xt7dv40jwt4j https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7dv40jwt4j/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 1942 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, October 1942 Vol.13 No.12 text The Kentucky Press, October 1942 Vol.13 No.12 1942 2019 true xt7dv40jwt4j section xt7dv40jwt4j _. ~.~'r5:3513‘372'3‘7"fight-5:1". ' H . ‘ i ' E ‘ ’ ’Wfi‘
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E Ptctures Pay heir ay 11. ee y apers s l l
M " E- El HE 1
ha The challenge we face today is that BY ALAN C. MCINTosH high pressure contests which left a bad 4 WE 1| EEETEE
EEE editing a paper, whether it be daily or Publisher, The Rock County Star taste in everybody’s mouth. E E-EJEEZEjil
EE‘ weekly, demands more planning and Luverne, Minnesota To give you further case history facts, Ell“, .3 .
E23 forethought than ever before. It isn’t ———=—_ Luverne is a competitive town where llltfll E .
fil enough [0 just COVET the routine news, more classified and I asked my news the opposition paper carries the nota— 333‘: El; EEE fl‘
3 we have to go that extra mile and serve man to take over that job and set aside tion on its masthead-that it is the oldest EE 333E 33E .3
if them up hot, interesting pictures and a day a week. The results have been busmess institution in the county. 3 hill-4E 3 3 .
El features Pictures and features are the wonderful, not only have they brought Upward Reader Trend {Ej‘l 3‘3l".3:3E {El j
j; E spice 0f journalism. 3 . in far more revenue but the want ads, Here is where we gave the first treat- E .3333; 3,31 W
5 We'll grant that traditional 1011th except in a few isolated instances, did ment . . . after a few months we got our .. l Ell IEEE ' 3' .
W items are the life blood of a paper. But not rob us of display customers. May I picture plans underway and started l ,3 ll gt . .
there’s a IOt 0f difference between just suggest to yOu that closer attention be splashing news photos (local photos of 33 ill ‘EI
334; 9’95th and having a slugging type 0f paid to want ads—we have watched our course) in the paper. There wasn’t much 3 ”E'E‘lll" 35-3.’ . 3
\\ E Vitality. And when you have a slugging classified grow from a single column to comment for awhile . . . nobody said 3. 3 EEE 13335133 '
33 type of newspaper you have a medium nearly a page at different times. . “gee, that’s swell” but we gradually 3 flilllll life]: .
3‘1- that attracts readers and advertising. You may say to yourself—now is no sensed an undertow of sentiment toward ll E'lE [SEE/E} .
2 Pictures and features are the “vitamins" time to be thinking of additional ex— the Star. The downward circulation W E llll EE/l ‘
El that make healthier papers—the differ— pense . . . you’re thinking how you can trend slowed . . . then it halted . . . and l Ell/3 . EE’E .3
E ence between just barely living and 113V- cut a corner here and there to save a feW then the circulation index went into re- E EEE 3% E3 El“ -'.
EEE mg a real personality. dollars. But you’ve overlooked that verse for a steady climb. 5 w l Elli} ll' 1
EEK Don’t Be a DEW]? there is one big source of revenue left We mustered up our courage and 10p- E 355' ' l3; _
El 3 I think the editor who resorts to pub- which most of us aren’t exploiting for ped off some of the deadbeats . . . and 5 l EE' j .l .
s3 lic1ty filler to fill up his columns is short half of what is rightfully due us — and then the newsstand sales started to E Wl3 3 3.33 W
El Changing himself and his readers. I’m that is circulation. I think, through piC- jump. One drug store that formerly or- E llll 3‘3’33E 333
”E: amazed at the clutter of propaganda tures we can make them pay their way— dered 10 papers a week, and probably I ' E El .EEEEEH‘
EE that HOOdS the mails—and yet judging not as an expense — but to prime the returned five of them, kept steadily in- W EEEE 3E
31* 3_ ErOIn the amount of suckers that use it— pump for a big 1- e v e n u e increase— creasing its order . . . to 20, to 25, 30, '5; E3; ,3"
3 it can’t altogether be called waste. through greater circulation return. now they sell at least 40 a week . . . and El 2323-“ "El
They’re Short circuiting publishers out Pix Get Subscribers have sold as many as 75. Another store , 3 EE .l’El, El l
W 0f the 0H1): commodity they have to sell I think the facts will bear me out and used to order five . . . and probably sell ~ H3153"
and thats white space. We throw all if you will bear with me I will tell you two . . . now their standing order is 20. 3 3 IE‘ 3 3-13.33
iW the PUbliCitY the 5211116 way—into the the Story of the Rock County Star—as a Another store started out with two pa— .3“! E3 ’ :qu
\E Waste baSkEt and forget it- sort of clinical case history to illustrate pers, then jumped to five, and now are E ' ; 3E3?
. Boost Classified what I mean when I say ”Pictures Pay ordering ten a week. 3 E3 E “E ;
; 3 A year ago our classified column was Their Way.” Now don’t_thmk It was easy to get the 3],; ;;E=‘j E5.“ luE
running about the average for any When I bought that paper, 21 months pictures mlling. In addition to news 3. 3 35 3; l5
34 weekly, from 10 to 20 inches of want agO, it was just an average paper, with pictures we added what I thought would 3 l1 -
ads each week. I decided we should run the reputation for regular circulation be an excellent feature . . . a Cook’s Cor- 3 33 3'3; E3‘ . ‘ i, 3. 3 "
' .1 r5; “ .E: I “
E ‘ ' ??lll'.‘ .‘l t
i v - I.’

 ' ‘ 1’ 1 z .4.»
' t Page Two THE KENTUCKY PRESS October, 1942 Octo
1‘ i 1
,1 1 ner featuring the picture of a local we are running a “Land, Sea and Air” newsman was selling reprints for 25 L or two b1
' 1 woman each week with her prize recipe. full column containing letters and news cents . . . in a case where the suit was ’ will say, .
l J I knew it was sure fire but it was like about Rock County boys in the service. for $20,000 damages. That’s like letting news mi
1 ’ . pulling teeth to start. The women want- Those early pictures are invaluable be- a burglar handle your cash register. Ac- On tht
‘ V ed their picture in but they didn’t want cause now we can sprinkle the individ- cident investigators and lawyers expect that isn’t
; ~ ’ to be the first to start it. We had to fight ual cuts in with the various items. to pay from if?) to $5 for each accident a fair jot
like the dickens to get each picture and Get Rig/it Pictures print they buy. 1 of the o
f I would hate to tell you how many Some of you say you have tried pic- No Mugs—No Brides l with the
3 times I drove 20 miles to get just one tures . . . that they cost you money and If you run “mug” shots you’ll spend inches wj
; l Cook’s Corner Picture . . . getting stuck that they failed utterly to do a job for your picture and engraving money more thai
‘1 3 in snow and mud roads. I was ready to you. There’s a right way and a wrong thinking you’re doing a good job and So if t
" i 1 toss the whole idea overboard. At first way to do it. And I think too many then wonder why your expenditure ie- ‘ paper me
I thought it was sure fire. have approached the picture problem sults in nothing more than the sale ofa go it 1 _ ,
‘ Here’s the way it works now. Two backwards. few extra copies to that particular in. i items and
1 3 women will come iii—one ostensibly to There’s a formula, as definite and fix- (lividual. . length. p
} g pay her subscription. After we get all ed as a formula in a chemical labora— “7e don’t spend a nickel on an obit- more fea
l l through writing the receipt, etc., the tory, for good news pictures. Several uary or a bride cut-we never use them and that
1 OTHER WOMAN will venture, “you years ago I was out on assignments for unless we happen to have a shot that we as news.
1 ‘ ~ ought to get Mrs. Jones’ recipe for Life magazine with Otto Hagel, one of can use from our morgue. All rig]
3 Strawberry Shortcake, it’s simply de— their noted photographers. I suggested “7e don’t run brides’ pictures. Itake1 for a min
i ‘ licious.” what I thought would make a good pic- the position that if we can’t run them tion price
1: .1 We ask Mrs. Jones and she agrees, af. ture. all, we won’t run any. The girl across ‘ lish yours
1 ter the proper amount of polite reluc- “No,” said Hagel, in his broken Eng— the tracks has just as much right to have as a $1 or
I f = 11 tance. We shoot her picture. Then as lish, shaking his head, “it’s a ‘1ting,’ peo— her picture in your paper as the girl on or four in
. l . 1 she puts on her coat to g0 she adds, as ple don’t want to look at ‘tings,’ they Blue-Plate H111 . . . and the creation of you won’t
a seeming after-thought, “oh, you want to look at people.” asoc1ety set for your newspaper columns ‘ culationi
f i should have Mrs. Smith give you her And there is the formula by which 15 a dangerous Frankenstein. I er expensi
f . recipe for oatmeal cookies—they are the you can get better pictures. Don’t take Beautiful Tragedy Isn’t it
f finest you’ll ever taste.” So we go pictures of “things” . . . but of people. I was out of town one day last sum? price and
1: :j through the same routine again, “will They can laugh at me all they want mer and came back and found the whole With lesSi
f1 ‘ you? etc., etc. . to cut the story short. but wait until I can find a chance to force standing out front _ _ _ I thought of prec10t
if: g . . . the Women go out . . . they’ve paid crowd 30 or 40 faces into one picture. “when the boss is away — everybody g“ along
l f their subscription, they’ve had their piC- If you haVe to take a picture of a “ting,” plays.” And then they told me to hurry A
l tures taken for the Cook’s corner, we’re have somebody standing in the picture in and develop some films. It seems It shouj
.1 1 g happy, they’re happy, everybody’s hap- —to give a little action or interest to the there had been a terrible tragedy inzi,1l of our cii
‘ py and I’m convinced they “planned it inanimate object. Forty people in a pic- two-way crash a short time before , ..i straight (
f 1 that way.” ture mean 40 families who can hardly three men killed in the crash. Our1 cut price
;11 1 1 Honor 75-year-olds wait to see how their picture turned out. newsman heard about it but had no car There We
: Another feature we added (in fact When you hear of an accident . . . so the whole shop, I guess, just locked: walked, 0]
f ‘ we stole it from Paul Smith at Rock jump out and try to beat the sheriff to up and “helped get there.” 1 t to subscri]
.3: , Rapids) was the Diamond Club. It’s the scene . . . have your camera ready 1H1e’d never seen a dead man before "lg . . . and i
f: not new . . . Fred Hill runs it I know, and waiting (don’t be like the foolish his life . . . and he wasn’t too sure10ffh€g aged one :
. 1 for one. In this we honor all the resi- virgins with their untrimmed lamps) camera. In his excitement and1his tlIll'1 the year.
f ' i , , dents who are over 75 years (if age. Then because the difference of a few seconds idity in the face of death he did evetj-g for themSt
1 l we sent out a nice certificate in recog- may spell the difference between an or- thing backwards. But did he get {1191 1:0,. the
nition of their many years of service to dinary shot _ . . of just a wrecked car . . . pictures? I 11 say he did—from the st211n11’1 have tak e1
Tl I the community. It was a terrible thing and one that holds the reader’s atten- pomtuof photpgraphic perfection “iii [am more
to get started—they wanted to be in— tion. Don’t be afraid to run the shock— were1 beauties ——an odd term to use ellf first six 71
1 just like the housewives—but they were ers -— they may be gruesome but they describing a tragedy. And a half (10151 i Income ft
if reluctant to pose for a picture. From make people talk about your paper. midwestern dailies, including {If/:7 kl 1942 is ji
the standpoint of building a morgue it’s Just one wordtof caution. Never let Paul Pioneer Press, the Omaha (1:611 Was for th
1 invaluable and you’d be surprised how go of that negative of an acc1dent pic- Herald used them. But he has [ad is‘ But eve
1 j j much early, priceless, pioneer hiStory is ture—don’t sell it or release it from your all that work from1 my shoulders an f. sideshow t
‘ jgff 11. unearthed _ _ 1 which leads to future possess10n or you may be in for real bringing back a picture every time. I ing. D0111
: ‘ controversy and new stories, and a great trouble if you ever have to go to court -. Back 10 Dollars ' Competitiv
fg deal of the biographies of pioneers are as a witness. But let’s go back to the dollars and have the fi
truly inspirational. That will be one of the first questions cents side of the case history of the R015" running a
‘ i. We made it a practice to shoot every th1€y Will ask—1f you 1113‘? had that neg- County Star as regards the value 0f PL: tlllres and
g 1 group of selectees that left for the army at1ve1in your P05565510“ and COhtl‘Ol 311 tures, news pictures. When fihY°101 igllar wor
. . . . taking care not to put too many in the [llhe- wants to subscribe, for the first timelithl 1YStest ar.
, . one picture so that afterwards we could Don’t overlook the accident shots as the Star I usually challenge them W111 ‘31 knows
‘ if. ‘ saw out the individuals from the big cut an important source of revenue, don’t the question, “why do you want [0 [lief to tell hii
i if and use them separately at a later date. handle them cheaply or casually. One the Star?”1 Most of them Will “11111111 --.he car
i :11 That policy is paying dividends because Iowa publisher discovered that his around With the question for :1 rm“ f eh bEfore
fl ‘4 .
f . ’l'. 1‘ ’1 1

 . i . 1
~ "'31" .!=‘1
. ~ “3 t 1:
' ~i 1::
12 , October, 1942 THE KENTUCKY PRESS page Three 1,2 1,111, . .
. '1 !
i .3" 3131' x
’or 25 1 or two btit sooner or later most of them the advertising bulge will go every time get some trucking company to haul 1 . 11 31.1,
it was will say, . well, I guess the Star has more to the paper carrying the pictures. them free, as a patriotic duty, that will 5.1...31’111 11 '
letting neWS in it.” . ______________ be fine. If it is necessary to send them '11 1.1.3", ""1
T’ A0 On the ba51s Of total news COhmmS collect, we will pay the freight charges. ‘ "'1 1111.1".
eitpect that isn’t true (although I think we do Take Care of Your Equipment Please send promptly.” 1 1911' 1
:c1dent a fair job of wringing all the news. out Not on] . fr th . We hope that state editors will com- . [.1 111,111? 1 ;
.3 of the county). The other pubhsher el' . . 1 0m e sav1ngs angle Of ply with Mr. Marshall’s urgent request. '1 111M111"- if
3 with the same amount of advertising lmmatlhg costly breakdowns, delays, 1 11151111"
spend inches will run from two to four pages and repiurs, bUt from the self-preserva- ———_‘—————'——————-— ' 1 '11:} 11 '1 ’
money more than we Wth- _ . Egmlcggtgirquf keeplngksorneihing on hand Archie Frye, Jr., Named 1 11.11 1" 1
lb and So if the people thlhk that 2' hlgget - e -0 W01" “.lt 1’ hqumem 'Editor of Somerset Journal ‘ 3"" 113""
Jre re- ' paper means more news then we haven’t fare ’5 becomlng increasmgly important. _ 1 31.113111: 11
16 ofa go it . . . although I think we’ve more 'ts patrlotlc, tOO‘ The country needs Archle Frye, In, associate editor 0t 1 :1 1113.31:
lar in- , items and our stories are about half the your newspaper and your printed pro- The Somerset Journal for the past five 11’ 1111111
- length. But we do knkow that we have ducts, and It needs the manpower, trans- years, was named managing editor 0t 1 1111133111 .
r1 0bit— more features and more pictures . . . portation, and material that would be that newspaper this week by Mrs- Cecil "3’" "’1'111111'13
3 them and that is what your subscriber regards iequired ’0 make replacements m your T' Williams. 1 ‘1 "1 311’ "1*
hat W"? as news. plant. _ The son of Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Frye, 1"1111 1 '1
All right—look at the facts backward Clean and 0’1 your presses. ' ' Take 0t Somerset, M1" Frye attended grade ‘ "1"
I take, for a minute. You can cut your circula- care. Of your rollers: ' ' Keep your llne— SChOOla graduated from Somerset High i 11: 'i3 1
1 them tion price in half and for all time estab- casting machine Sh’p shape, especrally SChOOl and attended Georgetown C01‘ ’ 1 "1 511,1}
across‘ lish yourself in the minds of the people spacey—bands f‘nd brass matrlces. ' ' If lege. He had several years experience 1 '3’ 1"11’ 1.
10118“? as a $1 or $11.50 paper. You can run two theie sanythmg wrong Wlth a mat, get on Georgetown papers before returning 1” 3'1""11 '
girl 011 or four more pages each week. And Still It repaired at once; 9.5% 0? all damaged to Somerset and has been The Courier- ’ ‘ 111111” ".
tion of you won’t smash as hard in gaining cir— matrices can be reclaimed 1f attended to Journal representative for the past three ,1” 111 1133:"
glumns culation income as you will by the small- before further use makes the damage years. He writes the Southeastern Ken- 1 1,1 3 .121
7 er expense of using pictures. irreparable. . . . tucky column that appears in the Louis- 1‘1 ' 1.1131
Isn’t it cheaper, then, to get your full 1 Your 1owly proof press and ’h? brier “he newspaper each Sunday. ‘ 1,1 1’1 ’11111
st sum? price and be able to run fewer pages, [1616?“ 1’ your typewriter, your StOCk He 15 an excellent all-around newsa ' 1 "111'
awhole with less mechanical cost, to say nothing :ui’él’ glad f 13:1 “(1’1th . the. cutter paper man, progresstve and well quali- , I3 1,111 '
hought of precious newsprint than it is to try to my es, . 0 Hi es? and evefryfhlng 61515 fied for the POSItIOh to _WhiCh he has . 3 1111 1131113, '
:rybody get along without pictures? 111mg? your 0 1:6 “a” Is us: u 1:11:11 pil- been named. Mrs. Willlams Will also '3' 1 1",1 "111’11 3
) hurry N0 High. Pressure Stufi 1-1a .61 mu“ eh protecteh. .1111) t e devote much time to management 0t 11131 11’1" ’
seems, It should be 111211‘ v " 1 ’ I ll 8.091161 we start t e more t ere e to The Journal. "11‘" ’11" 5
' (e CI) 1) am tiat a sa\e. ,1, ,1. .1 _
1)’ "”1 Of our circulation income results from By the way, save you. ink cans .00; —————————————————— 3' 1,1 11351,", '
rte-u sta ' ’ '. - 1'13'1-3.
. .5.at:1::“2:i:..3::’33:.: ’fiié‘iif.’...§§f 3a taaamaaa New 0... ~ ,1 313": 3.
no car Th . . ’ ;g ‘ 1e tu es, too, 0 the more Smgle Szmplzfied Certificate Procedure : ,1 "11.; "113.1 "31 - »
me were, in 1941, 266 people who expensrve colors, are Just as useful as , 1 :1" .3“ 13:? .
locked: walked, or wrote, in unsolicited last year the widely sought toothpaste tube. In order to simplify local board pro— 32’ .1 ,1111' " ’
' , to subscribe for the first time to the Star cedure in filling out tire rationing forms, 1 3’ 11111 "1 ’
atom": . . . and to date in 1942 we have aver- ________T______ OPA has consolidated present procedure 1: ""1 .
3.0111“? 1 aged one new subscriber for each day of Newspapers’ Further A'd {451C661 into a single simplified form. On the ’ " 1. , 1111 ".31 .
"115 “n", the year. Who says pictures won’t pay I" Key Kollectzon Kampazgn new form (OPA Form R-2, Revised) ’, 1" "1/‘1 ’
l etv’ilie for themselvesr John Marshall, Louisville Paper Com- part -B must be endorsed by persons us- 1 ,E’f1 1.1}. .
ge d-’ For the first three months of 1942 we pany, state chairman for the Key Kol- 1ng It to replenlsh stocks. Purchasers 1111 ”7111’".
e smile , have taken in almost two hundred dol- lection Kampaign, is requesting further from mail order houses are net required .31 111 11 1 ’-
m 21,111 lars more than we took in during my hell) of Kentucky newspapers in send- to deliver 01d articles at time of pur- ’ i .31 ’11” ," '
"flflsozw" 153:: szx fmonths in business. And our ing the collections to him at Louisville. chase..- . _ 1 ’ 111 11.." .
the SI. 1942111? .or the first three months of Editors are asked to get in touch w1th .1 [h hhe Wlth _OPA lPOhCY t0 decentral- 111.1 ,, 1,,-_
World was f 01: tJfilst about $1200 more than 1t the school authorities in then respec- ”e administratlon, “at agency has an— 1 ,11 31 ' 1,3 -
5 taken 6 same period last year. tive counties and help make arrange- nounced that enforcement powers over 3 3 111; 11,11 _
nd ,5. _ But even circulation income is still a ments to ship the keys at once. Mr. Mar- gasoline rationing regulations have been 3&1 1 1
sac 1 §ldeshow to the main event . ' . advertis~ shall states: delegated to regional off1c1als. In mak- 11 13' , 111)
lm’ . ”’3' DO YOU Sllppose that if you are in a “I have been requested to get all of ing the delegation 0f power to branch .. 1t’tlt
, competitive situation, or even if you these keys in promptly and to make offices, OPA also OUthhed procedural ’ "‘1 ,
ars 2101 have the field to yourself, that if you are shipment the latter part of next week, hlethOdS to be followed. 3115'? ' '15
he R0,“ rufining a live paper, packed with pic- so you will know that very prompt ac- Widespread illicit use of ration cow 1 "' ,‘E ’fffw
gofplc' tures and features that the advertising tion is necessary- pons has been reported and if the ra- : ‘ 51
anyontt dollar won’t gravitate to vou first. The “The keys can count as tonnage in the tion coupon banking plan proves satis- 1 ." l 1 a.
time/1'1"? firstest and the mostest.”lThe advertis- contest, but should not be turned in factory, it will be an auxiliary instru- 1 . ,1 11.11, 3
3mw111: er kHows the score . . . you don't have With the other scrap metal. To the con- ment in a general tightening of control ~‘ 11" 1,5113. 1
1’011111 to tell him about a circulation trend trary, all keys collected should be sent over the coupon system which will be 1.‘ '1 3 ll
inf“ ,6, '3-h6 can sense a reader preference ev- at once to the Louisville Paper Com- exerted with vigorous prosecution of 3:1 1 1;“ _.
mm” 1 en before you realize it yourself. And pany. If the newspapers or schools can violators. .3 :1 1.,1 .
’ ,1" "3’ it "1“ ".
.. ’ - 4:"

 ,3. .3 ~ . .. : : :;:::-';.‘:-‘-“:-‘.:':-'I:-:: tiff?'3'2’i‘ijf'f'Ifi*";f:;:f:§=:}:1:73,“
. ; ‘tf .
: .3 , i
I' l
., 3 i Page Four THE KENTUCKY PRESS October, 1942 Octobe
. 1 L i
‘ he tain the- answer to this question. The such liquor may be lawful either ill 1. manner an
. ‘ _ ' . a . ” . s
. . ansiwer is newspapers can print liquOi 01 out of the state. . law m thlS
' ? ent : 38 an beer advertismg. It.is my opinion that no Circular may (Signed)
4 i _, . According to the Kentucky Statutes, be distributed in dry territory oilering 01‘ ‘
» . Section 255413.19 (new number 242250), advertismg the sale of intoxicating .
l ' Oflicial nggtilonogiagglxentucky concerning Local Option Law, cited in 11011101:- Neither may any roadside sign. A similai
. . ‘ full in the following opinion, only deal- P9?“ gr handbill be displayed or dis- , siStant Att
‘ Victor E. Portmann, Editor-Publisher els and distributors are prohibited to “‘1 Ute _ 01 set up In any dry territory Carlos B,
,, . . . ,, .
: distribute handbills or posters, w1th advertlsmg SUCh 119110” for sale. Inc, concer
l' i Printed On The Kernel Press, Lexington newspapers expressly excluded from this However, I believe that the Act ex- beer adevr
‘, ‘ ‘ _—————.—_— _ prohibition. cludes advertising of a general nature, counties on
' j 3 Kentucky PreSS Association Officers The statutes dealing expressly with such as advertisements appearing in Logan also
’ ~ . r , or to - . . . ,
‘ HWY Lee wate‘flem $381335“ 0° Gaze” m 1‘ liquor (and beer) regulations, Section IIEWSpaperS 0f general Circulation —-—-
1: Vance Armentrout mrgsgngtwwmalv ““15"” 2554b-164 (new number 244.130) read, throughout the state 01‘ the tetritOl‘)’ i Cecil Thur;
i1 Victor R. Portmann ,___i......___ u. of Kit. Lexington “ (1) Advertising . . . must conform with which includes dry territory as well as Cecil Th
ii ‘2 Secretary-Treasurer re ulations of boards and 2 sub wet territory '
y 1 District Executive Committee g ' ' ' ' ( ) ‘ _ ‘ , _ publisher 0.
f: J. Curtis Alcock,Advocate-Messenger’GDanvgle’ (Sme‘ SCCthn (1) ‘ ‘ ' Shall 110': thlblt ad' In 30 American Jurisprudence, 132% 1909 and
3 1 t-l , h irm n; First, Joe La ore, un— emo— , ‘ - ~ . _ . - . . a
, firstlrgiaeiauiaii; Saecond, Tyler Mumford, Union 00. veitismg in newsPapeis, magazmes or seem“ 69’ 1 find [1115 language niissionel‘ ft
‘ gfg‘gfifjée Iii-$55,333:? Third, 5°“ H- H°agla“d’ periodicals havmg a general Circulation In several statuteS, statutes have the St Jose
3 . Courier-Jolirnol, Louisville; Fourth, Joe Richardson, among regular paying subscribers or pa- been enacted forbidding persons to ‘ at the a e
.1 ‘ Times, Glasgow; Fifth, Frank C. Bell, Trimble Demo— . ,, d y. “t' . t . . 1. f . i g
z ' crat, Bedford; Sixth, Fred B. Wachs, Herald-Leader, [1 0115- '51 VCI 156 ill 0X1C3~Ung lqllorS 01 hospital OC
‘. I‘ Lexington: Seventh, W. W. Robinson, Herald, Paints- _ , ._ . I 7 _ . ' '
s, f ville; Eighth, T. T. Wilson, Log Cabin, Cynthiana; .Also th‘?” ale no CPU“. cases dealing sale. _SUCh enactments are a valid i011 operatic
‘, ‘ Ninth, H. A. Browning, Whitley Republican, Williams- directly w1th newspaper liquor advertis- exerc1se 0f the POhCC power 0f the well when
. i . 3. burg; State—at—large, Chauncey Forgey, Independent, . a K t k d St’lte 11111 i Vi f F 1 1 1 . ' .
‘: Asmand' ing. en uc y newspapers can, accor - . ‘. s c ( 11 cw 0 es era egis- condition t
.i Legislative Committee ing to the statutes, print liquor adver- latIOh, they are llOt SUbleCt to 0b‘ worse
Tyler Muniord, Union 00. Advocate, Morganfield, - - . - ~ . .7 . . . _ . . ~. -
i chairman; George A. Joplin, Commonwealth, Somerset; “Slug even ll] dly terrltory- JCCthl’l as Intel feience Wlth lntfl \ For Inani
3 . -, Th . 7' ' - - _ ,. n , ' .
i ~ arthritis?arziafiaiirarrrira.d, iiiii “ 111mm F- N61“, Assam Mower “are commerce _ iusmess,
. Go. News, Scottsville: Henry Ward, Sun—Democrat, General, has forwarded the following However, an advertisement of the comm,
'3 Paducah‘ 0:30:32afgxi‘i’gftnioifi‘ESS opinion under date of October 27; intoxicating liquor in a newspaper i shock to r
1 ‘ S e . . . . . .
ll ‘ ;, Mrs. Lee spaidmg, Kentucky Standard, Bardstown, KPA Secretary Portmann: Circulated in prohibition territory thousands (
,i' , ‘ chairman; J. LaMarr Bradley, Enterprise, Providence; - .’ . Y _ _ _
if ‘ Mrs. John S. Lawrence, Record, Cadiz; Miss Lillian Your requeSt Blade t0 JUdge Roy L' 15110} ‘IOIau‘e _Of_ [11.6 Statums [01‘ state.
= .l Richards, Russell Co. Banner, Russell Springs; Miss McFarland, a member or the Alcoholic bidding the solic1tation of orders Mr Will
. i ‘ , Jane Hutton, Herald, Harrodsburg. B e C t l B _ d h b , ,, '
l Kentucky Press Women’s Club (3V rage on 1‘0 oal , as 6611 rc- ' ' ' . ' Ml‘. and M
i 1 Miss Mary E. Hutton, Herald, Harrodsburg, President: ferred to me for answer. Further, in the same volume American ' born in Mt
i I Miss Mildred Babbage, Breckenridge News, Cloverport, . . . . . . ~ 1 . ,~ g .
,1 ‘ ; First Vice President; Mrs. .1. 0. Young, Journal, Dixon, You 35k what kmd 0f advei tlsmg 15 glurlispiudence, page “2’ SCCUO“ 295:“ lhe family
.1 Second Vice President; Mrs. Mary Henderson Powell, )I'Ohlbl 'n . , . ’ 1 . n( this 111-1 111 (32 i
ii Record, Steam-is, Third Vice President; Mrs. J. R. 1 mg 1 d1} teiritory indel the ‘ g (g . . .. and to Somi
1;, : ‘ Wallace, Advertiser, Walton, Recording Secretary; local option law. Section 2954b-19 of “A statute forbidding the 501151. newspaper
i1 1“ M' U 1th Lucas, Inde endent, Maysville, Corres- .. v ‘ - . . . .
.l ‘ ‘. polifnngr Secretary; Mrs,pJ. L, Bradley, Enterprise, Caiiolls Kentucky Statutes, 1936 Edl- tatlon, by circulars, oi orders {01 purchased
, : tion, prov1des: liquor, is violated by the distribu- the younge:
”It shall be unlawful for any per- tion of a memorandum book con- time. Two
i , NATIONAL EDITORIAI son, while representing either the taining matter designed to persuade i Somerset Ii
‘ peg! ASSOCIATION buyer or seller, to distribute, solicit people to buy liquor of the distrib- . two papers
j “I???“ - I / or receive contracts, proposals or or— utor, this being in conformity w1th erset Journ
1', ders for the purchase or sale of any the View, generally that legislation Soon his
3 ‘ intoxicating liquors, or to distribute relative to the distribution of or his chosen
m, any hand bills or posters advertis- culars regards their substance and years he sei
: ' MEMBER Simig ing the same in local option terri- not their form,” ,‘eCUtiVC Cc
3 W’ " tory. Each act of distributing, solic- Although I find no cases in Kentutklj Press Assoc
K i T UCKY PRES iting, or receiving contracts, propos- directly on the point and involving the Cd presiden
1 AT] ON als or orders as denounced herein, statutes set out above, the notes mide Sel‘ved as St
is , ASSOC and each day in which advertising herein from American JuriSprudCflCc Editorial A
, ii. ““"”“’ ""“RY' ”‘9 matter is distributed, shall consti- are copiously annotated and these stiite- officially l‘(
i:‘ ‘ P_________—.—_ —.____ . . -, .
3, tute a separate offense; prOVided ments above appear to be the genelflll gflhlzatlon:
3E3. » * Volume Thirteen, Number Twelve that nothing herein shall be con- rule. ventlons.
. _________.___,_ strued to prevent any distiller or In conclusion, it is my opinion [11?“ F’Tlter, an('
)1? . ' 3 ’ ' . '~ 3 ’ ~ ~ , _‘ advertls' 1‘6 uen
1,, Kentucky Newspapers Can Prmt manufacturer thll'itO);lcatll’lg lfiq cliculars,bhaqdbilli, 110'1(l91'de.1 melll' “V416 tlY
, . ~ , '1 t ’1 in 51 n oarts an otier 51ml ar com
5:. Liquor And Beer Advertisements “9“} or any aut 01m“ (gen 0 ‘ g, g , , (, . .y are ) . P
i; distiller or manufacturer, or whole- ods of advertismg in dry territOI) . 101m. Alv
W ith 58 counties 0f the State dry by sale dealer from making contracts prohibited under our law. HOWEVC'I’1 the Strong
‘ local option, the question has been rais- of barrels, case or package license in advertising in newspapers of general “I” They were
['1 ed, “Can newspapers print liquor and any such territory where their dis- culation, and this must be bona fidti thulking oi
, ii ,, beer advertising in local-option dry tilleries, breweries, wineries, or advertising, is permitted. l exemplary
* . . . , v - - .
‘1 counties?” Your Central Office was re- warehouses are located to be ship- Understand that these are 0111)’ mi! Umtributio
iii. ‘ quested by several publishers, to ascer- ped into territory where the sale of views in the matter and are not 111 ml When ti
.1 I
' ii i
‘ 3.2.1 ,i‘l '
l i 1,‘;‘ l ‘ . ‘
. 2 _

 1 ‘ ;; 1 11
1 I L 1
2 October, 1942 THE KENTUCKY PRESS page Five 11‘ 131 111
‘ . . . 11 1 :
1111 1- 111anner an ofhcral expression of the partment was created he was appointed traffic particularly were his enemies. .1 ' "1 €111 1 1 .'
law in thls state. Commissioner by Governor A. B. To prove that {this type of journalism 1 . '1 13 111‘1
rmay (Signed) Chandler and entered upon his duties paid, the Vanceburg Sun, at the time 1161131111111
mg 01' WILLIAM F. NEILL, May 1, 1936. He had served continu- bought it, had around 600 names on the 1 1111-1111
eating Assistant Attorney General ously in that office until the time of his mailing list, hardly any paid up. VVith- 1 1 111111
tsign, A similar opinion was given by \s- death, having been reappointed by Gov- out a single campaign he brought the 11311111111111
rr dis-