xt7dr785mk9v_36 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/mets.xml https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/2009ms132.0283.dao.xml Matthews family (Louisville, Ky.) 5.6 Cubic Feet 12 boxes archival material 2009ms132.0283 English University of Kentucky The physical rights to the materials in this collection are held by the University of Kentucky Special Collections Research Center.  Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Wade Hall Collection of American Letters: William B. Matthews family papers African Americans -- Education. African Americans -- Education (Higher) African American college students -- History -- 20th century African Americans -- Race identity African Americans -- Segregation African Americans -- Social conditions. African American soldiers. Education -- Kentucky -- Louisville Great Depression Teachers. Women in education -- Kentucky. World War, 1914-1918. William B. Matthews to Ophelia Matthews text William B. Matthews to Ophelia Matthews 2019 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/2009ms132.0283/Box_3/Folder_13/Multipage2050.pdf 1916-1922 1922 1916-1922 section  xt7dr785mk9v_36 xt7dr785mk9v 88 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/2009ms132.0283/Box_3/Folder_13/Matthew_3_13_0001.jpg 3107 4033 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/2009ms132.0283/Box_3/Folder_13/Matthew_3_13_0001_tb.jpg https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dr785mk9v/data/2009ms132.0283/Box_3/Folder_13/Matthew_3_13_0001_ftb.jpg [Typed header: W.B. Matthews Principal Central Colored High School Louisville, KY.] June 26, 1916 My dearest Joe: - I arrived safely last night after a very tiresome day. As you know, the trains were very crowded all the way from Atlanta to Bainbridge. I made all connections without any trouble. In Atlanta, Peyton met me and we only had a word - nothing new - only to get oil for the babies. Met two or three friends on the trains no persons you know. They had no news. I got to Holmes quite on time. He and Harry were looking for me, they took me up home in a cab. I washed, put on a clean collar and ate a good dinner, part of which was a chicken pie well cooked but not just as brown as I wanted it to be. From there I

 The Atlanta crowd left last night with them went Peyton, Ross, Collier, Pharrow, and Hunt as far as Fort Valley, but I did not go. I did not care to sit up all night and I did not want to be in that jam of tribes. Gilbert left this morning and want as far as Macon. I could have gone with him but I would have had to have gotten up at 4 am and then to have layed over four hours in Macon. I did not do that but am leaving at noon and there will be no delay. I shall go at once tomorrow morning to work on our repairs and shall, such as must be done now, without delay. Just as soon as I have all complete or well on the way to completion I shall come to my own sweet wife + child. I shall write you Sunday just what I find that must be done now. I have much to tell you when I get to you. In Atlanta, I shall spend sometime with Know, but most of the time at Allen's, I mean I shall sleep there. I will take my meals wherever I can. I trust and hope that you are all doing well and keeping cool - Whatever the condition may be I want to be with you. With love and lots of kisses I am as ever, Will.

Central Colored High School
July 14, 1916
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. chestnut St.,
Louisville, Ky.

 [Pre-printed header "W.B. Matthews Principal Central Colored High School Louisville, Ky."] July 18, 1916. My own dear Joe:- I am in good condition and all things are moving on nicely. I gave all of my repairs to Mr. Thos. Goosby. He charged me $45.00. With all that he is not covering the Lyons Ave. place. It needed it but could wait a few months. There was no plastering falling off as was indicated or stated in the letter sent to you. I am spending money on repairs as follows: Lyons Ave., $15.00, 399 Houston $4.55, 105 Houston $5.00, and 145+147 Howell $4.50. This does not include plumbing and whitewashing. I gave it to Mr. Goosby because I could hold him responsible for the faithful performance of the contract. I shall remain here until Saturday of this week to see that the work is well done. Now, if you have any suggestions I shall be glad to have

 them so that we may work together. As you know I shall have no money when I get home. I have just paid $6.25 to the N.C.M+P Association for life insurance and shall pay $45.00 for repairs and ten dollars for Lodge dues to Odd Fellows, Masons and Knights, I shall have nothing left except my fare home. Please be careful with what you have. I have not borrowed and do not mean to. I have bought only one night shirt, I may have to buy something else. I love you all and want to see you, but I feel you all will not want to see me because I shall have no money. I am sorry, but I am compelled to spend it here. And, withall, I am not doing all I ought to do in the way of repairs. I think after I am through we can get along until after November.

 [Pre-printed header "W.B. Matthews Principal Central Colored High School Louisville, Ky."] 2. Now, concerning the write up in the paper you need not pay any attention whatever to what they say. That set of Negroes only want to be noticed. Sorry to learn of Mrs. Harris' misfortune. Extend my sympathy to her. Having a pleasant stay here, seeing quite a few of our old friends, all of whom ask very tenderly and interestingly after you. I get a little gossip occasionally. When I come you shall have it all. Please call up and express my thanks to Dr. and Mrs. McIntyre for kindness to you and Louise, I do hope that you enjoyed your ride.

Central Colored High
Louisville, KY
July 18, 1916
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, Ky.

 [Pre-printed header, upper left corner "Peyton A. Allen Attorney and Counselor at Law also Notary Public 51 1-2 South Broad Street Bell Phone M. 5089 J"; upper right corner "Office hours: 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.; 3 P.M. to 5 P.M."] [written in pencil "[1916?]"] Atlanta, Ga., My own dear Joe:- I have your letter which came yesterday and found me in good shape. I was glad to hear from you. Every thing down this side is now getting in such a condition that I can leave here about Friday. You may look for me Friday night via of the Southern. I have never been over that road and they have been nice to me, therefore, I am coming that way.Acting on your suggestion I am writing a letter to Mrs. White. I have said what occurred to me to ^be proper. I was very sorry and stood with bowed head at the will of God, but I did not rush to express myself. I am sure that Mrs. W. cares nothing about words from me. Now, as to the business at this end, I have to say that I have given the work of covering the house to Sharp-Boylston and Day. They have done it cheaper than any other person I could find. Then,too, they will permit us to pay for it along. I shall bring all the facts when I come, I have also before me all matters concerning the money for the insurance. I shall tomorrow sign all papers necessary to get the money. It will then be necessary for these papers to go to the home office in New York and the check will be sent back immediately. All friends here ask after you and family. So many say they want to see you. I have not seen aunt Patsy yet. I do not know where she lives. I have not seen Missie or Aunt Julia. I thought to have [word crossed out] seen them at Ponton's funeral but they did not come. When I come I will tell you about it. It is very lonesome to me here. I would leave today if I had all business completed. I have not seen any of the Bibbs yet. I shall call before I leave. I am trying to get a picture of your home but I may fail. It is raining and it may continue throughout the week. In the event it

 [Pre-printed header, upper left corner "Peyton A. Allen Attorney and Counselor at Law also Notary Public 51 1-2 South Broad Street Bell Phone M 5089 J"; upper right corner "Office Hours: 9 A.M. to 1 P.M.; 3 P.M. to 5 P.M."] [written in pen "2"] Atlanta, Ga., does I can get no picture. I spoke to one man about it and he charged $3.00 for three pictures. He would not take less than three. Tell Louise that all of her friends ask after her. So many of them speak so very highly of her that I am made to feel proud of her. I saw Minnie and Jennie Askew yesterday and they were present (or rather Minnie was) at the play at the University and they say Louise made good. I am glad that she is my child although she does not even write me a line and send it in her mother's letter. It is raining her today and the day is very dull. I can not go any where and no body can come to me. I am however, going to take dinner with Mr. and Mrs Cater, I am to be there at three o'clock. Tomorrow I shall go to dinner with Peyton, Thursday I shall be Knox's and Friday on the road for home. O do not know whether or not you all care to see me. I know you want the money I have. You all may get ready to go as soon after I come as you may desire. I shall not be able to go any more this year. What did I do Sunday? Well, I went to Big Bethel Sunday school and to the Congregational Church and then remained there to Sunday School. I then stood on the corner and talked a short time. After dinner I went call on Mr. and Mrs. Cater. Later I went to call on the Ruckers. I did not go out Sunday night at all. I must not write now but save some to tell you when I come home. I have much to tell about every body and every thing. When I get there I shall take up the matter of filling the vacancy. I must talk with Mr. Reid before I make a move. I think he will be with me in my plans for filling the place. I answered Mr. Perry's letter. I had a letter from Mr. Green yesterday. With lots of love and kisses for you all, I am, Your own, Will - Papa - Son.

W.B. Matthews.
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St.,
Louisville, Kentucky.

 122 Howell St. Atlanta, Ga., June 21, 1917. My very dear Joe:- My first day here has been a very busy one but I have not accomplished much. I saw Mr. Henry Hirsch and he marked the note paid and said he would do any thing to help me get matters straight. His son - Harold who is in charge of all his papers is out of the city but is expected back this evening and will see if he has my loan deed among his papers. If he has why it will be put to record at once. If it is not found among his papers, the heirs will sign a Quit Claim Deed for me. This they will do without any more delay than is possible to make. I am having this Deed drawn tomorrow. Will write you again as results develop. I am at Knox's. Found them O.K. Acted on your suggestion with the package. He was so pleased to receive it. Said it was what he wanted

 I arrived on to Bainbridge. I got there nearly nine o'clock. I took a cab to my boarding place where I was told that Prof. Hutto had prepared supper for me and was awaiting arrival. I went over and found them (Mr. + Mrs. H.) looking for me. Well, I was not hungry, for I ^had just eaten at five, but I did some harm to things because they had fried chicken. I thought of you and Lou. I went to my boarding house, went to bed, and found it hot, and besides some mosquitoes no bugs. I am up, shaved, washed, dressed and writing to you all before breakfast. Now, don't you know I love you all? Prof. Gilbert has not arrived as yet. I look for him on the next train. Every body asked after you and Louise. Now, do try to keep well and by happy. With lots of love to you all I am, your devoted husband + papa, W.B. Matthews [on left side of paper, going up margin "write me at Savannah, General Delivery"]

 2. Saw Emma, delivered your message. Saw Ellen, she is not well; has a very bad Summer cold. She is better now. Saw Dr. Madison Sent his wife your message. Tell mother I shall be on her job tomorrow. Have not seen any of the Rucker's except "Buster" met him at the corner of Auburn and Piedmont. He knew me. I gave him your "love". Ophelia sends love to you and Louise. She says Louise is lazy. Shall go to see Mrs. Pitts and Mrs Rucker tomorrow. Hope you are much better and that things are going well with you all. I will write you in full before Sunday. Your own, Will.

Central Colored High School
June 21, 1917
Mrs. O.B. Matthews
1729 W. Chestnut St,
Louisville, Ky.

 122 Howell St. Atlanta, June 23, 1917. My own dear Joe:- How does that salutation look to you? Does it make you recall years ago when you were my own dearest [Joiee?]? Well you are the same to me now. I am well and tired tonight and as soon as I have finished this letter I shall take a bath and go to bed, for I have been on my feet all day. I have been running down the insurance now for three days and have done little. This is the condition. The [Lilbionthal?] loan deed could not be found. Hirsch made out a Quit Claim deed and it is to go to Baltimore for one signature and then it is to be signed by two people here in Atlanta. All say they will sign without any trouble. The Deed has already been written. I saw to that and it is in the hands of the

 3. get the money or the credit. I have seen "Em", Mrs. Rucker, Ellen, Mrs. Allen. I called at Mrs. Pitts but she was out. I shall see her when I return. I saw Finch yesterday He looks well. They are all well. I went to see Brown. He will wait until I return from Grand Lodge to over. There is nothing else of interest about here. Lots to tell when I see you. Will write you again next Monday from Bainbridge. Hope things have gone well with you all and that you are quite yourself again. I saw Dr. Adams today and arranged for Wilhelmina for $10.00 per mo. All she has to do now is to come on here when the others come. Tell them. Lots of love to you all, Will.

 I paid my insurance premium $6.65 with the Standard Life and sent you the receipt. Dont lose it. W.B.M.
[written upside-down, in pencil "June 23, 1917"]

 [Pre-printed header "G.R. Hutto, G.C., Bainbridge, GA. C.H. McCarthy, G.M.E., Albany, GA. F.M. Cohen, Sec. & Treas. E.B., Box 594, Savannah, GA. Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias of North America, South American, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia Jurisdiction of Georgia Office of B.W. Warren, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal."] Americus, Ga. June 26, 1917. My dearest Joe:- Your letter sent to Bainbridge was duly received and contents noted. Was sorry that you had the back set. Hope by this time that you are much better that you are yourself again. I do hope that all things shall go well with you. Now, in the event that you need me do not hesitate to call. Dr. Gilbert did come to Louisville, but, as you know, did not come to stop with us. He stopped somewhere on Walnut St. He saw Rev. Noble. He went to Owensboro and then came back by the village to meet me but I had gone. I met him in Bainbridge as per agreement. Glad you did not have the trouble at that time. The Grand Chancellor, Hutto, thanks you very much for thinking of him. He greatly appreciates the 'kerchief, and thinks it pretty. Thank you for the letters inclosed. I am answering Mr. Reid's today. You may send only such mail as you may deem wise - other matters may wait until I return. Say to mother that the covering of her house at this time will cost about $150.00. I have decided to have it done while I am on the ground in July. Say to her that I shall have to borrow the money from her

 Renting Agent. If you wishes me to go forward with this work write me to that effect. I shall bring bills and receipts for everything. I saw Brown while I was in Atlanta and he was willing to wait until I returned. Tell mother not to fret. I shall bring things to pass. If you get the insurance draft while I am away please write to me at once. You are liable to get it because the evidence which I submitted proved conclusively that I had the first and only right to the claim. The Quit Claim Deed is being obtained that no further question may arise. Dont worry any more about matters. I shall get them right before I make another move. Have you heard from Mrs. Simmons and what board does she charge? Be getting ready to go. The Grand Chancellor increased the pay of the auditors by 12 ½% [percent symbol] and all that will go for your trip. What is going on in Louisville Love to you all. I am well and have been doing fine except I suffered with a bad headache last night. While passing thru Atlanta I got some of Dr. I.J.C's pills. I took two last night, and am much better today. I did not see Mrs. Pitts while in Atlanta. She was not at home. I am expecting your letter here. With lots of love to all I am, Will-Papa-Son.

 W.B. Matthews,
Louisville, Ky.
JUN 26
Mrs. O.B. Matthews
1720 W. Chestnut St.,
Louisville, Ky.

 [Pre-printed header "G.R. Hutto, G.C., Bainbridge, GA. C.H. McCarthy, G.M.E., Albany, GA. F.M. Cohen, Sec. & Treas. E.B., Box 594, Savannah, GA. Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia Jurisdiction of Georgia Office of B.W. Warren, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal."] Americus, Ga. June 28, 1917. My own dear Joe:- I have your letter which came yesterday. I was very glad to hear from you and to learn that you were better. By this time I trust that you are quite yourself again. You spoke of making Government shirts and said that even Louise, Willie and Leola had gone into the business. I am afraid that unless guided by mother or some person who knows how to make shirts some body may own more shirts than they will know what to do with. Dont let my baby get into trouble. When do you all get to go to the pictures? I am working very hard, having to do most of the work. Prof. Gilbert has gone to Augusta and left me to do the work here and at Albany. He is get back at me for the favor which he granted me last year. We shall next Monday in Macon. I am to spend that one day in Macon. I am being well provided for in the way of something to eat. Do you want me to send you one crate of peaches?

 You speak of it being hot up there. What would you think if you were in this hot place? One thing in our favor here is that it rains here nearly every day, and that cools the air. By this time you know what I did while in Atlanta. I am expecting no trouble but a short delay. When I get things in shape, we will keep them so will we not? Ophelia took fine care of me while I was at Knox's. She is a fine cook. I have lots to tell you when I come. I shall come and let you + Louise go, as soon as I can. In the event I am delayed in coming I will send you some money, so that you all may go. Thanks for putting in the dollar. Yes, I'll pay you back. Be sweet and try to get well. Be good to all until I get back - Yours, Will - Papa + Son

 June 26, 1916
from Bainbridge
Mrs. O.B. Matthews
1720 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, Ky.
H. [illegible]
1201 3 . 601
S + + Paul J[illegible]

June 28, 1917
WB. Matthews
Louisville Ky.
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St,
Louisville, Ky.

 Savannah, Ga. July 3, 1917. My own dear Joe:- Arrived here last night and was made happy at the receipt of two letters from you. Above all else that delighted me was that fact that you are getting well again. I trust that you may be very careful and do not act or acts to cause your relapse. I was also pleased to learn that you were trying to do something to make our child happy. The "Re-Union" must have pleased the children much. Then, too, I am glad that Louise is doing some mixing with the other girls. She must move around with some of the people and while I do not want her to shut her eyes and drop down in their midst, I do want her to go among them in one way or another enough to let them know who she is and for what she stands. Is Abbie Clements working in their club? She phoned be ask. Well, I am here after a day or two of hard work all alone in Albany.

 2. As I wrote to you Gilbert went home June 28, and left me in Americus to finish the audit there and to go to Albany to do the work in Mr. Macarthy's office. I did it and did it all O.K. Had a nice stay of two nights and a day in Albany. I slept at the home of Mr. Wadkins and took my meals with Mr. Macarthy. Both were just as nice to me as I could wish. Mrs. Macarthy sent lots of love and messages to you. I will tell you when I come home. I arrived in Macon Sunday afternoon. Went to the home of Dr. Carry, found no one at home. It was only a few steps to "Matt's" home so I went around there. I found Dr. Carry there talking with Mrs. Beasley. They had lots of company for that afternoon. Among others, Jessie Murphy who was on her way

 4. me, and made special inquiry concerning her. Every where I have have been  and Louise's name becomes the topic, I am glad to say that all speak very complimentary of her. No, I did not get a letter from Mr. Reid, but wrote to him from Americus, Ga. in answer to letter you sent. In my letter to him I gave my Savannah address. Thank you for ans. letters for me. You gave the correct information to Mr. Evans. Tell mother to be careful with her toe. Tell her I shall do the best I can when I return to Atlanta. I did not think you would receive any information about insurance last week but you should have something this week. In the event you do not I shall go after those fellows next week when I return to Atlanta. I shall act on your advice, and look after the Howell St. lot. I shall try to deliver your messages to your friends here. Now, I must not write any more now, as I must return to work

 3 home from Fort Valley where she had been teaching in the Summer school. She made much over me. My reception by the Beasleys' was cordial. All seemed please to see me. Albert her husband had just come in and he, too, made me feel at home. He invited me to sup with him which I did. Mrs. B. made all kinds of inquiries concerning Miss Mildred and her last year's work. I gave the finest report words could put together. A glowing account pleased them very much. I spent the night Sunday night with Dr. Carry and finished my work in Macon by 11 o'clock Monday and was off for Savannah.  Tell Louise that I saw Miss Green while in Macon. She seemed glad to see

 5. I am keeping well and am glad you all are getting better. Do your best to keep well. I shall be so glad when I can return you. I shall hold you to your word - not to fuss - to love and to treat me like your husband. Mrs. Cohen is here in the office and sends her best wishes. Thank you for keeping me informed as to what is going on. Glad Mrs. + Dr. Sheppard were pleased. Dr. Adams seemed glad to get Miss Sheppard. Please write me at 1516 Central Ave. Augusta, Ga. I shall stop with Prof. John W. Gilbert. Yours with much love to you all, Will - Papa - Son

W.B. Matthews
Savannah, G
July 3, 1917
Mr. O.B. Matthews,
1720 w. Chestnut St,
Louisville, Ky.

 [Pre-printed header "W.B. Matthews Principal Central Colored High School Louisville, KY."] July 9, 1917. My own dear Joe:- It is Sunday evening and I have spent one day in the city of Augusta. I am tired and wish I was at home with you. The Gilberts are very nice to me and doing all they can to make me happy but somehow I have been think of you all day. I do hope that you all are well and that everything is O.K. with you all. I am well and will be glad when this meeting is all over. I found your letter here awaiting me. I read it, and although it was so very short I was, nevertheless, glad to get it. I inferred from it that you were not well or tired, at least, a little of me went along [waip?] with you. DO try to keep well and happy. You will hear favorably

 [Pre-printed header "W.B. Matthews Principal Central Colored High School Louisville, KY."] 2 from me by next Saturday. I shall send you a check for some money and you just must go before I can get there, why you and Louise go ahead. I shall try to get my insurance before I leave Atlanta. You know also, that I must look after mother's house. We shall close out Grand Lodge session here on Thursday of this w'k and I shall leave for Atlanta on the same day. Any mail sent to me at Knox's will be received next Thursday night if life lasts. I shall see Hunt here this week and shall pay him for two crates of peaches which he will send when he returns home. I will write about them. Tell me in your next letter all about yourself. Are you sick or are you well? What is Louise's condition?

 3. As I wrote you, I shall pay my insurance in Atlantan this week when I return there. I will likewise, pay the Crawford note. What are your plans for mother while you and Louise are away? I wish she could go away also. I am not sure, but I myself may go down in the country in Ky. for a week or so. I will explain more full when I come. Write me a nice letter and have it at Knox's when I get there. I shall send Mr. Davis the house rent on Thursday. I am not writing cards to any body this year. What about it?

 Grand Lodge, Knights of Pythias Jurisdiction of Georgia letterhead
June 27, 1916
My dearest Joe;
I have moved since yesterday and am
now at Americus. We finished the
S. C.'s office by 12 noon yesterday.
The fact is, I was practically through
Gilbert got there at noon.
We are here and will be here for
at least two days. It is here that
we find work to do.
Hope you all well and getting
one in the usual good way with
out missing or even thinking of
me, except as rubbish out of the
way. How about that?
So far, my work has been only a
diversion. Every one makes me feel so
at home that I am bad to ask (almost) where
am I? Well, you all be sweet children
and take care of each other. With much love
and lots of kisses for you all. I am
Hubbie and Papa. W.B. Matthews

You tell Louise that I say
I know who loves papa.
People who love me write to
me, but others do not.
With lots and lots of love to
you all, I beg to remain,
Very truly yours,
I worshipped today with Rev.
Dr. Bonner. Mrs. Bonner
asked very tenderly after you
and Louise.
They are both well and look-
ing the same.

Central Colored High School
July 9, 1917
Mrs. O.B. Matthews
1720 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, Ky

 Letterhead Central Colored High School
Louisville, Ky.
W.B. Matthews
August Ga., 7/11/1917
My own dear Joe:-
Just a short note to say
that I am well, and trust that
you all are in good condition.
I got your letter with inclosures.
Was glad to hear of what is taking
place. I am so sorry for Mrs. W.
Glad you did what you did about
the flowers. I would have done the same.
I shall fill blanks and forward them
to proper persons.
Will the Auditors have made their
report, have been re-elected for another
year and have received their stipend.
I am ready and shall leave for Atlanta
tomorrow. My face is turned home-
ward to my own - When I reach Atlanta
I shall send you New York Exchange check.
Hunt will send you next week, two crates
of peaches - I paid him for them today.

 I trust that you and Louise and
mother are enjoying yourselves
and that things are going your
way. You need not worry
about a new teacher to take
Miss W.'s place. Mr. Reed will
not appoint until I come. I
must try to make the school strong-
er and not weaken it.
Just as soon as I can get
away from Atlanta I shall see
you all and look after
teachers and clerk.
I shall write you from 
Your own,
Will, Papa and Son.

Central Colored High School
JUL 11
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, Ky.

 Letterhead Central Colored High School
Louisville, Ky.
W.B. Matthews
Thanks for
the clippings
Many Kisses
for Louise
and Mother
Tell Mother
I will do
the best I
can for
her house
122 Howell St.
Atlanta, July 12, 1917.
My own dear Joe:-
I am back in Atlanta
and my face is turned toward
all who are near and dear to me.
I reached here this afternoon and
received your very interesting
communication. Thanks for it
and its contents.
I shall send you an exchange
check tomorrow by Special delivery
for $50.00 I was going to do that
if I had not received your letter.
I am going in to see the rent
people and if they have not sent
the check I shall collect and bring
it. I hope to be able to settle the
Insurance also. I shall at least
know more than I know now.
I will write you some definite in-
formation concerning matters to-
morrow night.

 Yes, I will confer with Dr. Palmer
about Louise. I doubt, however,
whether he even kept a record
of his examination. That Exam-
must have been for gym work.
I do not want you to worry -
yourself to the extent that you make
yourself sick and then cause Louise
to imagine something is wrong when
really everything is O.K. I will also 
write you what the Dr. has to say.
Now dear, be as sparing in spending
as you can. I received $184.45. I shall
pay as follows $25.00 Crawford note
$28.00 House rent, $13.30 Insurance to
N.C.M.&P.A. and the Standard Life
and send you $50.00. I have my Lodge
dues amounting to about $10.00 to
pay. I hope to reach home with
$50.00 and the rent if it has not been
sent. You see where I am. Now, be
sweet and don't worry. I am com-
ing to you. Ophelia and Knox send
Love. With much love, I am
Yours Will.

Central Colored High School
W.B. Matthews
July 12, '17
Mrs. O. B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St.,
Louisville, Ky.

 Letterhead Central Colored High School
Louisville, Ky.
W.B. Matthews
122 Howell St.
July 14, 1917
My own dear Joe:-
Before this good hour you have
my special with inclosures. I do
not want you and my other sweeties
to ever be imbarrassed. I trust that
will hold you until I get there which
will next Friday night via the Southern.
I am sending you the Fulton Co. Record
marked. From it you may see that I have
things in shape and in a few days
I shall have my insurance. I am having
some delay but the way is now clear. I
also, this day, had the St. improvement debt
as paid but to Record or Cancelled, satisfied.
Here after, I shall do the thing right.
Now, the next thing before me is the
covering of the house. I am letting the
Renting Agents - Sharpe-Boylston & Day
do the work. I tried all around and
their price ($5.00 per square) was the cheapest
of all. They were willing to do the work and,
collect for it out of the future rents. Now, in
the face of the fact that I had no money I

 let Sharpe-Boylston and Day do the
work. Now, is that satisfactory to you all?
The work will cost somewhere about $100.00. It
may be a little more and it may be a little
less. Whatever it is the bills will come direct.
For this same grade of work Alex wanted 
$7.50 per square. I collected the rent
and will bring it with me. It was $43.64.
Nothing new about here except the death
of Dr. Ponton. He died Thursday morning
and will be buried next Monday at 11:30 AM.
I shall attend the funeral at Big Bethel.
Thanks for the letters and the direction
you have given to others. I had several letters
from various person. Young Mr. Perry wrote
me asking for the vacancy. I shall
not take it up until I reach home. I
must talk with Supt. Reid.
All are well here Ellen, as perhaps you
know is in Chattanooga. I am tired
of being here already. I don't want to be away
from you. Did you get the peaches? I sent
you at least two crates. Hunt said he could
send you the best. Save me some if you
can - otherwise do as you think best.
Love and lots of kisses to you all, I am,
Will - Papa - Son.

 3597E 93rd St.,
Cleveland, O.
June 27, 1916.
July 10, 1916.
To the Principal,
Colored High School,
Louisville, Ky.
Dear Sir:- I am writing to find out if
there is a vacancy in the teaching
staff of the High School. I would prefer
to teach in the Mathematics of Latin
department, but am willing to try any
other subject. I have just received the
degree of Bachelor of Arts and also a
four-year provisional high school teacher's
certificate for Ohio, from the College for
Women, Western Reserve University.
If you are interested in my
application, I can furnish further
details as to my college work and can
also give the names of several professors
who can supply references.
Hoping to hear from you soon, I
remain, Yours respectfully,
Myrtle L. Johnson.

Central Colored High School
5 PM
July 14, 1917
Mrs. O.B. Matthews,
1720 W. Chestnut St.
Louisville, Ky.

Central Colored High School
Aug 9, '22