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CHAPTER                                     PAGE
VII.-Wherein Lucia sees treachery brewing,
         Pell proves himself a brute, and an
         unexpected guest appears        . 129
VIII.-Wherein the bandit expounds a new
         philosophy, and makes marionettes
         of the Americans                   141
  IX.-Wherein Uncle Henry chatters some
         more, there is an auction, and things
         look black indeed                  i6o,
  X.-Wherein an old friendship comes to life,
         Lopez learns a thing or two, and
         finally makes a match           . 176
  XI.-Wherein a man proves himself a craven,
         a shot rings out, and the bad man
         explains one little hour .      . 206
XII.-Wherein the bad man cannot understand
         the good man, and disappears; and a
         dead man stirs                     2i6
XIII.-Wherein an old situation seems about
         to be repeated, another shot is fired,
         and the bad man comes back .    . 242
XIV.-Wherein an old friend returns, and there
         is a joyful reunion                267