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S Free at Selected Business Locations
Home Delivery at $5 per year
from GLSO News staff
The GLSO Board recently agreed to family or friends or with a church, civic, or
participate with Pegasus Travel in a travel business association.
program designed to raise funds for GLSO The staff of Pegasus Travel is guided by two
activities. principal objectives: first, to provide each client
Pegasus Travel will donate 1% of sales, or with the highest standards of quality,
approximately 10% of its earnings, on travel personalized service‘ and secondly, to utilize
sales to anyone who requests GLSO be given their ex rtise to find the most cost-effective
credit at the time of urchase. Donations will options R3: our travel.
be made for any airline ticket, cruise or tour The GLgO Board encourages supporters to
package; group travel will also qualifly. call Pegasus Travel for all travel arrangements
The donation will be made or anyone and to request GLSO be given credit. Since the
mentioning GLSO whether or not they are a travel of businesses, family or friends who
GLSO member. Pe asus travel has established mention GLSO also qualifies for a donation,
an account for all gLSo-related sales and will please encourage others to call as well.
forward their donation quarterly. Pegasus Travel is conveniently located at
Pegasus Travel provides complete domestic 2040 Idle Hour Center on Richmond Road.
and international travel services for businesses Hours are 8:30 - 5:30 Monday through Friday
and individuals -- airline tickets, cruises, tour and 10 - 2 Saturdays. You can reach Pegasus
packages, and hotel and rental car reservations. Travel b callin 268-4337 in the Lexington
Group travel is also a speciality, whether with area or BOO—2284337 outside Lexington.
from Esmerelda
Athena Production presents in concert Holly op ression of people with AlDS, and women's
Near with John Bucchino, pianist and featuring right to choose. For all of this she was named a
Joyce & Jacque, a contem orary folk duo on Woman of the Year in 1985 by Ms. Ma azine.
Saturda , March 30, at 5 pm at Singletary Holly possesses a fiery spirit, and it szows in
Center for the Arts. her music. Once, a music industry
Holly Near is one of the most respected representative said she would never make it as
singers of our time as well as one of our most a pop singer because there was no element of
progressive multi-talented artists. To her legion submission in her voice. Given that was not
of ans she is a major star, a consummate one of Holly's oals in life, she mounted her
entertainer who does not rise and fall with the own career and9 has significantly helped to lay
fads and trends, but who sustains her integrity the ground work for women in music to sing
throughout the times. She has recorded 14 however they please!
albums on her own label Redwood Records, Holly challenges her audience to stand up
selling over 1.5 million of them, but she has and be counted in a time when the world is
always been more concerned with peace-making reelin with change, through powerful criticisms
than with hit-makin .This uncompromising vision of violence and with sensual approval of life.
has led her to fiefend originall un pular Her stren th as an artist lies in her refusal to
causes such as human rights in El galvadfr, the separate fier passion for [cont on Page 2]

 Font. from Page 1] peace and human di nity
rom her art for the sake of success. Her