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[It is not known to whom the first three lines refer. The numbers 7 8 and 9
appear on the pagesfrom which this sketch is copied. The first journal -
entry--for January 1, 1859--1s on page 17.]

 But she said she was willing to That she had made her Peace
with and I trust whilst writing this she is heaven enjoying the
Bliss of Paradise
My sister Frances Married E M Clark in the year 18hO They lived in
Henderson for several years after they were Married and then removed to the
Steam Mill Built by Clark & My Father where Cla rk Built a house in which
they lived untill my sister died whenélark and My Father disolved Partner-
ship My sister Frances Died the 2lst of Jan 18 her death made a deep
impression on my mind which I trust may never be Eradicated That is the
Power and goodness of God in bestowing on us Grace to Enable the christian
to overcome the Last enemy death for her I felt no fear for I Feel Assured
that her spirit is now Mingling with the Just in heaven She left two chil-
dren Robert and glia both of whom are now living
· My sister Elizabeth lefttwo children Sarah Elizabeth & Cynthia Ann
they are both living
Thomas Smith the next oldest Married Mary E Collier on the 27th of
Jan 1857 is now living in the Neighborhood of him I have but little
to say as he appears contented and Happy with his Present condition in
life I Hope he May ever remain so
Robert Smith my next oldest Brother I Remember first as the Playmate
of my childhood and whilst I recall those and Happy hours I can but
feel th are Forever gone Tis true that it is sometimes a Pleasure To us
to look Back oer th of our childhood but oh how that is
marred when we know that the we then Knew and loved has Passed
to that Bourne From Whence
he was not only the Playmate of my childhood he was the companion of my
Together we trudged to school and were inseparable companions I
might say up to manhood and now whilst I recall those scenes I can but
feel sad that one so gifted in the Prime of life and usefulness should
Become as it were his own destroyer Robert commenced Merchandising at
Smiths Mills Ky in the year 1851 and appeard to be doing a Prosperous
f Bussiness and it was while Elated with success and he thought Gaining
wealth that I first noticed that he would sometimes Indulge to too great
an Extent in that the worst of all evils the Tanpting Bowl and how often
it is the case that our fondaest hopes and Brightest dream are Forever
Blighted by this worst of all Enemies Alcohol in the year 1856 he married
Matilda Alvey and lived at Smiths Mills up to the time of this death which
x occured July 11 1858 his death I can never forget to see a young man in the
Prime of life a.nd usefulness die the effects of Intemperance dmwhat a
Lesson it should be to us and I write lines with the wish that if any
young man should ever read them I would advise him warni.ng in time
and let the cup alone and I trust to god that no other member of my family
may ever give way to izntemperance I have written these lines at the Expense
of my own feelings for it is a sad thing to think of the fate of those we
have loved more sad to record the cause of that and I would advise
all young men to seek religion young and Marry young if Possible I
would advise evry young man to marry at 21 and thus avoid the temptations
allurements of the world that beset Pathway of the youth of

our land
Mary Ann my next oldest sister Married S L Cooper Nov 27 1857 and is
now living in the neighborhood
Margaret Married B F Martin the 23rd of December 1856 and is now
living in the Walnut Bottoms `of these two I will say nothing further at
Present beleiving they are contented and Happy I Hope th? may ever remain
And will endeavor to give a short sketch of the Life of My Father
He was Born in West Moreland County Pennsylvania on the 19th day of August
17814 From which his father removed to Monongehala Co Virginia where they
Lived untill the year 1796 when they moved to this county and settled in
what is now known as the Horse Shoe Bend above the town of Henderson where _
they hved about a year when they moved and settled on this Place where
my Father lived up to the time of his death Removing to this country at
so early a period they necessarily went through many hardships incident
to Pioneer life at the time his father removed to this county it was
oomparitively a wilderness The town of Henderson which has now a Popula-
tion of some hOOO Persons was composed of two or three Log cabins I have
merely to this to show the rapid advance of civilization at the
time he came to this county it Presented More attractions than allmost any
other part of Kentucky to the Pioneer rich in soil salubrious climate
requiring but little land to raise a small corn crop & and the other
necessaries of Life the Game abundant the river Bottoms covered with
a Growth of cane Furnished an abundance of food for stock in the winter
thus requiring but little to keep their stock winter and sunmer and I have
often heard my Father say he had killed Bufalo near his house stood
Bear were also it allmost one · ‘
of his Temperament a good shot a strong Healthy man one in fact just
suited for Pioneer life Early in life he Married Letsey Rollefson by whom
he had Five children Three of them are now Living viz Hosea SmithSgSarah
Nesler and Eliza Weaver The other two Cynthia Floyd and Matilda Dixon died
several years ago both of them left several children -
During the War of 1812 he volunteered and received the appointment of
Captain in which capacity he served at the memorable Battle of New Orleans
he was also in Harrison Camp against the Indians and went with the
command of General. Hopkins into the then Indian Country beyond Tere Haute I
Indiana but was too late for the Battle of Tipacanoe returning from the
Battle of New Orleans he settled down to the quietude of a Farmers life and i
although he filled various civil stations this was his main occupation up to
the time of his death
I could did I deem it necessary in this brief notice of My Father give V
numerous incidents of his early life of the many privations through which
hz passed 1: the early portion of his life as he related them to me but will not
a n
But one year after the death of his first in the 18 he Married My
Mother Elizabeth Carrington and by strict economy he acquired considerable
property before his death although he was one of those Men whose uniform
goodness of heart Leads to as it were the utmost confidence in one
as he often Tad security debts to pay few of which were ever paid back again

was generous to a fault ever ready to help needy one
whose sympathies were ever enlisted on behalf of the widow and the
orphan never knew a beggar to be turned
-erving he might appear and he would often say to me twas better to feed
dozen impostors than to turn one needy person away
And now as I glance back oer times rapid space I can as it were see
him when I was a little boy surrounded by his family his neighbors and
friends respected and honoredby all with but one grevious fault that has
been the curse of so many good men honored I said by all yes for he was
truly a noble man one whose mind soared above the trifling little things
of earth one who scorned through his whale l.ife to do a mean action but
ever endeavored to hold up before his children the highest standard of
morality and virtue
' Whilst at the same time he suffered himself like Eve in the garden
of Eden to be beguiled by a serpent of as deadly a nature as ever tempted
Eve, that was the tempting bowl and as I have said before with this ex-
ception he was truly a noble man allmost Faultless or at least as near
faultless as attains the lot of man to arrive at in early life he
embraced the christian religion and attached himself to the Cumberland
Presbyterian Church and for several years was a leading and content member
but by contact with the world laid aside as it were the noblest and great-
est gifts ever given to man and went back to the gaudy allurements of the
world and although a warm advocate of the christian religion he appeared
during the greater part of his life to have lost savor and made no preten-
tions as to his christianity at all
But when old age began to dim the eye when buoyant step grew faltering
and slow he looked upon his early l.ife and I trust returned to first love
as he told me but a short time before he died that he saw his way clear
that the religion of his youth was the comfort of his dying hour and I
trust he is in that land where all the errors of life are forgotten in the
saviours presence
V he died the Sth day of March 1858 after a long and protracted illness
aged 73 years 6 months and 18 days I stood by him and saw him breathe his
last calmly sweetly as it were life ebbed out and the spirit took its ever-
lasting flight from earth to its Mak er
I could but feel in that moment that I had lost the best friend I
posessed on earth one whom I honored as a parent and whose memory I shall
revere while life shall last and often now in the still hour when alone I
· see as it were that grey headed venerable form standing about the farm di-
recting by his advice and counsel and then again I reflect that he is gone
forever gone from this troubled woxjd gone to that bourne from whence no
traveller ere returneth and the heart grows sad

 Jan lst 1859 I will begin the Month of January by Remarking that
it is a Beautiful day all nature seems to be rejoicing at the Birth of
the New Year and as I look Back over the Past year I can But rejoice
that it is gone for the year fifty Eight was a dull and cheerless year
to me and I am sorry to say that Instead of improving my time as I '
should the New Year finds me But little changed from what I was one
year ago Either as it regards my Purse or my own temporal welfare But
I Begin the New Year with renewed Hopes and firm resolutions for the
future how far I keep those resolutions I intend these Pages will show I
I was in the city of Henderson today and although I
have been there often of New Years days before I think the crowd of
People was Larger than I have ever seen congregated in the Little city
before and it seems to me that the Majority of them were affected with
what I will term the Negro Mania Good field Hands Hired readily for
from two to three Hundred dollars women & Boys from one hundred to one
Hundred and fifty dollars and allmost any Kind of a Hegre would sell for
QIOOO whilst a Likely young Negro would have sold for $1500
- I sold Ben Dan & Sams Tobacco at $5 for good & dh for
lugs & $2 for trash
2nd Sunday I went to church in the Morning and took Miss L. Haskins
a Buggy riding in the evening ·called on Hr. John Higgins .—
3rd Hired out Nancy Harry & Peter today for the Present year Also
rented out the Land Belonging to the Estate
hth Moved Dan &c from the Mill Place house went with the corpse of
Mrs. Davis to Highland Church heard her funeral sermon by Elder Thurman ‘
5th Nothing of interest occured
6th do do do P
. Yth Hothhg of interest occured
,8th I attended an Infare at George Cabells given Solomon
had a very Pleasant time
9th Sunday Took Dinner at Uncle Steve Martin went to call on A
the Miss Garett in the evening But they Had left for Home
lOth Nothing of Interest occured
llth Went to the Diamond Island Bend.
l2th I was Bussy today asserting Tobacco
l3th Went to Henderson returned stayed all night at Finleys i

lhth I have Been Endeavoring to save my Tobacco which I Had
Bulked by firing it I also fired one Barn that I Had striped with
tobacco stalks it had Moulded I suppose from the dampness of the
weather I make these remarks for future reference
l5th Striped Tobacco at the Hill Place
l6th Sunday went to church heard the Rev R'W Fallan Preaoh
l?th Went with G A Sugg To survey & Lease a tract of land Lying
on Pond Creek to Thos Higgins Loaded 3 wagons with Tobacco in the
· l8th Carried my Tobacco to Henderson sold on the street at $7
& $6.75 weighed light although it was very high the Three Loads
weighed hh5O lbs. Amt To $305.70
l9th Went on a Pleasure trip with a company on Board the Silver
Star to Paducah viz H D Williams G R Rankin S B Martin W P Lilly
Thos Crowder G W Bruce R Haskins T Williams
20th Arrived at Paducah about 9 o'clock this Morning but had but
Little time to see the Place I should suppose it contain a population
of about hOOO and appears to be in a thriving condition Left Paducah
half Past ten on our way home Rained near all day we
had a very Pleasant on Board the Star But would have Enjoyed it
much more if it were not for the too Prevalent Practice of Drinking as
a drunken Man Becomes Disgusting though he May Be a friend
2lst Landed this Morning at Longs Landing Took Breakfast at
B F Martin spent the day riding through the Bend on business came home
in the evening
. 22nd A very cold day Helped Burry Mrs. Taylor Mother of Charles
Taylor in the evening
23rd Sunday `Went to Church heard Elder Moore Preach &c.
2hth Received today $105 on Executions vs. J Hanmonds from B F
, Martin a Pleasant day Busy with hands clearing dc.
· 25th Went on Business to`N Utley Also rode through the Bend of
Highland Executed three"Narrants Collected 360.So
26th `Went with Marion Sugg to J French in the Morning Tent to
Squire Turners in the evening Executed one warrant but collected no
money a Pleasant day.
~ 27th Striped Tobacco at the Hill Place Bought an Execution on
Joseph French for Forty dollars one do for one dollar one on J McBride
for $2.69 one on Leo French for one dollar & 25 cts from'N W McCauley
Paid Thirty Two dollars and fifty cts for the same

28th A very Pleasant day finished striping Tobacco at the Mill Place
29th Iwent to the Diamond Island Bend Took one Replevin Bond
Collected $5.90
30th Sunday ‘Hent to E Thomas in the Morning Levied on his
Tobacco Went with Miss Jane Haskins To Mr. Alveys in the evening
with this I wind up the Month of January it has been a very change-
able Month but very little cold weather wet but Mild.
Feb lst 1859 I will Begin the Month of February by Remarking
that the day is Pleasant for the season I went To Henderson today
went with J R Smith to Procure his License &c Burnt my First Plant
Bed today I Paid G E Allison $6.80 Fees Loaned L L Hancock $15
John R Smith $3 Expenses SO cts
2nd Striped Tobacco at Home today
3rd Myself & G R Rankin went to the Bend To wait on John H Smith
he was married Fifteen Minuets to one oclock P.M. to Miss Christopher
I waited with Miss Jenny Christopher came home in the evening attended
the infare at L L Hancocks at night a cold Blustery day _
hth Spent the day at Mrs. Cottons in company with Miss Lame went
to concert at Night at Cypress Church a very Poor Affair Collected $10
spent $1.10
Sth I have Been very unwell Today Consequently I spent the day
at home .
6th Sunday “Ment to the Methodist Church in the Morning heard I
Elder Thurman Preach went with G B Martin to Squire Lillys in the ‘
7th A cold disagreeable Morning Rode through the Bend of Highland
in the evening Paid J Davis of Mount Vernon $21 the Amt of an Execution »
against Thos H Powell all hands clearing
8th Spent the day at A M Haskins in company with Sue Lilly Matilda
Smith G B Martin and others a rainy disagreeable day
9th I started this Morning to sell E Thomas Tobacco Mm Melton -
agreeing to Pay the debt I dismissed the Sale Went to Ben Grishams in
the evening Levied on one Buggy Also his Present crop of Tobacco a
cold windy disagreeable day
lOth ‘Uent to Mm Bence in the Morning to Temperance Meeting at
Might Paid H D Williams on Note of Capt J H Dillingham four Hundred &
fifty dollars All Hands clearing
llth Spent the day at S L Coopers Collected from J D Smith $75 do. I
12th Went to Henderson today Paid S P Spalding Fifty three dollars
and fifty cts expenses EO cts.

 V b.
13th Sunday I attended church in the Morning heard Elder Utley
Preach Went to Mrs. Allins in the evening A very Pleasant day
lhth Valentineaday I went to Wm Utleys in the morning and attended
a Party at GW Cabells at Night A large crowd as usual at the Colonels
but enjoyed myself finely Collected to day from Thos H Powell for A
Fazmier on an Execution of J L Barton th5 a cold Rainy disagreeable day
l5th Striped Tobacco at Home today Collected from Thos Long $hO
on an Execution in favor of F A Cannon it has been warm today for the
season with rain in the evening accompanied with Thunder and Lightning
16th Striped Tobacco at home today a very Pleasant day for the
1 17th Finished Striping Tobacco today warm and Raining in the
18th Nothing of interest occured
_ 19th Raining in the Morning verry warm for the season Loaded
Tobacco Wagons in the evening
20th Sunday I attended Church at the Methodist Church Elder _
Wheeler Preached.
2lst Went to Henderson with Tobacco sold on the street at $7
for Good, and$6.95 for Lugs two for Trash the Two Loads Amounted to $151
22nd I attended a Party at Night at John Higgins a very pleasant
time A
23rd I have been Making rails today a very wet and warm spell of
weather Collected Fifteen dollars from L E Newman on an Execution of
_ John A Powell
2hth I stoped at Uncle Steve Martin this Morning his Negro Han
Joshua had just died and whilst I gazed upon the corpse of that Poor
Negro I could but think how uncertain are the things of this world but
how certain is that one thing death Collected from H Higgins §2h.8O
  the Amt of an Execution in favor of H & B
l 25th spent the day riding arround doing Nothing in Particular
26th Helped John M. Hancock roll Logs today a verry Pleasant day
reminding one of the spring of the year Loaned Thos Harrison two dollars.
27th Sunday 'Went to church in the Morning heard Elder Moore Preach
Also in the afternoon A very Pleasant day
28th Went to Henderson today I saw a number of Mules sell at Prices
Ranging from $80 To §l23 Horses about the same figures Negroes sold
Rather Lower than on the lst of Jan I saw a likely Negro woman and child

sell at $1015. but men sold somewhat Higher. I received today from
.S L Cooper $100 on Note Also From G B Martin $l5 for L E Newman "Nith
this I wind up the Month of Feb it has been unusually mild for the
month of Feb I think it has been the Hildest winter I have ever seen
Although it has been a very disagreeable & Rainy wet winter but from
Present indications we will have an Early Spring as the weather at the
Present time seems more like the Month of April than Feb I have spent
a very dull Honotonous Winter such as I Pray heaven I may Never spend
again But I hope I will at least Profit by the Past and do better in
the future and instead of spending my time Alone have some one to cheer
this dull & gloomy existence But I will not Anticipate Longer on this
subject for at best Han is a Poor dissatisfied Mortal I sometimes think
I am only fullfilling Hy destiny and doing That in a very bad way during
the Past Month I have seen Much by which to profit I have attended a num-
ber of Parties and visited a number girls but must say that the Most of
them Though good Looking are allmost uneducated consequently poor '
[Harch IBS9 missing]
April lst It is a Beatiful day evrything is Putting on the Qarb
of spring The Peach & apple trees are in Bloom the trees are Putting
forth their summer Foliage The Birds are Carolling their songs amid the
groves & fields and all nature seems to be happy whilst Han alone stalks
forth discontented and unhappy for Avarice & Sin has destroyed his tastes
for that which is Beautiful and good But enough of this as I intend during
this month to keep a Journal of events and doings on the Farm I will begin
by saying I Planted some Irish Potatoes today .
2nd I have been running two Plows today Breaking Corn ground `
Received from John H Davis @50 on Note due estate
3rd Sunday went to church Elder Thurman Preached &c.
hth Went to Henderson Paid J E Rankin $55 dollars store acct
Paid A L Leslie §h0 Paid P Hillyer $2.70 William Ingram $13.70 A very
cold disagreeable day good By fruit to night, and Look sharp Tobacco Plants
Sth A very cold disagreeable day Helped J Higgins Role Logs in the
evening ·
6th went to Corydon in the Morning Took dinner at Harrison Powells
went to Joseph Cissells in the evening and from there to a Log rolling at
Hosea Smiths
7th `Went to the Diamond Island Bend deceived From Henry Bentley
Y23.20 on a Execution of C Qtr ing From Dan Carson $9.hO in full of Do
in favor of H Bentley called on Kiss Fannie Clay in the Evening
Sth Helped G N Cabell Roll Logs attended a Party at Night do

9th I went to church in the evening Elder Utley Preached `
lOth Sunday Went to church Elder Utley Preached
llth I co menced Breaking New ground with Jumper &c
l2th Helped H F Cooper to roll Logs
l3th Went to the Bend of Highland in the evening with S B Martin
a cold Rainey disagreeable evening
lhth I have Been Busy today in the New Ground deadning Trees &c
15th I finished rolling Logs. This evening
16th Helped Person Latta Roll Logs in the Morning & Garett Mitchell
' in the evening
l7th Sunday went to church Elder Wheeler Preached Took dinner _
at G W Cabells &c
lBth I commenced Laying off Corn Ground today
l9th Laying off Corn Ground —
20th Ccmmenced Planting Corn Pleasant
2lst Plan ng Corn Raining in the Morning and showers through the day
_ 22nd a wet cold disagreeable day I went down at night to set up with
the corpse of Mrs. Haskins and oh how forcibly I was reminded of the un-
certainty of life the certainty of death when I was last in that House it
was the scene of a Bridal all were Joyous Gay and happy But oh what a
change in a little more than a month all arround was Hushed and the sad
looks of friends the low mournful wail of the bereaved children the Heart-
rending sighs of the disconsalate husband told that death the grim Monster
had been there and done his work And whilst I stood by and gazed on one
who when I last saw her bid fair to live as any one I could but think of
the warning admonition Prepare to Meet th§y God for no man knoweth the day
nor the Hour in which he may be called to lie down in the cold and icy arms
of death
- 23rd I attended the Funeral of Mrs. Haskins today Elder Thurman
Preached the sermon
2hth Sunday I went to the chapel today in company with G B Martin
and to the Methodist Church in the evening Elder Moore Preached
25th ‘Went to Henderson Paid J B Hart $22.50 Amt of note I gave him
for Two cows. I saw the first Man today that I ever saw shot he was an
Irishman and was shot by another Irishman on hill street in a Drunken fray
he was shot in the left side in the region of the Heart and it was the
opinion of the doctors that death would ensue

 26th I have been busy Planting corn today
27th do do do Received from John
Muncaster $10
28th Finished Planting field of Corn near the Methodist Church
Rained in the evening
29th Too wet to Plough at work in New Ground Raining Nearly all day
30th A Pleasant day Helped to hurry Mrs. Ann Powell in the evening
Took supper at J Higgins Received from Royal Utley @23.75 Amt of note due _
Estate also from G B Martin $6 do do do with this ends the Month of April
it has been a verry Cool wet Month very unfavorable for farming and although
the spring was forward we are but little farther advanced in farming than we ·
should have been by the first of April although it is warm and Pleasant now
- the Ground is so wet that it will he several days before we can Plant corn
again and I fear we will have a very wet spring and summer if so there will
be verry little corn Raised on the low ground and river bottoms as a great
Portion of the Bottoms are now covered with water and the river still Rising
May lst Sunday I Helped to Eurry John Jones this Morning Attended
Church at ll and Elder Thurman Preached nent to Hrs. Allins in the Evening
do A Beautiful day
2nd I have been busy in the New Ground Breaking do ·went to Hosea
Smiths in the Evening Paid Person Latta Qh?.25 amt of order of J M .
Euckman & Co . _
3rd at work in the New Ground a Pleasant day ·
hth Commenced Ploughing Corn Ground today
fth `Uent to the Bend of Highland in the evening Received from v
J Mcfride {2.2E ant of execution in favor of wlh`HcCauley
oth I have Been Laying off Corn Ground today
Yth Went to Corrydon to the Election a verry large crowd and Rifle
jhiskey had the ascendency Received today Ql went to Church in the evening .
Elder Wheeler Preached
Sth `Yent to Cypress Church in the Morning Elder Utley Preached dc
9th I was Plantinj Corn until l2 Oclock went to Henderson in company *
with Q Y Eankin in the evening 'Ment to circus on Toard Floating Pallace
1Cth iemained in Henderson to hear the candidates for Governor speak
Tr. Icjcffiu the derocratic Candidate spoke first and was followed By Mr.
Zell t '’o· · opposition Candidate They were Foth able Hen
lltt l have been Zunnini off Corn Ground Today Went to Hosea Smiths
in tue evoninq `{ent with G B Tertin on a fools chase at light

l2th I have Been Busy Planting corn
l3th Went to the Diamond Island Bend Received from Sam Dixon $10
lhth ‘Wa1t to Hosea Smiths in the Horning Received of J D Smith $h3
on Executions
l5th Sunday Raining in the morning went to Negro Preaching in Hm
evening &c ~
l6th I went to Henderson today in company with B F Martin Brought
suit on bill of sale for Sam awet disagreeable day Received of N A Cannon
$9 on Execution in favor of F B Jones Planted My first tobacco today
' 17th I have been busy on the farm today Preparing tobacco ground &c
18th do do do
19th Nothing of Interest occured
20th ‘Went to the Bend of Highland in the evening
2lst Finished Breaking New Ground today I was deadning trees in
the morning Received From`W P Lilly $9.25 the Amt of due E F. Davis
& Co Settled with L L Hancock and he owes me $26.hO went to church in
the evening Elder Moore Preached
22nd Sunday Went to Corrydon to Church in company with G R Rankin
in the morning spent the evening at Uncle Steves
23rd I have been Runing off tobacco ground today
2hth Went to the Walnut Bottom Received From Shortie Turner $7
on an Execution in favor of J Lanhan against B F Todd Also from S King
$15 Amt of a note in favor of Wm Anderson Executed Three warrants
25th We have had a fine shower of rain today and I have been busy
setting out Tobacco I went to Hear the Candidates for Congress speak in
the evening Hr. Jackson the opposition Candidate Spoke first and was fol-
lowed by Dr. Peyton the Democratic Candidate They were both good speakers
» Received From J Cissell $5 on an Execution in favor of R N Culver against
J French
26th I was setting out Tobacco in the Morning and Hunting for a Mule
in the evening
27th I set out about Three acres of Tobacco this Morning went
down to the Steam Mill in the evening in company with H D Williams and
found the hill Burned down evrything a complete wreck showing but too
truly the ravages of that devouring element fire The Loss on the Part of
the owners is heavy as they saved nothing from the fire but the Iron Portion
of their Hachinery
28th Went to Henderson in company with G B Martin Brought suit
against G Mitchell for Balmains Heirs for $162.50

 29th Sunday Went to church in the Morning Elder Knight Preached
Took dinner at Thos Smiths Went in company with Adelia Cotton to Uncle
Steves in the evening and then to church Rev Joel Knight Preached Paid
Thos S Knight CS my subscription to the church in the Walnut Bottom
30th I have been verry unwell today I went to Mrs. Gottons in the
3lst Started hy Ploughs in the corn today ‘Went to the‘Walnut
Bottom in company with Adelia Cotton Joel Knight &‘W Knight I saw them
on Board the Silver Star about 2 oclock at Night on their way To Illinois
and as I saw that Pious and devoted old Man Bid his relatives farewell
with the Prospect of never Meeting them again on Earth I could but feel
the Power of the Christian Religion that enables us to look beyond this
world of Trouble to a Better and a happier state of existence in heaven
where Parting will be no more and we will never shed the Bitter Tears ,
of Separation
This month has been unusually Pleasant cool with rain
enough for good farming Purposes and our Prospects are now good for a
crop of evrything raised on the farm The tobacco crop will be very
early as there is all ready a good deal Planted and the wheat will do
to cut in l0 days from now ·
June lst I will begin the Month of June by saying that it is a
Beatiful Morning I rode through the Lower bend this Morning came home
in the evening with Sue Cotton and Sue Gibson
2nd Commence Hoeing tobacco today I have been unwell all day
Consequently remained about the house ·
Ae _
3rd Went to John Huites in the Morning after Corn Eougd 11%
Bushels at sixty cts per Bushel 'Went to the Bend of Highland in the
evening Received from W Greenwell @2.00 Amt of an Execution in favor
of Buckman & Smith Took one Replevin Pond ac
hth Sunday went to Corrydon to church in company with Miss Ellen
Allin Took dinner at Mr. Raymon. Elder Kelly Reformer Preached ac
Sth I went to the Diamond Island Bend Received from W Helton l
Qll,90 Amt of an Execution in favor of J S Rankin against E Thomas
6th Went to Henderson in company with G E Martin Took the oath
and gave Bond for the Constables office it Maces the third Lond I have
executed since the 20th of Feb l€S8.
Sth Tent to Corydon on Business Executed 7 warrants dc
9th I attended the taking of the deposition of Stephen Martin so
this Lorning Received From Lame d Lilly Thirty three dollars on an acct
in favor of I F Davis Txecuted E warrants Paid Hm Davis Q5 for work on
the farm

lOth Went to the Lower Bend in company with Miss Ellen Allin I
executed today 5 warrants Stayed all night at B F Martin &c
llth Came home this morning Executed 2 warrants had my miniature
taken by Adams went to church in the evening but the Pastor did not come
l2th “Went to church at Cannoo Creek Elder Stinson Preached the
Funeral Sermon of Capt Henry Dixon. we have had a fine Shower of rain
this evening and it was very Much Needed
l3th Finished'Planting tobacco today went to the Bend of Highland
in the evening Evrybody had gone a fishing or somewhere else consequently
found no one at home ‘
lhth I went to the Diamond Island bend today Executed l2 warrants &c
l§th Went to Henderson in company with Thos Smith Paid J A Priest
@25 on an Execution of A B Rankin against Rdt Smith sr Received from
A Oliver QIOO on a warrant of S A Steele rained very Hard in the evening
l6th “Went to the Diamond Island Bend today to summon some witnesses
before the Grand Jury
‘ l7th ‘Ment to the Walnut Bottom on Bussiness Commenced cutting
wheat today
ldth "Went to Corrydon I executed l3 warrants today
l9th Went to church in the Morning Elder Fallan Preached do
20th I was in the Diamond Island Bend today came home in the
evening in company with Miss Fainie Clay & Miss Gibson Executed 7
warrants today Received From L Bentley $3.35
2lst Went to Walnut Bottom to arrest Dixon for selling whiskey
, to Negroes but could not find him Executed 2 Q C Summons.
22nd went to Corrydon in the Morning Executed six Quarterly
Court Summons and h warrants
23rd Went to Henderson today in company with T S Knight I remained
V all night in Henderson and attended the Lecture of Professor Rarey on the
Taming of the horse Received from H U"Grigsby j6O Paid Allin d Hall $20
Also Grant Green ;2.25
2hth I attended the School of Professor Rarey today to learn his
system for Taming wild Horses The plan seemed to be a good one and I
think entirely Practicable showing clearly at least to my mind the Power
uof Han over the Brute when governed by the Law of Human Kindness I paid
ylO lor the Lesson and I oo not regret the money even if I GO not succeed
in taming wild or vicious Horses.
25th Squire Turners Court day at the pint Received from J V Lilly
1 ' .,.‘» . . ,0 D ··g· ' :7 . ¤·¤ #1 w-· · *'· ` .1;·
lhiity dollars lor I F Davis s Co Also pr