Office of the President
                                                June 18, 1994

                                                PR 3/9

Members, Board of Trustees:
                   OPERATING BUIDGET FOR 1994-95

Recommendation: that the 1994-95 Operating Budget as submitted and revised
per the attached budget addendum including the authorization set forth in the
letter of transmittal, be approved and ordered recorded as an integral part of the
University's financial system with the necessary fiscal control being exercised
for the collection and appropriation of income and for the expenditure of
departmental appropriations in accordance with authorized fiscal policies and
procedures and accepted as a basis of maximum expenditures for the year

Background: The 1994-95 Operating Budget of the University of Kentucky is
presented for approval by the Board of Trustees. Copies of the budget
document have been made available to the members of the Board.

Action taken:  Approved    L    _Disapproved           Other
Date: June 18, 1994