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    Minutes of the re.ular monthly meeting of thc Executive Committee of
The Board of Trusoces, University of Kentucky, for Thursday, Junc 1, 1922.

     The  c_..ive Co-azaitte_ Q- thc D--d o.Z Tt':  ,   ii    _. o:.
tueky, met in regular monthly session in the President's office at the
7.oivcrsity on June: 1, 1922 at 11:30 a. m.  The follo7:ing members wvre
p~resent: Richard C. Stoll, Robert G. Gordon and P. P. Johnstor, Jr.
President Frank L. McVey and Wellington. Patric'-, Secretary o. tLh  Board, wore
also present.  The meeting v:as called to order by Judge Stoll and after a
session of thirty minutes the members vrcnt to thc Lafayette Hotcl and were
entertained by the Military Department at a dinner in honor of Gcneral
Read*, Commanding General of the Fifth Corps area, vwho was visiting the Uni-.
vorsity on an inspection trip.

     The meeting was again called into session at.2:00 p. m. at the Lafayette
Hotel and the following business was transacted:

     (1) Approval of Minutes.  The minutes of the previous meeting were
ainroved as publishk d.

     (2) The Pusin-ss   een t' s recort. The report of the Business Agcent I'm
received and ordered incor-)orao-d in the minutes.   The renort was as fol_

                             Financial Report

                   Statemcnt of Income and Expenditures
                            Month of April, 1922.

General Fund Income
    Federal Appropriation
    Vooational Educational Board
    Gen eo. ? 1 N3 t 'on Board
    Special *agricultural Appropriation
    State Tax
    Interest on Liberty Bonds
    Interest on Endowment Bonds
    Student Fees
    Student Fees -University Ext.
    Student cees - Summer School
    Sooial Hygiene Board
    Student Fees - Practice School
    Special English Equipment Appropriatioa
    Men's Dormitory Appropriation
    Miscellaneous Receipts

  -'L soal
  To Date

42. 750;00

  1, 700. 00
    0 04.82




  Administration Expensos
  Additions and Bettbements
  Excess of Income over Expcnditurcs

Patterson Hall Income
  T elephone
  Miscellaneous Receipt s
  Room Rent - Summer School

Additions and Blcttcrncnts

 Excess of Income ovcr Expendituros
 Gcnoral Fund Income
 General Fund Expenditures

 Excess of General Fund Income
       over Expcnditures
 Excess of Receipts over Expenditures
       for Gencral Ledger Acoounts
 1920-1921 Accounts Payable Liquidatcd
       during Current Year
 Exoess of Receipts over Expenditures for the
      Fiscal Year to date - General Fund
  Excess of Receipts over Expanditurcs for the
       Fiscal Year to date - Gencral Fund
 Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 - General Fund
 Cash in Bank April 30, 1922 - Gceoral Puad

Tra st Fund Income
   Student Loan Fund
   Special Soholarships

   Student Notes Paid

xpE D 4d 5-tvr 9
   Student Notes
   Notes Payable

Total Income

Total Reoeipts


Excess of Roocipts over Exponditulres
Execss of Rcocipts ovcr Expenditures - or the
   Fiscal Yoar to date - Trust Fund
CaIN ir Bank Ju!1", 1, 1:921 - Trust Fung
Cash, iu Bank April 30, 1922 - Trust Fujad

30, 016. 98
__2. 1Q915
-32. . 196 _;i

9, 650 ,78
5994 395 .96

49,298 .68


46, 8 18 .f84
     2 .

 .... ~ ~~ ~......... .
 82' 28:.20

 2, 395.48
 Z 2 00.,00

  t)02 1.16

.......... .. .
    197 '78r

og, 015.27
103 7745 ;,13
___, ,t . _ _ _.4

- 39 il47.90~-

  39,995. 72
   1. 846.50


Experiment Stat.ion Inoome
  Hatch - Federal Appropriatioi
  Milk and Biitter - Cash ?Roeipts
  Beef Cattle Salcs
  Dairy Cattle Sales
  Sheep Sales
  Swine Sales
  Poultry Sales
  Far= Produce Sales
  Eorticultural Sales
  Seed Test
  Fertilizer -- Fees
  Public Service - State i.ppropriation
  Feeding Stuffs -  Ces
  Adams -- Federal Approp0riation
  Serum -- Sales
     I     Vir-s Sales
         -- Live Stook
         -- Supply3., Sales
       -- Misca' laneou s
   State Appropriation
   Creamery - Lioense Fees
               Testers Licenses
            -- G'.a3s-are Tested
            4-- M-scellaneous
   Kentucky Jockey Club
   Fleiachman Yeast Cci

   Zxpen se
   Additions and Betterments
   Exoess of Expenditures over Income
   1920-1921 Bills Reoeivable
      Collected (State Warrants)
   Excess of Expenditures over Receipts
   Excess e. E:;pevrl-id   es ovcr Receipts for the Fiscal
      Year to date -- Experimer n, Station
   Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 -- Ex-,eriment Station
   Cash in Bank April PQ, 1922 -- Experiment Station

Extension Division Income
   Federal Smith--Lever
   Federal Supplementary
   State Smi1th-'Lever
   County and Other

15, 0000O
11. 3.6, 89
 l .aTa;~02
 ,z 152.07

 3, 5'il66
1, 500 00
4 ,614 I/0
15, 000o00
  7,432 .34
  389 F88



  * ,443..46T.

  5 443;46
* 4.9,;2,.'.
.. 2 , :28 , 5 7- --

3.34, U9480
52, 039;50
79 415 95
  ; 6   a
2 P2.:),o




  Excessof Income over Expenditures
  1920-1921 Bills Receivable
     Collected (State Warrants)
   Excess of Receipts over Zxpenditures
   Excess of Receipts over Expenditures for the
     Fiscal Yewr to date - Extension Division
   Cash in Bank July 1, 1921 - Entension Division
   Cash in Bank April 30, 1922 - Extension Division

  General Fund Income
  Trust Fund Inoome
  Experiment Station Income
  Extension Division Income


General Fund Expenditures
Trust Fund, Expenditures
Experiment Station Expenditures
Extension Division Expenditures

Excess of Income over Expenditures
Exso~s o' i:;co opss ovei x-penditures ior
   General Ledger Accounts
Student Notes
1920-1921 Accounts Payable Liquidated During
   Current Year

Excess oa Receipts over Expenditures
   Combined unda

Exoess of Receipts over Expenditures for the
Fiscal Year to date - Combined rund
Cash in Bank and on hand July 1, 1921 - Combined Fund
Cash in Bank and on hand July 1, 1921 -- Combined Fund


  -2.     ..  -


  43, 059.30
  2r ;.63s36

  269. ui6.2_

  '253' 9(8; w6
*.i  438, 1~.-1098 .,
    .... ...........  

    39. ; o275

    46, 3103 843

41 .495.41


     (3) Borrowing of Funds. The Business Agent reported that it Wou-1a
   n ecessary .to borrow  d i    fvnds to reett the payroll for the rest oi
the fiso.l year.  He also stated that it was neoessary for'the Chaiznan
orZ the Executive Committee andlBusiness Agent to borrow $80,000 to meet
the June payrolls.   On motion, duly seoonded, and unanimously adopted the
aotion of the Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Business Agent was
approved, and they were authorized to bnrrow from time to ti.me suchb sums as
may bo necessary to meet the current expenditures of the U.liversity.

     (4) Budget for 9212         The financial budget for 1922-1923 was pre-
sented by President MoVey, examined by the Executive Committee, and recoi-
mended to the Board of Trustees for final action.




     (5) Eleotric LigihtBll;    The question of the cost of electricity
to the Institution lwas brought up and discussed.  The President made the
statement that he hoecd that. some w.ay might be found to reduce the cost of
electricity to the Irn-tit~i;ton- and to keep down charges for electric current.
The matter was referred to Judge Stoll for conference with the Utility Come
P any.

     (6) The State Board of Health.  President McVey reported to the Board
that Doctor -McCarmich- of the State Board of Health had agreed to turn in
a voucher to the State Auditor covering the amount due the Institution for
the operation of the .Ptblic service laboratories,,  It was understood that
the voucher would be turrned in by June 1.

     (7) Purchase of Negro Church.  President McVey reported to the Committee
that the openers of the negro church on Winslo* Street have made an offer to
sell the church to the Institution for $5,400.   The Executive Committee
was of the opinion that the offer was too high and referred the matter to
the President 'with authority to act.

     (8) Claim of Honorable Claude B. Terrell. -A communication from the
Attorney General, with reference to the traveling expenses of Honorable
Claude B. Terrell while a mezmbcr of the Board of Trustees, was read and
ordered incorporated in the minutes.   The letter -as as follows:

                                                 Frankfort, Kentucky
                                                 May 24, 1922

     Honorable D. H. Peak
          Business -agent
               University of Kentucky
                   Lexin :ton, Kentucky

     Dear Sir:

          Your letter of May 22, 1922,'addressed to the Attorney General,
     has been referred to me for reply.

          You- desire to knowv whether a olaim presented for expenses in-
     ourred in attending meetings of the Board of Trustees and Executive
     Cormnittee of the University of Kentucky by a member of that Board
     should be paid, provided an itemized statement thereof with proper
     vouchers wes filed, the claim being for expenses running bako over
     many years.

          It is our opinion that the member of the Board of Trustees is
     entitled under Seotion 4636c-23, Kentucky Statutes, to all necessary
     expenses incurred by him in going to and returning from, or while
     attending the meetings of the Board.   It is furbher provided ty
     that section that such expenses shall be met and d,-icharged out of
     the funds of the. institution.  V\e are herewith returning the letter
     to you enclosed with your letter.

          Trusting this gives you the information you desire, we are

                                               Yours very truly

                                          (Signed) Martin T. Kelly
                                                  Assistant attorney Genera:



     After discussion the Bustness Agent was authorized to pay the claim
when presented in proper form.

     (9) Application of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity for Buii6,ili Site.  The
following applioation from the Xappa Alpha Fraternity for :building site
.as read and ordered incorporated in the minutes:

                                                Lexington, Kentucky
                                                   May-25, 1922

      Board of Trustees.
           University of Kentucky
                Lexington, Kentucky


           At the request of Theta-Chapter of Ka-3pa Alpha Fraternity,:I
      am transmitting this application to you for a site for a fraternity

           About $5,000 has been subscribed by the active chapter. Plans
      have already been drawn and approved.  w'ith this start and a.
      definite site in vievr it in expected that the remainder of the build-
      ing fund trill be raised within the next few mbnthi.  It is intend-
      ed to build a house costing %pproximntely $30,300,

           The Chapter feels that the lot on .the northwest corner of.
      Trinslow Street and Lexington Avenue extended is desirable and 1
      hereby request that such assignment be made to them if possible.

                                              Yours very truly

                                           (Signed) W. E. Freeman

            On motion duly seconded the site requested i*as designated as the
building site for the fraternity and the secretary of the Board eras directed
to notify the fraternity that the Boaid will provide the site reouested:
when the fraternity is ready to build, provided the land oan be purch-asea
at a reasonable price.

            (10) Installation of Radio Sending Station for the University.
A communication from Professor .1mt S. Webb, Read of the Department of Physios,
requested authority to install a radio send ing station at the Universit y,
provided he could raise funds for the purchase of eauipment.   The appii-
0ation stated that it was desired to use the station for instruction pur-
poses and also for general broadcasting for the Institution.   Professor Webb
asked that he be given authority to make an attempt to raise funds for the
purpose.   A motion wras made, seconded, and unanimously adopted, authorizin-"
7rofessor Webb to proceed with his plans.

            (11) Loan hy Thoroughbred Horse Assopiation to Student Loan Atir'
The following communication from the Chairman of the Student Loan. Fund
Committee was read and ordered inoorporated in the minutes:



                                               May 25, 1922

   President Frank L. MoVey

        University of Kentucky

   My dear Sir:

        The Thoroughbred Horse Association desires to assist the Stu-
   dent Loan Fuad of the TUniversity.  I understand from Mr. Thomas
   Cromirell, Seoretary, that they are unable to make an outright
   gift, but have determined to make a long time loan of $1000, vrith-
   out interest, under certain oonditions.   These conditions are set
   out in a form note enclosed'   In order that the records of the
   Association 'may be complete, they desire the note executed by you
   and Mr. Peak.   I take it that you would wrish to hSve the authority
   of the Executive Committee for executing this note.   Mr. Cromwell
   stated that the Association wuld have no objection to a somewhat
   different wording of the note, if such change would make the loan,
   more acoeptable.

        Trusting that the University may be able to acce)t this loan,
   for the benefit of the Loan Fund, I am

                                    Very respectfully yours

                                      (signed) T-m. S. 'Jebb
                              Chaimyan, Student Loan Fund Committee

    The following was the form note which the Thoroughbred Horse Asso-
oiatioa desired the University to aooeptt

                                             Lexington, Kentucky
                                                May 25,. 1922


     ON DEMAED, the Vniversity of Kentucky, through its duly qualified
     treasurer or business agent, promises to pay to the order of The
     Thoroughbred Horse Association, Incorporated, by its duly elected
     secretary, the sum of one thousand ($1,000.00) dollars, the same
     having this day by prior authorizatioa and agreement been loaned
     Without interest with the understanding that it is to be credited
     to the Student Loan Fund of the University of Kentuocky to be
     loaned to students of the College of Agriculture of the tUniveri,y
     of Kentucky for the purpose of assisting sudh as may be needy an&
     worthy in the completion of their education, said student bne-n
     fioiaries to be apprised of this source of aid; and it is further
     understood that the University of Kentucky shall assume and din-
     charge any and all taxes and fees that may acorue by virtue of this

     After discussion it was the sense of the Committee that the University
o0lag not to acoept a loan under conditions of this kind, inasmuch as the



lastitition is compellod, to oarry such instrumeat as a liability on its

     The Chairman of the Executive Committee N-as reauested to talce the
matter up with the Thoroughbred Horse Issoeiation to determine if some
different arrangement can be made.

     (la) Audit of sooounts of the University. A communication was read
from Marni&k,0 Mitehell and .COMpaby asking if the Uaiversity desires that
it make the annwal audit of the Institution, as it has been doing.   On
motion duly semopded, President MoVey t as authorized to have the books
of the Institution audited for the current year, th-e wor: to start July 1,
and the auditing firm to be determined.

     (13) Resignations. The following resignations were presented by the-
Prosident and, on motion duly secoonded, accepted by the Committees

     Resignation of Miss Tillie B. Greathouse, resident nurse, effective
at the close of the present year,

     Resignation of G. Il. Vansell, Assistant Professor of Zoology, effecti-
at the close of the present year.

     Resignation of J. Vf. Carr, Director of Hygiene for Kentucky, and Miss
Inez Smith, his secretary, effective April 1, 1922.

     ifRcIgnation of C. G. Fuss, assistant chemist in the Public Service
Lab *.iories, to take effect .ith the close of business May 31, 1922.

     Resignation of Miss Adelaidce B. Crafie, Director of residence halls,,
effeOtive at the end of the present year.

     (14) Resination of M. 0. Hughes.  The resignation of M. 0. Hughes"
Sptoial Agent in Marketing, was presented to the Committee and accepte&.
The folloring resolution V3as ordered spread on the migutes:

          In view of the splendia service rendered by M. 0. Hughes of the
     University of Kentucky and the high character of the ;,ork performed,
     the Executive Committee learns vith regret of his resignatiou. The
     Executive Committee desires that a resolution of regret be spread on
     the minutes and ohat Mr. Fiudhes be thanked for the splendid work
     that he has done.   The Sceretary of the Board was directed to trans
     mit this information to Mr. Hughes.

     (15) Appointments. The Tollowing list of a:pointments was recommended
by President McVey, and on motion duly seconded, apprSoved.

     Appointment of Miss Lelah Gault as assistant ohcmist in the fertilizer
depactment at a salary of $1500 a year, effective May 1, 1922.   Miss
Gault is a graduate of the home economics department, College of Aggriciiltl .
Uixversity of Kentucky, 1918, and has had Some experience as a chemist.


     Aipojantrr -of Miss Ruth Ghina as stenographer In tl~e: Stenogsraphio
Buzeau, at a salary of $80 a month, effective May 1; 1922, to take the
place of Miss Isola Georrge who resigned on April 30.

     Appointment of Mr. Berlie Winton as field agent in poultry voork,
Extension Division, effective July 10, 1922, at a salary of $1800 a year.

     Appointment of W. VI. Majill as field agent in horticulture at a
salary of $2400 a year, effective May 16, 192.2, or at such time as he re-
ports for duty.   This appointment is 2t6 fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of Mr. Niswonger on April 1.

     Appointment of John A. Gunton as assistant chemist in the public
service laboratories at a salary of $150 a month, effective June 1, 1922.
This appointment is only temporary and wrill probablly cover the period of
June, July and August.  He takes the place of Mr. Fuss who.has resigned.

     A-:,ointment of Miss Mary Lowe as clerk in the department of veterinary
science at a salary of $75 a month, effective May 1, 1922.

     Promotion of Harry R. Allen .from assistant chemist, fertilizer depart-
ment, to chemist, to take the place left vacant by ]Nr. Rid  els resin-
nation; effective May 1, 1922, with a salary increase from $.1700 to $2000
a year.

     Appointment of Miss Elizabeth Cornelius, assistant home demonstration
agent in VY1oodford County, as field agent in club work, effective A'jril 1,
1922 and continuing until April 30, inclusive, at a salary of $133 1/3 a
month, and as home demonstration agent in Jefferson County in cooperation
with the fiscal court of said county, at a salary of $1800 a year, effec-
tive May 1, 1922.

     Appointment of D. D. Ritchie, as part time club agent, IKnott County,
Xentucky, at a salary of $4 per meeting (approximately 4 meetings per
month for six months), effective May 1, 1922, for six months.

     Appointment of 1i. R. Rochester, assistant county agent, McGlean Cour.t
Kentucky, at a salary of '125 a month, effective May 3,. 1922 for six month..

     Appointment of Enoch A. Hammond, part tisle club agent, Knott County,
Kentucky, at a salary of $4 per meeting (ap-?roximately 4 meetings pzer mont
for six months), effective April 1, 1922.

     Appointment of Miss Pearl Morgan, field agent in club work, at a
salary of $1.00 a month, effective June 19, 1922, for three months.

     Appointment of John Edi:in McClure, assistant county agent, Daviess Count.y,
Kentucky, at a salary of $125 a month, effective May 1, 1922 for six months.

     Continuation of employment of L. C. Bre-rer, county agent of Union County,
Kentucky, at a salary of $166 2/3 a month, effective April Z4, 1922 to
December 31, 1922.

     Continuation of employment of Harry Cottrell, *ounty agent, Marshall
County, Kentucky, at a salary of $141 2/3 a month, effective April 15, 1922,
for one year.



     Cntinuatioi of emp3cment of R. W, Soearoe, county agent, Graysce
County, Kentucky, at a salary of $183 1/3 a month, effective May 15, 1922.)
for out year.

     Continuation of employment of Fred B. Wilson, as county agent,
Laurel County, Kentucky, at a salary, of $133 1/3 a month, effective May 1,
1922, for one year.

     Gontinuation of employment of T. P. Ricketts, as county agent, Owen
County, KentuLcky, at a salary of $2000 a year, effective April 10, 1922,
for 6 months.

     Cbntinuation of employment of E. J. Hayes, as-county agent, Wayne
County, Kentucky, at a salary of $i166 2/3 a month, effective 7'ebruary 7,
1922, for a period of one year.

     Continuation of employment of 3. B. Gardner, as county agent, Callovray
County, Kenticky, at a salary of $191 2/3 a mon'th, effective April 1, 1922,
for one year.

     (16) Resolutions'reseocting Mrs. MoVey. The following resolutions
respecting Mrs. McVey, passed at a special meeting of the Executive Qome
mittee on April 20, 1922, vrere ordered incorporated in the minutes:

          The members of the Executive Committee have heard with. pro-
     found regret of the pass ig of Mrs. F. L. McVey, wife of the
     President of the University of Kentucky, and knows that, in the
     death of this cultured and admirable 1hristian woman,. the Uni-
     versity loses a loyal adherent and the President himself a cam-
     panion whose place cannot be filled by any other.

          This feeling is intensified among members of this Com' ittee
     by a personal acquaintance with her that has covered five years
     that have been exi.k.4 years in the life of the University, and
     it has lead each of us to feel that her coming into this com-
     munity i;iAth her d?1itinguished husband, meant much is leader-
     ship and vision for an institution whose welfare we are charged
     with the serious duty of promoting.

          We are sensible of the fact that in her were combined rare
     qualities of gracions and attractive womanhood of marked culture,
     of vigorous intellect, of breadth of sympathy for and under-
     standing of the young.   In addition to this she -wras .possessed
     of leadership excelled by few, if any, wtomen of our State.

          The Executive Committee of the Universi'v fnous _ull -tell
     that words mean little to those who are crushed by so severe a
     blow as has fallen upon the household of President McVey.    It
     therefore attempts at this moment to do nothing more than merely
     express in this feeble way its deep sense of sympathy at his
     immeasurable loss.

          Therefore be it resolved that this minute be spread upon
     the record of the Executive Committee of the University of Ken-
     tuoky as permanent record, ana that a copy be sent to the
     bereaved family.

                                        Chairmann, Executive Committee
                                               University of Kentucsky


     (17) Shortage in Ord aayee Property. A communication from the Business
Agent was read, indicating *thawt there -is a shortage in orddanaeo property
amounting to about $300.   The War Department has asked the University to
pay the item.  *On motion, duly seconded, the Business Agent was authorized
to make payment.

     (18) Printing of tags. It was reported to the Executive Committee
that the State Printing Commission will have its last meeting of the year
on Hednesday, June 7.   It was directed that Judge Wells and Dean Cooper
attend the meeting and attempt to adjust the controversy over the printing
of tags.

     (19) Peabody Note. Attention was called to the Committee that the
loan of $34,000 on the account of the Peabody Note needs to be renewed,
On motion, duly seconded, the Business Agent and Chairnan of the Executive
Committee were authorized to execute a note for this amount with the
Security Trust Company, which has agreed to carry the loan,

                                            Resp eotfully submitted

WTellington Patrick
  Secretary of the Committee