Office of the President April 24, 2007
Members, Board of Trustees:
Recommendation: that the Board of Trustees approve a wide-ranging work-life strategy, which includes changes to employee benefits. Components of the strategy include: designating two UK real properties to be used for the construction of childcare centers; enhancing the Employee Assistance Program; extending benefits, including the Employee Education Program, to spouses, partners, and children; offering a new initiative to address career advancement and professional development for staff employees; developing a new supervisory training program; providing phased retirement for staff employees; and establishing a Shared Leave Pool for staff.
Background: President Lee Todd introduced a work-life initiative in 2002 which ultimately led to the establishment of a work-life office and hiring of a director. In October 2005 and February 2006, comprehensive work-life culture surveys were conducted with staff and faculty, respectively. A presentation of the survey results was given to the Human Resources Committee of the Board of Trustees in September 2006. Upon analysis of the survey results, several action items were immediately implemented, including the establishment of several work-life committees. To develop an inclusive strategy, these committees, along with other university groups (such as the Employee Benefits Committee and the UK Work-Life Advisory Council), were asked to review the results and develop recommendations for enhancing the work-life culture at the university. Additionally, Human Resources was asked to provide recommendations on other benefits. Below are the components of the work-life strategy:
Designate two UK real properties (one North Campus and one South Campus) for the construction of two childcare centers.
Enhance the Employee Assistance Program by adding one position and additional funding to the Office of Work-Life.
Extend benefits, including the Employee Education Program, to spouses, partners, and children.