WILLIAM HUMPHREY DURHAM, "Put," B.Ped., Humphrey, Kentucky. Union Literary Society.
"A youth of labor with an age of east."
OMAR McDOWELL, "Colonel," B.M.I-:., Alt. Olivet, Kentucky.
Mystic  Thirteen;  Varsity  Baseball  Team.   1905,   l'X)(;  Captain,  Cadet Battalion, 1905; K. S. C. A. A. Thesis:    "Experimental Study Carlisle Light Plant."
"Wit without employment is a disease."
GEORGE PECK EDMONDS, "Kid," B.M.E.,  Lebanon.  Kentucky.
Sigma Nu; Gym Team; Y. M. C. A.; K. S. C. A. A. Thesis: "Discussion of Springfield Water and Light   Plant."
"Children blessings, seem, but torments are.