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John Bryant of the Cataloging Dept. had l G R E E N
a report "Quick Cataloging" published in _ »
the March l97h issue of Kentucky Chapter B E A N
of SLA's BULLETIN. Gretchen Gibson of
the Medical Center Library had a report A
"Medline" in the same issue. .
Mildred Legg has resigned (March 31) ` .
after fifteen years of service to the »
King Librarv. The Staff Organization wishes her much success in her new endeavor.
All those wishing to participate in or attend the College of Library Science grad-
uation are asked to contact Onva Boshears (257-l6M5) by Wednesday, May l. Jesse
Shera will be the speaker on May ll at the Agricultural Sciences Auditorium.
There will be no Department Heads meeting, Wednesday, May l.
I would like to share with you "A Law Librarian's Ten Commandments" as published a
number of years ago by the Librarian at the Supreme Court of North Carolina:
l. Thou shalt be slow to judge a man a fool, lest his wisdom exceed his
knowledge and thou be condemned by thine own judgment.
`2. Thou; shalt not be wise in thine own conceit; they wages are paid thee .
for knowing these things. _
3. Thou shalt curb thy zeal; a small stream quencheth the thirst, but a
flood washeth away the camel.
M. Thou shalt not swat a fly with a sledge-hammer. 4 _ A _
5. Thou shalt give food and drink unto the wayfarer lost within they gates.
6. Confess thine imperfections that all men may know thee as brother;.
be not proud in perfection, lest all men turn and rend thee.
7. Thou shalt do equal justice to all; if thyy rule be evil, change it,
but make thou no exceptions.
8. Thou shalt not harden they heart against thosec seeking knowledge, but
deal with them in loving kindness.
9. Thou shalt serve all people gladly, for out of the common treasury cometh
thy food and raiment. - 1 _
lO. Thou shalt remember that there are no little people or unimportant
questions, but thy' brother seeking help.
. {M6 Law Library Journal237-38)

Medical Center Library--Tobacco and Health Information Services. Grade 6 to be
reclassified July 6, l97M to Library Technician II. Available April 29, l97M.
See or call Mary Evelyn Minter, at 233-5¤5l;; Cataloging Dept. Grade V Typist. `
Available immediately - contact D. Green (257-3801)
Two copies of the materials left by Jerome Yavorkovsky of Columbia University are .
in the Reserve Room.
Booknotes this issue is about books on library organization, one recently published
and one to be published in the next year. The first, Booz, Allen, Hamilton’s study
of the Columbia University Library reorganization was the subject of our visiting ·
consultant's lecture at the library staff meeting on April l9. The second will be
the results of a study of the present structure of library education and the needs
of recent (three to five years) library school graduates being conducted by Ralph
and Audrey Conant for the A.L.A.
Mr. J. Yavarkovsky referred to the reorganization of Columbia's library system as
being a venture in participative management; the underlying philosophy was a func-
tional reorganization in distinction to an organization according to the actual flow
of materials. At Columbia the goal is to serve the academic community and, by so
doing, to allow the library personnel to develop professionally. The original
management study was commissioned by the Association of Research Libraries, and
the reorganization has followed closely the general recommendations of the Booz,
Allen, and Hamilton study.
Staff participation in the reorganization was encouraged and major staff task forces
participated in the three-phase program of organization, staffing, and operations.
The utilization of staff task forces permitted library personnel to help determine
their own future.
Interestingly enough, staff functions did not change, although new staff positions
were added. It was said that this was because the nature of the work did not change
and because the purpose is to evolve into the organization needed by the University.
The real change brought about by staffing reorganization was the institution of a
two-track classification scheme that rationalizes salary, advancement, and hiring,
Also the detailed job descriptions have aided in recruitment as well as in manage-
ment training and personnel evaluation.
The reorganization of Operations will be an on-going effort beginning with restruc-
turing the budget and instituting sophisticated accounting techniques. One major
innovation will be issuing policy statements to guide decision making and thus
allowing decentralization of authority and more responsibility on the supervisory
Staff participation in planning will continue through a Professional Advisory Com-
mittee and a Staff Development Committee. Also library personnel are encouraged
to develop professionally through instruction, education, and publication so as to
better undetstand their role in the organization and to better fulfill their
personal goals. A notable development to date has been the significant involve- `
ment of the library staff in the reorganization and the degree of commitment to the
organizational goals that has been demonstrated by the staff. It is to be honed

that University of Kentucky will experience this same degree of success in its
upcoming self-study.
The Conant Study is not one moment too soon. Library education and librarian needs
when on the job must be studied in tandem, and the present trend towards manage-
ment analysis and computerized techniques in libraries indicates that library
schools must restructure their programs to meet new job needs. Once again refer-
ring to Columbia University, the Director of Libraries has been made the Academic
Vice-President for Information Science, which indiates where librarianship is going,
insofar as academic libraries are concerned. Special librarians have realized the
need for management training and knowledge of computerized techniques for some time,
but the generalist is not yet prepared to enter a field where the librarian is a
management specialist in the information retrieval and storage business.
The Conant team was here at Kentucky recently, and I was one of the participants
in a most probing and well-detailed interview on library education, personal goals,
and personal views on the future of the library field. The published study, which
will include in-depth interviews conducted at library schools and with librarians
from all over the United States, along with further publication of case studies on
library reorganization will, hopefully, aid the library profession to bring about
needed changes in library education, libraries, and continuing education for
librarians. alm
Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. Organiza-
tion and Staffing of the Libraries of
Columbia University; a Case Study.
(Westport, Conn: Redginve Infor-
mation Resources Corp, 1973)

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