16th I was Striping Tobacco &c to day
17th Went to Henderson I Hauled to Palis & Co the Ballance
of my lumber in all 900 ft which brought me $27 I Hauled back a
load of Laths for the church &c
18th About the Farm &c I was at Church at night Elder
Redford preached
19th This has been a verry disagreeable day I was at work about
the farm &c went to Church at night Elder Redford preached again
his theme to night was the love of god to Poor fallen man and I truly
enjoyed his sermon .
20th Went to Henderson to day after Thos Smith who had been
with his little girl to Indianapolis to consult a Doctor &c I carried up
7 Bushels of Apples 10 Bushels of Potatoes & 62 lbs Hides I got 75
cents Per Bushall for Apples 50 cts for the Potatoes & $8. 25 for the
Hides Amt in all to $18. 50 This was a verry cold day I was at singing
to night
2lst Sunday I was §Singing this morning and went to G B Martins
to dinner &c this was a verry cold disagreeable day My old Friend
John Higgins was married to Matilda Smith this morning and although
I was not invited to witness the ceremony I wish them a joyous and ‘
prosperous journey through life and may they never regret the step ·
they have taken but may each succeeding year bring Fresh Joys untill i
summoned to stand in the last day and then may they meet with the
loved ones of old on the golden shore will ever by the prayer of the
22nd About the Farm &c
23rd Striping Tobacco &c to day I
24th Went to_Henderson to day in company with Jack Allin &c this .
was a cold disagreeable day
25th I was at the New Church this morning and at the Burrial of
1 Furney C Long who died at Dr Taylorwon yesterday Poor young man cut
off in his you§h suddenly allmost without warning he was a kind hearted
generous young man and I sincerely hope that in his last moments he gave
his heart to an all sufficient saviouk this should be another warning of
the danger of procrastination
26th Doing nothing in Particular