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minutes of


University Senat
cVey presiding.

, _
:18. .f' C

met in White Hal Monday,

h 18 were read and approved.

following recommendations of the Committee on Duplication

of Courses were approved:

F W'





History 10a and 10b - History of the Americas. Three hoursa
week; three credits.

\History 106 - History of Latin America. Three hours a week;
three credits. (Changed from.lO7a,h)

'jHistoryrlze ~ The

Old South. Three hours a weekzr three credfia


Chanred from 125a=b.

Graduate Seminars.


and cooperative attacks

dates for advanced degrees,
of which are to be written out and presented orally before the grmw
for discussion and criticism.

(The graduate seminar is open only to omni-
It requires extensive study, the remflts

A survey of the sources of informafipm

on typical problems constitute the normalprm

American Revolution. Two credits




Federal Convention BE 1787. Two credits



Origin of the Great War. Two credits



American Civil War. Two credits



cedure. Two hours credit.)
5 History 202. The
J ~\History 203 ~ The
F. 'AHistory 220.~ The
3%? 7 \History 255 ~ The
3 “History 266 e The

Reconstruction of the Union. Two credits


”Political Science
3“ semester-

3 . . .
Political Solence

.202a,b. Scope and Method. Two credits eadl

203a,h a Public Administration. Two credifi


each semester



Romance Languages


(These courses


’Ancient Lansuages
three credits.




Art Appr


“Art 19a,b « Art Structure for Architects.


f‘Pol'rf'tcc; bg‘.gn¢0_104— In—ternJIOHmk Org. ~ lC—rs-
“ 'tPolitical Science 205 — Freedom of the Seas. Two credits
\fi 0 I l
nomance Languages 8 , Phonetics. Three credits

g" ~ Phonetics. Three credits
will succeed the present course R- L. 8 ’

French Phonetics)

122; Greek Literature in English Translafiom
TW0 credits eachsems‘

eciation for Architects. Two credits.


April 8, ‘











_ 5835‘



Senate, Apr. 8,


‘Psycholggy e w Mental Hygiene and :ersonal Adjustment. Two credits

Administrative Law —
hours a week

Freund's Cases Administrative Law ~ Three




=jThe Administration of the Criminal Law.“ Keedy's Cases on Admin~
istration of Criminal Law. Two hours a week.


The following recommendation of the Graduate Council was approved:

”As an alternate to the present requirement for the master‘s
de ree the following plan be provided, to be optional with the depart-
me ts



”The completion of 45 semester hours of graduate work with an

average standing of B or better and no requirements of a thesis, the
residence reouirement to be three semesters. Both plans to involve
the successful passing of an oral examination.”

The Men's Student Council submitted the following new constitu-
tion, which was approved;



We, the men students of the University of Kentucky, in order to
secure and maintain an effective organization of student government
in accordance with the authority granted by the University Senate to
the Student Council, do establish this Constitution.


name of
of the University

The this organization shall be the Men‘s Student Council

of Kentucky.

Section 1. The membership of the Student Council shall consist

of men students elected by the qualified electors of the student body
of the University of Kentucky. (A qualified elector, within the mean—
ing of this Constitution, shall be any man student regularly enrolled

or registered in any College of the University of Kentucky, except such
as may be enrolled in short courses not leading to a college degree,

or in the sum er session, and except such as may be disqualified or dis~
franchised by the action of the Student Council).

Section 2. All candidates for membership on the Council shall
have a scholastic standing of one or better at the time of the election
and shall not be on probation for any cause. If, after election. a
member is placed on probation, he is automatically disqualified to
serve on the Council and the Council shall elect a successor in accord—






















































Univ. Senate Apr. 8, 1929 m3


ance with Section 2, Article VI, of the Constitution.

l.ction of Council Members

Section 1. The members of the Student Council shall be:

Six members of the Senior class; four members of the Junior
class; two members of the Sophomore class; and one member of the
Freshman class. To insure the permanency and promote the efficimmy
of the organization, one member shall be elected each year by the
Council from its membership to serve during the succeeding year.

Section 2. The six representatives of the Senior class shall
be elected, one from each College, by the qualified electors of Hm
Senior class of that College, at a meeting called for that purpose
which shall be held the second Friday in May, such meeting to be
under the direction of the Senior member of the Council from that
College. ' '

Section 3. The Junior class Shall have four representatives
on the Student Council. For the purpose of representation, the
Colleges of the University shall be listed in the following order:
Agriculture, Arts and Sciences, Commerce, Education, Engineering
and Law. To effect a system of rotation of representation, a
representative from each of the colleges of Agriculture, Arts and
Sciences, Commerce and Education shall be elected in the year 1929
to serve during the following year. In 1930a31 the colleges of
Agriculture and Arts and Sciences shall be unrepresented. In lfifl-fi
the Colleges of Commerce and Education shall be unrepresented; thh
system of rotation to continue from year to year. The Junioriwpm~
sentatives shall be elected by the qualified electors of the Junnn
class of the respective colleges at a meeting called for that ynpow
on the first Thursday in May; such meeting to be called and preshhd
over by a member of the Council delegated for that purpose by the
President of the Council.

Section 4. The two representatives of the Sophomore classshfll
be elected by the members of the Student Council from six nomineea
one from each college, selected by the qualified electors of theSQfl'
omore class of the respective colleges at a meeting called for that
purpose on the first Thursday in May; such meeting to be calledand
presided over by a member of the Council delegated for that purpfie
by the President of the Council. Both Sophomore representativasmw
not be from the same college. In event the qualified electors aft“
Sophomore class of any College fail to select a candidate, the madam
of the Council shall bags the power to nominate a candidate frmnthfi

College. The names of the Sophomore candidates shall be filed wflm
the Secretary of the Council by the members of the Council in chwte

n v‘ v- a o v.- ‘ - I u ‘ VI“.
0: the meetings, Within Iive days after the nominations. The gnome

of the representatives of the Sophomore class by the Council Shallbe
within ten days after the candidates are nominated.

Section 5. The Freshman class shall be represented by them16
oificer of the highest rank; his election shall immediately quiufy
him for membership on the Council; he shall not have the right to











: may
>f the
1 be


Univ. Senate, Apr. 8, 1329 ~4 (Constitution of Men's Student Council a


Section 6. The election by the Council of one of its members to
serve during the following year shall be held on or before the third
Friday in May; the member elected shall be President of the Council
during the following year. It shall be the duty of this member to
call a meeting of the councilmennelect on or before the fouth Friday
in May for the purpose of electing other officers for the followin


Section 7. Election of officers shall be by secret ballot.
A majority of the votes case shall be necessary to elect an officer.
In the first vote does not yield a majority, the second vote shall be
taken on the two candidates who received the highest number of votes.

Section 8. In the event of a duly elected officer not returning
to the University or in the event of his declining to take up his duties
upon his return to the University, his office shall be declared vacant
and such vacancy shall be filled by the Council at its first meeting.

Section 9. In the event there is not a regular member of the
Council who is on the staff of the Kentucky Kernel, then the men mem~
bers of the staff of the Kentucky Kernel shall have the right to elect
from their membership a representative on the Student Council.

Officers 2: the Council

Section 1. The officers of the Council shall be a President,
Vice—President and Secretary-Treasurer. The election of officers
shall be as provided in Article III, Sections 6 and 7. The President
and ViceePresident of the Council shall be bona fide students of the
Senior class whose standing is such as to assure their graduation at
the end of the year.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings. appoint
all committees, and perform such duties as are usually incumbent upon
such officer.

Section 2. The Vice President shall perform the duties of the
President if he is absent of incapacitated.

Section 3. It shall be the duty of the SecretaryaTreasurer to
take and preserve cerrect minutes of the proceedings of the Council;
to notify committees and officers of their appointment or election;
to notify all members of the Council of any special meeting that may
be called by the President; to read all papers handed to him for that
purpose by the President; to conduct all correspondence and report
the communications received; to keep a complete record of the funds
received by him; make a complete account of same at the end of the
term to the Council and to the Faculty Auditing Committee, and turn
OVer the balance to his successor; to pay cut money only upon the
order of the Council, and perform such other duties as usually de—
volve upon a Secretary-Treasurer.







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ex W"“'t¢"- “‘ .., ,










































(Const. Men' s Stident Council- WMJ'


Section 4. A quorum consisting of at least eight members oftm

Council shall be necessary for the conduct1n of an; business.
Section 5. meetir ngs hall be held throughout the School yearat
the discretion of the Piesi ent of the Council but there shall bea

meeting held at least once a month.

Se ctio on 6. A special meeting will be held upon the requestof
the Pres Mde t or five members of the Council.

SectiOn 7. A favorable vote of a majority of the members preunt
shall be necessary to pass any measure or to decide any question mflem
otherwise provided in this Constitution.

Section 8. Roberts” Rules of Order shall govern the procemne
of all meetings of the Council, except cases wherein such rules amp
flict with the provisions of this Constitution or the By~Laws.



Powers of the Council


Section 1. Any member of the Council may be removed for any
cause deemed sufficient by tweethirds of the members of the Councflu

Section 2. A vacancy occurring in the Council shall be fifled
by the Council, but the system of representation of classes and
colleges shall be preserved.

Section 3. (l) The Council shall have power to regulate Hm
conduct of undergraduate men students at all University or student

(2) To prescribe rules for the conduct of Freshmen:

(3) To act in cooperation with the women' s selfegoverningbofif
in arranging the social calendar and establishing rules for the
holding of cotillions, dances, hopes, entertainments and exhibitimm,

subject to the approval of the University Senate Committee; and

(4) To make all byelaws which shall be necessary and properfor
carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers
vested in the Student Council by this Constitution.


Section 1. This Constitution and ByaLaws shall become effafiiw
upon ratification by the University Senate.

Section 2 Any part of this Constitution of any by— law maybe
repealed by a three— fourths vote of the members of the Council orby
a majority vote of the undergraduate men students of the University'


Section 3. This Constitution may be amended by a favorable
vote of two~thirds of the members of the Council, provided a wrflfien

copy of the proposed amendment has been submitted to the Councilafi
a previous meeting.





' COnh}'


ear at

















_ V- waxy.» 7-“. .sa—r.u...-.uw..s,._{wn_.. . “firm,"

UniV- Senate, Apr. 8, 1929 as (Const. Men’s Stud. Council — cont.)

Sec ion 4. The By~laws of the Council may be amended or new
ones adop ed by a majority vote of the members of the Council, pro~
vided a written copy of the proposed amendment or bymlaws has been
submitted to the Council at a previous meeting.



Section 1. No undergraduate male student shall, while under
the influence of intOXicating liquor, be present at a University
or student function.

Section 2. Freshmen shall wear the regulation cap from the

time of enrolment until the first Friday in May following.
.Section 5. Freshmen shall not attend the Junior Prom or
Senior Ball.

Section 4. Freshmen shall not break Seniors at student dances.

Section 5. Freshmen shall be courteious to upperclassmen at
all times.

Section 6. The Council shall have power to summarily inflict
appropriate punishment upon any student for contempt of the Council
in accordance with Section 10. Article I, of the By—Laws.

Section 7. Any student guilty of perjury before the Council
shall be punished in accordance with Section 10, Article I, of the

Section 8. Any wilful act or conduct by a student such as
causes or threatens a substantial injury to the property or reputation
of the University, or to the students thereof, shall be punishable
in accordance with Section 10, Article I, of the ByaLaws.

Section 9. All summonses for appearance before the Council
will be issued by the Registrar of the University.

Section 10. A violation of any of the foregoing byelaws shall
be punishable by expulsion or suspension from the University, or by
reprimand, or by depriving the student of his social privileges.
Expulsion as herein used means permanent exclusion of the student
from the University. Suspension as herein used means exclusion of
the student from the University for a definite time. Reprimand as
herein used means an admonition to the student given by the proper
officer of the Council according to the circumstances in the particu—
lar case.

Section 11. When the Council finds a student guilty of a charge
preferred against him, and agrees upon the sentence, the student shall
appear before the Council and the sentence be pronounced to him by
the President of the Council; such sentence to take effect immediately.
















4'ch . I MN‘HK'”W a.
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" "no..-“Mss4e—ZJ, ‘ ”’"N








































Section 12. Written
the Council shall be filed wi-H th Senate
Dean of Men.

Section 13. The President of the Council shall give written
notice to the Dean of Men and the Registrar of the University of
each sentende when it is imposed.



Section 1. Any suddent expelled, suspended or deprived eflns
social privileges by the Council shall have the right to appeal to
the University Senate. This right shall terminate upon the expiru
tion of ten days from the time notice of th. sentence is served
upon the student.

Section 2. The Council shall have power to arrange an appro-
priate contest annually between the Freshman and Sophomore men sum-
ents of the University.

Section 3. The Council shall select at its first regular mean
ing of each school year, one of its members to represent it at the
meetings of the University Senate, and one to represent it at the
meetings of the Discipline Committee. The President of the Councfl
shall have the power to appoint a member of the Council as a specfifl
representative to the University Senate at any time he deems it pmmen

The Senate approved the follOWing recommendation from the Cohbge
of Law:

”Instead of the courses which were required for graduafion
from the College of Law during the past year, it is proposedto
submit the following requirements;

First, that all first year courses be required absolutely, wfl
those only. In lieu of courses which have been required in
most cases but not always insisted upon, the following provififin
has been made: that in the second y ar students be recommafled
to take Constitutional Law, Trial Practice, Eguity, Evidence
and Property III; in the third year Trusts, Property IV, Prue“
Corporations and Conflict of Laws. The remaining number of
hours required for graduation will be entirely elective aS'k

A petition was presented from.the University Department ofimsm.
Phi Mu Alpha, Mens Glee Club, Womens Glee Club and the cast of the
Operetta Rosamunde, that certain students cast for leading parts filth
Operetta who were ineligible on account of their scholastic standhwu
be allowed to take part in the production. After some discussionthls
petition was denied.

President MCVey made an announcement of the dates for the vmnow
exercises of Commencement week. He stated that the k1ommencement
speaker would be Dr. Carl Van Doren, Editor~in~chief of the Litemfly






Univ. SeIugte, A;.~. 8,

Guild am ASSOClate Proms“? OI" Enalish at Columbia University. The
‘” ”+' “1 ~. ' ‘ ’ ‘-3. ‘ * -

BaCC?1an€?JG Aavrérs w1lL 0e dellVbIeC bf Blshop H. P. Almon Abbott,

or tne Lex1ngton Dlocese. The Baccalaureate Exercises will be heYd

in the new Memorial Building.

,~ . v yr.» 7

("V _ . " 'v
-. J- . ,...


7;.«A‘ ..