- 5 -

      President Todd announced that another major change would be having the Dean of the
Graduate School report to the Provost. He said that Dr. Doug Kalika is acting in that capacity
and Dr. Nietzel is serving in the Provost capacity; therefore, the Graduate School will now report
to the Provost. He pointed out that the Lexington Community College would report to the
Provost, much like they did to the Chancellor in the previous form. He said that another
significant piece to this is there will be a Provost Council formed. That Council will be made up
of all of the deans. He will meet regularly and will be chaired by Provost Nietzel. He said he
was very grateful that the University has someone of the strength in Provost Nietzel that could
deal with the Acting Provost role at this point in time.

      President Todd elaborated on the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education area.
He said that he would do everything possible to keep from missing the university's enrollment
numbers and to keep them moving forward. He explained that he had put together an Enrollment
Management team under the supervision of Dr. Kraemer. He has consolidated the Admissions,
Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Billings, and Merit Scholars offices. This team will be able to
have meetings and identify any admissions, financial aid or scholarship problems. He said that
he and Provost Nietzel had already spent three hours with this team.

      He then returned to the Vice President for Research position. He explained that Dr.
James Boling will become Vice President for Research until he has a chance to do a national
search for the position. Various areas will be reporting to him much like they were in the
Research and Graduate Studies alignment. The Graduate Studies came out of Research and
Graduate Studies to go to the Provost, and UKRF is here. He did not go through all of the
details, but he mentioned that Del Collins from the Medical Center has previously reported to Dr.
Holsinger. That reporting line will continue; however, he will also report to the Vice President
for Research as well in this model. He pointed out that nothing changed in Del Collins reporting

      President Todd talked about appointing a Committee on the University of Kentucky's
Future. He has asked that Committee to look at the Centers and Institutes. It is very likely that
some of those Centers and Institutes will go back to the appropriate colleges where their funding
can be added into the colleges where they are most closely associated. He mentioned a model
that he has discussed with the deans that he wants to pursue, but he will let the Committee make
its recommendations.

      President Todd continued his presentation with the Assistant Vice President for Research
position. Dr. Joe Fink will have the Assistant Vice President for Research position, in addition
to being the Acting Vice President for Corporate Relations and Economic Outreach. He
announced that Coldstream Research Park would be added to this position. Coldstream Research
Park is presently under the supervision of Mr. Ed Carter. Mr. Carter will be with the University
through the end of the year. Mr. Carter, Dr. Fink and Kathy Stewart will be working together
during this time to transfer that area over to the Assistant Vice President for Research.

      He reported that Senior Vice President for Administration Jack Blanton would have Mr.
Henry Clay Owen, who is Controller and Treasurer of the University, reporting directly to him.
In addition, Nancy Ray will be the Associate Vice President for Employment Equity and report