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Improvement Program, the Ellen Taylor Wright ’02 l ,. maveriCkS welcome-
Department of Forestry and NUR is chief nursing officer
the Nature Conservancy of the Appalachian Regional .
Healthcare System. She re— ' _
Ross D. Cohen ’01 AS is a sides in Neon.
partner at Bingham
Greenebaum Doll LLP in Suleiman Oko—Ogua ’04 .I. .
Louisville. He LAW is with Bailey & Wyant
joined the firm ’“ g. law firmin Charleston, WVa. $. l ht th b t
in 2005 and is a 1 ,1.“ His practice focuses on cus— fyou' marc 0 e ea
former chair— ’ ,5 tody, personal injury, civil of a dlfferent drum,
man of the \% ‘ rights and employment law. _ you'll be welc e in
Kentuclq Bar ' ' He also has been involved with ‘ ’ Lexington, Ke
Association Tax Section and defending major railroad com— As a communl
the Louisville Bar Association panies and medical device . . y
Tax Section. companies. ' . ' 3‘ ~ ‘ Wh'Ch apprecrates
‘ ’ all the grapes on
Elizabeth Mirrielees Hill Jordan Victoria Sutton ’04 . ,7 . our vines. we
’0 1 BE, ’04 LAW is an asso— BE is afinancial expert at Sut— .. . .1 ften celebrate the
ciate at the law firm Patrick ton Advisors PLC in Lansing, I .. .
Beard Schulman & Jacoway Mich. She is active in the Boys g, . . In every bunch.
PC in Chattanooga, Tenn. 85 Girls Club of Lansing, I t
She was recently the recipi— Kresge Art Museum and the . ' ,
ent of the Young Lawyers Mid—Michigan Planned Giving ‘ . '
Division Volunteer Award Council. V
by the Chattanooga Bar As—
sociation. Jennifer Yue Barber ’05 C15,
’08 LAW is an , .
Michael McCain ’01 AG, attorney at the . h
along with his wife Nora, Louisville office _t~; I a -
were honored as Kentuclq of Bingham " :5 '
Farm Bureau’s 2011 Out— Greenebaum w
standing Young Farm Family Doll LLP. She " ,
during the organization’s was recently appointed to serve
92nd annual meeting. The on the Louisville Bar Associa—
McCains are row—crop pro— tion Board of Directors for a
ducers in Washington one—year term.
County. McCain is a director
g” WQ'Shuégtfirl count? Fharm MaionfBellallny ’0: AIS ’3 p rm’ Forbes ranks Lexington as the 4th best place for business and careers;*
Yureau an C airman .0 t C c1p 0 HM“ WOO E T’mcn— CNN Money rates us as the 6th best mid—size city to start a small
oung Farmer Committee. tary School in ClarksVIlle, . ~ ~ .
Tenn. He was previously an as— busrness.* * Sound like your kind of envrronment? Come see for yourself!
Jamie Legg Lima ’02 C15 is sistant principal at West Creek *Forbesv 20" * *CNNMonev. 2009
owner and . Elementary School in
general man— ' Clarksville.
ager of the i, ’4’“; i ‘
School of 3.” ~ ‘8‘ . Meredith Jennings Esarey
Rock music A‘ ’05 BE is a vice president rela—
h 1. ref/i l. . h' hP'—
sc oo in tions 1p manager at t e r1
Chatham, NJ. She is also a vate Bank of California. COI I II I lerce
member of Fate 28, an origi— Working out of the bank’s g
nal band whose debut was re— headquarters in Century Tfi‘cgég} ton
cently released and featured City, Calif., Esarey focuses on “hambemfcommm‘ 1m
in Guitar World magazine. business development and re— For more information contact Gina H Greathouse
lationship management. , . . '
330 E. Maln St. Surte 205. LeXIngton. KY 40507
ggreathouse@commercelexington.corn. BOO-3414100