8th This was a cold disagreeable day I was at Church meeting
this morning but the our Preacher did not come. I received from
J H Crenshaw $10 Money I had Loaned him also From B F Martin $5
9th Sunday This was a cold disagreeable day there was no
church and I remained about the house all day and to night I am sick
again this is such a changeable climate when one gets sick it seems Hard
to get well again
10th I have been getting Ice to day I managed to get my house
about half Full but it turned verry warm this evening and from ap-
pearances the Ice Spell isbver for the Present at Least I Received
from G B Martin $41. 10 as Receiver of the Nesler Estate My '
expenses to day getting Ice &c was $5. 25
11th Went to Henderson to day in company with G G Lilly There
was not much doing in the Tobacco Market as the Prices offered are
below the views of the Farmers I received from W B Woodruff Five
Hundred dollars in Part of his Bond for Nesler Property due Nov 29th
_ 1869 and I paid W S Elam $800 in Part of his claim against the Nesler
Estate Expenses &c $5
12th Went to the Walnut Bottom to day in Company with B F
Martin a Cow Hunting &c
13th I have been verry unwell to day and I fear I have overdone V
myself in the last few days
14th This has been a rainy day sure I was striping Tobacco &c
to day
15th Sick again just sick enough to be up and Perhaps would
have been better off in Bed allthough I felt Better this evening and went
to the Lodge at night ‘
~ 16th Sunday This has been a wet disagreeable day I remained at '
home untill evening when I went to See G B Martin &c while Riding
around with B F Martin this evening we went to the Grave Yard I stood
again among the dead and af a wish of his expressed a few minutes
i before we entered its Hallowed Precincts so accorded with my own
feelings I will to night write that wish down he Hoped that whenever
he died that his Body might be Burried in the Old Grave Yard and that
he might be one who would be of that number who would ix rise in the
first Resurrection O My God how my own Poor heart Responded to that
hope for I would like to be Laid near my kindred & Children and oh to be