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no more

Here are some things
that have been
learned over the

Thanksgiving is the best
holiday of the year. 9
Think about it - on
what other holiday is
it customary to sit
around all day, eat
everything in sight,
and watch football?
Stop trying, cause it
does not exist.

Catholic weddings are ‘
longer than any other I
normal wedding could
be even with an
extra l5 minute
intermission but the
reception easily
makes up for it. ‘

By the way, everyone
loves those little

Turning 2l on a Sunday
is great. It can still
be fun and people
still show up (thanks l
to them all), the
problem is getting up i
in the morning. To
my 9 am. teacher -


There actually is a bar
open in Lexington on
Sunday night. It's in
the basement of the ;
Hyatt, I think.

The shot with the name
of "The Three Wise
Men" is very
named. Something
more along the lines
of "The Three Smart
Asses" would be
more appropriate.

Everyone loves to get
the birthday boy
drunk. Even a cop got
in on the free
distribution. And
thanks Jamie and
Holly, but l ran
straight through that
"Stop Light” shot
like a streaker at

Sometimes friends turn
into freaks around
the holidays. There
should be a place to
take these people.
Maybe on a small
iceberg 50 miles off
the coast of some
island in the tropics.
Think about that one
for a second.

Great Aunt Doris just
should not wear a
bathing suit, or so I

Little nephews are great,
especially when they
get taken to the
hotel room when
they get grumpy.
Now i know why
Grandparents love
grandchildren. i
wonder if I can just
skip the having kids

-Ron Norton
compiled by Samantha
Essid/Ron Norton


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4] '4

Cold and sunny.



VOL. 3105 ISSUE #67



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insights into
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Hospital releases infant shot in head

Parents and doctors say ‘God saved her'

By John Wampler


()iin a week and a half after being
shot through the head by a hunter‘s stray
bullet. llrmonth-old .\lcl\'ayla Jones was
released from I'K (‘hildren‘s Hospital yes-

"We'i‘ejiist glad to get her home right
now." said her father. Bobby .loiies.

In a casethat has led many to call her
"Miracle McKayla.” the infant survived a
shot that entered her head on one side and
came out the other.

While McKayla‘s mother. April .loiies.


credited the skill of L'K doctors, she said it
was (lod that saved her little girl.

“They Were his helpers." Mrs, .Ioiies
said of the doctors

With the exception of a scar on the
side of her head. McKayla shows no other
visible signs of her ordeal. and even that is
expected to heal yvith time to the point
yvliere it is barely noticeable.

Mr. Jones said he had not expected
McKayla to be released so quickly. but
there were no complaints. First on the
agenda was to "go home and get some
rest." he said.

|)r. Margaret \i'iiikler. a pediatric

Behind the


By Melissa Patterson

Scott Woodall and several other black-clad I'K students pre
cariously move 11% champagne glasses through the dark between
the stage and the scene shop during a production of"‘l.ight I'p tfie


At lily‘s resident theatre. students working backstage caii
leave lIK knowing that they can find work behind any stage in
the country. Those who choose to becotne a member ofa running
crew should be ready for fast-paced and sometimes gruelling


Many an audience member may wonder. “What really takes
place iii those leyy moments between scenes. when do ly figures

scurry iioiselessly about the stage?"

Stagehands lifting. rolling and flying elaborate scenery and
heavy set pieces to their precise place within strict time limita
all overseen at l'ly' by professor and technical director.

.Ioliii Holloway.

“People get bored and they want to do sotiietliiiig magical."

he said.

Holloway teaches them the magic in a stagecraft class where
students (mostly actors) actually build a set fora IYK mainstage
production among other constructive tasks.

In general. standard build time for the set of any production
can range from two to six weeks. Meanwhile. lighting designers.

Backstage: More
than meets the eye

set designers. costume designers. and the director
collaborate to prepare for opening night.

l'sually. during production. llollowav will hold one
long tech rehearsal where he and his crew set light cues.
sound cues. scene cites. and repair any electrical prob-
lems or other technical difficulties they may riiti into.

The stage manager. second In command. conducts
the chaotic yet surprisingly organi/ed activity backstage.
yy liicli iii a professional theatre consists five basic depart
carpenters. electricians. prop masters. sound
crew. and wardrobe. Holloway said.

Imagine all of these people in addition to stitch-
ers. dressers. makeup artists. and actors all work
in; or iioyei mg III the yy iiigs din ing a liye j)l'lt(ll.‘t




tunic director.
Frances Hodson.



World Trade Organization
urged to consider human and
environmental rights


SPLA’IVI‘IJC The World Trade ()rgani-
zation stumbled at the starting gate of its
week of global talks yesterday when an
thorities were forced to delay opening ac—
tivities four hours for a bomb search.

And while the (‘linton administration
hopes the W'l‘() sessions will showcase the
benefits of free trade. demonstrators tried
to use the meeting to highlight a long list
of grievances against the liifiiiafinn orga-
nization that sets the rules for world trade.

(‘ritics contend the (lenevabased
WT() puts trade promotion goals above
other legitimate interests such as human
and worker rights and environmental pro-

The Sierra (‘lub staged a noisy but
peaceful march in downtown Seattle un-

der the watchful eye of police in riot gear.

At a separate event. radical French
farmer .lose Hove who grabbed interna
tional attention this summer after being
arrested for trying to dismantle a McDon-
ald‘s restaurant in France led a crowd
at a Seattle McDonald‘s in chanting. “No
new round. shut it down." A restaurant
window was broken and one person was
arrested. police said.

Six arrests were reported after envi~
ronmental protesters scaled a giant con»
striiction crane in the downtown area to
drape an antiVVl‘U banner. The Rainforest
Action Network. which claimed responsi-
bility. said in a statement its demonstra-
tors liad cotiie to Seattle “because the
stakes are too high for us to stay at home."

Protest leaders said Monday's activi-
ties were only a warm-up for what is
planned as their biggest event ofthe week.
an :\Fl.-(‘l()-spotisored march by workers
and their families that will coincide with
Tuesday's opening sessions of the WTO

Organizers hope as many as 50,000
people will participate. Some radical





:\l'l()l'.s who must completely change cos
tumes within seconds must learn to it tist the
dressers yy itli their dignity sometimes in
front of‘ everyone working backstage.
an example of the rare atmosphere of

“'l‘he moment when an actor
learns to trust the wardrobe in
son is one fine "\itlil[)lt‘ ofcollz't
oration in the theatre and it is
never boring.” said l'K (‘osr

The Student Newspr at the niversity of entucy

critical care medicine specialist at the hos
pital. said that .\lcl\'.iy la yy ill be i‘t‘llll‘lllli‘J
for a checkup later. but that she yyas being
released because she is able to eat and
sleep and perform other bodily functions
Leaving the hospital. .\lcl\'ay|a seemed

active. grasping and drinking a bottle or

juice that she was handed.

.\lcl\'ay|a will continue to be moni
tored to see ifshe resumes regular :ictiy'i
ties sticli as standing alone. walking and

line concern that still e\isls is the risk
for meningitis. an infection of membranes
surrounding the brain Winkler said that
in any case of‘open head wounds such as
.\lcl\'a_\ la‘s. there is the iitissllilllh of'this



Theatre major Jason Meinnich
(above) and theatre major Ellen
Hagan (left) construct flats in their
stagecraft class.

groups have indicated they will try to
Chain themselves together to block delo
gates from entering the huge downtown
convention center. the main venue for the

Business groups. trying to counter the
demonstrators. were taking out ads on lo
cal television stations touting the econom
ic benefits of trade liberali/ation and inyit
ing reporters to attend various briefings
throughout the week.

The W'l‘ii adjusted schedules for trade
ministers and \\"l‘() officials to listen to
the critical y ieyys of labor. environmental
and human rights groups. Numerous
briefings planned by individual countries
were rescheduled or scrapped altogether.

President t‘lmton's visit to Seattle
where he is to arrive after midnight Tues
day will proceed as planned. said l'S.
officials. who voiced little concern that the
protesters would drown out the adminis
tration's message on the benefits of ey~
panded trade

“The comments that are being made
on the street. and in all sorts of settings.
are good to be heard." (‘ommerce Secre
tary William Daley said.

.\s tar as brain damage is . ont t‘l'll"(l
\i'iiikler said that ii is still my ~ of. It tel!

Her father was t'llllllilf‘ll' tisil ,‘ylt Ivan la
yy ill remain okay.

“She's a pretty tough Iit'ie ;'ii‘l.' ll"

One aspect that the wound illil'lll ll(i\~'
affected was McKayla's vision lioyyeyer
While she is able to see. she is having
some trouble focusing. \‘Ciiilylci sited

However. the [itisslllllllfy of


problems is a large step ayiai from hat
normally would have happened in .i
tion such as McKay Ia's
'She shouldn't be alive," Winklcr sir!
"I think (lod sayed her.” she added. 'I
thinly she was meant to liye for some re.i







.r x .3.
Shy-1".“ amt:

A protester displays her made-up face in Seat-
tle before protesting at the mo conference.





'--<- m ~......_,-...u.....



37—10—550". Nifinaén 39.71999 | KENTUCKY KERNEI.



The Low-down

It 18 not
or a
colle e
preSI ent
who, IS
in mg
as she
did in
burg to
r contro-
versy, ’

Ellzdieth Zinser.
on hiring
Deborah Floyd


Report: deadly medical errors

WASHINGTON Medical mistakes kill any
where from 44.000 to 08.000 hospitalized Ameri-
cans a year. says a new report that calls the er
rors stunning and demands major changes in the
nation's health care system to protect patients.

The groundln‘eaking report by the liistitute of
Medicine says there are ways to prevent many of

the mistakes and sets as a minimum goal a .30
percent reduction in medical errors within five
years. The problem is less a case of recklessness
by individual doctors or nurses tliati it is the re
sult of basic flaws in the way hospitals. clinics
and [)hat'iiiacles operate. the report says.

Northern Ireland gov't

BELFAS'I‘. Nortlierti Ireland ()n a day
many thought would never come. Protestant and
Catholic adversaries on Monday formed an ex
traoi‘dinary Northern Ireland governtnent that
attempts to bring together every branch ol'opinr
ion within this bitterly divided society. The un
preeedented fourparty administration title to
receive powers 'l‘liursday front the British gov
ernment . includes (‘atholics who long vowed

never to accept Northern Ireland's right to exist.
and Protestants just as unwilling to accept
Catholics as political equals.

Wet feet

A passerby wades
through a torrent of
water near Miller

Rain did not create
this watery path to
class, however.
Instead, it was
caused by an out-
side domestic water
line that broke
about 4:30 pm.

The break was 90
percent shut off by
about 5:15 p.m., but
water still trickeled
from the source. UK
physical plant
department said
that they would not
go home until the
leak was fixed. Their
policy is to never let
any job go


The boy who
could see dead
people in 'The
Sixth Sense,’
Haley Joel
Osment has
signed on to
join Kevin
Spacey in ‘Pay
It Forward.’
Based on
Catherine Ryan
Hyde's novel. a
young student
who takes up a
challenge from
his cynical and
teacher: make
the world a bet-
ter place.


Reeves is in
final talks to
star in a
remake of the
1968 film
November.’ The
original ‘Sweet
November' film
Anthony Newley
as a Gotham-
based tycoon
who falls for a
girl (Sandy
Dennis) who
insists on tak-
ing a new lover
each month
because she is

Bradley on world affairs

Ml'lllFURl). Mass. Bill Bradley called yes
terday for immediate talks with Russia to cut nu
clear warheads to even lower numbers than the
(‘linton (lore administration wants. Laying out
his philosophy on American policy overseas.
Bradley asserted: "We cannot give an openrended
humanitarian coiiimittiieiit to the world." In
what aides billed as his first big campaign event
on foreign policy. Bradley took questions from

students at Tufts University Fletcher School of

Law and Diplomacy an anythingrcanhappen
format designed to show he could iiiiiibly address
the nuanced issues of world ati'airs.

Clinton signs 2000 budget

\N'ASHINU'I‘UN President Clinton. alter a
year of quarreling with Congress. got the last
word on the budget yesterday as he signed a
mammoth $300 billion spending plan. He said it
represents progress but leaves some challenges
unmet." The measure earmarked Sm billion for
a seven-year plan to hire 100.000 teachers to re
duce class size in early grades. It also included
$303 million for the first installment ofa program
to hire 30.000 community police by 200.3. Further.
it provided $020 million for unpaid l'.N. dues and
$1.0 billion to implement the Middle liast peace
accord reached at Wye River. Md

Warner-Lambert sues

NEW YORK Warnerl.ambert sued Pfizer
yesterday. seeking to terminate I’tiXer‘s rights to
cormarket and share profits front the blockbuster
cholesterol lowering drug l.ipitor. The pill. ex-
pected to reap $3.0 billion iii 1000 sales. is at the
heart of an $00 billion hostile takeover bid that
Pfizer Inc. launched against Warnerl,ambert (‘o
last month. Warner-l.ambert. the fastest growing
major drugmaker. is seeking to merge with
American Home Products (‘orp.. In a deal valued
at $07 billion.

Pete Rose Starts Petition

NEW YURK Pete Rose is launching an Iii-
teriiet petition and may sue baseball to end his
lifetimi. ban. You can‘t keep a guy from making
a living." he said in an interview with The Asst»
ciated Press. Following an investigation of his
gambling. Rose agreed in August 1080 to a life
time ban from the sport. Rose was in New York
for tomorrow‘s launch of spoi‘tciit.coiii . which
through Jan. l3 will contain a fan petition calling
for Rose‘s admission to the Hall of Fame


defends new

Zinser insists new appointee qualified for
post, handled herself well at former job


Elizabeth Zinser. UK liex
ington campus chancellor.
said she stands by the hiring
of former Prestoiisburg (‘om-
munity (‘ollege President l)eb-
orah 1.. Floyd.

Some controversy has
arisen concerning Floyd. who
stepped down from her job at
P(‘(‘ on the heels of a state au-
ditor‘s report criticizing her
tenure and became the UK
chancellor‘s special assistant
for special projects.

“I've reviewed that and
nothing worries me. I hope we
can put this behind us. People
shtilllil be given an i)[)p()l‘llllllv
tv to be treated fairly and we

should give her the benefit of

the doubt." Zinser said.
Floyd announced her re
tirement from PCC on .June it.

just days after a state report

claimed she asked employees
to run personal errands and
the college was "ineffective”
in dealing with problems on

Floyd. who had been pres-
ident for eight years. denied

the allegations.

“I spent eight years at
PCC and my record of service
was excellent," she said.

Floyd had been on sabbati-
ea] since July I and her retire»
ment took effect November IS.
The Kentucky Community
and Technical College System.
which rims PCC. paid Floyd
$150000 to surrender her
tenure rights and an addition-
al $33000 in severance pay.

Zinser said Floyd respond-
ed to the situation well and
that she is not concerned
about her ability to do her job
at UK.

She started work at UK
Nov. 16 and will receive the
same $96.51? annual salary she
received at PCC. Zinser said.
Her duties include organizing
the school‘s Commonwealth
Bus Tour. a statewide tour for
new faculty members and de»
veloping international out-
reach programs, Zinser said.

Zinser hopes those people
who are not well-informed
about Floyd and her situation
at PCC will not affect her con
tribution to UK during the one
year term.



The author ofthe column “Binge drinking. public intoxica-
tion not funny." which ran yesterday. should have read Jenni

Miller. journalism sophomore.

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”.54.“: (I; -;.~.

Lia-("1‘ m»: - 1';



_..; ”.17... Hi4<~seryw~xyae~ {"4 .»‘- . '~ < 4 =-

‘ 134m











”toms; we.

.. p.

wig»: .t a... .

.~ 13‘ ~45 t.




‘ ”‘1‘—



:DAYIQN 68, UK 66


it? Q :‘
'39 “*7
f film in“ J ‘ v;

jt John Dobson
Asst. SportsDain Editor

Phone: 257 1915 | Email tiuebiiieaiiam ydhdotunl

Cats blow big lead, lose to Dayton

Riverfront disaster: UK upset by unranked Flyers
despite 10-point advantage with 14:32 left

By Adam Spaw

SPdRisniitv EDi’iOR

Ii~ ['K's loss to :\t‘i/otta i‘ep
resettled alt liiii‘llsiti' eoiiapse.
last night's eontest with ilaylon
was a t'ataslrophe

Alterjumpingl out to a {53 1‘:
lead witlt 11:32 i‘t‘lllttllilllfJ iii
the second hail‘. the (‘als tailed
to score a i'ieid goal until Salli
Smith droye iii the lane attd i‘ed
Desmond Allison witlt l:Ii lei‘l
iii the game. rolling liayton‘s
lead to three.

ilK‘s tailed pressing at
tetnpl resulted in a I’Iyers‘
layup to pull Dayton ahead hy
five with 2:5 seconds left. hei‘ore
they t‘ouied Allison's titree
point attempt. The [K sopho
ntore responded by ronneeting
on three of ltis free throws.

A missed end ot'a oneatid-
one hy Dayton witlt seyen lielts
left on the riot'k gave l'ix' one
last opportunity. Saul Smith
drove the length of the court
and found 'I‘ayshault i’t‘inee
standing alone behind the
threepoint are

”I was wide open. the shot
was there." l’l‘int'e said. "i looit
it and i thought it was in I
knew it was in hill it just did
n‘t fail."

l’rint‘e's shot l‘iillltii'ti oil
the hack oi‘ the rim as the
strong showing oi' Ilaytoit tans
stormed the floor.

The It‘iyers' isltiiti win was
highlighted hy strong pertor
titanc-es from its harkeouri, .iu
niot‘ guard 'I'ony Stanley seored
23 points on ti-oi‘lz shooting.
and was S-otlti from downtown.

“'l'hey oulworked its and
outhustieti its in a lot otareas."
said UK head eoal'h 'I‘uiiiw
Smith. "We were outtoughened
today also. especially when
Dayton turned up the pressure
defensively "

Dayton Flyers (68)

NAME mi ig-a 3-pt tt-a rti tp
-- ' l ‘ J t 7 X -1 1
~ 1 ' ’i . i t l

it . 3 t . t

1‘" t i l t' 4

learn 200 7564 721 11-20 26 68

Kentucky Wildcats (66)


NAME ml tg-a 3-pt tt-a to in

l i» ' .~ : i 5 7 t vi
i} t . .3 i: ' a»
v t .t 5 i ‘ . 5 c l i

l g / l . 3 jt x
o , z I 4 .1 o

I . i l. 'i )‘d i ll

‘ ., l." i i: a

. , a : g i 'i , it

. ‘lP c Q ti 0 ‘ .; u l)

talc 1': C0 UC’ l 4
inam 200 20-47243 24-29 28 66
Dayton 68 25-54
Kentucky 66 20-47

The ('als turned the [tail
oyer go [lilies and finished with
ilist eight assists. .‘\ndaithou1_:h
they shot flirt; pereent from the
iieid iii the lust halt oi‘ play.
only JoiBii shots were made all
ter itali’linie.

When asked to explain how
iliS teatti managed to squander
a iii-point seeond hali‘ lead.
point guard Saul Smith said:
"I'm not really sure."

'I‘heiiinior seared 11 points
in ti\(‘l‘ 2:3 Iitlitlllt‘S of play. Sey
erai liiu Illue tans near eourl-
side however. showed their dis
pleasure \\'ilil I'K‘s ringleader

"Saul. go hat-k to intratnu
raisf" one ton yelled.

l’eriiaps the restless tans
sy mhoii/ed the struggling stint
ot' I 'I\"s Iii\slt‘l'itillS oitense.

“It hurts.” Salli Sitiith said.
"We're heen trying to get our
ot‘t’ense in syne anti we just

iuies (‘atnara led the (‘ats
iii St‘lil‘llti.’ with 12. while sopho-





UK coach Tubby Smith, shown exhorting the Cats earlier in the season,
said his team needs someone to step up and take the big shots.

tnore guard .I i’ tieynis
chipped in with a «‘areerrhigi.
nine points. lileyins says hes
team needs to go hat-ii to the
draw mg hoard. otti'e zitiaitl

"We had a lot oi shots.
Blevins said. “Some oi the gut s
need to work on shooting 'tlii
getting the kinks oiil. \\'e w ill
only get iietler with repetition
We should he iitie "

The last time [it started

the season I. 3 was the i‘lil'lttll
season under i\'lt‘i\' I’tlinol iit‘si
\i'ili' prohalion team.

“i thouuht we shot iietler
ithan \ei‘stis .»\ri/.onai. hut we
lost eoiildn‘t hit the iii‘.’ shot.”
roar h Smith \tllti. ‘We were to
ilii\ lipittzitl. We had tipell
ioolyw hill just eouidn't knoelx'
them down. it's plagued its tor .i
lee. games now Someone has to
step tip aitd hit shots "

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SOA Environmental (once-ms Meeting. 6pm. SOA Otlice Rm 120 Stud (tr tall Ber» at 11579811
lor into

Arts. Movies

Senior Recital Helen Vltiello. Bpm. Memorial Hall

Saxaphone Ensembles (once-rt. 8pm. Singietary Rpt ital Hall

light Up the Sky Presented by UK theatre. 8pm Ouignnl lhealre S7 tor Stlidi‘ntS S‘l tor ,i-nin:
citizens and UK empiyees. 31 l (or general public. call 25374929 for in iii-is


lae~Boxing. 5pm. Baptist Student Union

UK Kempo Sell Deiense (tub. 8.30pm. Alumni (.ym loit. iREt'

Special Events

WRFL's "I ocal Show" Featuring Bands. 6—9pm. Student (enter (Jame: oom

(bmedian Frank (allendo Presented by SAB. 8pm. Wnrsiiam theatre tall 257 “(S ioi ticket








Free Math I09 and l2} tutoring. RM 119 Student (enter. Sign tip in advance (all 7 6959 for
more into

Res lite tutoring' Chemistry. 5— 7.30pm. Haggln Lounge

Res lite tutoring French. 4-6pm. (ommons 306

Res Lite tutoring: Spanish. 3—5 300m at Holmes Slutty lounge 8. Sr [pm at Haggiii (omputer lab
Res Lite tutoring' Math. 6— 10pm. Holmes (Iassroom

Res Lite tutoring History 104, 105. 6 30-8:30pm. (ominous 306

Orientation tor Shadowing and Internships. 2 ~4pm. Rm 111 Student Center


thursday Night live. 8pm. (hristlan Student fellowship building (502 (oiiimhta Aye)

Devotion and Lunch. Ime. Baptist Student (enter. St

Freshman Focus. 60m. Baptist Student (enter

UK Lambda. the Gay and Lesbian Student Org Meeting. 7 30pm. Rm Ztl Student center
thursday Night Dinner wtth UK Wesley Foundation. 6pm. 508 (olurnhia Ave 32. First time ire-P
Dinner at the Dorms sponsored by Hillel/Jewish Student Org . 6 15pm Blazer Dining Haii

UK Snowskl Snowboard Club Meeting. 7 30pm. Rm 245 Student (enter

UK Wild Water (ats Meeting. 6:30pm. Rm 123 Seaton (enter

Muslim Students Assoc Meeting. 7 30pm. Rm 159 Old Student (tr


light Up the Sky Presented by UK theatre. 8pm Ouignol theatre S7 tor studi>nts. SQ Ior SPnIl)!’
citizens and UK emplyees.$11 lor general public. (all 757 r492910rillki‘tx

Viola Studio Recital. 3 30pm. Singletary (tr

Saxaphone Quartets. 6'15pm. Student (enter theatre

Amnesty lnernatlonal Film Presentation through the wire 7pm (5 I?)

lntramurals/Rec reation

Ultimate Frisbee (tub Practice. 6—8pm. Band Field


tale-Boxing. 3:30pm. Baptist Student Union

UK Rugby Practice. 6—8pm. (Iub Sports Field

Special Events




the Game Show. 779nm. Student (enter Gameroom

UK Opera theatre Presents Amabl a. the Night visitors. at pr (entrat lihrary theatre call
257-8366 (or times. 2574929 tor ticket Into

Senior Recital James Allen. 8pm. SIngIetary (tr

Degree Recital: Niles String Quartet. 12pm. Singletary (tr

Light Up the Sky Presented by UK theatre. 8pm. Ouignoi theatre. $7 tor students $9 tor senior
citizens and UK emptyees. SI! for general public. (all 3774929 tor tic ths

Magritte and the Surrealists. 5pm. Keoneiand Basement Free to Students oi Front b





UK Ice Hockey vs Michigan State. Midnight. Lexington Ice (enter. S4 at door

Saturda 12/4

(athollc Mass at the Newman (enter (Spin


UK Ice Hockey vs Michigan State. Midnight. lexington it e (enter. S4 at door


UK Opera theatre Presents Amati! a the Night visitors at lex central library theatre ( all
257~8366 (or times. 257-4929 tor ticket Into

Symphonic Holiday Guest Artist (oncert’ UK Jazz Ensemble. 7pm Singlotary Rot Ital Hall
(hristmas (tillage UK (holrsai School 07 Music Fnsemhlm 5 Sotolsts. Rpm. Singlptary (pm Fri

light Up the Sky Presented by UK theatre. 8pm (,uignol theatre. S7 tor students. 89 tor senior




citizens and UK emplyoes. Sll tor general public. tall 257 4929 tor tickets


Ros lite tutoring Eng 101.6.30—9. Holmes Study lounge and (nmmnns ‘40

Res lite tutoring. Spanish. 5-7pm. Holmes (Iassronm

Res lite tutoring. Math. 6— l0pm. (ommons 308A

Res lite tutoring History 108/109. 6—9pm at (ommons 1060 B History 104 105. 2 Spm at
(ommons 306

Res lite tutoring (hemlstry. 5—8pm. Boyd Study lounge

lntramuraIs/Rer roation
Wild Water (ate Roll Session. 5—7pm. lanc aster Aquatic (enter S3 learn to roll your kayak.
reservations requested. (all Ilna at 2S7 5909

Sunday Morning Worship. I lam. (hristian Student Fellowship (50) ( olumhia Aye )
(atholic Mass at the Newman (enter. 0am. It Mam Spm. B mum


Exhibit 0N tH! DRINK. the Milienlum Nears. UK Art Museum. 1275p!»

UK Opera theatre Presents Amahl L the Night Visitors. at lax (antral llhrarv theatre. call
257—8366lnrtimes. 157492910rticki>t Into

the Glorious Sounds 0' Brass at (hristmas UK Faculty Brass Quintet 1pm. Singlotary (nncert

Saxophonlc Holiday Workshop L (omen. 3pm Singlotaw (oncert Hall. (all 7—4929 For tic kots
light Up the Sky Presented by UK theatre 2pm. (,uignol theatre. $7 (or students. 89 tor senior
citizens and UK emplyoes. Sit 'nr aPnPrnI public. call 574979 For tickets







:.,;.5,. ., .

Civil rights

Earlier this month, the
nine black students,
more famously known
as the Little Rock
Nine, who integrated
Central High School
in Little Rock, Ark, in
I957 were honored
with the
Congressional Gold
Medal - the nation's
highest civilian

At the White House
ceremony, Clinton
noted that the
medals came from
Congress. He thanked
the lawmakers for
allowrng the
ceremony to be held
at his preSidential
home due to his
relationship wrth the
recipients from his
home state

“Today, we
the faith

of our
we can.
And we
helped us
to keep it

'President Clinton


On September 4. 1957.
pictured above ~~ the
Little Rock Nine did
not enter the schoot
budding The group
was blocked by an
angry white mob and
the Arkansas
National Guard who
was called out ‘31 the
state's segregattonist
governor. Orvai

On the tollowrng day the
black students made
it inside Central High
but had to be taken
out after two hours

For the next three
weeks they were
kept away until
Presrdent Dwight
Eisenhower sent r‘
Army troops tv
escort the st; ~,.~n
to (HS-s

This pact sumr'w ~ ' .
Parks likewise
received the
Conundrum iii
Medal of How it the
rotunda rt‘ S
{fil‘tliflli‘ w- jib in
7"" W l' 4' "
my,» tnr ' ‘

Parity whim. tt) join up
he" ":i'. ma? '0 :3
Ii.‘ n. padsr-nqev in
V flil;Wt{-t( Ala on
fret “l'll’ltfi’ ', Ta‘i's
“.“F' will; 10d it.

but. ”Tat added

1”, . 'nrj
r”: 1‘ Will-r)"




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Mark Vanderhoff, editor in chief
Gary McCollum, senior staff writer
Natalie Johnson, at-large member

Kimberly Glenn. asst. dialogue editor
Matt Ellison, copy desk chief
Candice Jackson, at-large member
Scott Marchand, at-large member
Lance Pearson, at-Iarge member





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