of the
For the Year 1924
Excellent progress has been made by the Experiment
Station during 1924, and the results of many successful ex-
perimental projects have been made available. Each year
gives evidence of increased use upon the part of farmers of the ,
results of the station’s work and of more attention paid to the
information issued by it.
As extension work has become more strongly organized,
the applications of experimental work have increased. Field
· ` agents not only carry the results of experimental evidence
to many farmers, but in return bring to the Experiment Station
the immediate needs of agriculture. _
As has been pointed out in previous reports, the funds
made available for the work of the Experiment Station he- ,
come an investment in agricultural progress. In this day of in-
creased agricultural competition and of an almost constant
succession ofnew problems of soil, plant and animal life, farm
organization and the economic aspects of agriculture, research
and investigation offer the only method of effective progress.
The individual farmer can not afford as can the large corpor-
ation to carry experimental projects. State and nation, how-
ever, may support investigation and offer its results for adap-
tation. Kentneky’s ag1·ieulture will progress as the results of
investigation are used.
The year 1921 marks a milestone in the progress ot' the
Experiment Station. The legislature of this year estaltlished