index showing the names of those members upon whose
orders penalties have been imposed. Attention is called
to the head note of each index.
  Each member can easily possess full knowledge of all
changes which occur in the status of the penalties herein
exhibited, by entering in the margin all such re-instate-
ments as shall from time to time be reported, which, with
the aid of the usual current notices and monthly pamphlets
will afford ample information of the standing of each per-
son and horse named in the record.
  For the convenience of members, we have issued a re-
vision of the monthly pamphlet for December 31st, 1875,
containing the names of all persons an(1 horses then re-
maining under penalty, and showing the date and character
of each penalty, details of which information are embraced
  A table of errata will be found at page 275. which em-
braces all errors we have discovered, and members and
others are requested to report any inaccuracies they may
find in any part of the work.
                         THOMAS J. VAIL,
                               '.ecretery anml Ti ewswirer.
  HARTFORr), Conn., January, 18,76.