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T/ie Selective Admisszbn and Retention
Of Teacher Candidates in a State


Published by
sllllel'intentlent of Public Instruction
Frankfort, Kentucky


Entered as second-class matter March 21, 1933, at the P051? office at
Frankfort, Kentucky, under the Act of August 24, 1912-

POS¥MASTER: Return undelivered copies of EDUCATIONAL RULLE-
Fr to commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Educatlon,












A Cooperative Eflort to Improve
T/ie Selective Admzksion ana7 Retention
0/ Teacher Candidates in a State

A dissertation presented to the Faculty

of the Graduate School of the University of Kentucky
in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Education








Public education has been the subject of extensive study in
Kentucky and in the nation for several years. More recently the
focus of attention has been on the preparation of competent teachers.

The Division of Teacher Education and Certification of the
State Department of Education has been active on all fronts to im-
prove and strengthen the programs of teacher preparation. These
efforts have been coordinated with the other appropriate agencies—
the Council on Public Higher Education and its Advisory Committee
on Teacher Education, the Commission on Teacher Education and
Professional Standards of the Kentucky Education Association, the
representatives of the colleges and universities which prepare teachers,
and the various professional organizations.

One of the most perplexing problems encountered in the prepara-
tion of teachers has been that of establishing processes and criteria
for selecting candidates for the teacher education programs. In 1959
the State Board of Education reaffirmed its position that teacher
education institutions should institute programs for the selection, ad-
mission, and guidance of prospective teachers. The urgent need for
establishing such processes and criteria has been recognized for many
years; however, there has been no general agreement on the means
for selective admission to teacher education.

. A staff member of the Division of Teacher Education and Certi-
ficatmn, recognizing the difficulty teacher education institutions were
encountering in trying to implement the regulations of the State Board
Of Educatim with respect to selection and admission of teacher candi-
dates, SéleCted this problem for his dissertation study for the doctor’s

egree in education. In the progress of the study a state Committee
“gairappomted' by Mr. Wendell P. Butler, then Superintendent of
a{llld1::dlnstr'uct10n, to make recommendations regarding the selection
st ff miss1on of candidates to teacher education programs, The

a member was named secretary to the State Study Committee.

eatioihiiggléth‘? cooperative efforts of the Division of Teacher Edu-
of the staff ertification, the State Study Committee, and the work
institutiorl meplber a set of guidelines was produced by which the
of teachers 50135351an programs of selective admission and retention
as now laan dates. Every Kentucky teacher education institution
grams repreéme _51}