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     Regular meeting of the Executite Committee was held. at
the -resident'e office 5ed needay. July 21, 1915.

     There were present: R.C.Stoll, G.,3. Nichols, P.P? JThbetons
J. 'E. Brown, G.' . Brock.

     President Barker made his report which was ordered filed
and recorded. The report is as follows:

     'To the 2xecutive %ommittee,
           State University


          You have met her-- today In regular session.

          Since your has meeting here; our Summer School has
      been inaugarated, and I am Happy to report that it meets
      our fullest expectations.   e have a few more students
      than last year, and the personnel and-quality of the
      students are superior to that of any ummer school we
      have eger had.

          I desire to call your attention Ato the fact that we
      are to elect, this year. a General  seemblj for the
      Commonwealth of entucky, anad It is impmrtant that a
      legislative committee be seleated so as to prepare a
      pl.Pn for obtainin., from this body suah legislation as
      the University needs.

           Our auditor, Mr. flywell Davies, will be before you
      and make a statement as to the financial condition of
      the Univereityt expecially touching upon such features
      as have materialized since you last met.

           I have no futher recomnendatijons to make; this
      being the summer holidays of the University, of course
      as an educationjn Institution. It is now at a standstill.

           In conclusion, I indulge the hope and belief that
      the next term will open most auspiciously and we will
      have a large increase in our r'ister roll ovor the last

                                 Very respectfully,

                                 R. S. Barker, eresidenet

Professor nderson made a report which was also ordered
filed and recorded, as follows:

The Ixeoutive Gommittee,
     State University of 4ent-ucky.

qentl amen:

     Compl.Ang with your request, I herewith give you my
monthly report on events in the Colle0e of Mechanical and
Ilectrical lngineeringg


     During the summer months, we emply the force of the
department in putting the physical side of the department
in proper shape for the niext collegiate year's work, and
considerable energy is devoted to 'he preparation of courses
in shop, steam and 3lectrical Laboratories.

     Up to the present time, we have practically completed
all the repairs on machine tools and on the motive power in
the electrical and steam laboratories. The repairs on the
machinery In the wood shop and blacksmith shop cannot be
taken care of until after the Summer School session is complet-
ed.  ts have used our force very largely up to the press-at
time, in painting the laboratories and drawing rooms, and
after the summer session is over, we will, according to custom,
paint the woodwork in the shops.

     Lt is only by a careful overhaulin- of the complete
equimesnt'. that we are able to -ut the plant in any sort of
a serviceable condition, as most of the tools that we are
using are over twenty years old, and the service that they
receive at the hands of the students Is far severer than
that given tools in a shop where men are employed.

     The Summer School session has been a very interesting
one. Ihere have been twenty-six students talking all sorts
of branches in engineering, from elementary drawing to the
complex anallsi s of mathematieal, steam and electrical en-
gineering.    number of teachers have been very much inter-
ested in manual training experience and we believe that if
sufficient effort was put forth, w  ami-ht attract a good
many of the teachers of the state to take a manual train-
tng course wit# us. withb a view of taking up a little later
the teaching of this subject. le belb~ve that much could be
done to increase the interest of manual training through-
out the State.

     All of the courses in laboratories will be worked up
in detail during the wammer so that when the f&ll term
opens we will have a program of experiments in steam and
electrical engineering for Junior and senior students in
which each experiment will be given a particular place in
each week's program.   hose experiments that are not com-
pleted in any week due to unforseen holidays w11 b3 re-
quired to be made up on extra time.  It is only by a pro-
cess like this that wv are able to complete a definite
course of training in our advanced laboratory training.

     In the shops, we have been prep'ring courses of in-
struction covering not only the regular exercises but wo
are preparing drawings for patterns, cabinet work, black-
smith work, and machine shop work, that will enable us
to have plenty of instruct onal material on hand so that
there will be no loss of time In assigning to each student
after he has completed a piece of work another profitable ex-
orac s.


     For the drawing and machine design courses we are pre-
paring problems involving the very latest prmactice in
machine construction.

     We are laying out designs for senior engineers in steam
and electrical en-inearing apply itn especially to power plant
practice.   e will not lay out a thesis problem hoping, that
the next legislature will furnish additional revenue to the
University enabling us to take up a number of research pro-
blems in engineering.

     We desire to call your attention to the fact that the
most important wrok of the college year is done during the
summ er  for to make a college of engineering efficient there
must be ample preparation made t- take carg of the students
when the class work begins. An engineering school that Is
bottled up durin-z the summer vacation when there Is an
opportunity for planning, class work, Cannot use to the best
advantage the money pnt at its disposal.

     in addition to the above, a good deal of time and energy
has been spent following the correspondence with Dros-nectivo
students. We have written letters to every newspaper editor
of the State, setting forth the advantages of the State
University of Kentucky, in mechanical and electricl engineer-
ing. We have sent material to county judges, county attorneys
and county school superintendents.   e believe that the summer
months can be used to great advantage in making known to
the people of the state the advantages of the Stnte Universi-
ty. and we have been using resources at our command for this
purpose as far as possible.

     I would urge upon the L:xecutive Oommittee the necessity
of taking some eps as early as possible, to secure from the
next begislature an increase in revenue, part of which is
to be devoted to the college of Mechanical and }lectrical
Engineering for our equipment is antiquated and our profess-
or* are poorly paid.  We are attempting to hdld young men
It instructional places when their classamates In the commer-
cial world are making very much more money, and it is not
a very encouraging process to try to hold young men in
teaching work in engineering when they can do so much better
In following the practical phases of their nrofession.

                                Very truly yours,

                                i. Paul Anderson, Dean College
                                of Mechanical an d & lectrcal
                                En gineering.

     On motion, made, seconded and canted, Johnson   amden was
appointed chairman of the 'egislbtive Comjittee and associat-
ed with him are  essrs. John E.  rown, IJ. Brook, R.C. Stoll,
Tibbis Carpenter, and they are to have the Univeraity matters
in hand in regerence to legislation during the next session
of the Legielature, and no bill shall be offered on behalf
of the University in any way or by any person associated with
the University without the approval of this committeg.


     Action of President authorizing the expenditure of the
amount of $2668.62 over and above the amount or ginally
appropriated for building and equipping State aall. Npon
call of yea pand nea vote is her-by approved.

     On motion, made, seconded and approved the following
resolution was ado-Dteds

     On account of a misunderstanding a4 to two small pay-
ments in the Mechanical and 8'lectrical ''ngineering  epartment.
in reference to two salaries, but which did not in any way
increase the budget in that denartment, the payment is here-
by approved, but hereafter no changes will be made in any
budget account without first receivizg the approval of this

     Me-srs. C,3B Nichols and Hywell Davles were appointed
a committee to purehase coal for the University for the
coming year.

     It was moved, seconded and carried, that hereafter at
the meeting of this committees all minutes of meetings of
the Committee cf Deans and of the University Faculty, held
since the prev. ous meeting of this Uommittee, shell be re-
ported and read.

     The action of the President in remo-ting Dr. Anderson
was approved.

     On motion made and carried, i ommittee adjouarned.

                                        (Nrt 8ary)
                                        ,e cret ary