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to those two positions. One of the things that he is attempting to do with this reorganization is
meet the commitments that he made from his presidential interview process to move to a strong
chief academic officer model, and it will be a provost model. In addition, he said that he wanted
a strong business planning leader and a strong Medical Center leader. This will allow him more
time to go to Washington and meet with the Congressmen. He said that he had already had
breakfast with Ernie Fletcher, one of the representatives in Washington, and a meeting with
Senators McConnell and Bunning last week. Those are the things that he wants to do to help the
University move forward. In order to be able to do that, he needs a structure that is thinner than
before and one where he can put responsibility down the ladder. The other overlying thing that
will come out of the reorganization is that he wants to begin thinking about a "one-campus"
approach and concept.

      President Todd then talked about the Acting Provost role. He said that there would be a
national search; however, he is not ready to announce when the search will begin. He expressed
pleasure in announcing that the Acting Provost is Dr. Michael Nietzel, who has been working
with him during the transition. Prior to making the decision to appoint Dr. Nietzel as Acting
Provost, he talked with the deans to get their input, and the result was overwhelmingly positive.
When he went through the presidential search process, one of the faculty concerns with him was
that he did not have the traditional academic upbringing. In Dr. Nietzel's case, he came to the
University of Kentucky after getting his doctorate from the University of Illinois in 1973. In
1977, he was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. In 1981, he became a Full Professor.
Throughout the 1980's, he was director of the Clinical Psychology Program, which became one
of the largest and most respected doctoral programs on campus. From 1991 to 1997 he was the
Department Chair of Psychology. Since 1997, he has been Dean of the Graduate School. Dr.
Nietzel has a traditional academic career. President Todd said he has greatly enjoyed working
with Dr. Nietzel, and he is really pleased that Dr. Nietzel has agreed to accept the Acting Provost
position. He said he would talk more about the Provost model as he goes through the slides.

      President Todd said that the leadership that Dr. Holsinger has given the Medical Center
has just been phenomenal. Many medical centers around the United States are in the red and the
University of Kentucky Medical Center is in the black. He reported that he did not anticipate a
lot of changes in the Medical Center. He said that he spent four days in the Medical Center,
starting the day at 6:30 a.m., doing Grand Rounds until 9:30 p.m. and finishing with a reception.
He pointed out that he is changing Dr. Holsinger's position title to Senior Vice President of the
University of Kentucky and Chancellor of the Medical Center. He explained that he wants Dr.
Holsinger to be able to give his ideas about the entire University of Kentucky, in budgeting, in
faculty reward systems and so forth. Likewise, he wants Dr. Nietzel to be able to give Dr.
Holsinger advice about the Medical Center. This approach will begin to make it feel like we are
talking to each other, and we are getting rid of some of the silos.

      President Todd reported that he has "resurrected" Dr. Jack Blanton. Dr. Blanton will be
the Senior Vice President for Administration. He said that he knew Dr. Blanton when he was a
member of the University of Kentucky faculty. He then reviewed Dr. Blanton's background,
reporting that Dr. Blanton was the State Budget Analyst from 1960-1971 as well as the State
Budget Director from 1971-72. The Senior Vice President for Administration position calls for a
strong budget background that Dr. Blanton has. He said he wants Dr. Nietzel to tell him