3d I was getting a Load of sand this morning &c
4th Doing nothing in Particular
5th Went to Henderson I delivered 74 Bushels & 46 lbs of wheat?
for my sister at $1. 40 per Bushel
6th Sunday There was no Church to day I was at Sunday School
in the evening
7th About the Farm &c
8th Went to the Fair to day There was the smallest crowd ·
on the grounds I have ever seen there during a fair
9th At the Fair again to day Another small crowd
10th At the Fair again We had a large crowd of People to day
and the Prospect looks much better
llth I was cow hunting &c to day
12th Went to the Fair This concluded the Fair for this season
So far as Good Stock and plenty of them goes to make a Fair this was
a successful one but the People seem to be getting tired of these annual `
shows and I fear the Company have not made any money ‘
13th Sunday I was at Church to day Elder Miller Preached
also at night
14th Went to Henderson in Company with Mary A Cooper & to Church
at night _
15th I was Cow Hunting in Company with J S Crutchfield S B .
Martin & H A Crowder to day We settled a disputed Steer Case between
Crowder & Crutchfield »
16th To day was the day set for the Begining of Debate between
. Elders Frogge & Miller I rode down this morning to Lazarus Powells
and came back to the Debate Evrything Passed off verry well to day
t 17th Ilattended the Debate again to day
18th At the Debate again
19th I went to Henderson this morning and was at the close of the
Debate in the evening `