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June 9, 2005
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Entertainment Guide


Nash renamed SG president

By Maggie Fincel
m: xmucrv xcnuu

On May 12. more than a
month after the SG presiden-
tial election. Will Nash was
named SG president when
the University Appeals
Board reversed the SG
Supreme Court decision to
disqualify Nash because of a
spending violation.

Nash and his running
mate Michelle Bishop defeat-
ed opponents Becky
Ellingsworth and Kyle Burns
by 171 votes in the election
that ended March 31.

The Nash/ Bishop ticket
was then disqualified by the
86 Board of Elections for us-
ing an SG tax-exemption cer-
tificate that was not available

to other students. resulting
in a spending violation that
was $16.37 over the limit for
presidential candidates. Af~
ter Nash was disqualified.
Ellingsworth was sworn in
as SG president. The 80
Supreme Court voted 4-2 to
uphold Nash‘s disqualifica-

On April 18. Nash and
Bishop filed a grievance
against their disqualifica-
tion. which led to an appeal
to the University Appeals
Board. After reviewing the
case. the board recommend-
ed that Nash be instated as

In a letter to Nash.
Eilingsworth. and the SG
Supreme Court. Joseph Fink
iii. chair of the University

Appeals Board. wrote. “The
SGA process was fatally
flawed and should be critical-
ly reviewed. The Board rec-
ommends that the
Nash/Bishop ticket be con-
sidered the winners of the

While Nash said he was
elated by the news. he'd
hoped for a smoother end to
his campaign.

“We had hoped for a fair
beginning." he said. “Stu-
dents shouldn't have had to
wait 40-plus days to see who
was their president."

Some members of the SG
Supreme Court were unhap-
py with the decision to name
Nash as president. Clint
Quarles. a supreme court
member. voted for Nash’s dis-

qualification. Quarles said he
believes that no one is ex-
empt from the codes of con-

“We have very clean rules
about elections and election
violations." Quarles said. “As
far as l’m concerned, Nash
should not be president.”

Quarles also said be dis-
agrees with the actions of
the Board of Appeals.

“There is no express right
to be an officer of SC. which
would give the board zero le-
gal jurisdiction over the mat-

Quarles said he was sym-
pathetic to the
Ellingsworth/Burns cam-

“Whenever a student —
any student _, feels that his

or her rights have been vio-
lated, the appeals board has
the avenue to assist them.”
he said. “Whether it is the
presidential nominee or a
normal student. the board
would be the place to find

“If I were in their posi-
tion. 1 would file for a suit in
the circuit court of Fayette
County as an administrative
injunction." he said. “I would
also bar Nash's voting ability
at the Board of Trustees

While Nash has said that
he had no knowledge of the
tax violation. Quarles dis-

“He can not claim to have
had no knowledge of the in-
fractions,“ Quarles said. “He

wrote his own ticket into of-

Nash said he regrets the
spending mistake made dur-
ing the campaign but is look-
ing forward to his upcoming
year in office.

“We feel as if our hard
work has paid off.” he said.
“We have a year to fulfill and
capitalize on all of the
promises that we made dur-
ing the campaign."

One of those promises
was to make SG a more “stu-
dent-friendly" organization.
Nash said this includes re-
modeling the SG offices in
the Student Center by mak-
ing them more open and
comfortable for students to

See NASH on page 3





By Ryan Wo_od

The UK men‘s golf team
closed the year with the
successful thud of a long
putt settling into the hole.

On the closing hole of
his last collegiate competi-
tive round at the NCAA na-
tional tournament. senior
Matt Wells drained a 45-foot

The birdie gave Wells a
score of 68. the best score
by a UK player at the tour.
nament and one shot off his
career best Sunday at the
Caves Valley Golf Club in
Hunt Valley. Md.

UK finished in seventh
place, the best showing in
the school's history. after
shooting its tournament
low round of 284 (4 over
par) Sunday.

Southeastern Confer-
ence rival Georgia won the
team championship. heat-
ing UK by 26 strokes.

Washington‘s James
Lepp won the individual ti-
tle after three playoff holes
with Pepperdine‘s Michael

“Georgia got off to a
great start." UK head coach
Brian Craig said.

“We felt We had a chance
to finish better. we weren’t
disappointed. we just want


ed to do better We got off
to a slow start."

Fellow senior John
Holmes. a four-time All-SEC
selection. tied for seventh
place individually. earning
him Ail-American honors.

He shot two over par
Saturday and finished
three-over for the tourna-

The men‘s golf program
hasn't always been ranked
in the top 10 nationally but
in four years under head
coach Brian (Traig. the Cats
have competed in three con-
secutive national tourna.

Last year. the team set a
school record by finishing

Matt Kohn, UK's lone re-
turning starter for next sea-
son. said Craig is the rea-
son for the golf program‘s

"He is
right man
Kohn said.

“His first year. UK was
what. the 120th ranked
team'.’ Now we're top 10."

Craig. however. picked
the regional tournament
from 2004 as point when the
program shifted to a con-

absolutely the
for the job."

See GOLF on page 6

soon Lounn I more some
UK golfer Matt Wells practices his chip shot. The senior sank a 45-foot
putt in Sunday’s NCAA tournament in Maryland.




tuition hike
With caveat

By Tiffany Stephens
m: mrucxv xmrt

Beginning with the
2006-2007 school year.
Kentucky's public univer-
sities must submit any
proposed tuition increas-
es to the Council on Post-
secondary Education to
allow enough time for
public debate on their jusl

On May 22. the Coun-
cil approved all increases
for the 2005-2006 school
year. and voted to create a
process that requires pub-
lic universities in Ken.
tucky to submit proposed
tuition and fee rates to
the council to allow suffi-
cient time for debate.
This also gives the coun-
cil time to notify students
of changing tuition rates
in a timely manner so

they can plan ahead for

This process will help
the council decide if tu-
ition and fee increases
are sufficiently justified.
Justification for tuition
increases will be based on
student affordability. in-
stitutional missions. fis-
cal responsibilities and
other factors. according
to a news release from the

Russ Williams. a se-
nior trainer for the UK
Human Resource Depart-
ment and member of the
Board of Trustees. said it
would be impossible to
know if UK‘s tuition
rates will increase for the
2006-2007 school year
right now.

On March 29. UK‘s

See TUITION on page 3


2000 - ‘01
2001 - ‘02
2002 - '03
2003 - '04
2004 - '05






Full-time tuition rates since 2000

Lower division
Upper diVIsion
Lower division

Upper division

Lower division
Upper division
Lower division
Upper division



Blood, steat and & spelling? ”ESPN covers the bee

Your palms are sweaty as you white-knuckle the laz-
Boy armrests. leaning forward and clenching your teeth.
The suspense builds. Time slows. You watch. leaning for-

ward a little more. as he looks toward the
heavens for inspiration. for that defining
moment when it will just click. Just as
you think it isn't going to happen. he
smiles. showing silver braces and adoles-
cent enthusiasm.

He slides his finger along the back of
the light-blue placard in careful. invisible
dictation. much the way a golfer traces a
10-foot putt's line with his eyes before
starting his backswing.

And then he begins to spell.

Welcome to the cultural event that. for
the 78th time last weekend. tried to SWeep
the nation much the way Texas Hold ‘Em
did two years ago: The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.

This year. it got a little closer. as a few of those who
watched it took a big risk and admitted to their friends that
they did. Their it'lends immediately and brutally cut them
down for it. then two days later casually stopped channel
surfing when they came across it.

it's slowly gaining momentum, becoming the next craze
of terrible television. that somehow producers and direc-
tors figured a way to make interesting.



It's not even that it's fun to watch. it isn't “SportsCen—
ter" or “Family Guy." There aren't any caustic jokes or
flashy lights. There aren't beautiful. scantily clad women.
small fortunes changing hands. or people eating animal in-

-lt‘s just that it sucks you in. You see these kids these
normal. bespectacled and orthodontic kids trying as hard
as they possibly can.

They rack their brains for the right French clause. the
right Latin derivative.

They can't take a play-off. run a decoy route. That's the
one thing about the spelling bee; one mistake in the 16th
round can drop you from first to third. from $28,000 in schol-
arships and cash to $5.000. just like it did for third-place fin-
isher Aliya Deri of Harvest Park Middle School in Pleasan-
ton. Calif.

You can‘t have "not your best stuff." You don‘t get to just
hit the rim and get a new shot clock. You have to go unde-

You have to be perfect.

And by the time most of the participants make it to
Washington. they‘ve been through more qualifiers than
your local driving-range pro trying to make the US Open.

What‘s amazing is that it's televised. Nationally. On
ESPNZ. no less. You can look through TV Guide and see the
Memorial golf tournament. followed by Cubs vs. Cardinals.
followed by "Baseball Tonight." followed by the Scripps

Howard National Spelling Bee.

Which of these doesn‘t fit'.’
This year‘s took place June

1 and 2. After 19 rounds. the

original 273 spellers had been siphoned to one. the last man
spelling. Anurag Kashyap of Meadowbrook Middle School
in Poway. Calif. Kashyap. whose biggest challenge during
the competition was probably the spelling of his name. cor-
rectly dictated “appoggiatura” to win.

Appoggiatura is a musical term; it’s a note of embellish-
ment preceding another note and taking part of its time —
which is a useless bit of trivia no one would really give a
damn about eXCept the balance of the competition depended
on it.

At the end. Kashyap picked up a gigantic trophy. a good
chunk of his English teacher's yearly salary in scholarships
and cash and a permanent target on his back for bullies.

The second-place finisher. Samir Patel from Patel
Achievement Academy in Collierville. 'Ilexas. confidently ut-
tered an assuring. “Yes!“ and pumped his fist whenever giv-
en a word he knew he had studied. He would then. instead
of asking the interminable amount of questions the
spellers generally ask. would do the opposite. asking if the
mortar;l and languages of origin were the same as he remem-
be .

"French. right?" he would say. “Yes." the moderator




June 9. 2005



Tiffany Stephens
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Continued from page i

come and talk to their representatives.

“We will hopefully have a ribbon-
cutting ceremony for the new head-
quarters." Nash said. “There will be
special welcome days with food and
discussions so that students (who) are
interested can come and voice their
opinions on different issues. We hope it
will be a great way for students to get

Student involvement is a topic in it-
self for Nash. With non-Greek students
making up a small fraction of voters in


Continued from page i


Board of Trustees approved a 12.5
percent tuition and fees increase for
students. submitted by the UK Ad-
ministration for the 2005-2006 school

The increase translates to an ad-
ditional $647.50 per year for lower-di-
vision students. and $665.50 for up-
per-division students.

Tuition for out-of—state students
attending UK will increase by 7.1 per-
cent in the coming year. Fees will in-
crease by 385350 for lower-division
students and $875.50 for upper-divi-
sion students.

Williams. who voted for the tu-
ition increase, said the Board works
hard to contain costs for university

“Working more efficiently and
cutting costs will only get you so far."
he said. "We got to the point where
we had no choice.“

He also said that public universi-


the SG elections. Nash said he hopes
that students will come together dur—
ing his term.

“Only when students get involved
will changes be seen." he said. “Stu-
dents complained to professors and
friends about 86. but no one came to us
looking for policy changes. Only when
we all can gather under the umbrella of
Student Government will new ideas be-
gin to show.

“We are hoping to evoke changes
that will last a long time." he said.
“When all students are involved. we
will have a more productive and credi-
ble student government.“

Nash‘s running mate and SG Vice
President Bishop said she was excited
to get to work.

“We are going to work extremely

ties in Kentucky are in competition
with other institutions for state fund-
ing. including Medicaid and correc-
tions facilities.

“There are always compelling and
competing causes going for tax dol-
lars." Williams said.

UK used part of the $13 million it
received from state funding to mini-
mize the tuition hike. though the
rates from last year were still in-

“Our tax base is not as large as
our dream.“ Williams said.

Williams stressed the importance
of funds generated by the tuition in-
crease that will go to the improve-
ment of faculty salaries and benefit

“Staff faculty have not had decent
raises in three years." he said.

Williams also said the salary in-
crease will help UK develop and en-
courage the best faculty, which will
benefit the student body overall.

Brandon Wallace. a psychology se-
nior. said he‘s not looking forward to
paying more for tuition.

“Every year the tuition increases
have gone up. it has put a tighter
strain on my budget." he said.


hard under our administration and
have already gotten to work on many of
the initiatives we promised students.“
Bishop said.

“It is going to be a great year and
the students are going to see many pos~
itive changes throughout our term."
she said. "It has definitely been a
roller~coaster ride through all of the
processes but ultimately. the students‘
voice was heard."

Nash echoed Bishop's sentiments.

”VWien you are as stressed out as
we were at that time. it was easy to
make a mistake. but it did not alter
how the students voted." he said. “The
right candidate is in office."

news it Agvkernelrom

Although Wallace "wasn't
thrilled“ about the increase. he said
he understands that funding for the
university is necessary and has to
come from somewhere.

“Unfortunately. someone has to
carry the burden." he said.

Wallace also said he believes en-
rollment would not be affected by the
increase of tuition and fees. although
some students might choose to enroll
at other state schools like Eastern
Kentucky University. Western Ken-
tucky University or the University of

Williams said that UK staff mem-
bers work hard to ensure that stu-
dents who have limited monetary re
sources receive the most support.

“We are very sensitive to the
needs of low-income students." he

Wallace said that the raise in tu-
ition costs would affect low-income
students negatively:

“Students who don't have scholar-
ships will have to find alternatives
for education." he said. “You have to
go to college ~ you can‘t afford not

Email newswkykernelrom

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new tit/er in oScj-fi

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to donate 0 s
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for svx donations in Kentucky or across U S

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Well then. take a little of UK home with you for

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 Editorial Board

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Ben Roberts. Opinions editor
Crystal Little, Copy desk chief
Diamond lohuda, Design editor


June 9. 2005


Doug Scott. News editor

Chris Johnson. Sports editor

littany Stephens. Futures co-editor
Ryan Ebeihar, features co-editor

. Opinions



SG election soap opera finally ends

and Bishop could exhaust all of their out-
lets for appeal.

That ill-timed and
unprofessional move
showed a complete lack
of respect for those stu-
dents that voted in the
SG election. the candi-
dates that were affected
by the decision and the
entire appeals process.

Although Nash was
in clear violation of SC
election rules. previous

Bishop should have been the same. instead
of this prolonged and unnecessary soap

The SC Supreme Court’s apparent
vendetta against Nash for a negligible
spending oversight was unfair and reck-
less. Not only did they defy precedent, they
also defied the will of the clear majority of
students who cast their vote for Nash.

In the grand scheme of things. violating
campaign expenditure laws pales in com-
parison to violating students’ rights.

Hopefully the SG Supreme Court can
put the student body higher on its list of

office with little more punishment than
fines and community service.

Rachel Watts. who
just wrapped up her two
terms as SG president
last month, was found
guilty of similar spend-
ing violations in her 2003
campaign, but she and
running mate Matt
Rippetoe were simply
fined and forced to par-
ticipate in a limited
amount of community

After more than a month of controversy,
the University Appeals Board overturned
the Student Government Supreme Court's
decision and reinstated Will Nash as $6

The SC Supreme Court had disqualified
Nash after claims that the Nash/Bishop
campaign overspent their election fund
limit and illegally used a tax-exemption
certificate to purchase campaign materials.

The members of the second place ticket
in the April election, 80 presidential candi-
date Beck Ellingsworth and vice-presiden-
tial candidate Kyle Burns. had been sworn


The reinstatement of 56

President Will Nash was

the right ending to the
56 election mess.


in by the SG Supreme Court in an unpubli—
cized, closed door ceremony before Nash

campaigns that have won elections have
overspent and still been allowed to take


The sentence for Nash and Michelle

priorities than enforcing arbitrary election









call (859) 257-1915





First month of summer saw no shortage of news

For those of you who may have
used the four-week summer session
as a means to sleep 12 hours a day:
stay out until 3 am. every night, and
completely ignore all the important
news that hap-

‘ pened around
campus and the
state. you missed
quite a bit.

The last
month has seen
scandal in
Kentucky state
politics. a disput-
ed Student
G o v e r n m e n t
presidential elec-
tion here at UK.

possible bad news for next year‘s
basketball team. anti so much more.

So if you‘re just coming out of
your summer haze. and you've
already grown bored of what your
professor is saying. read on and get
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Gov. Ernie Fletcher arrived in
office afier winning the 2003 elec-
tion with a vow to clean up state gov-
ernment and keep politics out of the
state's merit jobs.

It looks as if he wanted to
achieve that goal by making sure he
knew everyone in those merit jobs.

A whistleblower employed by
the state‘s Transportation Cabinet
released records and documents to
the press last month that show the
Fletcher administration may have
filled hundreds of merit jobs after
Fletcher got to office.

Attorney General. and possible
Fletcher challenger in 21117. Greg

Stumbo has been overly vocal in his
condemnation of the hiring prac-
tices and a special grand jury is
looking into the allegations.

While this situation doesn‘t look
like it will be as bad as some recent
state scandals, it might not look
good for Fletcher's reelection bid.

And. if the governor loses in two
years. it‘s doubtful the next occu-
pant of that office is likely to throw
any state jobs Fletcher‘s way


After more than one month of
claims. appeals. closeddoor meet-
ings and behind-the-scenes maneu-
verings by just about everybody
associated with Student
Government. SG Presidentelect
Will Nash was finally reinstated as
the rightful leader of next year‘s stu-
dent body by the University Appeals

Nash and vicepresidential can-
didate Michelle Bishop narrowly
defeated the ticket of Becky
Ellingsworth and Kyle Burns in the
April election. but the SG Supreme
Court negated the Nash victory and
handed the presidency to
Ellingsworth after claims of
improper spending during the cam-
paign were filed against Nash.

Ellingsworth and Burns were
even sworn in as president and vice
president by the SG Supreme Court
before Nash had gone through all
his mediums for appeal.

While hardly anyone actually
voted for any of the candidates in
the SG election and even less people
probably care about the outcome.
it's reassuring that some group
exists on campus that has the sense
to put SC in its place when it screws

And that's a job that never ends.

Morris the Cat a Cat no larger?

UK basketball coach Tubby
Smith knew he was going to lose
team leader Chuck Hayes afier the
end of last season. And he probably
expected that leading scorer
Kelenna Azubuike would throw his
name in the NBA Draft. But he sure
1y didn’t think that starting center
Randolph Morris. who progressed
at UK about as slowly as Darko
Milicic has in Detroit. would leave
Lexington for the pros.

But it looks as if that‘s exactly
what Morris is going to do.

Since the UK big man faxed —»
that‘s right faxed 7— a letter to Smith
last month informing the coach of
his intentions to test the draft
waters. no one associated with the
UK basketball team has had any
contact with Morris.

Afier averaging 8.8 points and
4.2 rebounds per game last season.
and spending just about as much
time on the bench in foul trouble
than on the court, Morris never
really looked like an NBA prospect
afier just one season.

But Wildcat fans shouldn't fret
just yet. Morris has not attended a
single predrafi workout and was
AWOL when the Chicago drafi
camp. regarded as the most impor-
tant in the league. kicked all" two
days ago.

So either he doesn't know how to
get from Atlanta to Chicago. or he's
realized that NBA coaches like their
centers to average more than four
rebounds per game.

Ben Roberts is a journalism waduate.

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A visit to the ‘Church of Disney'

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and otherwise, welcome,
all of you, to the First Church of Disney!

It's a wonder you've made it inside, what with the Florida heat
and brimstone and the lines and all. Have you
paid your membership fee? If so, we are glad to
see you. If not. then fie upon thee, go to the back
of the line! Do you not see it? Feed some five-dol-
lar bills into this huge pair of binoculars mount-
ed on a pole. There it is, out there! Can you find it?
It’s there! Yes, past Cleveland!

( Those of you remaining with us. begin mak-
ing your way to the pews. Be sure to move all the
way to the ends of the rows. filling every avail-
able space. Strollers must be folded, and wa