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_. The worldls first electric elevators are installed by the Otis Company in New )brk`s Demarest building
li on Fifth Avenue at 53rd Street.
; Electric lights are installed at the White House in Washington, DC., but neither President Harrison
g nor his wife will touch the switches. An employee turns on the lights each evening, and they remain
i burning until the employee returns in the morning to turn them off.
_ 1.M. Singer Company introduces the first electric sewing machine and sells a million machines, up
  from 539,000 in 1880.
A coin operated telephone patented by Hartford, Conn., inventor William Gray is installed in the
Hartford Bank. (Local calls cost 5 cents everywhere until 1951.)
-¤ Mark Twain wrote A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur; Court.
The Starry Night, and Self»P0rtrait with Bandage;] Ear is painted by Vincent van Gogh who is suffering
from a mental disorder, and has cut off his ear and presented it to a young prostitute at Arles.
J Popular songs are Oh, Promise Me and Down Mat McGinty.  
Richard Sears sells his 3-year-old mail order watch business for 5T0,000 but soon starts another such    
~ · · - ~ t ~ · tc ·  "il 11- 
business with a catalo¤ of watches, watch chains, and other ewelrv offered with the slo an ‘ Satisfaction ··. ·   ;  
D J 1 g ",   ,4, ~ -  
or Your Money Back." .]  r ·    
. . . , ,.z< .;r»>s;._—p ,  
London`s Savoy Hotel opens August 6, the first British hotel to have private baths. The new Hotel   A "
i' . . . »  <"',t` "
Victoria has four baths to serve its DOO guests.  ir
New York’s first real skyscraper opens at SO Broadway. Architect Bradford Lee Gilbert climbs to the ll  
, top of the 13·story structure during construction and lets down a plumb line during a hurricane to T    _ I I II   N   *1* "
  show crowds gathered to watch the building collapse that it is as steady as a rock. _ _
, I I I I President B. Harrison
{ A pure food law is proposed to Congress but meets with ridicule.
A U.S. ice shortage caused by an extraordinarily mild winter gives impetus to the development of
ice-making plants. By year’s end the country has more than ZOO ice plants, up from 35 in 1879.
Aunt lemima pancake flour, invented at St. ]oseph, Mo., is the first self~rising flour for pancakes and
the first ready-mix food ever to be introduced commercially.
1 McCormick spices employs two girls and a boy in a one-room factory with cellar and backyard and
l is in business selling flavoring extracts, fruit syrups, juices, lron Glue (“Stick to Everything but the
5 Buyer") and Uncle Sams Nerve and Bone Liniment (“Eor Man or Beast").
i Lenox China is introduced by Trenton, N.]., ceramist Walter Scott Lenox, SO, who has established
j the Ceramic Art Company and whose porcelain will be ranked with that of England’s Wedgewood
J and Spode.
l The "safety" bicycle is introduced in the United States. Within 4 years, more than a million Americans
· will be riding the new bike.
l Edward M. Bok takes over the Ladies Home Journal and employs writers to produce material to appeal
  to female readers. Circulation of the magazine goes up to YO0,000.
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