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weekend games of december 3"5
46th YR.
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alabama at purdue                   pur 10		pur 10	ala 5	pur 12	ala 6	pur 9	pur 10	pur 14	pur 1	pur 7
tenn. tech at alabama	ala 18	ALA 25	ALA 20	ala 15	ala 21	ala 24	ala 15	ala 30	ala 23	ala 11.
houston at auburn	AUB 6	aub 5	aub 8	aub 7	aub 8	aub 11	h0u 8	aub 6	aub 6	aub 3
[south fla at AUBURN	AUB \k	aub 7	aub 8	aub 12	aub 12	aub 19	aub 10	aub 18	aub 11	aub 9
[indiana at KENTUCKY	uk 16	uk 14	uk 12	uk 22	uk 25	ind 1	uk 15	uk 24	uk 12	uk 10
MANHATTAN at florida	fla 10	fla 11	fla 8	fla 12	fla 10	fla 16	fla 20	FLA 18	fla 15	fla 12
'BROWN at florida	fla 14	fla 12	fla 15	fla 15	fla 10	fla 14	fla 15	fla 18	fla 21	fla 14
troy state at georgia	ga 12	ga 6	ga 10	ga 4	ga 10	ga 9	ga 8	ga 9	ga 10	ga 9
vanderb1lt at louisville	lou 11	lou 8	lou 10	lou 3	lou 9	lou 9	lou 5	lou 12	lou 14	van 1
lsu at oral roberts	OR 2	LSU 3	lsu 8	or 2	lsu 8	LSU 8	or 2	LSU 10	LSU 1	lsu 3
IlSU at texas	LSU 5	LSU k	LSU 5	LSU 1	LSU 4	LSU 7	LSU 10	tex 1	LSU 8	LSU 6
1TULANE at LSU	LSU 10.	LSU 6	LSU 10	LSU 5	LSU 6	LSU 11	LSU 15	LSU 12	lsu 13	lsu 5
LOUISVILLE at MICHIGAN	LOU ?	LOU 2	LOU 8	mich 3	mich 7	mich 1	mich 5	LOU 10	lou 5	mich 2
[MISS. STATE at texas	ms k	MS k	ms 10	ms 2	ms 8	ms 5	ms 10	tex 2	ms 11	ms 7
kansas state at vanderbilt	van 2	van 5	van 4	van 3	van 3	van 2	van 10	k.s. 4	van 11	van 2
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SiteRupp Arena (23,000) Lexington LocationBloomington, Ind. Enrollment32,700 ConferenceBig Ten NicknameHoosiers ColorsCream and Crimson Athletic DirectorPaul Dietzel PublicistTom Miller
Ph. 812 337-2421 1976-77 RecordWon 14, Lost 13
(Conf. FinishFifth)_
Tipoff-7:35 p.m. EST (TV)
SeriesIU leads 12-7
Last Game-66-51 UK (A) in '76
Biggest Win Margin-UK 35 (91-56) in '6'5 IU 24 (98-74) in '74
Records at Site-No Games Played at Rupp Arena UK 2-2 in Lex. (Ust Win in '69) IU 2-2 in Lex. (Last Win in '26)
Hail Record-Won 2, Lost 4
COACHBobby Knight (6 Years at IUWon 139, Lost 33Pet. 80.9) OffenseMotion DefenseMan-to-Man
Chief LossesKent Benson (C), 19.8
Top ReturneesMike Woodson (6-5, G-F), 18.5; Wayne Radford (6-3 G-F),9.2;
Jim Wisman (6-2 G), 6.3; Bill Cunningham (6-4 G), 5.1 Best NewcomersTommy Baker (6-1 G) 15.2; Ray Tolbert (6-9 C), 25.1; Steve
Risley (6-8 F-C), 25.5; Phil Isenbarger (6-8 F), 18.8
OUTLOOK: Although the Hoosiers return eight lettermen, they still will feature a youthful look as four of the eight are sophomores, including Mike Woodson, who is the leading returning scorer at 18.5 ppg, and second in rebounds with 6-plus. Finding a replacement for All-America Kent Benson will be a task, but coach Bobby Knight has three 6-9 lettermen and three big freshmen from which to select.
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Hoosiers Will Face Students For First Time
For the first time in eight years, Indiana's Hurrin' Hoosiers will be forced to take on the Kentucky Wildcats in their own backyard. And while Indiana has a pretty good-sized backyard of its own, it is no match for awesome Rupp Arena when Bobby Knight brings his cagers to town.
Kentucky has played Indiana only four times in Lexington among the 19 previous battles but spacious Rupp Arena has eliminated the old cries of "let's play in Louisville where you can seat more fans.''
It'll be filled to the rafters come Monday night, probably setting a new one-game attendance record in the process. And the game will be televised live around the state. It'll be a classic Kentucky-Indiana confrontation.
But there will be a slight difference. For the first time, the Big Blue will have the support of its entire student body and band. Usually, the Indiana game is played either during the holiday break, on the road or in Louisville where students don't get tickets. Indiana won't be so fortunate come Monday night.
Traditionally, the series has been a matter of streaks. First, Indiana reeled off six consecutive victories before the Wildcats could crack the barrier. That was from 1924 thru 1942.
Beginning in 1943, Kentucky ignited its own streak of five straight wins through 1970, the last being a 95-93 overtime thriller at Indiana. But Indiana rallied back and won five more in a row, ending the streak with that infamous 98-74 head-slapping win in Bloomington on December 7, 1974.
Since then, Kentucky has won two of the last three and came within seconds of making it three straight. The first win was on March 22, 1975, in Dayton, Ohio. The Cats fired the shot heard around the world, knocking off the No. 1 ranked team in the country in the NCAA tourney. The Hoosiers were also undefeated at the time.
Indiana returned the following year and won the national championship with a perfect record behind the play of All-American Kent Benson, but it wasn't without some anxious moments in Louisville.
Kentucky played the game of its life in early December and had Indiana on the ropes, leading in the final minute of regulation play before Indiana rallied and sent the game into overtime. The Hoosiers won easily in the extra period, 77-68. It came close to being the upset of the year.
Last season, Kentucky bombarded Indiana 66-51 at Bloomington as the Hoosiers experienced their worst sesaon ever under the capable Bobby Knight.
So the stage is set for the volatile Knight. His Hoosiers will visit a place never before experienced by a Knight team. If Rupp Arena ever has a negative effect on an opposing team, this could be the time.
With some 23,000 howling Wildcat fans roaring on, you can bet Rupp Arena will be anything but a neutral site for this one.
annual speech to the UT Basketball Pep Rally, Volunteer football coach Johnny Majors revealed he once was really a "Kentucky basketball fan" when he was growing up. He now says that Ray Mears has changed all that with his winning tradition at the University of Tennessee. "When I was a little boy, Kentucky was my favorite basketball team because it always won the championship," said Majors, as quoted in a Nashville newspaper, "if I were growing up in Tennessee today, my favorite team would be Tennessee. It has beaten Kentucky five straight times, which was unheard of once, and is now a championship contender itself. That's what Ray Mears has done for our university during the last 15
years." . . . Kentucky's two big names Fran Curci and Joe Hall, went through a two-hour talk show over the UK radio network last Wednesday. While favorable comment was generous among the fans, the questions, as a rule, were of little importance. And too often, the good questions went unanswered. Sportscaster Cawood Ledford said he was told it was the busy night for the switchboard at the originating station WHAS in its history . . . For the first time, the official SEC statistics contained the infamous mark next to Kentucky's name in the football listings. Kentucky moved to the top spot in the weekly release after the Tennessee game with a perfect 6-0 league mark and 10-1 overall as compared to Alabama's 6-0 SEC mark and 9-1 overall. That mark will stay next to Kentucky's name forever, noting that Kentucky WOULD have been the official SEC representative in the Sugar Bowl had it not been for NCAA probation ... It was some kind of an evening at the Lexington Center last week when the Committee of 101 sponsored its annual kick-off banquet for the UK basketball team. Rev. Wayne Smith, the MC, had the crowd of over 750 in stitches before the evening was over with . . . Can you believe there is not a UKbasketball player who ranks among the Top 90 cagers in the nation? That's what Sports Quarterly Basketball Special magazine says in its current edition. It lists the top ninty players in the country, but none are from UK. Some of those listed from this region are: Rickey Brown of Mississippi State, Mel Daniels of Stetson, Sam Drummer of Georgia Tech, John Gerdy of Davidson, Richard Glasper of Florida, Otis Howard of Austin Peay, Reggie Johnson of Tennessee, Reggie King of Alabama, Durand Macklin of LSU, Mike Mitchell of Auburn and Calvin Natt of North East Louisiana . . . But in Pro Basketball magazine, Rick Robey is  listed  as   the   number   two pro
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c       5  c"    2. Q    - jr.    X         x -^E     c i     I-         U. _l 2          U.  U.JS2l-Oll>Z
Givens, f............                          12     20 18 15 28 28     8 30   17 14   23   20   19 8 19   23   26 21   28 24 15   21   16   10   12   11   21     7   26 26
Robey, f-c ..........                       13     21 4 13 4 19   19 18   16 21     8   12   12 8 4   16   22 18   14 16 15     6   18   13   19   17   18   20     8 15
Phillips, c...........                         10     17 2 12 23 ........ 15     8 0     7   13     8-24 11    16   10 24   19 13 13   13   20   13   10   15     2     2   10 12
Johnson, g ..........                       12       6 20 10 16 6     8 5     2 11     4   13     9 12 18     8   10 19     8 18 21   16     9   16   13     8     7     7     O 9
Lee, f..............                               11       9 2 14 5 15   13 10   10 12   11     7   10 12 14     6     4 9     7 7 10   16     2   14   15   12   12     6   12 6
Shidler, g ...........                           7     16 20 5 10 ........ 12   11 2   10     0   11 16 12   12   12 0     2 6 6     6     2   13     2     8     4   10     4 0
Claytor, g...........                          0       0 0 .............. 6     0 2     4   10     2 3 0     5     0 16   12 5 22   12   10     0     4     8     6   12   29 4
Casey, g ............                             2       4 0 13 2 2   12 0     0 0   ....     0     0 0 4   ....     0 2     2 0 0     0   ....     4     0     0     2     0     0 0
Williams, f ..........                         3       4 .... 4 2 5     2 2   .... 0   ....     004 12     12 02 .... 000000040 ....
Haskins, f...........                          0       0 0 2 2 0     2 2   .... 00020 206 4302042200440
Stephens, f-g.........                     2       6 .... 2 6 2     4 2   ....     2     0     0 ____ 0 4 ............................................................
Kentucky...........                        72   103 66 90 98 77   68 102   64 64   67   75   73 87 100   87   92   113   97 89 104   90   81   85   77   79   72   72   93 72
Opponents..........                      64     53 51 63 67. 59   70 78   59 62   71   68   71 72 73   85   85 73   57 82 78   76   69   70   64   81   54   58   78 79
prospect at center for the NBA draft behind only Michael Thompson of Minnesota . . . Mississippi State football coach Bob Tyler probably didn't watch more than a couple of minutes of the Penn State-Pittsburgh game last week. After he viewed a couple of freshman Hugh Green's defensive plays for the Panthers, he probably kicked the set apart. Green, if you remember, was part of that famous "mid-night raid" on Mississippi talent by the Panthers last year when Johnny Majors was head boss at Pitt. That good have been a reason for State's disappointing showing this past season although you usually don't expect freshmen to make that much difference. But Green certainly could play anywhere and start anywhere . . . Kentucky punter Kevin Kelly played his last collegiate game against Tennessee two weeks ago. UK officials first anticipated only one season of eligibility for Kelly last summer, but a check with the NCAA resulted in two years of play. However, when UK asked for written confirmation, the NCAA replied that after studying Kelly's files, 1977 would be his last year of eligibility. Now, Kentucky must find replacements for both placekicker Joe Bryant and punter Kevin Kelly . . . Defensive All-American Art Still will be honored December 2 in Birmingham as the SEC Athlete of the Year by the Birmingham Touchdown Club. It is one of the most prestigous honors in the nation on the grid-iron. Ad it will be a busy time for Mr. Still. He is scheduled to arrive the same day in San Diego for the Kodak All-American festivities where he will autograph some 125 footballs and be featured at a gala banquet. Then on December 12, he will be honored as the Intercollegiate Player of the Year at Cherry Hill, New Jersey. His award will be a $500 silver trophy. That's the same event he attended four years ago as one of the region's outstanding prep stars. Over 800 sports fans will be in attendance. And to wind up honors, as of now, will be a visit to Woody Hayes Country where he will receive an "Award of Distinction" by the Columbus Touchdown Club. Silversmith might be a good occupation for Mr. Still, wouldn't you say? . . . Football coach Fran Curci has announced the date of December 8 as the first UK Football Awards Banquet since he became coach here. It will be held at the Lexington Center. Curci told us recently he doesn't believe in banquets, "but this is a special team and deserves a special kind of recognition." . . . In a real rarity, Kentucky
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Courts And Phillips Battle
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--Kentucky squeaks by TCU 103-53 in Rupp Arena. Rick Robey leads the way for the Cats with 21 points and 15 rebounds, but everybody else plays well, too. TCU coach Johnny Swaim says, "They're really going to be tough when that freshman guard Jay Shidler gets his confidence. If you're going to guard Robey and (Mike) Phillips, you'd better take a sack lunch because you're going to be there all day."
--The Cats clobber defending national champion Indiana in Bloomington, 66-51. IU commits 24 turnovers. Larry Johnson and Shidler each score 20 points to lead the Wildcats. Bobby Knight throws Barry McDermott of Sports Illustrated out of the Hoosiers' dressing room after the game. Dick Fenlon, writing in The Louisville Times, calls Kentucky "the new monarch of college basketball."
--Iowa stuns Kentucky 79-66 in Memorial Coliseum. Kevin Kunnert leads the Hawkeyes with 17 points and 12 rebounds. The Wildcats, whose record evens at 1-1, shoot a chilly 41 percent from the field.
--Fran Curci denies talking to UK officials about the vacant head coach-
ing position left when the UK Athletics Board decided not to renew the contract of John Ray.
-Indiana downs Kentucky 64-58 in Bloomington. Kentucky, now 1-2, commits 22 turnovers in the game. Forward Steve Green leads the Hoosiers with 18 points.
--Despite 24-point, 29-rebound performance by Neal Walk, Kentucky thumps Florida 99-76 in Lexington. The ninth-ranked Wildcats are led by Thad Jaracz' 23 points and sophomore center Dan Issel's 24 rebounds.
--The Cats roll on, downing Xavier 111-76. Phil Argento nets 23 points to head UK scorers. Issel chips in with 18 points.
--Claude Sullivan, the longtime radio voice of the Kentucky Wildcats and the Cincinnati Reds, dies of cancer on December 7, 1967.
--The UK footballers lose their season finale to Florida in Gainesville 27-0. The men of Bear Bryant don't exactly distinguish themselves, losing five fumbles en route to the loss. The Cats end the season with a 5-4-2 record, the worst year the Cats have had under Bryant.
It comes as no surprise to Kentucky basketball fans that the Wildcats are "NO. 1"but proving it to your contemporaries may end in the usual sports hassleno absolute proof.
Look no more, our friends. Steve Boda of the NCAA Statistical Bureau has come up with the clinchera 50-year record of the nation's winningest collegiate teams which shows Kentucky perched firmly at the top with no other team in sight. Here is how the top ten stack up.
Team	Years	Won	Lost	Winninq Pe
1. Kentucky	50*	991	246	.801
2. St. John's	50	899	330	.731
3. North Carolina	50	922	361	.719
4. Western Kentucky	50	932	371	.715
5. Duquesne	47	754	319	.703
6. Kansas	50	800	367	.686
7. North Carolina State	50	815	386	.679
8. Notre Dame	50	815	391	.676
9. UCLA	50 	841	411	.672
0. St. Bonaventure	49	669	329	.670
-49 Seasons
1933 ... KENTUCKY
iqIr Alabama
9|5 - .Ky., LSU (Tie)
fxr ......Tennessee
ilil ......Kentucky
"8 .......Ga. Tech
J939 ......Kentucky
|i? ......Kentucky
fSTi ......Tennessee
{If! Kentucky
fg4 ......Kentucky
1947 ......Kentucky
1948 ......Kentucky 1963
1949 ......Kentucky 1964
1950 ......Kentucky 1965
1951 ......Kentucky 1966
1952 ......Kentucky 1967
1953 ..........LSU 1968
1954 . . Ky., LSU (Tie) 1969
1955 ......Kentucky 1970
1956 .......Alabama 1971
1957 ......Kentucky 1972
1958 ......Kentucky 1973
1959 .....Miss. State 1974
1960 ........Auburn 1975
1961 .....Miss. State 1976
1962KY., Miss. St. (Tie) 1977
.....Miss. State
...... Kentucky
...... Kentucky
...... Kentucky
...... Kentucky
. Ky., Tenn. (Tie)
...... Kentucky
Vandy., Ala. (Tie) . . Ky., Ala. (Tie)
 KY., Tenn. (Tie)
(Tournament decided champion until 1951. Title determined by reqular season play starting in 1951. Kentucky did not play a schedule in 1953 due to NCAA suspension.) x^r^ PAGE 5   THE CATS'  PAUSE, DECEMBER 3, 1977
"I'm Crazy About Kentucky"
Indiana's "Mr. Basketball" Heads South To Land Of Roundball
Here's a riddle. What's the difference in the UK basketball team which lost in the finals of the East Regional last March and the UK basketball team which a lot of people are picking as the best team in the nation this fall?
Answer: Kyle Macy.
For those who have just returned from an extended stay on Neptune, Macy is the 6-3 guard who was considered one of the best high school seniors in the nation back in '75. He went to Purdue and played his freshman year, playing well enough to be named to Basketball Weekly's All-Freshman second team. In his first Big Ten game, Macy scored 38 points against Minnesota. On the year, the hotshot from Peru, Ind., averaged 13 points a game fo   :he Boilermakers.
Two summers ago, Macy decided to transfer to UK, where he was forced to sit out last season. Now, Macy is eligible, and the Wildcats are counting heavily on him to provide the glue that cements the 1978 UK team's name to the national championship trophy.
Kentucky coach Joe Hall said at the UK Press day, "I'm not going to do any coaching this year. I'm just going to turn the offense and the defense over to Kyle and let him take it from there." Hall said that jokingly, but the statement did indicate just the kind of expectations UK has for Macy.
All right, then. Just who is Kyle Macy and why are they saying all
these nice things about him? Well, Macy is a good-shooting guard (everybody from Indiana is a good shooter) who was the Hoosier State's "Mr. Basketball" his senior year in high school. As a prepster at Peru, Macy played uner the tutelage of his father, who happened to be the Peru head coach.
At Purdue, Macy was a part of a wonderfully-talented team (Walter Jordan, Bruce Parkinson, Wayne Walls, Jerry Sichting) that, according to Kyle, had little direction. "With all the individual styles of play at Purdue, " recalls Macy, "I didn't think they had confidence in me. There was no take-charge guy, and that's what you need.
Macy did not feel comfortable at Purdue, so he packed up all his cares and woes and headed for Lexington, Ky. Why UK? "It was one of my four final college choices," says Kyle, the other three were Purdue, UCLA, and Cincinnati.
Even though Macy was not particularly enthused with the one-on-one joking and jiving at Purdue, his freshman year was nonetheless an eye-opener for some. "Personally, I wasn't surprised at my performance as a freshman," he claims, "but some people had questioned my abilities because I played at a small high school. They said the competition I played against wasn't very good. Well,
The Little General, Macy
I'd grown up in Fort Wayne which is a pretty good-sized city and I always believed I had the talent. Every player has to have that confidence in his own abilities."
"Some games," continues Macy, "I scored a lot of points, because the shot was there. Other games, I concentrated on other things, setting up whoever had the hot hand."
Then, in the summer of '76, it was exit Purdue, enter Kentucky for Kyle. Macy's first year as a Wildcat was spent practicing with the team, but watching the games from the bench in civvies. "It did seem long at times," admits Macy. "I wish I'd been playing. But whenever I'd get down for a few days, someone would recognize me and go out of their way to talk with me and offer some encouragement. That made me feel better."
Kyle also was impressed by the Kentucky brand of "Southern Hospitality." Says the Hoosier expatriate, "I'm crazy about kentucky. People are always nice to you when you're being recruited, but the people here are outgoing and friendly all the time. That's something you never notice until you spend some time in a place."
It was the warm reception he received from Kentuckians that helped make sitting out a season easier to swallow. "You know, looking back on last year," offers Macy, "it really went pretty fast after all."
Last year has given way to right now, and Macy has forsaken his civvies for a Wildcat uniform. The thought of getting back into competition does not exactly repulse Macy, as he says, "I'm looking forward to playing again. Last year was the first year I hadn't played organized basketball since I was in the fourth grade."
Will rustiness and the long layoff from game action be a problem for Macy? He doesn't think so. "If I am a little rusty, I should be able to work it out in the Blue-White games and the game against the Russians," he maintains.
That year on the bench was not spent counting the house or eating popcorn. According to Kyle, "It helped me learn the offense and defense, so I don't think I'll be like a freshman coming in. Also, I had the chance to see the other conference teams and get to know their personnel and styles of play."
The fact that folks around the Bluegrass are expecting big things from Macy does not particularly phase him. "There's always pressure to do well, even if it comes from yourself," says Macy. "I know people are expecting a lot, but I feel if I work hard things will fall into place."
The man Kyle will be replacing in the UK lineup is Larry Johnson, the swift backcourtman who doubled as a defensive whiz. "We lost a lot of leadership when Larry left," contends
Macy. "He and Merion (Haskins, UK's other graduated senior) were both leaders on and off the court. Hopefully, I'll be able to provide some of their leadership this year. I hope to pick up the outside shooting a little and maybe add a little more consistency. And, of course, I'll be trying to get the ball into the big men."
Macy doesn't see his role as strictly a feeder for Rick Robey and Mike Phillips, though. "With the guys we've got, you'd be kind of stupid not to try to get the ball into them. But it
Kyle Macy
works both ways. You help them and they can help you. You can take some of the defensive pressure off them with outside shooting, and they can open it up for you with their inside game."
The slender wildcat adds, "this team does not consist of stereotyped roles for each player. We try to adjust to whatever the situation dictates."
During his brief stint in the gold and black of Purdue, Macy had the opportunity (or misfortune, however you want to look at it) to play all four of the 1976 national semifinalists --national champ Indiana (twice), runner-up Michigan, plus semifinal losers UCLA and Rutgers. Ergo, Kyle has observed some of the nation's best in action, both as a freshman at Purdue and as an observer from the UK bench last year. What this is all leading to, naturally, is: how does Macy rate the latest edition of the UK roundballers? Do the Cats have what it takes to go the distance in the NCAA?
"We compare very well to those Final Four teams as far as talent goes," says Macy. "We've got a lot of size and weight, and we have the ability. It's just a matter of how hard we work. And, it takes a lucky break sometimes. But if we work hard, things could work out for us."
That, like everything else in basketball remains to be proved on the court. If Kentucky does, though, wind up cutting down the nets in St. Louis next March after the final game (and there are worse bets to make), one of the reasons will surely be the performance p .(he,-fellow from Peru,-.Ind-..  >.-.<. THE CATS'  PAUSE, DECEMBER 3, 1977
 /977i Tt/fr Cats4'Pamb ^m^*^
fiHiTiiT PAGE 7    THE CATS'  PAUSE,  DECEMBER 3, 1977
Some Indiana Hoosiers
(40)   GLEN GRUNWALD -6-9     204     19 Soph.
- FORWARD Franklin Park, 111.
Glen underwent a knee operation for torn cartilage last September and was never completely healthy .... although he appeared in 26 of 27 games and started on 12 occasions,   the   knee   limited the things he could do .... is now wearing a brace on the knee and moves better than he did. although the knee is still not 100% .... scored 93 points for a 3.6 average and had 1 2 points on two occasions, against Utah State and at Michigan .... hit 6-7 shots against Utah State .... hit only .375 of his field goal attempts but much of that was due to the adjustments he had to make in his shooting .... high rebound game was six. at Ohio State .... often played at the point because of his excellent passing abilities .... had eight assists at  Ohio State and seven at Michigan State .... has very good court sense and knows where the ball needs to be ... . does the little things that go unnoticed in the box score very well .... very smart player who very rarely makes a mental mistake .... one of the most sought after prep players   two  years   ago  at East Leyden High .... was All-State four years, the first player in Illinois history to be accorded that honor .... averaged 21 points as a sophomore, 23 as a junior and 27 as a senior and totalled over 2,200 in his career .... was voted to the  high school all-American team two years .... his teams were 28-1 and 25-1 the last two years and ranked No. 1 in the state .... business major who wants to go to law school.
G FG FGA Pet. FT FTA Pet. Reb. Ast. PF TP Avg. 26    42   112   .375    9   20   .450    58   57   59    93 3.6
(42)   MIKE WOODSON   - GUARD-FORWARD 6-5     187     19     Soph.      Indianapolis, Ind.
Had probably the best season an IU freshman ever has had in 1977 .... started 25 games, and scored an even 500 points for an 18.5 average .... led the team in both field goal (.521) and free throw (.792) percentage and ranked second with 182 rebounds .... finished second in the Big Ten in scoring (22.0), third in field goal percentage (.556), ninth in free throw percentage (.763) and ninth in rebounding (7.7) .... was a member of the all-Big Ten second team and should vie for all-league honors this year .... scored in double figures his last 18 games .... had 34 points at Iowa, 32 at Michigan, where he hit 15-19 shots and grabbed 11 rebounds, and 31 against Wisconsin .... had 14 rebounds in the win over Illinois and 13 against Northwestern and was in double figures on six other occasions .... will play more at guard this year to better utilize his over-all talents .... has a variety of ways to score .... can hit the open jumper and drives to the bucket extremely well .... has great jumping ability, which makes him an excellent rebounder despite his size .... perhaps his greatest improvement over the course of last season was in his defensive play, which figures to get even better .... prepped at Indianapolis Broad Ripple and averaged 28.6 as a senior and set career scoring record with 1,154 points .... was member of all-state team and leading scorer for Indiana all-star team that swept Kentucky .... physical education major.
G   FG FGA   Pet. FT FTA Pet. Reb. Ast. PF TP Avg. 1976-77      27   212   407   .521   76   96   .792   182   43   88   500 18.5
(34)   STEVE RISLEY 6-8      215 19
FORWARD-CENTER Fr.     Indianapolis, Ind.
Steve was the first of the freshmen to pick IU, as he announced his choice last December .... strong and rugged type of player who can play either inside or on the perimeter .... played center in high school but is a good shooter from 15 feet .... his good size should make him a good rebounder .... was one of the most sought after players in the state, not only for basketball, but for football as well .... was a quarterback in football and was the first player ever to be named to the all-state team in both football and basketball as a junior .... repeated both honors as a senior and was all-American -in basketball and honorable mention all-American in football .... prepped at Lawrence Central and led them to their first regional championship in more than 30 years .... averaged 25.5 points as a senior, 24.4 as a junior and for his career scored 1,690 points for a 22.4 average .... had a high game of 43 against Warren Central in 1976 .... also averaged 13 rebounds per game in his career and totalled 1,172 . . . . was a member of Indiana All-Star team .... was also member of Indiana-Kentucky team that played the U.S. All-Stars and led the scoring parade in that game with 29 points and also had 14 rebounds .... quarterbacked his teams to a 26-4 record during three years of play and during that time passed for 4,109 yards and 52 touchdowns .... was selected among the top 100 backs in the nation last year .... business major.
(45)   RAY TOLBERT 6-9      215 19
- - - - CENTER Fr. Anderson, Ind.
Ray was one of the most highly sought after athletes in the nation after being named Indiana's "Mr. Basketball" .... has all the attributes of a natural center, big, strong, and aggressive, and runs so well he is probably the fastest man on the team .... very quick and has good jumping ability .... is considered an excellent rebounder and can be an intimidating defensive player .... has a lot to learn but has the physical attributes to do so ... . was generally considered to be one of the top five big men in the country last year .... prepped at Anderson Madison Heights and played for coach Phil Buck, who played at IU in the 50's .... went to the same school as former IU standout Bobby