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Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of
Kentucky, Thursday, July 5, 2001.

      The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky met at
10:00 a.m. (Lexington Time) on Thursday, July 5, 2001 in the Board Room on the 18th floor of
the Patterson Office Tower on the Lexington Campus.

      A.    Meeting Opened and Roll Call

      In the absence of Chairman Billy Joe Miles, Mr. Steven Reed, Vice Chairman, called the
meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. Ms. Marian Sims gave the invocation.

      B.    Roll Call

      The following members of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees answered
the call of the roll: Mr. Steven S. Reed, Ms. Marian Moore Sims, and Ms. Elaine A. Wilson.
Absent from the meeting were Mr. Billy Joe Miles and Ms. Alice Stevens Sparks. Other Board
members in attendance were Dr. Claire Pomeroy, Mr. Tim Robinson and Mr. Russ Williams.
The University of Kentucky administration was represented by President Lee T. Todd, Jr., Senior
Vice President and Chancellor of the Medical Center James W. Holsinger, Senior Vice President
for Administration Jack C. Blanton, Provost Michael Nietzel, Vice President for Research James
Boling, and General Counsel Richard E. Plymale.

      Members of the various news media were also in attendance. A quorum being present,
the Chairperson declared the meeting officially open for the conduct of business at 10:03 a.m.

      C.    Administrative Reorganization (ECR 1)

      President Todd thanked the Executive Committee members for attending the meeting,
especially on short notice. He said it would not be his practice to convene the Executive
Committee on such short notice or that frequently. He would like to have had the entire Board at
the meeting; however, to try to maintain momentum and do some of the things that he thinks are
important to everyone, he felt this meeting was necessary. He informed the Executive
Committee members that he had spoken directly to fourteen of the Board members on the Fourth
of July holiday on the phone and left messages for six members, three of whom have returned his
call saying that they liked his voicemail message.

      President Todd said that the first item on the agenda deals with reorganization and
requires action by the Executive Committee. The other three pieces are information items that he
wanted to cover with the Executive Committee: a Top-20 Task Force, a Task Force on UK's
Future: Faculty for the 21Is Century, and one other business item.

      Through a series of slides, President Todd began his presentation. He said that the Legal
Counsel and athletics positions were in place, and he did not have any announcements in regard


- 2 -

to those two positions. One of the things that he is attempting to do with this reorganization is
meet the commitments that he made from his presidential interview process to move to a strong
chief academic officer model, and it will be a provost model. In addition, he said that he wanted
a strong business planning leader and a strong Medical Center leader. This will allow him more
time to go to Washington and meet with the Congressmen. He said that he had already had
breakfast with Ernie Fletcher, one of the representatives in Washington, and a meeting with
Senators McConnell and Bunning last week. Those are the things that he wants to do to help the
University move forward. In order to be able to do that, he needs a structure that is thinner than
before and one where he can put responsibility down the ladder. The other overlying thing that
will come out of the reorganization is that he wants to begin thinking about a "one-campus"
approach and concept.

      President Todd then talked about the Acting Provost role. He said that there would be a
national search; however, he is not ready to announce when the search will begin. He expressed
pleasure in announcing that the Acting Provost is Dr. Michael Nietzel, who has been working
with him during the transition. Prior to making the decision to appoint Dr. Nietzel as Acting
Provost, he talked with the deans to get their input, and the result was overwhelmingly positive.
When he went through the presidential search process, one of the faculty concerns with him was
that he did not have the traditional academic upbringing. In Dr. Nietzel's case, he came to the
University of Kentucky after getting his doctorate from the University of Illinois in 1973. In
1977, he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. In 1981, he became a Full Professor.
Throughout the 1980's, he was director of the Clinical Psychology Program, which became one
of the largest and most respected doctoral programs on campus. From 1991 to 1997 he was the
Department Chair of Psychology. Since 1997, he has been Dean of the Graduate School. Dr.
Nietzel has a traditional academic career. President Todd said he has greatly enjoyed working
with Dr. Nietzel, and he is really pleased that Dr. Nietzel has agreed to accept the Acting Provost
position. He said he would talk more about the Provost model as he goes through the slides.

      President Todd said that the leadership that Dr. Holsinger has given the Medical Center
has just been phenomenal. Many medical centers around the United States are in the red and the
University of Kentucky Medical Center is in the black. He reported that he did not anticipate a
lot of changes in the Medical Center. He said that he spent four days in the Medical Center,
starting the day at 6:30 a.m., doing Grand Rounds until 9:30 p.m. and finishing with a reception.
He pointed out that he is changing Dr. Holsinger's position title to Senior Vice President of the
University of Kentucky and Chancellor of the Medical Center. He explained that he wants Dr.
Holsinger to be able to give his ideas about the entire University of Kentucky, in budgeting, in
faculty reward systems and so forth. Likewise, he wants Dr. Nietzel to be able to give Dr.
Holsinger advice about the Medical Center. This approach will begin to make it feel like we are
talking to each other, and we are getting rid of some of the silos.

      President Todd reported that he has "resurrected" Dr. Jack Blanton. Dr. Blanton will be
the Senior Vice President for Administration. He said that he knew Dr. Blanton when he was a
member of the University of Kentucky faculty. He then reviewed Dr. Blanton's background,
reporting that Dr. Blanton was the State Budget Analyst from 1960-1971 as well as the State
Budget Director from 1971-72. The Senior Vice President for Administration position calls for a
strong budget background that Dr. Blanton has. He said he wants Dr. Nietzel to tell him


- 3 -

everything about academics, and he wants the Senior Vice President for Administration to tell
him everything about the finances. He reported that Dr. Blanton was Vice Chancellor for
Finance at the Tennessee Board of Regents through 1975, and Vice President for Business
Affairs at the University of Kentucky from 1975-82, and Vice Chancellor for Administration at
the University of Kentucky from 1982 until the present. He said that he asked Dr. Blanton to
step out of retirement and spend this year with him. In talking with people on campus, he
learned that Dr. Blanton will tell you in thirty seconds how to do something while there are some
people who will tell you in thirty minutes how not to do something. He said that is the attitude
and responsiveness that he wants to see in the organization. He said he is pleased to have Dr.
Blanton in the Senior Vice President for Administration position and expressed appreciation for
the things Dr. Blanton is doing for the University and him.

       President Todd reported that Dr. James Boling had been asked to fill the Vice President
for Research position. He said that the importance of going forward in the university's Top-20
endeavor requires that he keep a tight watch on the research activities. He noted that the Vice
President for Research has a direct line to him on the organizational chart; however, for daily
interaction, there is a dotted line to the Provost. He said that he has discussed these reporting
lines with Dr. Nietzel and Dr. Boling. He reported that there would be national searches for the
Provost, the Vice President for Research and the Senior Vice President for Administration
positions. He said that he would give the Board of Trustees a timeline when the searches will
begin; however, he has not decided that, as this is only his third day on the job as President.

       President Todd reported that Terry Mobley would be the Chief Development Officer in
charge of Development. The University of Kentucky is in the middle of a $600 million
campaign. The campaign has achieved $400 million; however, there are $200 million yet to be
raised. He said Mr. Mobley will be reporting directly to him throughout the term of the Capital
Campaign, and he will be working directly with Mr. Mobley. He said that he had already met
with one of the university's top donors, and he will be getting out and meeting with others. He
will have a tighter relationship with the development area.

       President Todd reported that the Vice President for Corporate Relations and Economic
Outreach is a new position. This position is being posted, and Dr. Joe Fink will be in the
position until the posting period is complete. There will be interviews if others are interested and
apply for the position. He noted that Dr. Fink would also appear in another position on the
organizational chart. He explained that the Vice President for Corporate Relations and
Economic Outreach position developed out of the John Hall report regarding the University of
Kentucky economic engines. He said he would talk more about that later in his presentation.

       President Todd reported that he had met with Professors Carolyn Bratt and Susan Scollay
to get up to speed on a lot of the data and research that they have been trying to gather over time.
He said that he sees a need to have a Commission on The Status of Women. The charge for the
Commission will appear later in his presentation. He explained that he is not putting a timeline
on this Commission, and it will be in existence as long as it is needed. He will not be putting a
report period on the Commission because things will be implemented as soon as they found. The
Commission will report directly to the President. He said that he plans to get staff suggestions
and ideas.


- 4 -

       President Todd reported that there would be a Commission for Diversity. The University
of Kentucky has as made some good headway over the last ten years, but, in his opinion, it has
not done as much as should have been done for the last two years. He said he and his wife,
Patsy, had attended a reception with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jackson, the African American
community and the town leaders, not just the University of Kentucky faculty. He said that he
had also talked with Drs. Loretta Byars and John Harris and discussed underlying concerns about
the climate, that will be one of the charges to that Committee. He reported that the Commission
on Diversity would report directly to him for whatever period it takes or until he feels the
University exceeds its objectives. The charge to the Committee will be presented later in the

       President Todd reported that the administration had trimmed down. He explained that he
added some new positions to show his strategic interests on economic outreach, and he added the
two commissions. These are not direct management positions reporting to him. His
management team will be primarily the Provost, Senior Vice President For Administration and
Senior Vice President and Chancellor of the Medical Center. He will have meetings, in many
cases following his management team meetings, with the Vice President for Research and other
Vice Presidents that he will discuss later in his presentation.

       President Todd reported that he had moved the Director of the University Press position
under the Provost. The University Press is one of the university's most scholarly activities. It is
campus-wide and is well recognized as an academic and scholarly activity; therefore, it is under
the Provost.

       President Todd mentioned the following positions: Associate Provost for Undergraduate
Education Phillip Kraemer, Associate Provost for Minority Affairs Loretta Byars, and Associate
Provost for Student Affairs Jim Kuder. Those positions will report to Provost Nietzel.

       He said that Dr. Connie Ray had been asked to be the Vice Provost for Planning and
Institutional Effectiveness. She has a long history with the University and is well recognized on
the campus for institutional research. Given his opinion -- having been in engineering -- for the
level of research and the level of decision-making based on research analysis, he said he is
pleased that Dr. Ray is going to be taking that position.

       President Todd reported that the libraries, under the direction of Mr. Paul Willis, would
be reporting to the Provost to enhance the Provost model. Paul Willis has done an outstanding
job, and the University of Kentucky has the number one endowment of all public universities in
the United States, only second to Harvard in all universities. Mr. Willis has done a phenomenal
job with the libraries. This takes into consideration some recommendations and consolidations
that have been made by committees over time. The Education Outreach and Distance Learning
have been consolidated into one reporting line. Dr. Bill Pfiefle will be in charge of that area, but
Dr. Phil Greasley will continue to be Dean of the University Extension. That brings together two
areas that have been reporting separately.


- 5 -

      President Todd announced that another major change would be having the Dean of the
Graduate School report to the Provost. He said that Dr. Doug Kalika is acting in that capacity
and Dr. Nietzel is serving in the Provost capacity; therefore, the Graduate School will now report
to the Provost. He pointed out that the Lexington Community College would report to the
Provost, much like they did to the Chancellor in the previous form. He said that another
significant piece to this is there will be a Provost Council formed. That Council will be made up
of all of the deans. He will meet regularly and will be chaired by Provost Nietzel. He said he
was very grateful that the University has someone of the strength in Provost Nietzel that could
deal with the Acting Provost role at this point in time.

      President Todd elaborated on the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education area.
He said that he would do everything possible to keep from missing the university's enrollment
numbers and to keep them moving forward. He explained that he had put together an Enrollment
Management team under the supervision of Dr. Kraemer. He has consolidated the Admissions,
Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Billings, and Merit Scholars offices. This team will be able to
have meetings and identify any admissions, financial aid or scholarship problems. He said that
he and Provost Nietzel had already spent three hours with this team.

      He then returned to the Vice President for Research position. He explained that Dr.
James Boling will become Vice President for Research until he has a chance to do a national
search for the position. Various areas will be reporting to him much like they were in the
Research and Graduate Studies alignment. The Graduate Studies came out of Research and
Graduate Studies to go to the Provost, and UKRF is here. He did not go through all of the
details, but he mentioned that Del Collins from the Medical Center has previously reported to Dr.
Holsinger. That reporting line will continue; however, he will also report to the Vice President
for Research as well in this model. He pointed out that nothing changed in Del Collins reporting

      President Todd talked about appointing a Committee on the University of Kentucky's
Future. He has asked that Committee to look at the Centers and Institutes. It is very likely that
some of those Centers and Institutes will go back to the appropriate colleges where their funding
can be added into the colleges where they are most closely associated. He mentioned a model
that he has discussed with the deans that he wants to pursue, but he will let the Committee make
its recommendations.

      President Todd continued his presentation with the Assistant Vice President for Research
position. Dr. Joe Fink will have the Assistant Vice President for Research position, in addition
to being the Acting Vice President for Corporate Relations and Economic Outreach. He
announced that Coldstream Research Park would be added to this position. Coldstream Research
Park is presently under the supervision of Mr. Ed Carter. Mr. Carter will be with the University
through the end of the year. Mr. Carter, Dr. Fink and Kathy Stewart will be working together
during this time to transfer that area over to the Assistant Vice President for Research.

      He reported that Senior Vice President for Administration Jack Blanton would have Mr.
Henry Clay Owen, who is Controller and Treasurer of the University, reporting directly to him.
In addition, Nancy Ray will be the Associate Vice President for Employment Equity and report


- 6 -

to Dr. Blanton. He then noted some changes. The Vice President for Fiscal Affairs and
Information Technology will be Mr. Gene Williams. He said that he had known Mr. Williams
for a number of years in a technical capacity. He briefly reviewed Mr. Williams' background.
Mr. Williams came to the University of Kentucky in 1977 and was employed as Director of
Organizational Management Analysis and also Internal Audit. He said that Internal Audit is one
of the real roles that he wants Mr. Williams to take. Mr. Williams was promoted to Assistant
Vice President for Business Affairs and supervised Capital Construction and Human Resource
Services and the Business Affairs for Computing Systems, Communications, and the Police

      Mr. Williams has also been asked to take on the budgeting operation. Ms. Karen Combs
has agreed to spend the next year as the Chief Budget Officer working with Mr. Williams. She
has been at the Medical Center for approximately ten years and has grown substantially. We are
pleased to have her fill this position.

      President Todd said he was pleased to announce that Dr. Ben Carr will be the Vice
President for Auxiliary and Campus Services. He mentioned the large numbers of units
reporting to Dr. Carr and indicated that another unit could be added. He said that he and Dr. Carr
are the same age and graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Engineering
together. They have gone to church together for many years. He reported that Dr. Carr has
operated in this capacity or part of this capacity for a period of time and is willing to take on the
charge. He pointed out that this is a big operation and mentioned the Parking and Transportation
area that he has heard is one of the tougher jobs in the University. He said he is pleased that Dr.
Carr is accepting this role, and he really looks forward to working with him.

      President Todd said that the position of Associate Vice President for External Affairs is
open. Mr. Joe Burch previously filled this position. President Emeritus Charles Wethington
chose not to fund that position for this coming year. He said he chose to put the position on the
chart until he makes a decision about it. He is going to be so externally focused and working in a
somewhat different way than some of the previous presidents; therefore, he wants that position
there. He mentioned the various areas that would be under the position, the Art Museum, the
radio station, Alumni Relations and Public Relations. He noted that the position called Director
of Community Relations has been added under the Associate Vice President for External Affairs
because of the importance that he wants to put on the town and gown effort. Lisa Higgins-Hord
will take that position, and in the mean time until the Associate Vice President's role is filled,
she will be working with the President on a daily basis. She will be involved in some of the
recruitment issues as well as the town and gown issues. She is working on the America's
Promise program that Colin Powell initiated and has done an excellent job there. She is going to
touch a lot of things that Mr. Burch has touched so that will be a new adage to that position.

      President Todd announced that there were not going to be many changes in the Medical
Center. He reiterated that he had added Senior Vice President to Dr. James Holsinger's title.
The Provost now will have the Deans' Council. He pointed out that all promotion and tenure
appointments as well as new undergraduate and graduate program approvals will go through the
Provost from Chancellor Holsinger. So, again the Provost model is beginning to feel the flow of
all academic programs. He noted that he is no longer using the Vice Chancellor titles. As you


- 7 -

look across the one-campus model, you will see similar titles in all of those cases. He said he
had really enjoyed working with Chancellor Holsinger through a lot of these discussions.

       One final point he wanted to make is that the new organization has taken advantage of
some retirements. They have taken advantage of some consolidations, and the University will
receive a $1.25 million recurring savings from these actions. In his opinion, that is important.
He said he plans to use that money to begin a pool of money that can be applied toward the
university's future needs. He indicated that they were not near the mark yet.

       He then reviewed the charges and definitions of some of the positions that he had
mentioned earlier in his presentation. The Vice President of Corporate Relations and Economic
Outreach will work with the faculty and students to define intellectual property within the
University and determine how to best take advantage of that. Dr. Fink will develop relations
with corporations that hopefully result in more research, with licensing, or with other business
opportunities. Dr. Fink will work, along with him, with communities in Kentucky to see how the
University of Kentucky can help initiate economic development opportunities in some of these
communities based on things the University does in its research area and its intellectual property
area. Dr. Fink will promote entrepreneurship within the University and throughout Kentucky
and investigate the University's present intellectual property policies and practices to see if they
can enhance the chance to do more deals. That is a very important role and a very significant
addition to the administration.

       President Todd said that he wants to have the Commission on the Status of Women to
advise him on issues of particular importance to the women on this campus: matters of gender
equity in employment, working environment, compensation and campus leadership, special
concerns about the campus climate, safety, personal well-being for female students, staff and
faculty; consideration of gender issues in the University's cultural affairs, communications and
publications, and curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. He mentioned the Fellows
program and the invitations stating that it is a black-tie event. These are the subtleties that he
thinks need to be addressed. The leadership or the make-up of the Commission will be
announced later after he has had an opportunity to talk with faculty and get more input on it.
This is also a very important addition to the administration.

       He talked about the Commission for Diversity. He mentioned a number of meetings that
he has had with the African-American community primarily, but this Committee is on diversity.
He said he hoped to have the leadership for that Commission within the next few weeks. The
Commission will advise him on things that are particular on point to the commitment to be a
champion for diversity. The University has made progress; however, he fully expects to make
greater progress this year. He wants to see the University exceed its goals. He thinks it can be
done with some effort through employment, work environment, compensation, leadership,
recruitment, retention and graduation of minority students. Graduation of minority students is
the place it can be done without spending a lot of money. Again, too, the same thing applies to
the recruitment and retention of minority faculty. There has to be a climate change for minority
faculty: they do not feel good and comfortable with the university's environment, and it shows.
He said that the Commission would be working on those issues. He also mentioned a general
concern about the creation of an inclusive campus in cultural affairs, communications,


- 8 -

curriculum and extracurricular opportunities. He said that Dr. Lauretta Byars is doing a very
good job in a lot these areas.

      President Todd said he planned to take some of his best people and try to define what
"Top-20" means. He said he was pleased to announce that Dr. Phyllis Nash, from the Medical
Center, and Dr. Mike Nietzel will take on this effort. As they try to define what it means to
become one of the nation's "Top-20" premier institutions, he wants them to look at two sets of
metrics. One is the independently collected data at the national level, and there are two or three
of those that can be looked at. There are also other measures out there and they need to clarify
those. This allows us to compare ourselves independently with all other national institutions.
This is what we have got to do before we can move forward. He said he has talked about UK's
higher purpose under his leadership. He feels that local measures, such as things that have been
problems for Kentucky for many years that no one has been willing to talk about, things in
healthcare, things in education, and things in the economy for the farmers, have to be looked at.
He wants a committee to come up with some measurable parameters that he thinks can be
implemented and then put those on our shoulders. He said he had talked to Congressman
Fletcher about writing proposals on a national level about this with a tone of different
compassion. Things in the proposals could state that this is part of Kentucky's goal, and this is
part of our higher purpose. Money from these proposals counts toward the national level
numbers as well. He said that he thinks that is a way that we can all feel good about what we do.
The University of Kentucky campus is the Commonwealth, and it is a land-grant institution. We
should be making life better for Kentuckians, and this task force will be seeking that type of
input. He said he would be announcing the other members of the leadership later.

      In conclusion, he reviewed the Task Force on the University of Kentucky's Future,
Faculty for the 21St Century. The purpose of Task Force is to really look at where the academic
and scholarly strengths are and where we can be looking at new initiatives and recommend some
priorities. He mentioned the "Reedy Report" that had been done some time ago. In his
presidential interviews, he was told that the report was good, but it was too broad. We need to be
trying to target ourselves more specifically to things that we want to consider important and
that's the purpose of this committee. The committee will look at some restructuring which will
promote multidisciplinary collaboration and intellectual innovations because multidisciplinary
work is extremely important and fundable now. He said we are doing a lot more than we know
we are doing. This committee will be composed of faculty members who have distinguished
reputations in research, scholarship, the arts, performance and education. The Acting Provost, in
consultation with other academic leaders, will form this committee. He will charge the
committee with a report by December 3 1s because of the need for priorities.

      D.    Business Item

      President Todd mentioned a business item. He said he was calling for a thirty-day hiring
freeze with general fund positions because he wanted to look at the budget and see where the
University is bringing in new hires. He said he wanted to look at the administrative
restructuring. While money is being saved from attrition, there are people who will be relocating
to other jobs. He said he wants to make sure they have the first shot at some of the new positions



in the budget. He explained that the thirty-day hiring freeze is nothing major. It is just enough
time for him to get his feet on the ground about the budget situation.

      He asked Vice Chairman Reed for consideration of the proposal that he had placed before
the Executive Committee. He said he would be pleased to answer questions. He recognized the
other Trustees who were in attendance.

      Vice Chairman Reed said that President Todd had earned his money for the last several
days. He said that he fully suspected that President Todd would be a fast operator and would
move at the speed of light. It pleased him to see that President Todd just confirmed that. It
confirmed all of his beliefs, not that he needed it confirmed. He said he voted for President Todd
to become the next president at this great university. He thinks all of Kentucky will be proud to
see the fast pace that President Todd is operating, that he is taking nothing for granted, and that
he has the entire community of Kentucky in his heart and mind as he moves this university
forward. He called for a motion for ECR 1 pertaining to the administrative reorganization. On
motion made by Ms. Wilson, seconded by Ms. Sims, ECR 1 was approved.

      Vice Chairman Reed called for other business. Two new Board members in attendance,
Dr.Claire Pomeroy, College of Medicine, and Mr. Tim Robinson, Student Government
President, were introduced.

      President Todd thanked the members of the Executive Committee for approving ECR 1
and said he appreciated their support. He informed the media that he had a one-hour meeting
with the academic leaders and would be available for questions from the media following that

      E.    Meeting Adjourned

      With no further business to come before the Executive Committee, the Vice Chairman
adjourned the meeting at 10:30 a.m.

                                               Respectfully submitted,

                                               Richard E. Plymale
                                               Assistant Secretary
                                               Board of Trustees

(ECR 1 and the slides presented by President Lee T. Todd, Jr. that follow are official parts of the
Minutes of the meeting.)


Office of the President
July 5, 2001

Members, Executive Committee:

                             ADMINISTRATIVE REORGANIZATION

Recommendation: (1) that the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees authorize the
President to begin immediate implementation of major changes in the administrative
organization of the University to include a Provost as chief academic officer, a senior vice
president for administrative and operational matters, a senior vice president and chancellor of the
Medical Center, and other appropriate changes in titles, operational structure, and personnel to
support the new administrative organization; (2) that the President be directed to consult with the
University Senate regarding how the reorganization may affect academic policies; and (3) that
the President submit the completed organizational changes to the Board of Trustees for approval
at an appropriate time in the 2001-2002 academic year.

Background: Governing Regulation VII (B)(l) recognizes that the administrative organization
of the University "may be expected to change with increasing size and diversity in functions of
the University." Pur