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in vocal

S. M. Wing

     Curator J. B. Bowman, Benj. Gratz, X. S. Woolfolk and. L.
B. Wilkes were appointed by the Chair as a Committee to carry
out the proceeding resolution.
     Curator Enos Campbell having addressed the Board on the
subject of making provision for regular instruction in vocal
music in the different colleges of the University, on motion of
Curator Withers, the Chair was authorized to appoint a Committee
to take this subject under consideration and report thereon at
the next annual meeting of the Board. Whereupon Curators Enos
Campbell (Chairman) W. T. Withers and Joseph Smith were appointed.
     On motion of Curator Woolfolk, L. M. Wing of Owensboro, Ky.
was chosen a Curator of Ky. University.
     On motion the rule requiring the minutes of the Board to
be read in full before the adjournment of the Board was suspended,
and the Board then adjourned..
Joseph Wasson               C. T. Worthington, Pres.


Pro ten.

of June 8,

                 Kentucky University
             Lexington, Kentucky, June 8th, 1869

     The Board met at 12 N. Present Curators R. M. Bishop,
(Chairman) Andrew Steele, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W.
Elley, Joseph Smith, B. B. Groom, Z. P. Smith, John Shackelford,
Jr., Enos Campbell, J. L. Caldwell, L. B. Wilkes, Jno. Aug.
Williams and Joseph Woolfolk.
     After prayer offered by Curator Ricketts, the minutes of
the last annual meeting were read and approved.
     At the request of Curator Z. F. Smith the names of the
Standing Committees as appointed June 24, 1868, were read.
     On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at 2 P. M.

     Afternoon Session --The Board met at 2J P. M. Present in
addition to those recorded in the morninS, Curators J. B. Bow.-
m."In, Beni. Gratz, A. H. Bowman, W. L. Williams, R. C. Ficketts,
S. M. Wing.
     The Executive Committee, through their Secretary Joseph
Smith, made their annual report, it being, in fact, the second
record of their transactions since the last annual meeting of
the Board.

leport of
She Exe c.


June 8, 1869

R~eport of
the Regent
read & re-
ref erred

Transylvani a

\acanci e s
of the Con.
on A.&.X.

Report of
the Treas.

of Auditors

report of
Com. on
vocal Music

Board of
A.& M. Col.

Givens ex-
:used for

     On motion of Curator Ricketts this report was referred
for examination to a Committee of three, The Chair appointed
Curator Ricketts, Caldwell and Campbell.
     The report of the Regent wI-s then read and on motion of
Curator Elley it was received and the subject matter of the
same referred to the several Standing Committees of the Board,
with instructions to report as early as possible.
     On motion, that part of the Regent's report which relates
to the proposed desposition of the Transylvania property was
referred to a Special Committee of five. The chair appointed
Curator G. W. Elley, Hunt, Beck, Gratz and Jno. Aug. Williams.
     Two members of tje Standing Committee on the A. & M.
College, namely, Curators Worthington and White, being absent,
their places were filled by the appointment of Curators Steele
and A H. Bowman.
     The report of the Treasurer was then read, and on motion
approved and adopted. Accompanying this report was the follow.
ing certificate from the Executive Committee.
     "The Executive Committee of Ky. University report that
they have examined carefully the Treasurer's accounts, vouchers,
and books and find them all correct.
/154/                  Signed Joseph Smith
                         Joseph Wasson
                         Benjamin Gratz.
                         Joseph Woolfolk.

     The Committee to whom, at the last annual meeting of the
Board, was referred the "Subject of making provision for re-
gular instruction in vocal music in the different Colleges of
the University" made their report through their Chairman Cur-
ator Campbell.
     After some discussion as to its proper disposition, on
motion of Curator Steele, that part of the report which relates
to this subject was referred to a Committee of three, who were
there upon appointed by the Chair, as follows:
Curators Steele, Shackelford, and W. L. Williams.
     On motion of Curator J. B. Bowman, it was resolved , That
this Board meet the Visitors of the Agricultural and Mechanical
College at Ashland, on Thursday next at noon.
     Curator Givens having forwarded in writing his reasons for
absence from this and from the last annual meeting of the Board,
on motion these reasons were declared sufficient, and hence his
peat not vacant thereby.
     On motion, the Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at 9 A.M.