* The Adventures of

fruits, beautifully coloured, elegantly fhaped, and charmingly flavoured ; and we were diverted with numberlefn animali prtftuting themfelvea perpetually to our view. In the decline of ihe day, near Kentucke river, at we afcended the brow of a fmall hill, a number of Indiana rufhed out of a thick cane brake, and mail us prifonera. The Iadians plundered u  , and kept as io confinement {even days. During this we difcov  reel no uneafinefi or defire to efcape, which made them lefs fufpicious : but in the dead of the night, ai we lay by a large fire, in a thick cane brake, when fleep had locked up their fenfes, my fituatioa not difpofing me to reft, I gently awoke my companion. We feiaed this favourable opportunity and departed, diiedting cur courfe towards our old camp, but found it plundered and our people dilj.cried or gone ^ome.

Aboct tbia time r.iy brother, Squire Boon, with another adventurer, who came to explore the country   ir>rt!y after es, was wandering through the foreft, and accidentally found our camp. Noiwithftandir.g cur unfortunate circumftancej, and our dangerous Actuation furrounded with hoftile favages, our meeting fortunately in the wildernefi, gave us the molt fenfib.c fat ifaftion.

Soon after this my companion in captivity, John Stewart was killed bp the lavages, and the man that came with my brother returner! home by hitnfelf. We were then in a dangerous helplefs fituation, eipofed daily to pe.-ils and death, among lavages and wild belts, rot a white man in the country bat oetrielvei.

Thjs a)3ty hunded miles from our families in the J>"  ling wildernels, we did not rnrnnue in a flare of mdolriK,;, bpt bunted eveiy day, and prepared a little cottage to dtfend us fr. m the winter (lorins. We met fi'h no disturbance during the winter. On ihr ill    i Mav iyjQ, my brother rnurned home by h.ml'-if tot a ne* recruit of horfes and amuniiion, leaving niv: alone, without hread, fa':, or 'ue  r, or even a horle or

i dog, i pi Old a few dsn


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