"Civils" being neglectful, unattentive and negligent, we somewhat prefer this method to that of other departments in the college which somewhat remind us of the Chinaman's description of a toboggan slide "Whiz! Walk a mile!" And we must acknowldege although having some little aversion to unnecessary risks a one story ground-rent or a mere office in the roof garden of Mechanical Hall is somewhat preferable to a twelve-story mortgage with a duly inspected elevator.
For four long years "the Civils" bedecked in myriads of ambitious ideas battle and ponder, worry and strive with the many problems presented to them for solutions. A year of hard drawing and crafty movements to escape the attentive eye of the Major; through the "elements" in descriptive; along the "tangents" and "normals" of analytics; sweet "moments," "velocities" and coasting down "none-frictional" plans in mechanics until Calculus is laid to rest along the vernal banks of the college lake 'mid the echoing heralds of a
far-off nightingale. Through the "ditches" over hills, depressions and imaginary mountains the yearly Junior railroad is constructed while the Seniors engage themselves in observing the "vernal equinox;" designing seven systems from hallucinations of ideal cities or wondering "where they will be in the years to come." "He to a man; attired in his corduroys and blue army shirt presenting the outward marks of a crude, rough and untalenled foreman, must observe that of a man's whole earthly possessions and attainments, unspeakably the noblest are his symbols, under which he . marches and fights, knows himself as a scholar or idler with victorious assurance in his life-battle, what each can call his Realized Ideals."
The work of naughty six is consummated and busy time as swiftly as it ushered the present Seniors into our class and lecture rooms on four separate autumns, 'mid the warming breezes which scattered winter's withered leaves, now presents the class of naughty seven.