February lst -· This has been a pleasant day but my trip of
yesterday has about laid me up and consequently I have been about
2nd I delivered to E D Powell one Stag that I sold him for $60
The Steer I Bought of Mr. Marshall for $25 he (Powell) Sold for me
for $33. 40
3d About the Farm &c I loaded my wagon with Tobacco
this evening
4th I went to Henderson to day in Company with B F Martin
I cffivered to Burbank & Bro 1 Load of my Tobacco that weighed
Good 885 at 8 cts Lugs 630 at 6 cts Trash 560 2 cts Amt in all '
to 119, 80 Expenses &c $6 I received from Kriel & Smith On Order
of E D Powell $75 From Burbank on order of Ben Smith $48. 95 for
1 Cow Hide $3. 85 I Paid a note I gave L Martin Amt to $81
5th Sunday I was about Home all day] This was a wet dis—·
agreeable day I striped out some Tobacco in my Shed that belonged
to Evans Gibson There was only 352 lbs Lugs G & Trash I sold
it to Person Latta for $4 per Hundred Amt to $4. 08
8th I went to the Walnut Bottom in company with G B Martin
& B F Martin I found one of my steers that had Strayed off and _
Drove him home in the evening _
9th I went to the Bottom on a trading expedition again this I
morning with some Gentlemen representing the Firm of Burbank & Co
10th I Delivered dto Burbank & to Burbank & Co 24 Head of
Cattle 23 Head at $40 Per Head and one at $25 Amt in all to $970 I
sold them some more Cattle but have not delivered them as yet I made ·
some money on these Cattqle but as I am not through delivering yet I
cannot tell how much I Dlivered one Load of Anderson Tobacco that `
weighed Good 1085 lbs Lugs 715 Amy Amt to $144 I delivered a
Load of Nace Williams Tobacco on the 6th that Wéighed Good 700 Lugs I
455 Trash 690 Amt to $116. 20 I made a mistake in my dates for the
month and ommditted the sixth as above
» 11th This Has been a Cold day I went to Church Meeting this
morning but the Preacher did not come
12th Sunday This is a gloomy Looking Sabbath Morning I spent
the day about Home as there was no Church in the Neighborhood