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MISCONDUCT Virginia Beach, VA: Rev. Mel White In the first indication that anti-
Have you or someone you Enters Day Eight of Fast, Day Seven gay extremists in the new
know ever been disrespecte d or of Incarceration After Arrest at CBN Republican-controlled Congress may
mistreated by member of either the While Seeking Meeting With Pat target lesbian andgay' Americans in
Lexington—Fayette County Division Robertson ‘ discriminatory legislation, Sen. Jesse
of Police or the Fayette County Issuez' Rev. Mel White. a former Helms (R- N.C.) has introduced two
Sheriff’s Department? Did you feel ghoswr‘tg for Pat RObenson’. is b‘llsmat‘lol‘ld ”0““.th SpeeCh
that this was because the officer or today in his eighth day of an ongomg and discrimination against federal
deputy thought you were lesbian gay fast followmg his arrest FebruarylS workers. . . .
or bisexual? ’ at Pat . Robertson’s Christian The first bill. 5.23, would give a
Did you report the incident or Broadcasting Network (CBN) head- spec1al eRemption from workplace
incidents to anyone? If so were you quarters. Rev. White, who Is openly non-discrimination pOhCies .to
treated respectfully? {Was your gay,has been attempting to meet with government employees. who VOIce
complaint taken sefiously and inves— hls former boss Robertson for. more prejudices against lesbian and gay
tigated thoroughly? Was any action than 20, months to discuss co—workers. 8‘25 WOUld target
taken against the officer or deputy by Robertson S extenswe use Of “Way lesbian . and gay employees for
their employers? Ifyou didn’treport rhetoric on the 700 Club and in discrimination by .denying their
. . . . continued on page 5 employee organizations the same
the meident, was it because you were . f , . ton and free
afraid of the consequences (i.e.. misconduct and abuse which specifi— fights to ree amelal
. . . . , . speech guaranteed to other employee
being outted i0 family.' friends, cally targets lesbians, bisexuals and groups. Twenty—two employee
epipgsysers, or :tjhder: bnyapolice inviec: gay men inbthe Lexmgton area so that groups for lesbian and gay federal
hagrassment‘ etc )9] go you feglo that XESSErSUOEmEI‘:Cr:ur dim that: workers have formed, to encourage
making a re’portiof police misconduct Lelxington haJeO a)! igniiiscmii,
to Internal Affairs departments justifiable distrust of police. EHJSJIJE MAB 5}]:
effectively deals with homophobic If you have had any experiences Activism: Know Thy Enemies ....4
actions taken by police officers or with the Lexington police or Fayette AIDS Walk for Life 9
sheriff’s deputies? County Sheriff’s deputies, it is Classifieds 5
The American Civil Liberties important that you call ACLU Public CQmmum‘Y News 3
Union Of Kentucky and the Education Director Keith Elston at Pride Center Update.....,......,._...2
Lexington Fairness Campaign are (606) 281-1482 Confidentiality .Prid'e Month Plans 2
. . . . . . ’ 'Rediscovermg Our History Series:
collecting Information about police concerns Will be respected.v “Straightening Out the Past” ........8

r‘ ’r"1:‘ A?" "-.[2;<".,/.7-£é’71'<;«:2:x,a .
1t},’f;€;€l A; 1/)//),<,:/;{/72/;,/Z The Pride Center Task Force MONTH COMMITTEE
1’ at - , - - .
{2’3/1/THE ”(y/l), commfles [0 move ahead wtth "5 The Stonewall Committee has
, Z.,,f.4;;,,4.,«n, ,HVJLIU”, tagzgavwhwf work in 0 enmg a center for a , ,
:7 -1;’,1,1r;,.4- - v t?-//;-.:¢-v.1.cr: . p . g y started to plan for a month of
1’.7,3¥§f§i; qu 4/1532” lesbian, and bisexual people in activities in June We hope to havea
24,3” ”ESE?” 17)" central Kentucky. Originally, the variety of events to offer and are
1; 1112112 . -; , "" :_"'//’ 1 - . .
:J; ’1../.’/5A'r/1, ,f 1:] Task Forctel VJO lunteers 1:1 atd ngCEd’ {0 asking all lesbigay organizations to
{xiii/{f E CE’S?” serve ”,1“ anuary, u mm are sponsor an activity, or to help with
fig/1;? . RV], ‘12' continumg on. one of the larger events, such as the
1/ fi’G’AA/[zA/Tron i Jim Wiechers has been elected picnic
>, 1:5 . . N/ , ,1, I as Chair, and other officers include 01” next meeting is Monday
. ' A - N. H - I l I 23:: Biixfs; :Secféfaiiuregaavllg March 20th at Mary Crone’s house at
° . ‘ 7:30, and is 0 en to all. The calendar
Gig @WS Mawn, Judy Goldsmith, Mark Isbell is beginning :30 fill so if you want a
PUthhed Monthly by the and Shea Elder are chairing a variety particular date you should call Mary
eXIn ton 3 es [an o committees. is tas orce as .
L . g G y/L b. f . Th k f h (266—5904) as’soon as posstble We
° ' ' committed itself to the Iona—term . ’ ‘ .
SerVIces Organization efforts needed to make thecPride plan to finalize all dates by Aprtl
PO. Box 1147! C t} f th B t bl 10th, which is the date of our third
Lexington KY 40575 .6“? 9 e ”grass 3 5a ‘3’ meeting.
I functioning operation. Some events are alread
. . Possible uses of the Center ‘h d l d Th . . . 1 dfy
lnterlm EdltOl‘: , _ sc e u e . e picnic is p anne or
include a meeting space for groups, a 4 h d B 1 C
P ter Ta [or . , . , June t -aSun ay-at el ourt,
e y reading 100m, a coffee house, a place . .
, from 11 to 5. We Will be selling a
to hold spec1al events and fund— . ff (1 . l d‘ .
_ . .- ’ d lace to offer needed variety 0 oo , inc u ing vegetarian.
Layom EdltOl‘. raise-rs, an as a p f The Tri-State Gay Rodeo Association
Tammy D. Strong 8t services as support grows or (TSGRA) is organizing a mini
. . . lesbians, gays and bisexuals 1n and 1 , d , h
Elizabeth A_ Gilliam peop e s ro e0. games w ere we can
around the area. d hl .
Several fund raisers are in the emonstrate our at etic prowess or
Glso Annual Dues and - . make total fools of ourselves.
Newsletter: $15 planning stage for late sprlng and TSGRA is also planning the
early summer. These are tremen-
Dues and Newsletter for dousl im ortant because the Volunteer Banquet for June 25th.
Cou les‘ $20 _ y p y At the next meeting of the
p ' g've moneymhe cent“ Butthey Stonewall Pride Committee (that’s
Newsletter Only: $10 also allow the Task Force to . .
_ right - Monday, March 20, 7.30pm,
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO qualify for grant money from Mary’s house), we will be discussing
News are those of [hi aumolsmandcfsng futslide the atrea by demonstrating how best to spend the money we
necessany represent ose 0. 'e oca suppor. have and how to advertise Pride
Board Of Directors. Submlssrons are COHUHUC to watch for more M h A 1 h ,
welcome. All submissions become the news about the Pride Center and bout}; susuzlllfi :6 are questions
. . ~ , I a out ow muc me 1a covera e we
property Of GLSO and mu“ mdlca‘e full upcoming dates and places for fund— g
name and address of the author. The staff raisers Man will be announced actually want. If you WOUId llke [0
reserves the right to edit submissions and . . ' y , be part of these discussions, please
. . . , w1th1n GLSO News pages, and in the . .
ads to meetpubhshmg requirements, as well come to this meeting. Any
as the right to reject any submissions. W. individuals who would like to
Elacement 0f advertising in GLSO News PRIDE MONTH: It's become involved are encouraged to
enotes neither a person’s sexual orientation .
nor a business’ customer preference. CLOSE-KW W THINK attend, or to call Maiy to volunteer]
GLSO News Page 2

 TRAVELERS TAKE NOTE The first session is scheduled wonderful voices and some fun ones
The GLSO News was again for Friday, February 10, 7—9pm. If too. You will also be able to increase
delayed last month, this time due toa you would prefer individual your wardrobe by buying the shirt
prohibition against mailing counseling, it may be possible, right off a great looking model’s
advertising for travel agents under depending on the availability of a back.
“non—profit bulk mail” rates. therapist. These services are offered Also of interest: TSGRA will
Pegasus has run an ad with us for free of charge, you must be 18 to also be having a second T—shirt
many years, but last month a mail attendv auction at Crossings on April Fools
examiner saw the ad and gave us a Day. The event starts at 10pm and
call. WOMYNWEAVE there is no cover for this event.
Apparently, we cannot run ads Womynweave is reorganizing MCC wishes to thank Anita and
for insurance or credit card sales, and planning social activities for Bootsie from Karaoke on the Move.
either. This meant an additional women. Get-togethers are open to They also do private parties.
expense to get last month’s any women wanting to meet new “THANK You FOR YOUR SUPPORT!"V
newsletter out. Since Pegasus has people and have some fun. For
given GLSO 1% of tickets sold to more information, call Ramona at FRONTRUNNER / UK
GL8}? supportfersd forhmany years, 266'4672-' LAMBDA FUND-RAISER
we ope to in 0t er ways to i
MCC & TSGRA TEAM uv tiara
agreement. We Will list them in our FOR A FUND'RAISER Kissed Me” by David Drakes is
directory and we can list them as a If 'YOU weren't at thf: coming to Lexington. .lay Aubry
supporter. Please continue to give Metropolitan Community .Church S will be starring in this one-man show
them your busmesgv (MCC) first karaoke night you about being gay in the ‘90’8.
missed a great time. There were Deborah Martin is directing. UK
DIGNITY OUTREACH some excellent performers and there Lambda, the student lesbigay group,
Dignity of Lexington is were Eh?” that... well, they were and Frontrunners—Lexington are
planning to offer a non-clergy entertaining [00" Thls “We MCC 15 jointly producing this benefit for the
referral and support group for putting It on in the Glided Cage Pride Center. Tickets are available at
lesbian, gay and bisexual people Show Room at the Bar. A159 the the Singletary Center box office
who are having relationship Tri-State G2? 30460 Assoc1ation now, $12.00 reserved seating and
problems. People with any type of (TSGRA) 15J91nmg m the fund t9 do $25.00 donor seating. More
relationship problems (including the a T'Shm auction at the same time. information is forthcominglv
lack of a relationship) are welcome. Thls spectacularr event WI“ be held THE KENTUCKY AIDS
The leaders of the group are profes- on March 15th and thee doors w1ll W L
sionally trained, local social open at 9:00pm wnh a cover charge AFK FOR IFE
. , of $2.00. On April 23, 1995, AIDS
workers, therapists and counselors . .
who are donating their time and SO come on out and show Volunteers (AVOL), WHh field
talents free to the community. If you everyone what you usually do'when centers m Frankfort: ”32“.“:
are interested in finding out more you’re naked and. alone (sing m the Lexmgton and London WI“ hold m
about this new group please call Don shower that 15)" It YOU'DO come 0”" thlrd annual AlDSIWalk For Llfef'
211299-4458. we guarantee you Will hear some The $03] Oflhls yearswalk '5 [0
continued on page 9
GLSO News Page 3

 KNOW THY ENEMIES Research Institute): lobbies against members. (Randall Terry, PO 1180,
Note' This information was pulled lesbigay rights, reproductive Binghamton, NY 13902.)
from'ari article on the [mama an (1 freedom, govemment—funded health Free Congress Foundation:
‘was nor written by GLSO staff The care, child care and equal protection formed National Empowerment
coritact for each bfihese groups is laws for women in the workplace. Television (NET) to mobilize the
listed afterils description ‘ ‘ (Gary Bauer, 700 13th Street NW, Right for grassroots lobbying.Hopes
Beware of groups that promote Ste. 500, Washington, DC.) to expand to cable TV. Operates
hatred and hontiophobia under the Focus on the Family: Employs Judicial Selection Monitoring
uise of “family values ,, almost 1,000, and owns 1,550 radio Project. It has four TV shows,
g American Family .Association' stations worldwide. A leader in the including one to target black conser-
romotes their ‘agenda’ through passage of Colorado’s Amendment2 vatives and one for college
Sourt actions and also targets the (which hasjust come before the US. campuses. (Paul Weyrich,
media/entertainment industry Their Supreme Court) Focus conducts 717Second Street NW, Washington,
concerns include homosexuality seminars nationally to involve DC 20002.)
ornography profanity “anti: fundamentalists in the political National Association of
Christian” bigotry “liberal media” process, and also sells ‘starter kits” Christian Educators/ Citizens for
the National Endowment fortheAris for those wanting to oppress Excellence in Education: Their
funding and public school curricula homosexuals in their own cities. open goal is to bring education under
censorship They have 600000 (James Dobson, PO Box35500, Christian control with a priority
members and 640 local chapters Colorado Springs, CO 80935.) being disruption of public schools
(Donald ,Wildmon PO Box 2446’ Traditional Values Coalition: via attacks on curricula, text books,
Tu €10 MS38803) ’ opposes gay rights, reproductive and school boards. They consist of
pCdncerned ' Women of freedom, teaching evolution, and sex 1,250 chapters. (Dr. Robert L.
America' anti-gay anti-abortion' education - except abstinence. Their Simonds, PO Box 3200, Costa Mesa,
“ ro-family” agenda via grassroots newest group is the National Task CA92628.V
oliganizing and Congressional Force for the Preservation of the —_____.___.,
lobbying. Pressures elected officials gsger;:e:;ille 113:th Cmoisenbencnad THE GLSO TOP TEN
. , . , i . ., n a . . .
Via local prayer chains . They have y . . .g . The followmg is a top ten list of
. California to outlaw C1Vll rights . ,
600,000 members In 800 US rotections for lesbi a co le Congressmnal colleagues names
chapters. (BCVCFIY LaHaye, 370 The are currentl or Emilzinp (Em: that Representative Dick Armey
L’Enfant Promenade SW, #800. yb ll . . . .y g I 'g d should avoid in conversation:
Washington, DC 20024.) gay a ot initiatives in rvme an
E _ , Concord, CA. Advocates AIDS .
agle Forum. a women s orga- . . . Norm Dicks
. . . . quarantine. Their members include ,
nization powerful in national and 7 . DanielAkaka
Republican party politics thanks to “5’000 churches nationally. (Rev. Mike Cra
. p0
f . . Lou Sheldon, 100 S. Anaheim Blvd.
ounder Phyllis Schlafly. She is the St 320 A h . CA 92805 Mel Hancock
mother of a gay man, but opposes e. ‘ ’ n-a eim, I) John Boehner
AIDS d . . Operation Rescue: Nationally .
e ucation, sex education, day k . Chris Cox
. . . nown for Violent shut—downs of .
care, family leave, abortion rights, abortion clinics t or' _ w Harry Reid
the ERA and NBA funding. Her son and health-care egvibzelfsg throme: Jay Dickey
supports her, as well. Eagle Forum stalkin h' p t hoot9ug Carlos Moorhead
boasts 80,000 members. (Phyllis ‘ ,g’ drassmen’. 5. . mgs’ Dick Swett
Schlafly, Box 618,A1ton, IL 62002.) bombmgs: and 0”“? ’mlm‘dat‘on
Family Research COUIICil (not taCUCS’ Added gay rights to agenda (And we also think he should avoid
the same as Paul Cameron’s Family when Clinton proposed to Mt the his own name too)
military ban. They claim 35,000+ ‘ ’ ‘
GLSO News Page 4

 , fronting“ _ . . White’s incarceration. White’s CLASSIFIEDS
Chmhah Chalhloh POhCy supporters have lined the street Bab 'tt N d d' F 10
statements and fund-raising aPPEalS. outside CBN, urging Robertson to 3:11:21 e: e D or oulrs 20
Rev. White is currently with the meet with White. Yesterday,agroup Lnont ‘0 kaugpteli. aytirlpe, _
Universal FBHOWShiP 0f of anti—gay protesters also appeared, rs. a wee ' {fir 0111:] ome Em
Metropolitan Community Churches, organized by local Radical Right you}? isfa pos51 Hg hlonésrrlgoler
WhiCh minister predominately t0 spokesman Donald Spitzer, who has :1“ 27:21:52. out an mic
gay, lesbian and bisexual people. publicly supported murder and rea. _ '

During thiSi his third attempt to violence a ainst doctors who
meet Whh Robertson, White was perform aboEtions. One protester bRodommat: Wantéd dto .séiare 3'-
lOihEd by a coalition Of a dozen held a sign that read, “Pat, Just Say e room ouse, ar ensr 6 area.
clergy. White seeks a meeting to No to the Homo.” W? W111 share COStS 0f rent and
make two requests of Robertson: 1) “Rev. White’s arrest and imprison- utilities. Call 278-2131, evenings.
acknowledge the growing number 0f ment reveals that Pat Robertson is
hate crimes against gay and 1651313“ threatened by the truth, the truth Ate you being diminu-
13601316 and 2) COUdemh those hate about gay and lesbian people, the
crimes hhd the 1390]316 who incite or truth as told to him by fellow people M‘ed again“ in
commit them- White and his of faith,” said NGLTF’s Robert Bray.
delegation thI WBht 10 the CBN “When faced with a true coalition of Ken‘huky due *0 your
campus 0h Valentine‘s Day, but were Christians who support tolerance and i 9
turned 3W3)” Oh February 15, White 'ustice for all, Robertson cowers I midi,
and his delegation returned and were behind a wall of security to protect mod on 'on'
met by CBN security forces. His his fortress Ofbigotryf
delegation left the campus, while Local contact: Dawn Rankin— Repor* It} NW
White remained and was “WSW/d Phelps, Bearing Witness coalition of '
He is currently in the Virginia 353Ch religious leaders and community
lhifl [Inga-32100 hOhdidWhinh he ha: organizations supporting Rev. White, CO“ H” “50 Dijflim'imflm
re use - C as VOWC ‘0 35‘ ”ml (804) 543—2460; Pat Robertson, CBN r
Robertson agrees to meet with him. founder, (804) 5234000; (804) 579_ ”W, Md MP *0 Ni M
Bearing Witness, a coalition of 7012 dimimimfim m “w M"
religious leaders and community NGLTF contact: Robin Kane,
greues, has delivered a daily NGLTF Public information Director,
bouquet of flowers from Rev. White (202) 332-6483, extension 331 1; or 276.5393
to Pat Robertson at CBN since e—mailrakngltf@aol.com.v
Laura E. Kaplan W
Licensed Clinical Social Worker A];
RriiV/AIDhS l Pefional Growth fig;
eations ipsl omen’s ssues SpECt
’ ‘ 436 we“ Second Strem Pioneers in Alternate—Site Health Care
‘ Lexington, KY 40507
606.254.9112 l Pager: 232.0873 1510 Newtown Pike, Suite H Phone (com 253‘o3oo
Lexington, Kentucky 40511 Fax (606) 231-1214
. .
GLSO News Page 5

 March 1995 as» an
335232352522: '55“ _’ ‘ Eli; ‘
'3’ so . Sal v/w
’ GLSO/Stonewall Union Calendar
Sunday V ' Monday Tilesday v : ., ' ‘1 Wednesday " ’ Thursday _ ' . ' . ‘Friday , Saturday
Febmary April 1 2 3 . 4 .. O/ ‘1'”‘1'4/‘1 "
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S Ash Wednesday 7:00 PM Lex.Men's 7:30 PM Gay/Lesblan 9:00 AM Frontrunners " t ‘ I, ,' ,
5 6 7 is g 113) ii 2 3 4 5 6 7 2'; ADS H1 Sppt.Grp. Chorus Rehearsal AA 8200 PM "Jeffiey"-Actor5' ? ‘,, ' ‘
9 1o 11 12 13 14 15 New M°°n 7:30 PM UK Lambda 8:00 PM "Jelfrey"-Actors' Guild ' I
ii :3 i? ii é? Z :3 5g 1: 1*; 12 32 g; :3, 600 PM Frontmmers— 8:00 W HIV/AIDS Sppt.G1p. Guild '
26 :7 28 30 Woodland Park 8:00 PM "Jelfrey"-Actors'
1 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA Guild
5 6 7 8 > 9 10 I] 557 S. Limestone
2:00 PM "JefErey"-Actors’ 7:00 PM GUESS (EKU) 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian AIDS/HIV Sppt.Grp. 17:53:14 L M . 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian lst Annual 'G/L/Straight Lexington, KY
Gufld 7; 30 PM Pn'de Ctr. Al-Anon 6:00 PM F rontrunners- ' ex. ens AA T‘iachm Network/ ‘ 253 0014
6:00 PM MCC-Greenleaf Taskforce 8:45 PM Rainbow Woodland Park Chm“ Rebear 581 8:00 PM "Jeffrey"-Actors’ _-U~t:f1~ '
Motel Bowling-Southland 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian 7:30 PM UK Lambda Guild f . mn_ meis -
700 PM Dignity AA 8:00 PM HIV/AIDS Sppt. Grp. 3-00 PM Jeff” Am“ Guj“ ,
7500 m Gay/Lesbian AA 8121131131 "Jefl&ey"-Actors' “W TortOIse 81 Hare lunch
special: 1 0% off M-F
12 13 I4 15 16 17 18 11-11'30am 1°30-2 m
2:00 PM "Jeffrey"-Actors' 7:00 PM GUESS (EKU) 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian AIDS/HIV Sppt.Grp. Ff‘" M°°" ' St. PamcksDay 900 AM Frontnmners ' ' 'I ' P- -
Guild Al-Anon 6:00 PM F rontrunners- 7'(§efiymfix‘Mens Chorus $1439 N33323: ' 10:00 AM Men's Network
6:00 PM MCC-Greenleaf 8:45 PM Rainbow Woodland Park 730 FM P_FLAG teem?" tug“ e 5 8:00 PM "Jeffrey"—Actors' ,
Motel Bowling-Southland 8:00 PM Gay/Laban AA 730 pM UK Lambda 7::WGaaLesaan Guild Renowned weekend brunch.
6:30 PM RS Im ' 1C 11 9:00 PM TSGRA t—shirt aucti- 8:00 PM HIV/AIDS s t. , :__j§§g§=§=5=?=3=izizi’51;; j"1353222392325giggggg? .
7:00 pM Gay/1:563:11 Ac: on/MCC kareoke- The Bar 8:00 PM "Ieafii'ey”-Acv.01's’gilfildGrp 8:00 PMf’JéEréxf'iActféE' se rVI ng blue be rry b U CkWh eat
Guild "135255;; ' ' u
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 pancakes, eggs benedlct
, . A _ _ arnold, spanish omelettes,
2100 PM Lesbian Potluck Spfing 19681115 7:30 PM Gay/Lesblan AIDS/HIV Sppt.G1p. Las‘ Guam" ' 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian 9:00 AM Frontrunners
6:00 PM MCC-Greenleaf 7%“? '03 fir-Tqfifil Al-Anon 6:00 PM F rontrunners— 7:00 PM Lex.Men 3 AA 3 n d m U Ch more
6.0"}, Michael Blevins, fly: fifié 8:45 PM Rainbow Woodland Park ChOmS Rahearsal
«r-g‘wgifi a K! Bowling-Southland 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian ZzggPidhiIii/I/(MLgdngd? Gm
. . ....::s ' : pp' ‘ . .
:mT:n:1:3£;CIUb 141 W ' AA 8:00 PM COLTS Mtg. Wednesday IS International
7:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA N i g ht
2:00 PM GLSO News 7:00 PM GUESS K 7:30 PM Ga /Lesbia11 AIDS/HIV S LG . New M°°n 7:30 PM Ga /Lesbian
Folding (E U) MAM y 6200 PM Fmfimrs_ 7%01PM igthena M y Breads and desserts baked
6:00 PM MCC-Greenleaf 8:45 PM Rainbow Woodland Park orus- e earsa ° ' '
Motel Bowling-Southland 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian 7:30 PM UK Lambda dally In 0U r kltChen
6:30 PM RS Imperial Court AA 8200 PM HIV/ADS Sppt.
7:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA GTp. . .
Free evenmg parkmg.
Printed on 3/1/95

 -.' "'i'l Lexington Men’s Chorus 8!
i - - I
g; .I u _ . . ., , .
© '. MUSE Cinunnali 3 Women s Choir
. Present
‘ a. I . ' iI 4'
. , I ' i ‘
\ .,'\ K '
\ I l
‘ '_ '. '1 ‘\ -' |
. ‘ r
-. 9' I '
I _ .
_ . A r. : ‘ . _-
I - _ _ I I. If - . . M. .
I X \\. \" -
- . . r' . '
' _. . . : I I I
Il'.' . '.I ll \ I
GO Olll W lll] JOY "
Sunday 0 April 2, 1995 0 2 p.m. - Kentucky Theatre
Tickets: $10.75Adult, $5.75Child - Phone: (606)231-6997
Free Parking at the City Hall Annex Garage
GLSO News Page 7

 '————? were sent to Violet from Vita were This is the same thing we face
“ destroyed by Violet’s family. as homosexuals. The same men who
STRAIGHTENING The encyclopedia errs by wrote histories and seldom (C
OUT” THE PAST omission to give an apt description mentioned women, also seldom
of who she was. It made me wonder: mentioned homosexuals, except in c
why include three paragraphs on demeaning ways. For hundreds of r
contributed by Elizabeth Gilliam someone if you’re going to leave out years, the only people who had the C
I was recently glancing through an event that scandalized Queen education, time, and resources to ;
Grolier’s Multimedia Encyclopedia Victoria and shocked society? write anything were monks, and the
(CD—ROM y. o), and while looking . This sort of irresponsible Catholic Church was not the model i
up Queen Victoria, spied one of her historical mutilation does more harm of tolerance in what it considered
contemporaries by the same name. than good. By knowingly leaving acceptable history. I
Victoria Sackville—West, who wrote out a part of a historical figure that One of the most pitiful results of I
as “Vita”, was listed. The “History c0urses...tend to a thousand years of this sort of 2
information on her contains the maintain the View that [WNW] reporting 15 that many people (
description: “Although she was a . . today d0 HOE know JUSt hOW long
poet, novelist, and biographer, Vita hlstOI‘y Isn’t what actually homosexuals have been around, and t
is best known as the model for the happened — it’s what you that they are ‘ gasp! 'jLiSl like anyone E
title character in Virginia Wooli’s can remember.” 61:9- I‘Allithey‘ see 15 d maSVS 0i I
Orlando." historical figures, some good, some
‘ This struck me as typical one does not agree with should be a bad, but none who were queer. They ;
historical whitewash. What the crime. It leads to mass disinforma- don‘t understand that homosexuality
article doesn’t mention, and which is tion on the part of the general has existed in all cultures, races and (
perhaps a most basic part ijust who POPUlace. both sexes, regardless of tolerance or i
this figure was, is that Vita was one Although I am an accomplished intolerance, and that homosexuals ,
of the most famous (or infamous) historian, I had rarely read accounts were the same as anyone else. 1
lesbians 0f the Victorian Age. of strong women in history, much lrecently had a sister—in—law
She met and foil in love with less lesbians, until I specifically who did not want her kids to see my (
another noblewoman by the name of began to seek them out. History partner and I together. because they .
Violet, whom she had known since courses in pre—college years — the might think we were happy and J
her teenage years. They were lovers only ones most Americans ever take- normal. Therein lies the basis of the i
even during their subsequent tend to maintain the view that history irrational conservative fears. 1
marriages, and at one point even isn’t what actually happened - it’s So, as historians endeavor to ]
“escaped" their heterosexual lives, what you remember. And they “straighten out” historical miscon- V
and left England for the Orient. seldom seem to remember women. ceptions, we encounter those who -
They were, however, forcibly Is it actually true that in Western prefer to see with only one eye.
returned to their “proper” iiycS and history, women just did not matter as Unfortunately, they are all too ready
families. much as men? I believe that it’s a to stick fast to what they consider to
Grolier’s Encyclopedia doesn’t complete story of oppression - be traditional stories about the white
mention any of this; you must find it women couldn’t own property, own male heroes without blemishes
in books researched by other, more a business, dress as a man, go to war, whom they mistakenly think existed.
thorough historians, such as Violet to attend councils, hold official It’s tough fighting ignorant
Vita, a collection of the letters Violet positions, go ‘0 SChOOls etc. people who only seem 10 believe what
wrote to her lover, which were Still, despite this, women seem their parents told them, but all we can
released by Vita’s family after her to have been able to show that they do is keep trying, and maybe one day
death in 1962. The letters which are people, just the same. they’ll wake up and get over it.V
: ____—____________________
' GLSO News Page a .

 . ( , the many affected individuals and THIS MONTH’S QUOTE:
C§MMMN1T Y NEWS families who depend on AVOL’S “The topic of homosexual rights is
_ servxces. one in which the truth has become a
contmued from page 3 Remember, this event is a major casualty. Opponents of gay-rights
. raise $90,000 to assist in supporting link in our community’s ability to ordinances argue that such measures
caregiving and services for those provide care. YOU are what makes open the door to rampant pedophilia,
affected by HIV/AIDS throughout the difference between the living on public love—making and other
Kentucky. the street and living in a home, horrible acts. They argue also that
To participate, jUSl call our toll between going hungry and having a these ordinances will, among other
; free number 1'800’840'2865 and nutritious meal, between spending things, frighten away new businesses’
request the WALK FOR LIFE days alone and having the joy Of and let hordes of gay teachers into
r Pledge Sheet The top money-raiser companionship, between dying the public schools. The truth is that
,- will win two free Delta Airline because of ignorance and living in communities where gay-rights
: tickets to anywhere Delta flies in the because of knowledge, between ordinances have been adopted, none
5 continental United States! TOP having medications and suffering in of these trends has occurred. Not a
l [6&1ij Will also be elgible for pain. YOUR PARTICIPATION IN single study shows that the passage
: exc1ting prizes! THE WALK MAKES ALL THE of gay—rights laws brings out the
l‘ After you have gathered the DIFFERENCE!‘ worst in gay people or corrupts the
: names and dollars that make a You MAY ASK... populace. Gay people simply go
1 difference, come on out to the We’ve heard it remarked, “What about their lives — with the added
/ University Of , Kentucky is this ‘lesbigay’ thing, anyway? It comfort that they are legally
1 Commonwealth Stadium (Just Off looks so silly...” We use this abbre— protected from discrimination.
r NIChOIaSVIHE Road in Lexmgton) viation to save space an sanity. In Nothing more.”
s between noon and two pm on April our community, it’s hard to be all— —Columnist Bill Maxwell of
“3 and get ready to walk the 5 inclusive, since we are so diverse! the Knight-Ridder news servicev
v kilometer (a little over 3 miles) We’d love to have something else to ONE OF THOSE WOMEN
course. . .
,b th tb b1 t th k f . .
y When you do, you will be use h'u abven affila CE 1n 0 In July, 1955, Confidential magazme
y 'oinin concerned eo le from all anyt mg etter. you ave any spotted the headhl' 1e “DIETRICH GOING
d J g p ‘p ideas, let us know! Meanwhile, FOR Doug. _ outing Marlene Dietrich
e around the Bluegrass area. from we’ll use ‘lesbigay’ instead of the _ . ’
Boyd and Letcher to Mercer and more correct ‘ a — lesbian— bisexual- and shocking the straight world. It was
Hardin from Mason and Harrison to t 1 tg y id . ll nothing ‘00 new, though;asearlyas 1930,
o ’ ‘ ‘ ranssexua— rans en er- misce a- i. - -
l_ Pulaski and Harlan Counties, all of neous other-...”v g the blurb forMomcco was Dl‘fFHCh'the
0 you taking the steps needed to help woman all women want to 566' V
y ' SUE STRONG I’ll D ‘
o feCIOUS urs . I e e
i: l Licensed Psychologist l
"' e l i
i. All Breed Pet Grooming .
.. E . d i (606) 255-4864
at xperlence i p
m ‘l Fax (606) 255-5385 i
‘y 277_9365 I 110 Woodland Ave. l
I Lexmgton, KY 40502 i
GLSO News Page 9
g ,, ,, ,#,, , ”Amth 7., v ,m#

 THE CHRISTIAN ETHIC not, they are going to have to make it are poor and we call it welfare.

Recipe for America: Dramatic into law. .. ">We have killed our unborn
Turn to God. That’s the header on Unsurprisingly enough, you, as children and we call it choice.
one of the articles in the latest issue a queer, are a priority target. . ~>We have failed to execute
of Kentucky Christian News (KCN). , The” manual in proper behav1or justice speedily the way GOd‘é

Although it is certainly not is a set of documents created more Word says to do so and we call it
incompatible to be a homosexual than 2’000 years ago. Among the due process. ,
Christian, you’d have to admit that things these documents advocate are V>We have endorsed pervers1on
most Christians would rather spit on “01mg pork as fOOd atall times, and called in an alternative
you than call you their equal under conducting b100d sacrlfices ,0,“ lifestyle.”

: God. burning altars, and refusmg to Visit So here we have it: get rid of

As with all social accomplish- With a woman untll 30 days after she welfare, make abortion illegal,
merits, the price of being more has given blrlh- , outlaw homosexual acts, and don‘t
visible is having to deal with an It 15 from thls document that spend too much time thinking and
onrush of hate from people who they plan 10 overhauh our arguing about it in courts—it’s better
swear they believe in a just and government. ,1“ the “We m the to come ‘0 a rash judgement and
forgiving God. And more often, it KCN, the writer c1tes a time when punish whoever is involved, because
seems like they’ve decided that George Washington went down on they’re likely guilty anyway.

‘ under our current system of semi- his knees to pray for the You’ve probably seen the button
freedom in the United States, their Revolutionary Army as ev1dence on someone’s jacket before:
agendas simply cannot thrive. that. the US. was fou