8th At work about the Farm &c
9th Went to Henderson I was summoned as a witness in the
Case of J T Moore against Martin for Slander but the Case was
not called to day
19th Went to J J Allins this morning and in the evening I was
Cow hunting &c
11th Striping Tobacco untill Dinner at Church Meeting in the
evening Elder Lacy Preached '
A 12th Sunday I was at Church this Morning Elder Lacy Preached
13th Went to Henderson in company with G G Lilly This was a
Gloomy Cold day
_ 14th A Wet Disagreeable day I have been too unwell to do
anything but set by the fire
15th Doing nothing in Particular
16th I was Hog Hunting in the morning in company with 4 _ A
G B Martin
_ 17th About the Farm &c to day
18th I was at Mr Harris singing School this morning and went to
see J N Taylor in the evening he was suffering from Rheumatism I
received from Dr McLaughlan $21. 60 amt that I had Loaned him
Myself & G B Martin went to the Odd Fellows Lodge at Night where
we were Initiated into that Mystic Organization t
19th Sunday I have been verry unwell all day and have remained ‘
in the house
20th I have been verry unwell to day and I fear I am going to be sick
U 21st I felt a good deal better this morning and allthough the day
has been verry bad I went to W F Quinns sale evrything sold high I
Bought 2 head of Cattle for $49. 50 7 Hogs for $91 1 Wardrobe $5. 50 I Stove $4
a Lot of Oats &c for $1. 40
22nd I was verry unwell this morning but went up to the Quinn Place
in company with B F Martin after the Stock we had purchased &c the
day was verry Cold and disagreeable and I fear this trip will lay me up