Peculiar Sadness to me for while I stood above two little Green
Mounds in the Old Church Yard I could but fear that soon we must
add another to that number Our little Babe has suffered untill now
there Seems to be no hope and we can only await the last messenger
O how sad is the thought for though young and helpless yet they twine
around our hearts and we can but love them My little one though
always Helpless seemed to grow bright and Beautifull I fear too
Beautifull for earth
13th About Home &c in the morning and went to the Anderson
Farm in the evening &c
14th I went to Charles Powells Farm this morning as I thought
to a sale But the Sheriff had levied on the Property and the Sale for _
the time being was Stopped I found our Poor little Babe Rapidly
Growing worse and I fear that the morning sun will not find her living
15th All night Long our Poor Little Bettie has seemed to Struggle with
the grim monster death and this morning her Pure and sinless p spirit
went home to its Maker and God (at 20 minutes to 4 oclock aged 7 ,months
and 21 days Again Man proposes and God disposes for as I looked upon
her pure and beautifull little face I thought she would get strong and
healthy and I watched her with only such Feelings as a Parrent can have
but disease was preying on her young life and soon it developed into a
Burning Fever which slowly but surely wore her life away and to day
as I stood by and looked upon that beautifull Form Lying still in death
I could realize (then and not till then) that she was too Beautifull for - ·
earth too Pure to live in this cold Sinfull earth and her Heavenly
Farther had but removed her to dwell in Heaven among the angels to
A grow and live where there will be no more death no more burning fevers
no more Pain no more suffering Saved from a world of Trial and trouble .
Saved with the Pure and blest in Heaven to walk the Golden Streets with
her little Brother and sister now in that Bright world
Another incentive to/live a right another tie in Heaven _
Oh My God May we who are H3? to weep for the Littles Ones on earth
be enableéto Look up to Heavens Pure Steadfast Light and seek for V
Solace there ever remembering that in heaven we may liVe with our
Little one again and while on Earth adopt the Languagfgf/that Sweet Song
"I would not weep though one by one my Earthly visions Fade
Nor Backward turn to mourn oer Hopes of Happiness decayed
But Fix my yearning gaze on Heaven Secure of Prxitmised rest
In that Blest Land However Severe our Sorrows seem in this"
I went to the Grave Yard this morning to Help to Burry