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A bill which would prohibit
The Lexington Gay Services Organ— discrimination based on sexual
ization is open to both gay and non- orientation has been entered
gay men and women who wish to be of in Congress. The Isill - H.R.
service to the gay community of Lex— 2074 - was introduced in the
ington. GSO attempts to provide a House Of Representatives by
variety of services as well as 500- Rep. Theodore Weiss of New
ial outlets for gay Lexingtonians York City. As of last count
through such events as picnics and there were 45 co-sponsors (out
dances. We need more people to car- Of a tOtal House membership of
ry off our current activities and 435). While such numbers are
planned ventures. a good start, it is still un-
GSO meetings are held on the likely that such legislation
first Monday of every month starting Will pass Congress in the near
at 8:00 p.m. Because Labor Day is future. But if the bill gets
the first Monday in September, the to the stage- where committee
September meeting will be held on hearings are held, it could be
the 10th. The meeting atmosphere an opportunity for 1) many Up
is informal (we hope!) and new mem— to now uninformed Congresspeo-
bers are definitely encouraged. No ple to become more aware of
dues are charged. The meetings are the issues involved, and 2)
held at the Walton Avenue Center at gay Sp0keSpeople to have a
l83 Walton Ave. natiOnal forum to argue in
This newsletter represents an at- favor Of gay rights.
tempt to reach persons who up to H.R. 2074 would amend the ‘
this time have not heard of or taken federal Civil Rights Act of
part in GSO. We welcome your sug- 1964 to prohibit discrimina-
gestions — both on how GSO can bet— tion on the basis of sexual
ter serve the Lexington Gay Commun— orientation in the following
ity and how this newsletter can be areas: housing, employment,
improved. We can be contacted by' public accomodations, and any
writing P.O. Box 11471, Lexington, federally—assisted opportun-
40511. ity. Passage of H.R. 2074
would amount to a great sym-
bolic as well as :practical
CALENDAR OF EVENTS vichry for gay people.
eXin ton 5 re resentative
September 2 - Rap Group at Southland in Conggess, Largy Hopkins,
Branch 9f' the LeXington has not shown himself to be in
- PUbllc Library (521 SOUth— favor of gay rights. At the
land Drive). The group' same time, he is apparently
Eggéng it 1 p.m. and runs- unaware of the issues invol-
September 9 - Picnic at Woodland :igfis égth::§mint§:n§w? Cgfifig,
ark. Starts at noon. . - . . '
‘ a ‘ “grimisskfzhzggifiig +
September 10 7 Regular monthly GSO our cause, it is not impossi—
buSiness and planning meet; ble that he might - given some .
ing at Walton Ave. Center, reflection on his part and
183 Walton Ave. at 8 P'W' some adequate prodding from
September 16 _ Rap Group (same time, concerned constituents — even—
land place as above). ‘ tually see the necessity for
OctOber l4 ‘ March on Washington for legislation such as H.R. 2074.
Lesbian and Gay nghts' If nothing else it is worth-
__________________________f+_———————— Khile to let him know he does
, . ave gay (as well as sympat-
if; Z°§£$§i§ I3??? :2 EEZEIIEHZOEEZ‘Z hetic Straight) constituents
.H ‘and to educate him as to our
of GAYZETTE or other GSO items, concerns and needs If we
fill out the box below and send to: don't both t l .h' k
GSO, p.o. Box 11471, Lex. 40511. . er 0 et Em. now
- we eXlSt, are politically
NAME aware and do vote, then he has
——_"—_——'—'_‘———__—'_———‘ an excuse to ignore us and our
ADDRESS———————————————————————————_ problems.
__________________________________ (Con't. on page two)

. l
H.R. 2074 con't. GSO 1979 i
‘ ,
The Lexington Gay Services Or— Some of the activitieé of GSO so
ganization and several individ— far this year: ‘
— to
asiing him to support H R 2074 operate. Efforts have been
. ' f ' made to build up our referral
If every person reading this news sources
letter could do likewise and con— '
'xigi: agtwe1ia8titogi hirlggge t: - In-service training sessions '
d' ’ g , _ with the Yesline staff and
ifference. And you don t neces
sarily have to identify yourself the Urban County Government
. . Juvenile Probation Officers
as gay; just write whatever let- were held
ter you feel comfortable signing '
Sgnzu§§;r1et2:rghtz- legislation. — The Speakers Bureau was very
Representative Larry Hopkins busy WIth engagements at. UK’
. Eastern, Kentucky BuSiness
U.S. House of Representatives Colle e Fu azzi Business
514 Cannon Office Building c ll 9 ' d g .
Washington, D.C. 20515. O fge an GOOd samarltan
‘——_—_—_——_——__-____———_—____—_—__ - The GSO Rap Group began in
GSO Phone Line & Rap Group
- A series of summer picnics at
GSO operates a couple of services Jacobson and Woodland parks
on a continuing basis to assist began.
the gay community here in Lexing— “
ton. . - GSO submitted a grant propos—
4 al for a "Drug and Alcohol
GAYLINE: provides answers to Prevention and Treatment Pro-
questions ranging from "What gay gram" for gay men and les-
activities are available in Lex— bians to the Kentucky Depart—
ington?" to "Where do I go for ment for Human Resources.
counseling?" Volunteer listeners (The grant proposal was not
7 staff the line and attempt to funded.)
provide useful and nonjudgemental
information to callers- Given — In February GSO presented a
legal constraints and the rela— workshop on "Gay People and
tive paucity of gay resources in Drug Abuse" at the Kentucky
Lexington, the help provided by Drug Conference in Louisville
the phone line is of a limited
nature. But, we try and, if not— - In April we presented two
hing else, are there to listen. days of workshops on "Gay
The line currently operates People" at the annual confer-
Thrusday and Friday evenings from ence of The Kentucky Coali-
seven to ten. Once. summer is tion of Student Social Work—
over, we hope to get more peOple ers.
willing to volunteer. If this is
the sort of service you would - GSO gave support (financial-
like to see expanded, let us . ly and with participants)
know. The Gayline number is 254- events celebrating Gay Pride
6592. Week in Cincinnati.
RAP GROUP: Often subjects will - We solicited responses from
be broached in GSO meetings that candidates for Governor in
can't be fully discussed or re- the May primary concerning
solved in a short period of time. policy issues and gay peOple.
And there are as many concerns
and perspectives about being gay - In June we gave testimony to
as there are gay people. As a the Internationa1.Year of the
result, several members of GSO Child National Committee on
began a rap group which meets on "The Needs and Problems of
the first and third Sunday of Gay Youth".
each month from one til three at' , .
the Southland Branch of the Pub-3 It 5 been a productive year so far
at mm
Nonmembers Of GSO are welcome. Hopefully, this focus will result
Articles, reviews (books, films, l? more effective community ser-
records), poems, short stories, yices f0? gay peOple. We will al-
etc. to be considered for next °O continue trying to bring gay
month's newsletter mav be sent to people together in mutually SUP—
GSO, P.O. Box 11471, Lexington, porcive ways.