xt7fj678t06g https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt7fj678t06g/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County) University of Kentucky Alumni Association 1975 v. : ill. ; 28 cm. Quarterly, Publication suspended 1922 and resumed with v. 1, no. 1 (May 1929); v. 5, no. 9 (May 1933) not published; issues for v. 37, no. 2-v. 40, no. 1 (spring 1966-spring 1969) incorrectly numbered as v. 38, no. 2-v. 43, no. 1; v. 40 (1969) complete in 3 no. journals  English [Lexington, Ky. : University of Kentucky Alumni Association, Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky alumnus University of Kentucky. Kentucky alumni 2002- Kentucky alumnus monthly Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 45, 1975 text Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 45, 1975 1975 2012 true xt7fj678t06g section xt7fj678t06g Kthc->          
\ Spring 1975 _ A
S i-   °'{ a   IS  2- u u   ia
4      a' Y a
M r.*—4r"~i` S S r
        ``A.     V I ~
  I —·?'__ »   g g `  
  QV};   S    
r  g.•!]\        
E'E¤F¤5·r§·. r¤:-.=· r{:.¤·.¤" '    
~ “The Rationale 0f the Dirty ]0ke”
See Story on Page T3

in I
The UK AlU1'I‘1H1ASSOC13C1OH  
in ?
A Two-Week Do-As-You-Please Holiday In E
lreland——Holland—England {
$1038 t
INCLUDES: 'Direct Flights on Chartered World Airways Iets E
’Deluxe Hotels in Each City g
*American Breakfast  
’Dinner at a Selection of the Finest Restaurants l
’Travel Director and Hospitality Desk to assist at all times {
’Generous 70 Lb. Baggage Allowance  
    ,-,4;-. ·~-Louisville, Ky. July 18, 1975  
-=¢ -f nErunn.1niscoepoN’ro¤Av si=Ace srmcnv uivimao  
.- ns »=.=r mw =~  ······· ’ 7 ······ T · ·_ ·········· ·· t
r- · I se¤a=ie?lI:*;II§·’AlUmH1 ASSOCIQKIOH I +
I University of Kentucky Lexington, Ky. 40506 I Q
: Enclosed is my check for $ _ _.;._. $100 per person as deposit. : ,
l Names   i  
I |  
I Address   I  
l City .. ._.;____State _._ _ Zip  _..,. i  
L- ........... - .... - ...... - ......... J Ié
U i Another Non-Regimented INTRAV Deluxe Adventure I

I                      r    i’i   
I L ,  A  X    S- Y  ifi?     Iiili  Ti  rr.r    :L   * ::   iI»~      IfiIT
I ‘       ° I      » A Il  g T     I   I j    /’   2 `»‘é    »   ~  ‘_/·    » .  i :IZy·j;ig.;gjj;.,I   =  II
I   — “   **  3*   I 1  JL   ·s  v_      A» A  Ig I
I I   .. i F . i •     I     , =*     =    ai     I r  2; [scsi A    . . ~ I
I I ‘ ,   riii I       I  ‘€     ~      I   ·’hw,.°m¤‘r ' Q   . · I
I ~*V¤l\!m¤ itF¤¤'lY+flY9».~.N!!.'!‘l?°VTV‘?i. Q{ IYSPTIWQT *975w   3  I   I    I I \` ~ `°°' ` ~ A I I » ·   ‘
I . .-. . ~   V rri.   »·              .4 M       . . , I I
I Alumni Impressions of Russia ................................................ 8 I
I Library Accepts Distinguished Papers .................................... l2 I
  Rationale of the Dirty Joke .................................................... I3  
I Graphics ’75 .......................................................................... I6   _
I Around Campus Briefly ........................................................ 2  
I       Sports Gleanings .................................................................... 5  
  Circa ...................................................................................... 20
I ciqss More-S .......................................................................... 2I  
I Profile—A|umni Volunteers ................................................ 25  
I Alumni Activity .................................................................... 26 I
I Dr. William H. Jansen, the University's I974 Distinguished Pro- I
I fessor, changed the pace of the annual lecture with his discussion  
I of dirty jokes.  
i I
President Associate Director Editor I
I George L. Atkins '63 Ordie U. Davis ’48 Liz Howard Demoran ’68 I
I Hopkinsville, Kentucky Assistant Director for Programs Graphic Designer I
I Vice President Leigh H. Fleming ’7O AKay Croce I
I James W. Stuckert ’60 Linda Brumfield I
I Louisville, Kentucky Ruth Elliott I
  Treasurer Ben Fletcher
I Mrs. Joe F. Morris '38 Amelia Gano U A _ I
I Lexington, Kentucky Ennis Johnson nlvcnlw rchwn A
I Secretary, Director of Alumni Affairs Edith Kenton M¤F'H¤•'¢f I- King Library - North  
I I_ay·BrumfieIId ’48 k guzanr/Ii L<>V¤ _¤ver¤¤e ter the W3-74 i f
the offices of minority student af- °?2l1lilllii·..\»i.¥l Gmdemlc y€¤r' There IS G wml Of l
. . . .   4 M ha ters. * C
fairs, affirmative action, and of the ‘ .   · 597 Student C p , l S
gmglgygg ggggggig. ggg gglvg gg T The ¤'*¤·tm¤¤ 0* U'<$_¤t*¤¤*e ,
staff advisor to the president in mot- V. . . . the'? YVGS Stephen A" Wmkle Of i
. . . . . ice President Smith & President Louisville, chemistry graduate stu- 3
§;Sg;1;ig;gr;,O mmomy OHGHISI wld Sl*'*9l€l¤*'Y· dent; the vice chairman was Michael
HDL Smith will Serve GS the Of_ KERNEL TEMPORARILY L. Trover, Earlington, a senior; and \
ficial representative of the Univer- THREATENED S€°'€l°'Y‘*'€°S“f'€' WGS Wllllcm R` i I
sity in m¤tterS relcrtino t<> minorities For awhile this winter at looked gg C°QW°y’k;y“lh'°;|;`°’ ROW .grT°i”i;€d § h
on The L€>
tunities for their engineers to pursue were quite pleased with the results Sachs & Co. of New York. In an out-  
graduate studies, he added. of their debating efforts—UK took of—court settlement, the broker will l
I To accommodate this trend, the third place with Georgetown Univer- pay the University, the UK Athletic  
UK College of Engineering is offer- sity and the Massachusetts Institute Association and the UK Research I
ing a few night courses for the con- of Technology finishing one and two. Foundation $630,000, about 65 per  
‘ venience. of practicing engineers. Skillman of Parkersburg, W. Va., cent of the loss. In addition, the ·
l Courses also are taught using tele- also was named third best speaker three entities will retain the com- ,
vision—either live or on video tape in the event behind two Georgetown mercial paper on their original in- .
—including one course offered in speakers. vestments which may someday have I
Frankfort. "We even beat Harvard this value if Penn Central gets back on  
"Our active research program in year," Oberst said. The team also its feet. George Griffin, a trustee
engineering provides financial sui} defeated Catholic University, the from London, said the UK agreement
port for graduate StuCl€l'ltS,/I Wood, University of Houston, Boston Col- is the largest settlement to date by
anative of Corry, Pa.,said. "A num- lege, Boston University, Redlands the securities firm. The company _
ber of fellowships, traineeships, and University, the University of Wyo- has settled some $50 million in  
  teaching asslstantSl'1lpS also ¤l'€ ming and West Georgia College claims against it with about $40  
l available. Most qualified graduate Only the nation’s top debate million for less than 25 per cent of
I students are offered Some form of teams are invited to the National the face value of the paper. I
financial aid ranging usually from Round Rabin tOurnqm€r]t_ Qniy z
I $3,000 to $6,000 ¤¤¤uGlly." eleven colleges and universities were
represented this year. UK'¤ ROTC UNIT
woman APPLICANTS to RANKS N’°‘T'°N‘°"‘LY. .
DENTISTRY, MEDICINE RISE ROTC enrollment, which is volun- I
i Although the increase has not THE PER STUDENT mryi IS 00 I00 Upswmg 0t UK‘ I0  
I been dramatic, there nevertheless COST OF EDUCATION f00l* the UK AIT 00%.00 RPTC pr0` I /
I has been a significant rise in the UK is undergoing a management gr0m 'S $00000 I; T _0 00,30; 0;;* ‘
I number of females applying for ad- study that will ascertain the cost per 000`00000U $0rY 0$'_S· _ 0
I mission to the colleges of medicine student of attending UK, the use of $*¤<=*¤¤tSl 000 UK_ 000 'S SUr00$S00 ,
l and dentistry, and the ratio is grow- facilities on campus, and a review of '0 ¤9mb=;>rS by 0090000 Y0u0g U0_" I
ing steadily each year. personnel data and information ex- V0fS'lY 000 300 Tennessee 0{t0t0 'S ;
In I97l only eight women dentists change. James O. King, who has I0"'0 W'00 00]* T00 UK 000 0l$0 I
, were in practice in Kentucky. The been on leave from the University to "00k0 0'"rd '0 the 00000 '0 I00'0S 0f  
l first woman dentist to graduate from serve in state government, heads W0m00 S 00"0llm_00l‘ T00r0 0r0 6I ,
, UK was Dr. Susan A. McEvoy in up the project which carries a July W00'00 Sl0000lS_'0 000_Ul$ AFROTC
I l968 (six years after the college I deadline. I-Ie'|l also review at- §r0g0Lm‘_ F'r0t 'S _l`?1'S§§‘0'0l2 V000;  
I opened its doors to its first class) and titude and personality tests which _t0t0 00(0'0'ly W0 I 00 00000   I
1 she now is on the college faculty. had been administered routinely to 'S the U0'V0rS'ty 0f 00000 R'00 W00  
I At the moment women students com- entering freshmen until numerous 07* ”
. prise eight per cent of the co||ege’s student complaints this year caused l
I student population. Of a total of President Otis Singletary to suspend FIGHTING FAT l
l six women applying in I972 for ad- permanently the administration of UK students are fighting the I
P mission, five were accepted. the Omnibus Personality Inventory "pudgies" through a I2-week be- I
Women students comprise about (OPI) and declare the American havioral modification weight control  
t 2l per cent of the class which en- Council of Education (ACE) test vol- clinic conducted by the Student  
  tered medical school last fall. untary. Health Service. I
I .
l 3  

HYDROGEN AS FUTURE scientists do not know why it does A POCKET RESUME
ENERGY SOURCE so. The concentration of gallium in Educational passports-—personaI
Dean James E. Funk of the Col- the cancerous tissues has been a portable records of an individuaI’s
lege of Engineering believes one of known fact for some time, but its education as he goes back and forth
the most important research areas monitoring in the body has been an between schools and jobs at various
of the near future will be into hy- expensive process. stages of his life — are being de-
drogen and its adaptability to indus- Techniques are being sought to veloped by Educational Testing Serv-
trial, automobile and even home quicken the process, to make more ice. According to The Chronicle on ‘
heating use. He says the element, exact counts of gallium present in Higher Education, the microfiche r
one of the most abundant in the uni- the tissue, and to make it less ex- records will be in service in the fall i
verse, burns readily, weighs less than pensive. of l975 if current field trials with    
a sixth of gasoline, and could be 2,000 individuals prove successful. J
I pumped through existing natural gas RUSSIAN LANGUAGE In addition to grade transcripts and
lines. INTEREST UP test scores, the record may contain r
The dean will present a paper in Students in Russien l¤n9U¤9e up to 90 pages of recommendations,  
March ata conference on the funda- eeerses heVe incrensed PY 50 Per descriptions of special training, on-
mentals of hydrogen energy in Mi- cent eVer lest Yeeri eeeerdlng te Dr- the-job learning experience, com-
ami. Reset B· Andersen, ¤n¤irn¤¤n ef the munity work, travel and even sem-
Dean Funk is recognized in pro- Deeefrmenr of Orlenrel L¤¤9U¤Qes ples of writing, art and design work.
fessional journals as the originator end lrererures-
of the idea of thermochemical water Dr- Andersen seYs ehedr 200 str" GIVLNGUUP FVEL { K r k I
splitting in rne i9e0*e, and is one of dents ere tekinsi the eeursesi menv T ? "'r(€'S'rYh°d E" UCS?) "° ‘ `
the founding members of the Inter- et rherh with e deehle rneler· Fer UmClrlly_ re mquls G G (rut rpm t
national Association for Hydrogen eXen"Ple/ ene shrldenr hes Perh R'~ls‘ sent et Its normcll ncltum gas G lot- t
_ Energy. sian and agronomy while another mehr rer JenUerYi rhehn-lerY end i r
The deen end Dr. Vynjgern |__ pursues aims in Russian and business Merch te helP ·nd¤stn¤l Users ef Qes _l S
Conger, associate professor of chem- edn"Inlsrrehen· In Central _Gnd Eeslern l<,€muCl‘l1E§; Sill E5§’i`3§iEL'ii2'iL‘?.S7€”€"    
l to Rico, Republie 0f Cl'il¤¤l ¤¤d Weei Mike Robinson, T, Cleveland, Ohio; Clin Hogan »54 who Started Sep l
l Germany Re'e¤e Skuri D-li Fuclldi Olflei Riek ting basketball records in high school
it * *     Hiobn   O l'OUFT\G|’T\€f`I`l` OI'\€-gGfT'I€ I'€COI'd
Football Coach Fran Curci signed Bord, T, Moyicioid; Rick Hyde, RBI Eg: fj $6 Qgonixg l;;J:;;T_`gu;w;?t; ’
0 i°lVe·Ye¤r €O"itr¤Cl` with the UK Fairfield, Ohio; Kelly Kirchbaum, 2 Aii_Am€riC¤ Seuslons at UK cmd
Athletics Association in February. FBI Radcliffe; 5 AH_PrO Seasons out of 10 Spent  
r ri r i.ii;f'Q%°’€ii;Z. FllT'?*lLi§‘; ii?} it te ig tiigegiiiieyke ge  
A With the home crowd turn—out ker, HB, Chicago, lll.; Robert Haw- Sif oh; tho woiideE;rli¤il:i;l;,ilrJ
eveiegiee eieiirie 453 *·¤
Guelph, the town mayor and council DE, Belfry; Vihco Bl-imo,.] QB, i:i_ t iee ee U S 5 '5 unbecten
honored the Wildcats. Undefeated W¤|ioh Becchl {Zio; BOb Hohohohl b°Sk€tb°H|_t€°m· One ef tW° t€_T_mS
¤r press ilrrie Were Co¤¤l¤ Fletcher RB, Lancaster, Ohio; Dave Stevens, to Gccorlllllls: °,§€'*"’°*é€f‘?'d; HW;
Carr’s brother Jim, a freshman in LB, Colmdohl Nl; Johm priool TI yegrslwlt ITE I°St°n etllisif lg
the l26 lb. class. The team, ranked Q|¤ikSBl_ll»gI Md SC og com ’ ee (acted com O t e F
J l6th nationally, was featured in a yam In 1965
February issue of Sports Illustrated. ic li it Frank Ramsey '54 two-time All-
, __,_ _, _, V _ _ America at UK; nine years as out-
Q  .  ~  1  ` o,  I ,      standing clutch player for Boston
_:`’ l A    ‘   · _ . i   Celtics; Ky. Colonels coach one year.  
,   le   ` , i .   . iii,   io     Charles "Turkey" Hughes, an all- l
    ,.,V _ Vo       . '   T ll'' A   around athlete, lettered in football, ·
l       i '= 4..i ~     , basketball, baseball and track. Set
 J    of  i '  W L  ,V .  i V __ __,_,   T , E   _ M national record in l924 with a 98l
    ~· `. ; i f-   `  =r Q (fo  ‘ K   _;e_;,. __ __ yard runback of an intercepted Ala-
l   { ‘  r  _.  .,   ` ' We  J 3       K w bama pass. Athletic director of East-