7th I was in the Bottom again to day
8th I was at the Fair to day The crowd of People was good but
the Fair itself was poor
9th I went to the Bottom to see after my Cattle &c
10th Went to the fair again to day &c
llth I was at Church Meeting in the evening Elder Miller preached
12th Went to the Walnut Bottom to Church to day Elder Miller
preached I took dinner at J H Crenshaws
13th I was in the Bottom again to day &c
14th 15th 16th 17th I have been busy attending to my Cattle &c
We had a fine Shower of Rain at night
18th Went to Henderson in company with J H Jacobs I found the
Rose Life insurance had been Collected by the Henderson National Bank
19th Sunday There was no Church to day and I spent the day at Home
20th I have been verry unwell all day allthough I was riding around
Cattle Hunting &c
21st I went to the Rose Farm in Company with J H Jacobs & the
Agent of the N Y Life Insurance Company W J McCord Came Home
in the evening and went to a weding at Hosea Smiths and had the pleasure
of seeing Mr John Bal ? & Letty Smith united in the Holy Bonds of
Matrimony after which we Partook of a Bountifull Supper which was
welcome at least to me
I sincerely wish this couple a Happy and Prosperous Journey
W through life and may they never regret the step they have taken
22nd I have been so unwell to day that I remained at Home
23d I was at Home untill Dinner when I went to Corrydon with
my Sister Mary Ann to see One of my Brother Thomas Smiths Children
that was sick
24th I went to Corrydon again this morning Little George Smith
was verry bad with Croup and when I left in the evening I never expected
to see him alive again