Kentucky University, Lexiington, 'Ky.
Morrison College   June 6th, 1876

Meeting of
June 6, 18


Motion to

accepted &

Report of

Report of
Exec. Com.
read & laid
on the table




     The Board of Curators of Ky. University met at 2 o'clock
P. M.

             The roll being called the following Curators answered to
        their names or came in soon after-
        R. M. Bi shop- J. B. Bowman- John G. Allen- Andrew Steele- D. S.
        Goodloe- G. W. Elley- J. S. Woolfolk- C. T. Worthin4gton- G. W.
        Givebs- J. L Shackelford- J. P, Tarbitt- R. R. Sloan- tW. TV
        Withers- Enos Campbell- James G. Kinnaird- Joseph Wass`on- A.H.
        Bowman- R. C. Ricketts- J.J.S. Lee- J. Price- Saml Coleman,
        W. L. Tibbs, Capt. Shirley.
             The Prest. read a chapter in the Bible after waich Curator
        Sloan opened the session with Prayer_
             Regent Bowman read. his report embracing recommendations by
        the Faculties of the various colleges.
             Curator Steele moved that the Regents report be refered to
        appropriate Standing Committee.
             Curator Sloan moved as an amendment that the special commi-
        ties be added to wit".
        1. Preservation & utilization of the property of the University_-
        2. On Obituaries-
        3. On the financial conditions of the University with instructions
/337/   to recommend the best means to meet the present exigencies of the
        Institution which was accepted and motion adopted-

     C urator D. S. Goodloe made his report as Treasurer which
upon motion was refered back to the Extive Committee.

     J. S. Woolfolk acting sec. protem of Extive Committee read
the report of the Extive. Committee which Dr. Shackelford moved
to receive adopted-
     Curator Shackelford moved to adopt the report-
     Curator Sloan moved to lay the report on the table for the
present adopted-
     The Prest. then announced the Standing Committees which are
as follows
     College of Arts                Agricultural & Mechanical Col.
     Enos Campbell                  Jos. S. Woolfolk
     John G. Allen                  AndjrewSteele
     Capt. Shirley                  J.A,. J(. Lee

     Bible College                 Industrial & Military
     R. C. Ricketts                 Jos. S. Woolfolk
     Enos Campbell                  Capt. Shirley
     G. W. Elley                    Dr. Givens
   Commercial College              Medical College
   D. S. Goodloe                    Dr. Givens
   J. P. Tgrbitt                    Dr. Shackelford
   John G. Allen                    Curator Worthington
                Committee on Nominations
                   .-Andrew Steele
                     J. Z. Price
                     A, M. Barnes