Cimrcrns J. Tcizcrc, A. M., LL. B., DEAN K
Coonsn or Srunr · `
The course of study in the College of Law is the standard three
year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Laws. The design of
the College of Law is to train the student in the fundamental principles
of English and American common law so as to equip him to practice
his profession wherever that system of law prevails. As most of the
students intend to practice in the state of Kentucky, special emphasis r—
is placed on the decisions of that state, but only as representing the
current of judicial authority or a dissent therefrom. The method used
in all classes is the study of cases, the method of instruction followed
in all the leading law schools of the country. Credit is obtained by
the successful passing of written examinations at the end of each semes- ,
ter, and the student who successfully completes the course is awarded f
the degree of Bachelor of Laws.
Mmrnmzsirir rx Assocryrrox or Amucmclxu Law So11ooLs
The University of Kentucky College of Law is a member of the ·
Asscoiation of American Law Schools, an association which has as its r
object the improvement of legal education in America and the adop—
tion of the highest scholastic standards. It includes within its mem-
bership the leading law schools of the United States. · `_
Ryzomnmiizxrrs or THE Ammzrcixx Ban Assoonxrrori
The American Bar Association in 1921 adopted the following V4
standards for law schools:  
a. It shall require as a condition of admission at least two years
of study in a college.
b. It shall require its students to pursue a course of three years’ '
duration, if they devote substantially all of their working time to their
studies, and a longer course, equivalent in the number of working  
hours, if they devote only part of their working time to their studies. 5
c. It shall provide a11 adequate library available for the use of
the students. Z
— d. It shall have among its teachers a suliicient number giving
their entire time to the school to ensure actual personal acquaintance  
and influence with the whole student body.
As the University of Kentucky College of Law complies with these
requirements, it has been placed on the list of approved law schools
prepared by the American Bar Association.
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