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    Minutes of Called Meeting of the Executive Committee of the
Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, July 12, 1940.

     The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity cnf Kentucky net in the President's Office at the University
Friday, July 12, 1940, at 10:30 a.m., meeting convened on call of
the Chairman.   The members of the Committee present were Judge
Richard C. Stoll, Chairman; H. S. Cleveland, Robert P. Hobson and
Lee Kirkpatrick.  President Thomas P. Cooper and D. H. Peak, Secre-
tary of the Board, were present.

     1. Approval of Minutes.

     The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of June
28, 1940, were read by the Secretary wad on motion and second were

     2. Financial Report.

     The Business Agent reported that he is unable to present a
financial statement for June at this time.   This is due to the
fact that the books can not be closed on account of outstanding
bills and travel expense accounts until late in July.

     3. Investments.

     The Business Agent presented a memorandum of available street
improvement bonds of the City of Louisville, Ky., offered for sale
by the Bankers Bond Company of Louisville, Ky.   The memorandum show,
an issue, Series GO 90, of $13,734.31 dated July 15, 1940, rate 6
per cent prior lien on property assessed at $110,958.00, maturity
1941 to 1949.   The bonds may be purchased at approximately 1.10
which will yield for per cent on the investment.

     Excerpt from Legal Opinion.

          "I arm of tue opinion that said bonds are valid and le-
  gally binding special obligations of the City of Louisville,
  Kentucky.   Such bonds are secured by a separate and special
  fund to which are pledged the proceeds of the second and suc-
  ceeding installments of improvement taxes, together with inn
  terewt and penalties thereon, levied proportionately as provided
  by law upon the units or parcels of property adjoining or
  fronting and abutting upon the street constructed and payable
  by the owners of such property in ten approximately equal an-
  nual installments pursuant to the agreements with the City of
  Louisville executed by the owners of such property severally;
  and said bonds are further secured by a foreclosable lien upon
  such property, which lien is superior to all other liens except
  those of ad valorem taxes levied upon the same property,"



    From statements made by the President and Business Agent, it
was deolded that the balance in the Haggin Fund should be held to
meet commitments and other expenditures that may be made therefrom.

    Mr. Hobson having approved the bonds, the purchase of such part
of the Issue as may be made fron Student Loan Funds available for
investment was ordered, on motion seconded and carried.

    4. Bonds and Interest Due on Service Building Indebtedness.

    The Business Agent presented following statement of indebted-
ness due on Service Building bonds:

          Statement of
                                               June 1, 1940

          In Account with
              University of Kentucky
              Business Office
              Lexington, Ky.

          Payment on Principal due 7/2/40        $ 5,000.00
          Int. from 1/2/40 to 7/2/40 at 5%           750.00
          Trustees' fee to 7/2/40                    100.00
                                                 $ 59850.00

     It was stated that this is a valid obligation of the University
that should be paid when due, and the Business Agent was directed to
arrange for immediate payment thereof.   On motion, seconded and
carried, he was ordered to present the statement in the required way
to the State Department of Finance and to ask for payment thereof
from the general appropriation to the University of Kentucky for
year 1940-41,

     5. Membership in Board of Cormerde,

     The Business Agent was directed on motion and second to continue
the membership of the University of Kentucky in the Lexington Board
of Commerce at $25.00 for the year, July 1, 1940 to July 1, 1941,
and to make payment of the amunt now due for first half of that

     6. Report of Campus Book Store.

     The report of the Campus Book Store for the second half of the
year 1939-40 was presented by the Manager, James Morris.    The report
was accepted and ordered inserted in the minutes, the Business Agent
being directed to credit the amount due the University of Kentucky
when collected to Campus Book Store account to be disbursed, as here-
tofore directed by the Board of Trustees.



Report of the Carmpus Book Store

   January 1940 -- July 1940

        Submitted by

        James Morris

    January 1940 -- July 1940

$3,972, 59

23, 876 - 24

3, 966.76





Gross Sales from January 1, 1940 -- -

Exeraptions and deductions

     Dr. L. C. Robinson  

     Dr. John Manning - - - - - - -

     Dr. M. M. Wh1ite  -  

     American Library Association  -

     Professor Lawrence Yates - - -  

     Law Companies - - - - - - - - .

     Department of Physics - - - -

to July 1, 1940

- $50.50

- 97. 60



- 156.70

- 262.80

- 625.00


                                               _ 1,612.00

Sales on which Commission Applies -              46,625.02

ComnuLssion to University at 71-T%  $3,496.87.

January -




May    - -

June - -

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -
- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -

- - - - - -



    7. Report of Custodian of Military Property.

    Following report of shortage in military property was reported
by the custodian.


Q2.Mi.Clothing & Articles of the
  Belts, leather, enlisted men
  Belts. webwaist Enl.O/S
  Caps, field. W/out braid.
  Insignia, collar,g/colored
  Jumpers, working , denim
  Neckties, Enl.black,M1936
  Shirts, flannel, olive drab
  Trousers, working, denim, pr.

Q.M. Property other than Clothing
  Slings, bugle, leather
  Whistle, thunderer

Number   Unit Cost   Total   Aggre-






$174.78 4$174.78

.35         .35
.22         .222
            .57-c  .57

0_. MA. Band Instruments
  Block, wood, small
  Clarinet, B-flat, silver (#2723)
  Drum, snare, 6.. x 15"'
  Trombone, B-flat,Slide, (#130210)

1        .50
1      40.00
1      15.00
1      47.50

$103.00 $103.00

Ordnance Property
Brushes & thongs, auto rifle
  Hatchet, broad, 37-Mm. gun
  Protractor, lensatic compass,
  alidade, Mi. G.
  Screwdriver, hand straddles-
  stock bolt nut -







     .20         .20
Total        $  4.72
  G-rand Total$288.41

     It was ordered on motion, seconded and carried, that the amount
of $288.41 be paid to Chief of Finance, U. S. army, and charged to
the Military Clothing Shortage account carried on the Sundry Ledger.
This account is made up from collections from students of charges
made for lost articles.

     It appeared from the Business Agent's statement that this ac-
count will show a balancevw~henoollection of shortage from students
is posted, of 884.44.   It was further ordered that a sufficient
amount be transferred from other funds that may be used for that pur-
pose to balance the shortage in the Military Clothing account after
payment is made as ordered.



     8. Lease Renewed.

     a. Smith Hall

     Renewal of lease of Smith Hall to the Chi Omega Sorority for
year 1940-41, at $100.00 per month payable in advance for ten months,
beginning September 1, 1940, was approved on motion, seconded and
carried, authority to sign the lease being given to the chairman
of the Executive Committee, and thereupon he signed it in duplicate
in open meeting.

     The terms of the lease are the same as the terms of the lease
for the previous year except as to repairs approved by Executive
Committee meeting June 28, 1940, Sec. 23.

     b. Home Management House -- Rental from Dunoan.

     Dean Cooper requested renewal of the lease between May K. Duncan
and the University of Kentucky of house and lot at 162 Bonnie Brae
Avenue, Maxwelton Court, for one year beginning August 1, 1940,
at $780.00 for the year.   The house is used as a home management
Imuse for students in the Home Economics Department, College of Agri-

     On motion, seconded and carried, Dean Cooper was authorized to
renew the lease.

     c. Home Management House - Rental from Thompson.

     Dean Cooper requested renewal of the lease between Charles C.
Thompson and wife and the University of Kentucky for house and lot
at 119 Conn Terrace, Lexington, Ky., for term of one year beginning
September 10, 1940, at rental price of $600 per year,   The house
is used as a Home Management house for students in the Home Economics
Department, College of Agriculture,   On motion, seconded and car-
ried, renewal of the lease was ordered, authority to sign the lease
being given to the Chairman of the Executive Committee, and there-
upon he signed it in duplicate in open meeting.

     9. Purchase of Coal,

     The President presented the following letter:



                    DEPARTiElNT OF FIN'AiNiCE

                                July 9, 1940

    University of Kentucky
    Attention: Mr. Peak
    Lexington, Kentucky

    Dear Mr,. Peak:

    It is the opinion of the Division of Purchases and
    Public Properties that you should store your coal
    requirements during August and September -- a supply
    to last until February 1.   Coal today is selling at
    a very low price.   We are certain that there will
    be a considerable saving as the Government control
    price will go into effect not later than September
    31.   We suggest, that you send your requisition
    imu.ediately for your requirements so wve may take
    sealed bids on same not later than July 25.

    Yours truly,

    (Signed) Frank Tanner
    Assistant Director
    Division of Purchases

    The Business Agent was directed to refer the letter to Dean
Graham with recommendations that he follow the request of the Di-
vision of Purchases.

     10. Maxwell Place.

     a. Repairs

            Report of Superintendent

                                         July 11, 1940

     Mremo:President Cooper
          Administration Building

                        Re:-Ilaxvwell Place Repairs.

     The exterior of the residence and garage is in good con-
     dition.   Routine matters of general upkeep are now in
     progress such as painting metal decks, gutters and minor



    I am planning to give the interior a thorough cleaning
    just as soon as Dr. IvIeVey completes the moving of all
    books and personal belongings.   This work will include
    cleaning wall paper, washing woodwork, cleaning and
    waxing floors, -.vashing windows and window blinds.

    A considerable amount of papering, painting and floor
    sanding should be done before the new President moves
    in.   I am assuming that this work should be deferred
    until the proper time comes,

    We are keeping a close watch on the property both day
    and night.   I would like to have definite instructions
    about the raatter of occupancy during the interim. Your
    suggestions will be helpful.

    The gas has been turned off at the foundation but steam,
    water and electrical services are still on.

    Sincerely yours,

    (Signed) M. J. Crutcher

     In addition to this report, the President stated that he will
have such cleaning and painting done and repairs made as will be
necessary for the preservation of the building, pending occupancy
as residence by the President.

     b. Occupancy by caretaker,

     The President reported that the property is under guard and
will be kept under guard pending occupancy by some one as care-

     c. Inventory.

     A memorandum of property in the house was received from Dr.
Frank L. MoVey, approved by Business agent and Superintendent of
Buildings and Grounds.   It was ordered copied in the minutes,

                  Received from Frank L. McVey

All University of Kentucky property in Maxwell Place July 1, 1940,
as inventoried below.

1. Basement
   1 washing machine
   1 mangle
   1 gas stove



  Basement (Continued)

  1 gas water heater
  1 vacuum power cleaner
  1 fire extinguisher
    garden tools (used by James Tweedy)
 106 steel folding chairs
 4 awnings
 28 glass doors for pergola
 14 folding chairs (canvas seats and backs)
   4 wooden flower stands

2. Kitchen
   1 double gas stove and hood
   1 sink and table
   1 steel rack for pans
   2 tables

3. Porch, rear
   1 table

4. Back hall
   1 Fire Extinguisher

5. Pantry
  1 electric refrigerator
  1 large bread tray
  vacuum cleaner appliances
  14 sugar bowls
  13 cream pitchers
  134 iced tea glasses
  274 large white plates wit:
  88 large heavy plates
  260 small white plates
  265 small heavy plates
  250 (?) cups
  85 saucers

6. Bedroom. N.E.
   1 small air condition mac

Lh blue line

hine (from Dean Paul Anderson)

7, Dining room
   1 sideboard                )
   1 china and glass closet   )   Purchased by University June
   1 buffet                   )    28, 1940.
   1 extension table, 8 leaves)    (In pantry and hall closet)
   12 chairs                   )
   1 pair of andirons
 500 + plated spoons  )(Locked in side-board.  Mr. Underwood
 300 (?) plated forks )     has key).

8. Parlor
   1 pair brass andirons

9. Library
   1 radio and loud speaker (from Dean Paul Anderson)



10. In house
   45 Venetian blinds

11. Back Hall
   1 Fire Extinguisher

12. Bathrooms
   2 oval mirrors
   3 soap and glass fixtures
   3 sets shower curtains
   3 toilet paper holders

13. Lavatory, first floor
   1 oval mirror
   1 square chromium mirror
   1 toilet paper holder

14. Study, second floor
   1 gas heater

15. Linen Closet in upstairs hall
    12 extra Venetian blind slats
    1 bathroom towel rack
    1 box with pair electric candle sticks
    1 box heavy portieres
    gold colored net curtains (M) pairs
    linen radiator covers
    dyed linen window hangings
    1 box - 4 pair window curtains (white with blue and rose
            1 pair mulberry silk curtains and 2 valances
            2 pair yellow & white bathroom curtains
            2 pair casement curtains
            1 pair short white curtains
              tie backs
            3 boxes gold colored net curtains for downstairs win-
               dows and doors
            2 pair hangings for library
              (goldnet~casement curtains are at front door).

16. Third Floor
    1 gas heater, NW .W roora
    Miscellaneous in N. center room

17. General
   All lighting fixtures in place with bulbs,

   Above received in good order.

          D, H. Peak
Business Agent, University of

         ML. J. Crutcher
Superintendent of Buildings and.
Grounds, University of Kentucky



     11 Breckinridge Hall and Sandwich Shop.

     Memorandum by President Cooper.

         Dean T. T. Jones, in charge of the halls for men,
    recommended that the sandwich shop in the basement of
    Breckinridge Hall be moved and that student rooms be pro-
    vided in place of the shop, since the shop represents a
    source of confusion and noise in the hall, and that a
    sandwich shop be erected outside for the purpose of sup.
    plying sandwiches and coffee for the students in the
    ments halls; that funds therefor be secured from the budget
    of the halls and the Dean of Men for financing these

    On motion seconded and carried, the President was authorized
to proceed with the changes and construction recommended by him in
the above memorandum, when he determines that funds will be available
for that purpose.

     12, Purchase of Dicker Property.

     On motion seconded and carried, it was ordered that the real
estate of Mrs. J. B. Dicker located at 117 Washington Avenue, oppo-
site Experiment Station property, being lot No. 29 in Graham Addi-.
tion, City of Lexington, Kentucky, with improvements thereon, be
purchased from her.

     The terms of purchase, based on statements made in Dean Graham's
letter, copied in the Minutes of the Executive Committee of May 10,
1940, are that the University of Kentucky shall pay Mrs. J. B. Dicker
$1,OOO.O0 cash when conveyance is made and $28.00 per month from
date of conveyance for ten years.   In event of her death before the
expiration of ten years, the monthly payments are to be made to her
son, J. B. Dicker, for the remainder of the period,   The cash pay-
ment is to be made when funds are available for that purpose,

     13. Candidates for Degrees - August Commencement.

     At the request of the President, a motion was made, seconded
and carried that members of the Executive Committee, Mr. H, S.
Cleveland and Professor Lee Kirkpatrick, be appointed to represent
the Board of Trustees in approval of the recommendation of the Uni-
versity Senate of candidates to receive degrees at the August, 1940,

     14, Civg ian Pilot Training.

     President Cooper called attention tolre Civilian Pilot Training
Act which was presented to the University by Robert H. Hinckley,
Chairman of Civil Aeronautics Authority, in a letter of August 5,
1939, and the action of the Board of Trustees at the meeting of
September 19, 1939,   The minutes of that meeting read as follows:



         "It appearing that the University would not have full
    control of the program, and the danger of physical harm to
    students being evident, on motion of Judge Stoll, seconded
    by Mr. Hobson, consideration of training students at the
    University of Kentucky in the pilot training program was
    indefinitely postponed."

    On motion and second the matter was referred to President Coop-
er to make report at some future date.

    15. Haggin Fund - Expenditures Approved.

    a. Publication

    President Cooper recommended to the Executive Committee that
an item of .1200.OO be set up from the unexpended balance of the Hag-
gin Fund for the fiscal year 1940-41 for the purpose of publishing
the results of meritorious research of more than state-wide inter-
est, and also other important findings of the staff of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky.   It is the purpose to utilize this fund for
the purpose of printing and publications in journals or other
publications as may seen desirable.

     On motion of Mr. Hobson, seconded by Mr. Cleveland, the expendi-
ture of $1200.00 from the Haggin Fund for publications as set out
in President Cooper's recommendation, was approved and allotted
the expenditure to be made under President Cooper's direction,

     b. Clerk in College of Law

     On motion of Mr. Kirkpatrick, seconded by Mr. Cleveland, the
appointment of a clerk to assist in annotations work being done in
the College of Law was authorized, 8250.00 being allotted from the
Haggin fund for payment of salary.

     16. P. W. A. Construction.

     Claim of Gilson-Taylor Company.


                        Lexington, Kentucky

                                              May 23, 1940
     College of Engineering
     University of Kentucky
     Lexington, Kentucky
                           Re: Biological Sciences Building.

     We hereby file a claim for $293.03 which represents 6%
     interest on suns due us on Periodical Estimates Nos. 16



and 17
We received a check from you today, made May 23, 1940,
in the amount of $24,713.65 which represents the payment
due us under Periodical Estir.mate No. 16 for $19,112.05
and Periodical Estimate No. 17 for $5,601.60.

Included in the General Conditions of our contract for
the erection of the Biological Sciences Building under
Article 25, Page 7, states, "Should Owner fail to pay the
sum named in certificate of the engineer, upon demand when
due, the Contractor shall receive, in addition to the sum
named in the certificate, interest thereon at the legal
rate in force at the place of building."

Based on this Article and contract, we are asking for
the above mentioned $293.03 which is arrived at as follows:

     On March 1, 1940 our Periodical Estimate No. 16
     was certified for payment but unpaid due to lack
     of funds.   The estimate was in the amount of
     $19,112.05.   On April 10, 1940 our Periodical
     EstimAtcNo. 17 in the amount of $6,601.60 was
     certified due us but was unpaid due to lack of

The breakdown is:

     81 Days on :.$19,112.05  at 6c            $254.38
     42 Days on $5,601.60     at 6%              38.65
                        Total                  $293.03

If desired by you, we can submit cancelled notes from the
Bank of Commerce showing that we paid 6% interest for money
borrowed to replace that owed to us by you.

Thanking you for your action on this matter and trusting
that you will place this request before the proper authori-
ties and see that we receive a check covering this claim,
we are
                              Yours very truly

                                  GILSON-TAYLOR, Inc.

                         (Signed) By Edwin C. Gilson.

     On motion, seconded and carried, the claim of Gilson-Taylor
Company in amount of $293.03 was allowed and ordered to be
paid from the Building Revenue Fund set up for Docket No.



     17. Automotive Building.

     Dean Graham appeared before the meeting and stated that, as he
had anticipated at the special meeting of the Committee on June 28,
a communication had been received from Viking Foundation in which it
proposed to build and equip, at a cost not exceeding $80,000, and
donate to the University an aviation research laboratory building
of the kind generally discussed at the June 28, meeting of the
Committee.   It was stated that the Viking Foundation had requested
Dean Graham under date of July 6, 1940, to act as its agbnt in all
matters pertaining to the erection of the building and the purchasing,
installation, and payment for the equipment, the foundation agreeing
to deposit the funds ($80,000) to his personal credit for dispersal
as its agent, and that after discussing this with Judge Stoll, Dean
Graham had accepted the appointment as agent for the Viking Founda-
tion in all matters pertaining to the proposed laboratory:

                                       Panama, R. P.
                                       July 6, 1940

     Colonel James H. Graham
     Dean of the College of Engineering
     University of Kentucky
     Lexington, Kentucky

     Dear Sir:

          We are today mailing to your University a proposal
     to make it a gift of an aeronautical research laboratory,
     a copy of which proposal is attached hereto.    You will
     notice the proposal contemplates that you shall act in
     our behalf in all matters pertaining to the plans and speci-
     fications of the building and the erection thereof and the
     purchase and installation of the equipment therein,    We
     would appreciate your acting for us in this capacity, and
     if you are willing to do so, we hereby authorize you to
     take all action and do all things that, in your opinions
     may be necessary in that regard.    We agree that you shall
     have no liability in acting for us in this matter except
     for wilful misconduct.   Please advise if you are willing
     to act for us in this matter.
                                      Very truly yours,

                                          VIKING FOUNDATaION

                                   By (Signed) A. L. Wenner-Gren

     Thereupon, Dean Graham laid upon the table the formal offer of
the Viking Foundation, dated July 5, 1940, as follows:



                              Panama, R. P.
                              July 5, 1940

Board of Trustees
     University of Kentucky
         Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Sirs:

     The Urcl1ersigned, Viking Foundation (hereinafter called
the "Foundation") hereby makes you the following proposal:

     (1) The Foundation is desirous of making a donation
to your University of an aeronautical research laboratory
on the following terms and conditions.

     (2) The Foundation, acting through Colonel Graham,
Dean of the College of Engineering of your University,
will cause to be erected on the campus of the University
on a site mutually satisfactory (the site tentatively
agreed upon is located on Upper Street opposite your cen-
tral heating plant) a building to house the laboratory.
We are delivering to you herowith a preliminary floor plan
of such building which, of course, is subject to change
with Colonel Graham's approval.   You will notice from
this floor plan that it is now contemplated the building
will have approximately a 200 foot frontage on Upper
Street starting at the milroad spur and about 125 feet in
the other direction.   The amount which the Foundation is
willing to spend for the construction of the building
proper, including plumbing, heating and electric installa-
tion, is $30,000 (it being understood that the heating
requirements are to be supplied by your central heating
system).   The plans and specifications of the building,
and the construction of the building, will be under the
supervision of the Board of Trustees of your University,
Colonel Graham and Professor A. J. Meyer, a member of the
faculty of your Universi1r,   Ownership of the building
will belong to your University, free and clear of any
claim of the Foundation.

     (3)As soon as the building referred to in paragraph
(2) above has been erected, the Foundation, acting through
Colonel Graham, will, at its own expense, purchase and
install within the building laboratory equipment necessary
to develop and test both large and small internal com-
bustion engines, for aircraft, automotive and industrial
uses, including acoustical equipment for preventing excess
noise within and without the building (the items of such
laboratory equipment and the places of installation
thereof to be agreed upon between Colonel Graham and Pro-
fessor Meyer of your faculty), it being understood, however,
that the aggregate cost of such equipment including expenses
of installation, shall not exceed $50,000.   Ownership
of all such equipment shall belong to your University,
free and clear of any claim of the Foundation.



          (4) The laboratory is to be designated the "Wenner-Gren
    Aeronautical Research Laboratory" and so marked with a
    bronze plaque placed near the main entrance to the building.

          (5) Colonel Graham is authorized to act for the Founda-
    tion in all matters pertaining to the plans and specifications
    of the building and the erection thereof and the purchase and
    installation of the equipment therein.

         If your University is willing to accept this gift,
    will you kindly so notify us as promptly as possible so that
    we may proceed with the plans and specifications of the

                                     Very truly yours,

                                        VIKING FOUNDATION

                                 By (Signed) Axel L. Wenner-Gren

    President Cooper then read a letter from Dean Taylor, protesting
against the use of the ste for the proposed laboratory on Upper
Street, wherein he stated that the building would encroach too great-
ly upon the grounds of the College of Education.   After a general
discussion, wherein Mr. Kirkpatrick wished to defer action for fur-
ther consideration, a resolution was offered by Mr. Hobson and
seconded by Mr. Cleveland to accept the offer of the Viking Founda-
tion as written and signed, and Judge Richard C. Stoll was authorized
and directed to accept the offer on behalf of the University.    All
members present voted Yea, excepting Mr. Kirkpatrick, who voted for
further consideration on account of the proposed location.

    At the suggestion of President Cooper, it was decided to inves-
tigate further the question of a suitable site for the laboratory,
especially as Dean Graham, as agent for the Foundation could accept
a change of site on behalf of the Foundation without incurring any
delay for approvals, if President Cooper and he found it advisable
to make a change of site,

     Dean Graham then stated that in view of the cost of operating
such a laboratory, he had discussed with the M4awen Motor Corporation
(which corporation has, for a period of more than three years, em-
ployed Professor A. J. M01eyer, of the College of Engineering, as con-
sulting engineer in the development of an internal combustion motor
of a novel type and especially applicable for use in aviation, with
the result that much of the designing and other work in connection
therewith had been performed within the College, thus affording se-
lected students both employment and experience, which had resulted
very favora ly for the College as some nine recent graduates had
found employment on graduation with the Wright aeronautical Corpora-
tion at Paterson, New Jersey) an arrangement whereby that corporation,
in exchange for the privilege of occupying and using certain of the
space and facilities of the new laboratory, would undertake to pay
the cost of its operation and upkcop, thus eliminating this drain



upon the University's budget.   He then stated that he had prepared
a proposal to the Mawen Motor Corporation covering the use and occu-
pation of the laboratory and presented this proposal for such action
as the Committee desired to take thereon.
     After due discussion the proposal to the Mawen Motor Corporation
as drafted and presented was approved and Judge Richard C. Stoll
was authorized and directed to sign it on behalf of the University
and to mail it to the Corporation.   The proposal was as follows:

                     UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY

                                            July 20, 1940

     Mawen Motor Corporation
          500 Fifth Avenue
               New York, New York

     Dear Sirs:

          Referring to our recent correspondence, we wish to
     confirm our understanding with you as follows regarding
     the operation and maintenance of the "Wenner-Gren Aero-
     nautical Research Laboratory" which is now being construct-
     ed on our campus:

          (1) We have shown you the plans and specifications
     for the laboratory and informed you generally as to the
     equipment to be installed therein.

          (2) You are to have the exclusive use, in so far as
     you may require the samne, of the laboratory and equipment
     (except Rooms 13 and 14 on the plan) for testing and de-
     veloping aircraft, automotive and industrial internal com-
     bustion engines of conventional or unconventional designs
     whether such engines belong to you or such other persons
     as you may determine,   The University is to have the
     exclusive use of Rooms 13 and 14 for engineering research,
     to the extent it may require the same for that purposes
     but, if and to the extent that such rooms are not so
     used by the University, you shall have the right to use
     them in your testing and developing work as aforesaid,

           (3) You are to pay all the servicing charges incurred
     in the operation of the laboratory building (such as
     electricity, water, etc.), excepting steam need