Long and long, and while everybody in the room
remained perfectly still, he looked at the baby,
whose tiny hands bobbed up and down-a fat,
healthy youngster, fit as a fiddle, laughing, squirm-
ing, happy.
  " For me you name him " Lopez finally got out.
"Oh, too good you are to me. Pancho! my own
leetle boy! Pancho! 'Some' name, what you say,
eh "
  And he pinched the child's cheek, tenderly as
his mother would have done.
  "And here's mine!" Angela, not to be outdone,
piped up, presenting her child, also in her arms, to
the delirious bandit.
  "An' what heez name"
  "It ain't a he-it's a she, I told you!" Angela
  "Ah! All kinds you 'ave 'ere, eh Good! An'
what 'er name"
  " Can't you guess" asked " Red," coming for-
ward, smiling.
  "A girl What use I 'ave for girls" laughed
Pancho Lopez. "What you say now-what's ze
name "
  " Why, Panchita! What else could we have
named her" Angela said.