it such remarks as may be pertinent, and return it to the
172. No explanation will be received after the lapse of
forty-eight- hours, unless sickness, absence, or some other
unavoidable cause, which must be fully stated, has prevented
its presentation within the prescribed time, in which case it
must be presented as soon as possible.
173. Whenever a student is absent from any duty, or
absent from quarters after taps, or at any other time longer
than thirty minutes, he will be punished as if beyond the
College limits, unless his absence is satisfactorily accounted
174. Explanations will include only such statements of
fact and of the intentions of the student as may be neces-
sary for a correct understanding of the case, and will not
be made the medium of complaint or criticism, or of irrele— i
vant remarks.
175. Appeals to the President for the reconsideration of
reports will not be entertained after the expiration of ten
days from the time they were recorded, except in cases
where it was impracticable to apply for a reconsideration
within that time. ·
176. No student shall address an officer or Cadet who has N .
reported him for an offense on the subject of such report,
unless specially permitted, in writing, by the Commandant .
of the Corps; and no officer or Cadet having made such
report against a student shall hold any conversation with
· him concerning it unless referred to with the proper permis- i
sion; ’
The Governors Medal is awarded at the close of each
collegiate year to the student who has made the highest
standing in four daily recitations during the year. The
person to whom the Governor’s Medal is thus awarded
shall not be eligible as a competitor for the same a second