Q. Whstdo yeu nndersrsud hy the lower liy;uve,¤r iigure mu, in Q \Vh:n is the use oh single bar!
the first mood ui rrellv \1;~.c ~ A It divides the stave init: measures.
A. it shrws inst me sermmrve, ulneh is the measure note, is Q A double bar. A. Shews the end mls strain}
drvidcli imo twn paws caller: nununss, Q A Close E A Shows xhe end of u tune,
Q \V|¤at by the upper iiyuu, hl Figure three? Q ` A Brace? A. shens how many parts are perlovmczl together.
A- That tnrce miuu.nsi ni the lr nnuntity (ill as meawru Q A Lsdggerlrnci A Is added wlirn notes ascend or descend bryund
. Or, \’Vhutu0 you uruiunsunui uy the Liwur ligurcs generally? Q The Figure 3 ever or under any three nnics! the suave
A: They serve to shew how many parts thc measure note in A Shews iliey must be performed a thlrrl quiekcr,
divuhrl mm. Q \Vhat are we rn understand by the figures 1 ? pléeed at the end
Q \Vha\ by the upper figures? ol a tune, or strain.
A They shew how many nl mcse divisions EH s vnrnsure. A They shew that the nnte under l is sung before the repent, and
Q. lists: how many parts is thc measure nate mvidcu in the first that under Z alter it, il ucd with a slur buih are suny; after.
munrl nl irchle time! A. Two. Q A Semihreve rest! A ls a square below the line.
Q VVh¤\ are ihusc paris called? Q A minum rest? A Is rl square above lhe liu:.
A: Mmnms. Q A Crotchet rust? V A s suttun.
(P {hw many minnms Ent the measure} Q A Quavgr rest? A an anwrlcel suum. ;
A ’[;,,,m; Q A Scmiquavcr rest? J
Q {nm how many mus is alia measure nuts divided in the scecnd A ls snxnyurned sutwn. wixh a dash.
' nmuri of trehlr time E A: inur q A Ucrnisemxqunver mst ?  
Q \V'ha. arc those puns cailcd? A Crntclaets. A ls nn 1m·cr&e<1suunn with rwu dashes. ·
Q Haw runny cruiehcts nm me measure? Q A um urlpuxnt et use right mm; ol snow?
I A *y¤,,.c2_ A Adds w it half us usunl lcnglh,
il, Q nm txayv ms;-ly parts istihc rruentssire new divided in the mini Q A um placed ove, a mm y
Q 'R?§,,Z..L §,,;§‘@irS Cmd. g,,_   A lt shews ns. i. my t,. mgmt. t...u.¤. Sc: .....,.[. pq. .
_. Q Imc new many pam is me measure nun: divided in the first _
T ...r.¤.i 0:.}.,.....wu uma A. rum-. Q ¥1<>w¤=¤¤·¤ My mw k·¤¤w¤'
' Q HM Mw M =*¤<·=¢ rms 6** ¤ ¤·¤¤=¤·’# ? d_*·d 3%* dl A ny u,. ust naman the Bass, which is aways the next snm, qt-
  Q gong'Q[Q;j)_{"jQ{°Qf1Qfjxfd"Qfm'§§““§“ §,;,,,“‘ ° “ ° ° sm,. su, it sims nis s stmp key, iruun. tt is s an iq,
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