27th I was hunting some Cattle with G B Martin to day we
managed between us to find and drive home some six or sedven
head I was at singing School at night
28th Sunday I was at Church this morning Elder Redford
Preached this was a pleasant day
29th A wet disagreeable day I have been striping Tobacco
&c to day
30th To day ends the month of November the day has been cool
and take the month alltogether it has been a cold wet disagreable month
· in fact the month of October was a cold winter month & November has
been if anything worse than Oct I am glad to see the cold disagreeable Fall
at an end and as old winter is now upon we can look forward to winter
sure enough and Prepare for it During the fall I have done but little on
the Farm I have just commenced to Strip out my crop of Tobacco and am
not done gathering my Corn as yet To night as I take a last Faxqwell
of Nov I remember several Persons who have Passed away with it and it
seems strange to me how little we head the solemn warning Prepare to
meet thy god
December lst — To day Old Winter Commences on Earth Proper
allthough he has been here in Reality for some time I was Striping
Tobacco &c to day
2nd Went to Henderson I sold a Small load of Tobacco Belonging
to Isaac Cooper at $8 for the Good & $4. 55 for the Lugs This was
verry Indiferent Frost Bitten Stuff
2rd I was Killing Hogs to day I Killed 11 head that weighed 1800
lbs net this was the first clear day for a long time
· 4th At work about home to day we had another wet evening and night
5th Sunday I was at Singing School this morning also in the evening
this was a gloomy miserable day and if this be a Type of the month it will
be a Dark
6th Went to Henderson in Company with B F Martin I was Summoned on
the Jury but I was excused by the Judge
7th We that is B F Martin & Myself drove our Cattle to the Bend
to day &c