'house of David for all manner of sin and uncleanness."
" Though your sins be as scarlet, he will make them white
as wool. " " He will put them as far from us as the east
is from the west, and remember them against us no
more forever." Thus it is that Christ is our righteous-
ness. We are righteous because He has made us such.
He makes us such by taking away our sins. When
-our sins are pardoned, we are as free from sin as if we had
never sinned at all.  Hence as regards the guilt of sin,
we are perfect. We are made perfect in righteousness
because Christ removes all unrighteousness. We are,
therefore, absolutely dependent on Him for salvation.
We have no righteousness of our own. Our robes of
self-righteousness are but filthy tatters in His sight.
Those clothed in the righteousness of Christ, that is,
the righteousness which Christ gives them, shall have
right to the tree of life, and shall enter through the
gates into the eternal city. Their right is not one of
merit, but one that Christ has given.  He is our right-
eousness, and apart from Him none is possibly attain-
    Since we have to be perfectly righteous in order to
be saved, and since this is impossible on our part, when
relying on ourselves, but is obtained only by being
pardoned through Christ, it follows that all boasting is
-cut off No man has occasion to glory except in the
-cross of Christ. Hence the apostle concludes his argu-
ment by saying: "IHe that glorieth let him glory in
the Lord." It also follows that he who would obtain
-personal righteousness, must submit to the " righteous-
ness of God "-God's plan of salvation. Through the
one "righteousness," is the other righteousness ob-