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Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, January 5, 1979, no. 256 text The Green Bean, January 5, 1979, no. 256 1979 2014 true xt7g1j977s3t section xt7g1j977s3t r
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·l/5/79 A · NO. 256 T
( 5 January - Administrative Council, 8:30, Engineering Library g
‘ I l2 January — Faculty Meeting, 8:30, Gallery _
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Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Emily Lihani, Robin Barnard,
Rebekah Harleston (editor), Ellen Baxter, Elizabeth Howard, Bill Bull
(artist), Susan Csaky, Paul Willis.

 I - 2 -
Architecture gives over $8.00 in nickels every day to use in their
copy machine.
As a matter of curiosity. A check with Chemistry/Physics Library
shows that of the week of December 7, they transmitted 2,480 nickels.
The machine has been in position there since February 23, 1978 and
as of the week of December 14, they have transmitted 69,115 nickels.
And then we saw all those figures in the Annual Report.
The Biological Sciences Library had a group of ten Trigg County
seniors who were working on science research papers visit the
library Monday evening and our student Ed Butler showed how to use
the various aids we have to assist in research.
Census Workshop
In view of the heavy demand for Census materials and the approaching
1980 U.S. Census, the Government Publications Department in coopera-
tion with the College of Library Science is planning a workshop on
the use of census documents for the spring of 1979. Mr. Lawrence E.
McNutt, data user service officer of the U.S. Bureau of the Census,
has tentatively agreed to conduct the workshop on Friday, June 1.
The workshop will be free but a small deposit will be required to
cover the cost of the refreshments and lunch. CEU credits will be
awarded for attending the workshop. A formal announcement of the
workshop will be made after the first of the year but it would be
helpful in planning the event if you would indicate to Susan Csaky in
GPD (7-2639) or Rebekah Harleston how many of you intend to attend as
participation in the workshop will have to be limited to 25-30 persons.
Green Bean Reclassified
Realizing the undying worth of this institutional organ, Miss Emilie
Varden Smith, Head of the Catalog Department herself, has kept it up
to date with a new LC number:
Dewey - 027.7769 L.C. - Z
G82 733
On January 5 & 6, 1979 Tari Keller will be attending the ARL/LC
meeting to review and revise the draft document National Level Bibli-
ographic Record——Books. The document which was issued by LC in
September 1978, defines the data elements to be included in an
organization's records so that the records are at a level acceptable
for sharing with other organizations, or to be contributed to a
national data base.

 Trudi Bellardo will be one of three speakers at St. John's 1979 .
Congress for Librarians: Data Base Use in Libraries-—Now and in
the Future. The annual Congress will be held in New York on Monday,
February 14.
Rebekah Harleston will be working on the ALA Legislation Committee,
Federal Depository Legislation Subcommittee during the ALA Midwinter
Martha Jane Whiteside is with Government Publications Department
through June 30, 1979.
Ellen Baxter, Chemistry/Physics Librarian, is on sabbatical leave
for the spring semester 1979.
Three books produced by the King Library Press at the University of
Kentucky are included in an exhibit which will open on Wednesday
(Dec. 20) at the Grolier Club in New York, the nation's most
prestigious private club of book collectors. The exhibit of more than
100 books from 41 presses is entitled "Printers‘ Choice: A Selection
of American Press Books, 1968-l978." "Press Book" is a term used by
printers and collectors to cover the work of presses that specialize
in the production of fine books, but are not commercial printing houses.
The three UK King Library Press books chosen for the exhibit are
"Rabinal," "The Day Book of John Cozine," and Aratus's "Phenomena."
The books are printed on handmade paper, have classic and innovative
typography and illustrations, and are handbound. In organizing the
exhibition, a number of long established and respected American printers
were asked to suggest younger or lesser known printers. The exhibit
is believed to be the first representative of the period from across
the nation and has the added interest of reflecting regional developments.
The collection was privately organized by Ruth Fine, curator of prints
of the Alverthorpe Gallery, Jenkintown, Pa., and William Matheson,
head of rare books and special collections of the Library of Congress.
This working session has been scheduled for January 5-12, 1979, in
Washington, D.C. This is a good time and place to become involved
with the activities of the organization. The smaller groups allow
more intimate acquaintance with others with similar interests.
There will be a three-day seminar entitled Management Skills for Women,
February 14-16 at Vanderbilt University. For further information, see
Faith Harders.
1. Thou shalt not in undate (with trivialities)
abdicate (your talents, your responsibilities)
2. Thou shalt activate

 - Q -
XZ ·`./1
Mrs. Joanne W. Sawyer, Director of Admissions, Midway College, and
a UK graduate, offers these as a formula for a successful and
productive life, keeping one young no matter the years on the calendar.
On the other hand, you might decide to start the New Year by living
dangerously. Try acting in accord with Kentucky law, which says the
pedestrian has the right—of—way at marked intersections.
LT III - Circulation
Clerical Assistant. Grade 20. Administrative Services.
LT I - Circulation.
If interested in the above, see Faith Harders.
Head, Acquisitions Department. Salary, open. Availability, immediately.
Application deadline, February 15, 1979. .
Director of Regional Information Communication Exchange (R.I.C.E.) and
Head Science Librarian. Salary $15,700+. Application deadline, January
31, 1979. Rice University, Houston, Texas.
Social Sciences Bibliographer, Tulane University. Salary $11,000 min.
Application Deadline, March 1, 1979.
Catalog Librarian, University of Kansas, Lawrence. Salary, $10,500-
$13,500. Application Deadline, February 16, 1979.
Head Librarian, Capital Campus, Pennsylvania University. Available,
July 1, 1979. Application Deadline, February 28, 1979.
Preservation Internships, $900 monthly.
Conservation Internships, $12,000 year.
Yale University Library. Available, July 1979. Application deadline,
April 15, 1979.