Large candi-
date Isabel Yates and state rep~
resentative candidate Susan

The Institute for Women's
Policy Research stated that the
stateby-state rankings provide
important insights into
women's rights throughout the
country and show that there is
no individual state where
women have achieved 100 per-
cent equity with men.



to the lst

Come to the


Super Soccer
this Sunday
UK Women vs. Vanderbilt
@ 12:30

UK Men vs Bowling Green
@ 3:00

UK students - 5% free T—shirts

h ame

Alumni D ve.

All UK students with valid ID
get in for FREE!

UKAA would like to thank our corporate
partners: Nike, Papa Johns, Kroger, UK
Healthcare, Ohio Casualty, and McDonalds.

cuts at
















Oct. 21-24 10am-3pm
405 S. Limestone


Kennedy Book Store




Receive l5°/o off ,-
any Halloween Rental . .

when you present your
U.K. Student l.D.

140 Burl Rd.
(behind Taco Bell)



Kentucky’s Premiere Gentlemen’s Club


ii if "‘1‘




'Half-Price Ha ,
Hour 4 pm—oprfip)

0Com limentary
Valet arkmg

°l_/2 offAdmission
With UK game

°The Pure Gold
S a Jacuzzi.
ances Available




‘ cam

Minutes from downtown Lexington

Take Richmond Road to 1—75. Exit 104






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the calendar Gr? "‘20 (0 (III rflolstpr‘efl st HUI-n! c)runnilllllun\ and UK DPDBHm?nIS
Information c an be submitted in Rm 203. Student Center or by c ompleting A request for -
on line at filmy/WW.uky.edw"$luuent£enter
Posting r'quosls are due ON! WEKK PRIOR [0 [hp Monday Infurvnnttun i\ to nppPar in th'
calendar For more ln'nrmatlon (all 257 8367

FRIDAY 10/23

SAB indoor Activities Committee meeting. lpm. 203 Stud. Ctr.


Last Day to Withdraw from a Class or the University

Speaker. Dr. Steve Vicicner “Error Components Three Stage

Least Squares Econometric Models". 3pm. AEN 341


French Canadian Film Showing. Spm. Basement of Biandingl

Guest Recital: Patricia Griffith. piano. 8pm. Singletary (enter Recital Hall

3 on 3 Red Zone Challenge Tournament. winners advance to SEC Championship in
Atlanta, call Michael at 257—2898 for more info


UK Men‘s Soccer @ Eastern Michigan. 2pm

UK volleyball @ Auburn. 7pm

UK Women‘s Soccer @ LSU. 7pm

UK Women's Golf @ Lady Paladin

UK Swimming and Diving vs. Tennessee. 4pm. UK Aquatic Center

Open Mic Night at Student Center Cameroom. 6—spm



Coffee House sponsored by the Wesley foundation. 8:OOpm. Wesley Foundation
in a; 1 \ii.

Master Student Pro ram. 9 am-4 pm. Rm 103 Barker Rail. sign up in advance in 201
Frazee Hall. cost Is 35

UK Football vs. Georgia. i2:30pm. Commonwealth Stadium
UK Rifle @ Jacksonville State

(arribean Dance with Sandra Cairo. ii'i5 am. Barker Nail. 58 public. SS students
" DIWAlI Festival featuring traditional Indian dances and music. 5304830.
Memorial Hall. call Ranjit Shetty at 323-2407 for info

5K Run/Wall: sponsored by the Baptist Student Union. 9 am. Jacobson Park shel—
ter-ti. $i2 in advance. its on race day. applications at USU

SUNDAY 10/25

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K: .. ‘ .
Master Student Pro ram. l pm-6 pm. Rm 103 Barker Rail. sign up in advance in 201
Frame Hall. cost Is 35


Ben Munlsterl (oreography presented by SAD Next Stage Committee. Bprn. SCFA
Recltal Rail; Master class dance studio i~223Opm. (all Ticketmaster for ticket Info

University Pra